Launch Your Goals – Krishna Nair’s Story

published on July 2, 2020

I always like to think about how small we are compared to the Universe

and what could be out there and exploring space is also one thing that I was always into

And this project that I did started off very small, it was just me and my mentor

and we were just creating documents and then we had this whole craft

and then we launched it and our balloon got stuck in the wires

and then I realized that the first launch had failed so why not try it again?

And from there we had got this amazing opportunity…

So I’ve definitely got lots of confidence, I’ve learned a lot from just being here

and experiencing it all And once it happened, I was pretty proud of myself

Join me in welcoming Krishna

I decided to design, construct and launch my very own high-altitude balloon to near space

Showing a lot of determination

Good job!

You keep going until you succeed, and even after you succeed you find different

ways to keep going and expand

And just remember that if there are challenges,

you should just push through them because after you’ll feel very proud

and happy about yourself and what you have accomplished

and if you fail and if you fall down it just makes you stronger

and want you to succeed more so the drive kind of builds up

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