Lamden (TAU) – Blockchain 3.0, 10,000 TPS, ZERO transaction fees, DEX, cross-chain interoperability

by birtanpublished on September 23, 2020

What's going on guys we got another project that I want to discuss today so this one is awesome I actually didn't think of this one somebody else that I met randomly on a telegram was talking about it and so I just researched more about it he told me about it so I

Checked it out and this coin is amazing like I'm surprised that many people don't know about it yet I guess that's a good thing if you're subscribed to me you get a chance to hear about it first before a lot of people and potentially

Get in if you want by what you see first and foremost guys this is not financial advice guys always do your own research don't make decisions based on what you see in my videos or whatever go there and do your own research talk to a

Team like you got to do the groundwork you know and make sure that everything is is good on your end and you make your own decisions based on what you see okay alright so we start the full market cap full market cap right now it's four

Hundred fifty three billion we got a Bitcoin dominance of 36 percent as you can see the market is retracing just a little bit but I guess that's good because we've been going up for a little while right so I'm just guessing

That I might retrace this for a little bit but I still think generally it's gonna go up because the lows aren't as low as they used to be it's just generally going high anyways so the coin that we're going to look at today

It's called Lambton the ticker is tau the market cap is 37 no right now we got a good volume 600,000 pretty much we got a circling supply of 142 mil we got a total supply of 288 mil so the market said it's trading on right now is ether

Delta radar relay corn Falcon and IDE X it's not on anything like really major exchanges right now so if we ever got listed on a big exchange right you'll see huge pump huge increase in price people don't know about this yet it's

Got a lot of features Lambton is a blockchain guy so right so we'll compare the features with other block chaining got Ark ion icon wand chain Liske eels dragon chain and neo right so as you can see guys lambda has DAPs

Interchange support transactions per second it's 1,000 plus without the use of side chains yet free transaction guys the only free transactions right now is Yoast this says no I don't know why it says no

But that's incorrect yields gonna be free transactions to use atomic swaps are included and Landon also communicates with any blockchain a future-proof code based language is Python it also includes a developer

Tools and consensus this delegated proof of stake with Byzantine fault tolerance so let's go to the website right now check it out so what is lambda so lambda is a suited developer tools that speeds up the process of creating new and

Custom blockchain and apps the lam dental token connects these new projects together to create the first-ever blockchain enterprise solution the tout Oken has a more general use and as a universal swap token between existing

Crypto currencies such as Bitcoin etherium and others this will allow to exchange seamlessly between endless cryptocurrency pairs they also have a white paper on here guys you can check it out and go to the About section and

Go to frequently asked questions section why developers choose lambdas Landon is the solution to many of the fundamental flaws associated with blockchain architecture today many existing platforms have critical problems

Including block x high transaction costs and hard to learn development languages with non-obvious attack vectors this makes blockchain commercialization and utilization more costly and difficult for companies and other more

Traditional technologies lambdas full feature set of development tools changes that bring an advanced blockchain technology into the hands of experienced and amateur developers alike so also features Turing and complete language

For maximum security for any idea blockchain to be under 15 minutes so you could swap cryptocurrencies which I mentioned code will allow users to effort ly swap between most major crypto currencies the towel token access and

Enter meteor increasing liquidity and facilitating cross chain communication developers can launch their own blockchain within 15 minutes hour using saffron you'll be able to quickly concept and deploy your own private

Chain in a matter of minutes saving you both time and money in the process it will have over 10,000 transactions per second so lambdas maenette will use unique combination of delegated proof of State bags and team fault tolerance

Allowing it to support an estimated throughput of 10000 transactions per second including private chains the scalability of land and network is virtually unlimited alright so this is some articles that Landon is listed on

Right now guys this is a sleeper man oh I'm getting excited I'm getting excited just reading them off right now and and I like to mention too that not a lot of people know about this but they don't like advertise it right

Out here on the website or that document that I showed you they're also building a decentralized exchange guys so that function is gonna be in there with Lambton a decentralized exchange that's huge too

So the section talks just some more about the break through a blockchain Enterprise suit right you can come through read this up yourself so these are just a couple of features that I mentioned before saffron is the

Blockchain generator that allows businesses and developers to concept deploy private chains quickly and efficiently by using pre-built templates with the robust selection of options saffron enables custom block chain

Solutions uniquely suited to each project specifications so Cove is another feature Cove is a decentralized application that makes atomic swaps between chains easy most Bitcoin base and etherion based chains include ERC 20

Tokens are compatible with the protocol Cove enables the centralized payments channel swaps and facilitates trustless communication between compatible block chains on the network flora is another feature floor is a distributed smart

Contract package manager for theorem and other smart contract block chains the decentralized package manager allows for developers to share commonly used code greatly reduced development time on often repeated tasks floor models

Popular package managers and NPN and PNP to allow for easier development and a more familiar development workflow it uses Apache Cassandra as a performing an enterprise-grade data store which allows the contents of the system to be

Distributed across participants of the Lambton system alright so this is a road map guys there's one of the best websites I've ever seen I really like it's very easy to follow everything's clear good road map – so we're past

January they're hard cap was 10 ml which means that it's been a 4x increased since they've released their tokens in the ICO alright cuz right now we're sitting now just under 40 mil market cap in February close milestones the Atomics

Loss was achieved also in February cilantro test net alpha launched the test net represents the first large steps towards functional maintenance allows her users to create wallet as well as send and receive Testament our

Tokens through other wallets and in march landon labs the branch of landon responsible for facilitating the adoption of landon sweet began structuring and working towards securing partnerships for the following years q –

They'll have the beta launch early release also in q2 whitepaper addendum Seneca alpha also in q2 our permission smart contract language based on simplified version of Python will be released in alpha for all

To see and Q for this year cilantro maintenance out open swap so look out for that guys that's price should really really pump right around then maybe even before guys if crypto blows up again before all this saffron test net alpha

Also be in q4 and the floor test net will also be available also tune q4 guys the lambda decentralized exchange will be launching using the newly minted tile tokens in the cove early access payment feedback our decentralized exchange will

Have all it needs to be up and running also to to run a node in this I believe that you need a hundred thousand Tau tolkien's guys so if you if you're somebody who runs notes this is very time to really get this coins and just

Hold them because I believe that the price is gonna go up drastically dramatically astronomically and this is the newsletter you can come check it out these are also some of the articles is some of the social media is listening us

So there's telegram it's around 10k people in there they're medium you can use to follow there's like their main blog that they'll use guys you can hear about the team on also on the website alright I'm not gonna go over everything

The whole team which is school lightly over what's in here so CEO Stuart former CEO lead developer and visionary behind lambda Stuart has been programming for as long as he could type creating his own quote language at the age of 12

After obtaining his degree in human-computer interaction from Ohio State University Stuart went on to become chief executive officer of software company logic labs Ltd Seward has received various research awards

Related to his work in computer interaction he previously ran his own business in which he builds start-ups for companies seeking to turn tech ideas into practical business models with landon he now puts his business acumen

And award-winning programming skills to the problems related to blockchain enterprise adoption and interchain interaction there's also another blockchain developer in here that i'll talk about very briefly davis have–is a

Software developer and data scientist with deep expertise in python language the language of land and blockchain his pre has previously been a software developer for known companies such as Groupon and Salesforce he acquired his

Computer science in mathematics Oh degree from Purdue University and has a passion for problem-solving and engineering creative solutions haven't been enamored by technology at young age Davis started his programming journey

Building simple AI to automate games he has a background in CS / math and is excited to be a part of the team helping pioneer the future of blockchain technology and I'll read about this last guy here so Daniel is a strong believer

In the unlimited positive potential of decentralized consensus protocol he's an advocate for privacy and anti coercion rights Daniels based in New York and his background in stochastic modeling and financial math holding a degree in

Mathematics in economic daniel has been involved in crypto scene since 2014 he works for million ton cilantro messaging protocol and enjoys every minute of it alright so guys then there's really there's more team members

In here guys um I saw this guy on on YouTube I think or Twitter you know so I think I've seen this name before anyways guys you can come through here read through their research reads just you know that the team members the SM or

Blockchain developers managing members of people and operations to me any manager a blockchain developer so yeah guys um I think this one's a really really good coin and there's one that I'm investing in it myself and just

Holding on to it because uh I know everything the majority of the stuff is happening in q4 but whatever me personally I'm gonna hold this coin in and out I just want to make sure that you guys know about it before it takes

Off because the high buzzient hit this yet douses my little intro and Landin it's just an introduction check it out yourself it's not financial advice guys do your own research look through all the stuff yourself and make your own

Decisions I got more reviews to come this week more gems to look at guys it's k7 from crypto pedia and we out you

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