Kittens Galore | Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet

published on July 2, 2020

NARRATOR: It's a new
day, and Sierra and Maya

are AWOL from the clinic

Their mom has a hunch
where to find them

Sierra and Maya have
been going over to see

these kittens like every day

There's an excuse why they
have to go over to HARK

Haines Animal Rescue

Kennel, where Sierra
and Maya are helping

to socialize feral kittens

Oh, there are little
kittens everywhere

NARRATOR: But their motivation
isn't purely charitable

Here, Lion

– We need a cat for the house
– We do

– We need a kitten
– We do

We need a kitten

Hi, Stubby

I really like this one

to socialization,

these kittens show no trace
of their feral beginnings

He's purring

Something's pooping on me

NARRATOR: In fact, they might
be getting too comfortable


That's how I know
that they like me

Half of them are doing
OK, and then half of them

are a little bit
under the weather,

so we're going to
take em to the clinic

and see what's wrong with them

But hopefully, mom
falls in love with one

Yeah, hopefully

Oh my gosh

We come bearing kittens

Oh, nice

Oh my god, they're tiny


This one's my favorite


Hi, Tiny

No wonder you keep disappearing

This is where
my lunch hours go

I might have just
fallen in love right here

Let me see

Everyone's feeling
a little blah

It's very common
for kittens to have

worms or internal parasites

And if not treated, of course,
the worms will grow in numbers

and they'll actually will
start to cause diarrhea

So they just need some
treatment for that,

and we'll be able
to stop the diarrhea

and get them feeling better

So I'm just getting
out some dewormer

Let's get rid of all those
yucky parasites you might have

Oh– oh, you don't like that

Oh, I'm so sorry

That doesn't taste
good, does it?

Oh, oh!

Everybody is doing great

NARRATOR: All five kittens
have their dewormer

Now the question is, will
Michelle make all five go back?

Stop with that face
you're giving me

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