Kingsman – What’s the Difference?

published on July 2, 2020

You'd like spy movies, Mr
>> In 2014, Matthew Vaughn's

the King's Men exploded onto the big
screen and exploded and exploded

The raunchy, gory darkly droll
take on British spy craft offered

21st century audiences and
updated bond for a cracker generation

>> If you save the world,
we can do (Sound) The whole

>> With a $414 million global
hall off an $81 million budget,

the film qualified as a smash success,
which of course revved up the content

creation machine in the studio sequels
a TV franchise even mobile video game

>> So prepare to spruce up from dodgy
to dapper as we go deep undercover to

discover what's the difference it,
nope, so I'm not going to do it

I apologize

Like so many box office success stories,

this is a tale of legendary
comic heroes teaming up

In 1999, renowned comic writer
Mark Millar creator of Kick Ass, Wanted,

the Old Man Logan series, the Ultimate
X-Men which became the basis for Avengers,

Civil War which became the basis for
Civil War

You get the point, how to pitch on
the new shield project for Marvel called

Uncle Sam, a young American hoodlum
gets taken under Nick Fury is waiting

to be turned into a swab super spy in
the vein of the old Jim Steranko comics

Marvel rejected it outright, but you can't
keep good idea down or a good writer

>> Millar teamed up with comic artist
Dave Gibbons of Watchmen Fame and British

director Matthew Vaughn to help him
evolve the early concepts of Uncle Sam

But they soon realized their British
Hearts prefer to give the story a crack of

the cricket bat that they
were more familiar with

>> And so the title changed from
Uncle Sam to the Secret Service,

the American hoodlum turned
into a British Chapter

And instead of working for Shield,
the young hero is indoctrinated into

an original spy agency operating under her
majesty's Foreign and Commonwealth Office

>> Which delivers us to
the first main difference

>> Come with me

>> The title and overarching concept
of The Kingsmen was created for

the film, in the comic, there was no
roundtable styled assemblage of secret

agents with code names of
King Arthur's Knights

The agency is a more familiar double
seven style institute of espionage

This is one of the most significant
differences between the two

And in our humble opinion,

a significant upgrade that made
the movie pop by constructing mythology

So the kingsmen as an organization and

linking it to the spirit of older British
mythology, it's seated the vital old made

new theme that resonates throughout
the surprisingly heartfelt film

>> Being a gentleman is
something one learns

>> Yeah, but how?

>> As Eggsy goes on his pygmalion journey
from public housing roughneck to refined

British spy, he gives as good as he gets

In effect to updating stain old British
spy craft into an edgier 21st century

mentality and elevating the film
beyond a mere set piece extravaganza

into a societal commentary
on generational exchange

>> Earners may make it the man but
youth culture replenishes mankind

which delivers us tightly to
the second main difference

In the comics, the story is weighted
primarily towards the spy craft's tale of

saving the world from an evil wavelength
manipulating mastermind hell bent on

thinning the global population to save
humanity from destroying the planet

>> However, in the film Far More Time is
spent tracking Eggsy's growth while he

trains with his fellow Kingsman
candidates as a sort of x men style

Professor Xavier school for mutants

Except here the students
have no superpowers,

getting by only on their wits, physical
ability, prowess with weaponry, and

good old fashioned
Chilean stiff upper lip

>> You need to take that
chip off your shoulder

>> A handful of candidates compete to
replace the fallen secret agent Lancelot,

who quite literally splits from
the agency in the opening scene

Both comic and
film Eggsy is the odd man out

hailing from the lower classes compared to
their refined boarding school backgrounds

But in the comics,

only a few pages are dedicated to
actually learning the art of spy craft

Also, they just call him Gary

>> In our opinion again,

the movie upgrades the comic as the
increased emphasis on exit training gives

them time to round out as a more
three dimensional character

He develops a respect based friendship
with Roxy, the sole woman candidate for

the post and learns the value
of teamwork over the social

prejudices against the upper class
that he had harbored in the past

>> The specifics of the training differ
wildly as well while both feature is seen

in which they practice
pickup artistry in a bar

In the film, they halo jump from planes,
hold their breath underwater, and

train a dog before being required to
shoot that dog for their final test

While he doesn't know that
the gun is full of blanks,

Eggsy fails to pull the trigger and
thus fails the test

>> But in the comic Eggsy is straight
up required to shoot drug dealers

like human one

He goes out on a two person mission
with fellow student Hugo and

they end up coming down blokes from eggs,
these old neighborhood

It's really dark

And yet shortly thereafter he's back in
the neighborhood romping around as if

nothing happened

It's kind of an emotional incongruity that
you can get away with in the comics but

not on the big screen

So it's clear why it was removed

>> Speaking of removal
after minimal training,

Eggsy immediately jumps into
shadowing his uncle on spy missions

Comics specifies that he's to spend three
years learning the finer details of

the trade

Beginning with him begging in the town
square to master the art of persuasion

>> But as soon jumps to him watching his
uncle practice the art of persuasion as he

seeks to seduce the super villain's
girlfriend to pump her for details

Yes, we said pumper for
details and yes, we said uncle

>> In the film, Eggsy is the son of
a man who saved agent Galahad's life

17 years ago in the line of duty

Galahad gave Eggsy' mother
a medallion to give to

Eggsy as it get out of jail free card

Once Eggsy lands in jail,

he dials a number inscribed
on the back of the medallion

Since a peculiar phrase as instructed, and
Bob's your uncle, he's out of the poke and

in the steady but
deadly hands of Colin Firth

>> However in the comics, Eggsy's rescued
from his post car crash imprisonment by

his uncle who is the secret agent and
the family not his dearly departed father

This leads to a through line in which the
mother repeatedly yells at her brother for

thinking he's better than her

It turns into a wet blanket subplot and

was replaced with a more elegant quicker
to the action on ramps seen in the film

>> But that's far from the only
character switcheroo between the two

>> I always felt the old Bond films
were only as good as the villain

>> In the film Samuel Jackson
plays the role of the supervillain

Richmond Valentine

A lisping Russell Simmons looking
cellphone mobile believes Mother Earth is

on the verge of a population overload
with all of humanity at stake, so

he coldly plans to call the herd

His master plan is to give
everybody free cell phone service

then beams out a signal that
connects to their SIM card and

pulses out wavelengths that
trigger violent murderous rages

>> In the comic,
the supervillain is James Arnold,

the 23-year old tech billionaire,
ala Bill Gates and Steve Jobs

Well James has a similar plan
to trigger murderous rages

He achieves this with normal frequency
manipulation instead of a cell phone

scheme Matt Vaughn cheekily branded with
a Richard Branson esu virgin v style logo

>> Additionally, in the comic,

Arnold is using his super secret bunker to
protect all of his favorite celebrities

from William Shatner to Pierce Brosnan
to Sir Patrick Stewart and Mark Hamill

In fact, the entire comic series begins
with henchmen kidnapping Mark Hamill,

a British Secret Agent stealing him back
only to ride off a cliff on a snowmobile

and killing them both when
his parachute doesn't hold


>> The film also begins with
Mark Hamill getting kidnapped but

he's playing the role of a wonky
climate scientist not himself

When the secret agent shows up to save him
he witnesses our final semi significant

character switch

Both comic and
movie the head henchman is named Gazelle

But in the comic, this curved metal
leg bodyguard is a black male and

former Secret Service member

In the film, he is now a she and
her legs are razor sharp slicing weapons

She's got legs and
she knows how to use them

(Laugh) No, okay, no ZZ Top fans

>> Remember the plan to use wavelengths
to transform mild mannered people into

raving murderous psychopaths?

Well, in the comic, we see a trial run
of that plan on the opening pages of

the second of six comics in the series

But the flip of a switch James Arnold
turns a tropical wedding of 50

couples into a volcano of bloody violence

>> We don't see a trial run in the film
until the end of the second act

when Valentine turns a Kentucky church
service into a Baptist bloodbath

Roughly speaking, if the arc of the comic
series were translated into scripted

film structure,
the comics page 15 inciting incident would

occur on page 19 plot point to when
everything goes to Biblical hell

Including the point blank death of
Kingsman Obiwan figure Galahad

>> And so we reached the grand climax

In both Eggsy as to head to the bunker
compound to take on the super villain and

his henchmen before the super
villain activates a satellite and

turns the world in on itself

And that's about as much
as they have in common

In the comic, Eggsy and
his fellow candidates have to gear up and

storm James Arnold's facility
in a race against time

Shooting through
James Arnold's defense forces,

freeing the celebrities, giving them guns,
rewiring his computer code to

make people extremely affectionate instead
of violent then plugging him in the head

Mission accomplished, bingo-bongo?

That's a British phrase

However in the film the celebrities
in the bunker have been replaced with

one-percenters who have made
a Faustian bargain with Valentine

Party with him at the end of the world and
get to live in a new one

In order to ensure they keep
their end of the bargain,

Valentine has implanted small
explosive devices in their necks

And once our heroes next are on the line,
Eggsy, Merlin and

company saved the day with some
heavy artillery derring do

A bit of Oxford's not brogues fancy
footwork and puts the lance in Lancelot,

separating Valentine's hand from his
biometric trigger just in the nick

of time

>> Which of course begs the question,
how much does 2017 Kingsman,

The Golden Circle have in common with
the two comic follow ups Kingsman,

The Big Exit and Kingsman,
The Red Diamond

Killer robot dogs

>> No

>> Drug pushing Leave it to
Beaver aesthetic Julianne Moore

>> No

>> Channing Tatum as an American
cowboy spy service agent

>> Nope

>> Jeff Bridges showing up on
set apparently as himself?

>> Nope

>> Laser lassers?

>> No

>> All right, you get the point the big
exit comic was a six page spread in

playboy with Eggsy protecting Brexit
gold from thieving French mines

The red diamond pits the Kingsmen against
Inspector Gadget villain armed with

a computer virus

>> And the Golden Circle movie had a drug
pushing Julianne Moore making human

hamburger meat out of her foes,
then feeding it to her lackeys

Which just goes to show you
what franchises are all about,

establishing a signature world, you can
return to time and time again, and again

And again and again

>> Come on

>> That clinches the full Windsor knot tie

on today's episode

>> Yes, and I bet you expect me to
subscribe for more What's the Difference?

>> No, my dead boy

Expect you to

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