KINGPIN’s DIY Overclocked E-Bike: Test Ride & Bike Check

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

hey everyone we're here for a different
type of video now so we're still on
Taiwan we're in Taipei and I'm joined by
Ken Penn from EVGA he's the guy with his
name on the video cards if you didn't
know so one of the top overclockers in
the world but there's something else
that he works on outside of video cards
and it's ebikes we did a video on the
side channel last year about this bike
actually yep so you walked me through we
talked about the parts that won it I
think if I remember correctly it went
you were approaching 60 miles an hour
nothing so they're really fast they're
not like the pedal assist II bikes
they're like full throttle electric
motorcycle basically and I have one of
these at home now too that I haven't
actually really shown publicly so this
will be a fun option for us to to
introduce people to it before that this
video is brought to you by Thermaltake
stuff ram RGB memory available from 3000
hertz up to 40 400 megahertz an 8
gigabyte by 2 configurations the third
will take tough Ram uses 10 addressable
RGB LEDs for bright illumination and
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memory learn more at the link in the
description below so you've got to you
have this one that you just built yep
and then this one that you've modified
from last year I guess to get everyone
up to speed on why these are cool so
like I said they're they're throttled
it's got basically a small computer on
it and then do you want to walk through
like like like we talked about before
the the basics of any bike you got a hub
motor you have a battery and you have a
controller right right and then you have
the controls that interact with the
controller to run everything the main
differences between these two bikes is
mostly weight ah and this one actually
has motorcycle wheels on it and this one
has by 24 inch bicycle wheels yeah yeah
big difference power wise this one has a
hundred fifty amp controller whereas
this one is using a hundred twenty amp
controller this can the controller can
really impact how the performance of the
e bike for sure
we should talk about don't be a dick
yeah I mean we're gonna go screw around
on a bike trail right now and
there's no one outside there's really at
this this is the best time of the day we
picked a workday the middle of the day
yeah I think you got to be responsible
with these you can't be an idiot are you
gonna ruin it for everybody yeah
sometimes I see other guys riding
scooters and sometimes II bikes like
really really fast and that's not good
man that's just gonna create a bunch of
unnecessary loss right yeah it'll get it
like banned from trails or whatever so
we got to be really careful today and
well I never speed around pedestrians if
I see anybody I always slow down no
matter what the only time I really get
on it is when there's literally nobody
else around so I'm even then obviously
if if any of you are like I want to get
one of these you should still ride
within your limits definitely don't
don't be an idiot you could have like an
animal run across your path and like
there's some wild dog trying to avoid it
and you'll be done yeah be done you you
should drive within your ability and
don't don't be irresponsible on the
trails yeah you know for sure on the
trails at home i i mostly stay on roads
but if i go on like a gravel road or
something i mean as soon as i see people
I just take it out a bicycle speed
whenever I look up like eBay like videos
on YouTube or something I always I see
more and more guys riding on paths
yeah bike paths really fast like by
pedestrians and stuff and I really
advise against that yeah I think
ultimately you just have to think about
what would you think if you're in the
pedestrian right right
you're not like well that guy's so cool
no it's like there's a friggin man ya
gonna kill me is dangerous man yeah and
then they're gonna have all kinds of
kinds of stupid ebike laws yeah it's not
worth it yeah yeah at home I ride a cool
bikes Q 140 are weird no you were
thinking of getting that frame too well
it has more battery capacity you can
stuff a lot more battery in that and
that's that's my bottleneck right now I
found what this bike is the battery
batteries are expensive to you big-time
and very heavy
big-time I think my battery I upgrade it
to their maximum capacity cuz I just use
it for commuting to and from work and
then I'll go take it out on gravel
trails and stuff I think that battery it
last me I kept maybe like thirty miles
at full speed nice I like 40 something
yeah that's a decent range but that's
like $1500 for that battery yep yeah
expensive man so what uh it's 72 volt
right yeah yes 72 yeah what's your
what's your difference and the use of
the controller is 120 150 yeah so this
this has the 72 volt battery 72 volt
battery similar q s 205 rear hub motor
the main difference is the controller
this one has the Sabaton 70 to 150 150 F
controller very very nuts what I I think
I have a Q s motor on mine
yeah QF this one is this controller on
here is just a Chinese controller I
don't even know I don't remember who
makes it you just find on Aliexpress or
something yeah okay totally yeah it was
the easiest to get I just wanted to get
something quick yeah start playing
around with it but this controller is
just blows this one away what's the in
terms of speed
I guess speed and acceleration what's
the difference between the two well you
know this one is 150 amps so the the
face-to-face current the total the total
amp output on this one is way way higher
than this and it's also very
customizable like I can can again like
tune everything I can't tune anything on
this controls your Bluetooth in work on
this by no absolutely not so what how
does what is it it's like a USB stick
that you just plug in down on the
controller yeah it's just a little USB
stick plugs down here it's a bluetooth
adapter well I mean I can use my iPhone
just iOS Android and plug the Bluetooth
adapter in and then I can go in and
change a lot like I can change I can
change like the signal voltage and that
basically changes the sensitivity on the
throttle okay right so if I increase
like this or is it like the position
yeah it's like front mid in full okay
you can adjust all of that so I can like
increase the voltage signal at the
beginning you know that's actually
something I'm not sure how mine works
but I think it's the same I think I have
the same setup you do so do you know
anything about is this like a linear
voltage curve or any idea I don't know
man you just you just know that you can
change the sensitivity I guess in the
app and then well they will have a range
like like mac signal voltage like 4.8
volts I think I can't remember and you
can increase that so
so rather than to get here for thematic
max multi-cell just here okay so the
torques like right there right yeah it's
a little bit nicer yeah this one you
said you have trouble keeping the wheel
down on yeah I have to like like when I
jump out into traffic and I don't
necessarily want a wheelie yeah I have
to lay over the front of the bike to
keep the front end from popping out oh
we talked about this – I'll mention this
since we're talking about the bar area
of the bike so when you were building
this I said you know you might want to
consider it like 800 watt bars they feel
really good because 800 wide bars I mean
on starting it doesn't know I do a lot
of mountain biking like downhill
mountain biking and it gives you really
good control over the bike but you have
a different consideration in Taiwan and
Taipei yeah it's like getting killed by
taxis well you know that the one of the
main lanes of traffic for bikes and
scooters is between the cars inside of
the road yeah so I noticed with the bars
like over 750 it's really tight you
can't fit mirrors so I caught him down
these are about seven ten okay yeah yeah
it's more like a like a motorcycle bar
with this time I you've got thirty
five-millimeter bars rental apex thirty
five-millimeter stem the stem is 33
millimeters now another thing I did with
this bike okay I changed the riding
position okay on this bike I had I used
to have a Hope stem and it was I think
it was 5050 or elevators yeah so you're
way out then dude it was way out and way
down yeah the rise on the bar was lower
– it was maybe 50 only 15 or 20
millimeter this bar has a 35-millimeter
rise that one has a 40 millimeter rise
yeah after I crashed that one and
rebuilt it I rebuilt it like this so
what was what was the do you want to go
into any details on the crash like what
happened I was riding too fast okay went
around I was going around a turn too
fast down there yeah the police work
will ride and I just just I just
couldn't keep it on the path and I went
onto the grass and I had to lay it down
okay I ended up bending the bars i
trashed the front rim
the stem so you just laid it down on the
grass at speed I guess yeah it's you
know I was going pretty fast actually I
was doing about 40 kilometers an hour so
anyway so go back we were talking about
before I changed the riding position and
once I once I shifted my way up and back
yeah totally changed the whole dynamic
of how the bike rides it's nice I like
so the way I ride really slack frame
mountain bikes yeah where the front end
will especially once you sit on it you
compress the suspension the front end
sits pretty high it's almost like a
chopper yeah but it's nice because it
gives you a lot of control yeah
especially for anything downhill yeah
but it also gives you more room to bail
off the bike if you really need to I
think for downhill you don't want to be
so over the bars yeah definitely because
I mean you're all you pointed down so
it's just waiting to send you over the
bars and when I take this one out before
the way it was set up my back after like
maybe one hour of riding it my back was
killing me yeah so it's more this one
that's why this one's a little more
wheely happy I shifted the way back so
what do you have
I see the Fox 40 fork I guess for
viewers who aren't familiar with bike
parts this is a was gonna be most of
them I think but this is one of the top
like premier forks for any for a
downhill bike especially but you've got
it on what is effectively like a sort of
a motocross bike almost at this point
yeah I would say this bike is pretty
much set up like a supermoto bike yeah
great supermoto I got a good deal on
them they're great Forks I can't say
anything bad about them there's so many
adjustability options like yeah I tuned
the SAG the rebound high speed and low
speed compression it's really really a
nice fork how about the rear shock I see
the coil I recognized from last year's
or at least is similar to that one it's
not the same rear shock is a BOS stoy
it's very very light and very strong and
I like it a lot better than that can
create that double barrel coil it's this
one is it's a little more stiff and
springy and this one it tends to be a
little bit more bouncy and you're on the
cool bikes what was the frame cool back
76 76
for the breaks now when I when you rode
this bike last year
yeah head head head hope Tech they've
had hope Tech three ephors okay I
remember them there's a big difference
between a four and v4 man seriously I
didn't think at the beginning I didn't
know that much yeah and when I got the
v4 it's with 230 203 millimeter vented
rotors man what a difference those the e
this boy cousin these are nicer owners
dude they're really really nice they
disappear dissipate heat so so much like
look at this you see this is just a
regular yeah that's just a mountain bike
rotor it's just a hope floating rotor
and this thing gets red hot yeah and
they start howling have you ever touched
one of those like on your leg when
you're getting awful it'll burn you
it'll burn it hurts bad
and it's like dude they make this crazy
loud howling noise when they get too wet
r22 too hot yeah I decided the brakes
was sort of like the weak point of this
bike yeah yeah yeah so I got V fours on
this one do you have a regen on here
I got slide is it something you can
control or what I have I don't have now
I don't recommend this currently I don't
have any brakes answers on this bike
okay okay
brake cutoff sensors yeah those are key
they're not only do they are they just
for safety right so the bike can't fly
away yeah but they're also good for the
controller and the motor you won't so
right now if you brake you can still
throttle okay all right yes and you can
damage the controller and motor by doing
it yeah blow FETs on the controller
maybe so basically taking what you do
for your day job and just blowing up
MOSFET six I found a different thing
yeah but so so be careful yeah yeah I
will put break sensors on it I have
these nice ones that I can put on the
whole breaks I just have to install them
for mine Irana it's a separate switch
right here it's almost like a dropper
switch and you can break up front or you
can push with the thumb on a separate
lever it's nice because then if you're
running low on battery and you want to
make sure all right so it regen break is
just regenerative braking and if you're
low on battery and you want to just only
use regen yeah you can try and get some
back yeah
I think on mine I get about 10% back
over the life of a the charge yeah it's
not bad I think if you if you crank the
amps on it you know you're like yeah but
it kicks in and wants to throw you over
the bars yeah I've gone as high as like
70 amps on this one on the region and I
couldn't handle it it was like it's good
diary me out yeah but that was my
biggest concern when I first got my bike
was can't I stop in time if a car in
front of me
you know slams the brakes and with the
regen you can definitely stop in time
you can almost just use the region yeah
brake and it saves a lot of wear and
tear on your brake rotor oh ah yeah and
you know these can be unlocked to 200
amps oh man
and there's there's some really crazy
dudes out there I mean I'm nothing
compared to some of the ebike guys
there's some really like like in the
overclocking industry right you have the
legends and that guy's been around
forever yeah any bike industry has that
– yeah there's some badasses out there
have you done any modding yet outside of
component swap like have you customised
yet no nothing so I know it's I know you
can yeah you can do like a lot of these
controllers you can do like sense mods
on them right yeah I just need to trick
the controller into thinking the power
it's using is less just like a shot
resistor much exactly seriously yeah
there's a mod for this one yeah some
more Nvidia shunt resistor mod yeah what
um for the bike computer that you're
running so UKC TFT display okay very
nice what information do you get on it
yeah and just don't touch the throttle a
lot dude it has everything man it has it
has you know your power level it has
your speed has trip function it has your
assist levels it has the battery voltage
level oh nice yeah yeah so the battery
on I think the voltage it kind of drops
over time right or now okay on a full
charge this one will be around 84 volts
okay and then as I'm riding I see it you
know 82 volts 81 volts and when you hit
it you will get voltage drop under load
okay that's normal
is it is it V troop or is it a different
thing like it just it just drops when
you it's it's when I first saw it I
thought something wasn't right but I did
a little bit of research and the voltage
drop is no
under load now if it's not under load
like you have it on a stand
you really shouldn't see voltage drop
that's a nice display yeah it's very
nice dude man it's got like an RPM like
little tab oh you have a clock on your
it's cool mine doesn't mine's got
everything it does data logging it does
GPS okay what doesn't have a frame yeah
for the frame we were talking about this
before the camera went on but originally
you didn't like the gauge of the is this
aluminum I'm guessing it is yeah but did
you end up liking it after all when I
first got it I was you know compared to
this this frame it's got a very thick
steel on it this is an Aliexpress yeah
basically this whole bike is Chinese
except for the component frame
controller motor everything right when I
first got it I was like wow you know the
gauge of Steel is so thin and see this
rear shock mount I actually changed it
okay because the one that Kubiak's has
is really thin though and I thought you
know that's the worst part of the bike
to be uncertain about right because yeah
dude bad shears off yeah and not only
that but you want you want your rear
swingarm to stay true with the frame
rails I don't they have all kinds of
alignment issues with the brakes like
this one brakes are always noisy on the
back because it's not true it's not like
100% true but just Kubiak's frame I
noticed it's very very straight very
nice now I want to keep it that way
right yeah you know from from repeated
just constantly Li's and stuff I would
imagine it will think you're gonna
torque the frame over time it definitely
so that's why I actually had this fabbed
and put a put a thicker bracket where
did you get this made at the same place
as you use for your like KP stuff
there's a place down the street
Oh shop that I found just throwing some
cash so did you did you give them a CAD
file as you just tell them what you
wanted and they I gave him the cool mix
part I said make this buy thicker
make it thicker cool yeah that's about
it but but at first I wasn't happy with
the frame but then after a while I
really really liked it so much that I
want to get a Q 140 now I love the Q on
40 it is wide though but it gives you it
feels really stable huh you know it's
speed your rear dropout width is it the
same is it
fifty-five gets the same okay I'm not
positive but I think it is I I know
there were a couple things I did on mine
so thermal throttling is an issue I've
run into we're in North Carolina in the
summer I mean it's like here in the
summer except there's a lot more like
there's a lot of stop and go on that app
I can tune the temperature on okay I can
raise it
mine's 135 it cuts off 135 C and then it
starts to throttle at about 100 degrees
Celsius so I actually did a plot over
time will publish one day but of the
speed fall offers the temperature yeah
and I probably lose anywhere from like 6
to 8 miles an hour off the top speed
with a significant temperature it's
significant because when you cap out at
48 and all the roads are 45 you know
once once you're down below 45 now
you're slower than everything on the
road so it's dangerous
yeah right that's how I feel here it's
like they don't want a bike's going over
25 km an hour here that's not even it's
not safe very unsafe yeah when you got
people zooming value at twice the speed
yeah oh yeah because they're trying to
get past here but if you if you keep up
with traffic I feel like it's a lot
safer um the other thing we didn't talk
about is the Moto wheels that's a
difference on this bike so this bike has
24 by 3 bicycle wheels they're lighter
than these for sure yeah but they're not
as strong I mean these are really strong
um the wheels are where I'm the most
paranoid with these types of bikes cuz
like do something goes wrong with the
wheel and you die you see this folks you
see what's happening look carefully at
those folks you mean on the bike I'm
gonna ride we're both right it will
switch on see how they're slightly bent
yeah it's it's that that's what happens
with these it's torqued yeah and I mean
it's ok right but after a while the
wheel goes out of true yeah but these
are really really nice man these these
moto wheels are something now the reason
why I went with 18 is because
419 420 the wheels the tires selection
is brutal yeah there are no good
tires that you can buy I want something
more like a sport bike tire so that's
why I went with 18s and I know I reduced
the rolling diameter of the wheels by a
lot but with this much power it's okay
mine's kind of weird I have a 19 in the
back and a 26 in the front which is just
how cool vice delivers it but it works
well it's just it's the 26 that scares
me because it's it's a mountain bike
it's the the ply is like mountain bike
ply it's not that thick yeah so everyone
I have a 26 inch front wheel too if yeah
if there's gonna be a blowout it's gonna
be on a 26 and you know dude these tires
they're very the sidewall and the way
it's designed it's rated for a very high
it's rated for faster than you'll go on
it's not gonna blow out man yeah but
these definitely could blow out again on
the bike I'm gonna ride yeah one thing
I'll bring this up before we take him
out but on my on mine at home I tried
installing a heatsink on the hub I mean
you know this better than anyone but you
know if you're buying a tantrum that's
their whole pads come on Andrews Oh
screw so right it's not so it's sticky
tape or something so it's like they're
like this far apart and then you'll put
a screw through you know and to connect
the two pieces and it's a throne pad
that's one mil thick
I used Romans also the whole thing just
squeezes on it yeah so you some minus
eight like Romans they're all pads on it
but the problem is the actual source of
the heats like way in there and it's
already in a ferrofluid
yeah so it's already liquid cooled it's
by the time you got a pure they just
don't do a lot like it it helps when I'm
sitting idle out of stoplight it'll
bring me down a couple degrees I did all
like thermal testing just like in our
reviews but when you're going like stop
and go it doesn't do anything it's just
I think you need to make someone KP cool
and for
he's like the ones I have that thing
they're like this so I think the fins
need to be like that to catch the wind
right it should it should catch it yeah
and cool it okay so that's gonna cap our
our look at Vince's ebikes it's not
quite computers but really it basically
is it's it's all similar parts just on a
different different chassis like
real-world practical overclocking yeah
right and I'm sure you're gonna be doing
more of this by the time we're here next
to oh yeah I should have another bike
done by the time you guys get here again
so if you want to see the original one
from last year check on the GM Steve
channel will link it below and I if I
have extra footage from today it'll also
go up on that channel it'll just be like
riding footage we're not really gonna be
able to talk while riding because the
winds too strong but you'll get a pretty
good feel for it there so thanks for
joining me we can't shake hands I
thought it's bad right now but uh yeah
check out kay pees on their stuff I
well I'll link your Instagram if you
still use it cool and then tenpin
cooling calm if you want computer stuff
cool so subscribe for more we'll see you
all next time

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