Kevin Curry shows Ginger Zee the recipe for quesadilla under 400 calories l GMA Digital

published on July 17, 2020

Welcome to easy eats I'm ginger Zee you're in my kitchen but I'm not going to be teaching you we are going to open we got a lot of family stuff happening here we're gonna be joined by Kevin curry you okay come on over Kevin curry of fitmin cook it's going to

Be draining what's wrong my smiles just woke up from a nap and he's having a little bit of a rough one aren't you gonna be happy we're gonna make but they're too big okay well it's hard when you're 2 and

You don't know what's going on so how about we do this we invite men cook ok sorry hey how are you who is that this is Myles Myles he's gonna run

Outside Oh like his energy he can cook with us you can cook bro you got your hands full I already know oh my god Wow I get to watch my nephews a little bit and now I know what parents are going through I had no idea

Y'all deserve awards too you know it like some days it works and they do help once in a while but other days it's just the most chaos you've ever seen but it seems you're okay right everybody can tell us in comments I'm ready you're all

Right yeah I have because y'all are teachers you're cooks you have to do that within one hour of each day yeah good to have you today because we're gonna help me make dinner so that these guys

Because at five o'clock if we don't have dinner on the table that's they're gonna be throwing up in the kitchen exactly hey well that's what this is gonna be an easy one family probably one I think this one because everybody is

Loving it right now it's that all the crave like when our blogs I said why not make this one tonight all right I just start you up can I ask because I want to make sure how are you how is everything

Oh I am doing really well I'm in Texas I'm in Dallas so you know the sun is shining today we partially opened up I'm still not at my confidence level to go and brave everything but you know I'm hanging in there and you know and

Keeping the energy hi good I like thank you and I love your name just in general your instagram name because and that's you know books and people can find you but just make sure that people know fit men book yeah why

Did it start why why is that your name yeah it started because one of my friends posted his facebook picture of me and tagged me and I was like you and I friend at all I look terrible this picture take control of my health and I

Did like most people that out there do they try to out train a poor diet so instead of doing that I started to look at the food and once I change the food I was eating the waiting to get it fall off me but here's the thing to it wasn't

Food that I dislike it wasn't like boiled chicken breast and brown rice and broccoli it was stuff like this just prepared in a much more calorie conscious way that's how we're trying to do here keep it easy and I'm the chef

You know I'm not classically trained I'm just a chef that learned because he was desperate to lose weight and it works for you and it could work tonight and that's what I like about this because and we're making a quesadilla and a

Quesadilla is one of those things that my boys will eat and that is actually a go-to for us because it's something where I can pack a lot of things in that I want them to eat and so I'll hide the stuff in there it's a great way to do

That because cheese is such a great you know I like my quesadillas like I like my ponds was that that's good it's cheesy cheese-like like really gooey brie cheese that's how funny I'm onion

Absolutely so tell me what what we're gonna we're making the quesadilla this is also what I love about this recipe and why I'm easy eats we've been trying to do this is it's really economical most of this

Stuff is pantry type I don't believe it's so easy and I love it because right now meat has you know it's a little scarce here and there and this is a meatless but gonna fill you up meal yeah I'm gonna you know what I'll say this

I'm gonna bet people out there who have not made this recipe I guarantee you you will like this more than me quesadillas because there's not a single plant-based recipe that has caught fire like this one now this one will make you a

Believer in your movement okay okay let's do it firmly teach me how all right the first thing we need to do let's go ahead and get our skillet nice and hot okay so I have I'm gonna be scooting over back and

Forth so I'm gonna fire up my cast-iron skillet here and we're just gonna turn it on so that way it begins to heat up okay as it's heating up we are going to multitask so grab some bell pepper right here up guy and greet with a minute and

Have red one and we're just gonna chop these up in the skillet I mean chop these up because how I cut mine let me scoot it back something you can see I went for extra credit so I let me catch up to you

It's awesome I'm gonna catch up to you slice it up already and then get that skillet nice and hot oh I like your I like your technique though I don't you off in the bottom and then the middle part just comes right

Out huh it's just simple just like that these I learned this agreement the bottom boom the top boom and then right along the side just cut it right here and then just roll your knife you cut it actually and then roll your knife along

The inside and then all of a sudden look at that it goes right out all the seeds you're a genius heaven easy easy after Krissy Cal has obviously had this recipe she said ooh black bean quesadillas his recipe is good all right

Chrissy Thank You Chrissy for that because I'm telling you I'm not a big fan I mean I love black beans but in quesadillas I'm from Texas so we like we like hearty stuff so I like the barbacoa to these so I like that you know the

Chicken but when I had this one I was like okay yeah maybe the plants can stay the Lance can stay for dinner Ella so we're gonna say al dente hello we want to say hello back to you and just in case you're joining us this is a

Black bean quesadilla Kevin Correia fit men cook amazing following and rightfully so because he's gonna make this taste great and be super healthy for us he is right now prepping we've got our prepping just the

Bell peppers out there and mine are already cut it's uniform now is your skillet hot ginger oh yeah okay grab some grab some spray oil we have some spray oil I don't have spray a little bit in there a little bit we're gonna

Try to keep this calorie conscious peep so we're gonna watch how many things we add in here and always talk about adding calorie dids ingredients so I've cut up with I've got a little is great because it's a high smoke point so it's gonna

Get a nice good sear all right I'm gonna spray my skillet it's nice and hot these you're as good at not oh yeah I love it yeah I'm going big and once it's nice and hot spread or added a little bit of oil and then we're gonna toss in

Our bell peppers okay oh my god I love that sound that's my catalyst we're doing something right because I want to get a nice good color on here just just put them in here and let me let them rest for like a

Minute oh man did a nice exterior make sure the heat five so we get developers would be blistered and that's going to really exaggerate all that every labor but

Without all the heats and it's not a spicy recipe it's a flavor pack recipe okay I like that because my kids are two and four and one of them can handle spice but the other one is just not into it so yeah I like but the like we don't

Want to eat bland so this is a good one first the whole fam correct correct okay hold on I'll take you down here hold on now Tony was asking he said aren't all cans with same they're not right Catherine no no not

The same at all and this one this is one of my judgments in fact if I had a pantry staple lid bell peppers are always on it because they're so easy to chop up and to put into a recipe to boost the flavor and there's super low

Calorie too but they pack quite a punch in flavor so they can help the elevator recipe really really easily you can stuff something in fact I know everyone right now and do it slow cooker stuff and it's the pot stuff you make a

Casserole your family's tired of it get some bell peppers roasted bell peppers and then stuff them with the casserole put some cheese on top like this is getting close I'm getting like nervous I'm sure I should okay all right all

Right so again look at this it's only one we want the blisters we want the blister because now once you begin to annotate it smell it and then I want you to grab someone squeeze in some lime and that's

Gonna help greatly speed it's also going to help to caramelize and there will the festival quite a bit remember there's a little bit of sugar and bed of lime juice so it creates a nice good coating on the bell peppers

There we go hey what go ahead and so because this is the other thing you want them softened because nobody wants to like bite into the quesadilla and then you pull them out a whole hard red pen yeah yes Leslie

If you're making these for the kiddos you want to cook these long enough that they're softer now if you're doing this for your meal craft or something like you you know that for you then go ahead and have some question here's a reason

What we don't want to always cook out all the nutrients right right if you make it from milk rep – you're probably going to be like reheating it so when you cook it what it's just crunchy enough when you reheat it it

Will have some crunch but it won't be soggy much so as you're doing that I'm gonna go ahead and prep because it looks like you've already chopped up your onion we're gonna get our onions right oh you already did

Yeah after we do this we're going to move on to the next step yeah and while you're cutting the onion because you see you said you're not a pro but that looks squirrel right there nummies oh thank you you know what it is

The law of repetition so yeah I am not trained but the mortgage you get into the kitchen and you could be the same thing over and over again it gets so much easier it's so much easier y'all uh Kevin this is a great question because I

Was gonna ask it but Debbie zero three one eight wants to know can we do something other than cheese because she's lactose intolerant is hummus for mine I'm gonna do one of them like that for me oh yeah perfect do that or else

I'll have problems tonight you know hopefully do it hummus or some avocado okay how are your bell peppers are they here yet are they Lister you're blistering yeah look at that

Say my see with the tech mix I love it alright so we're going to drop it in the skillet put it down on the medium heat and then take the bell peppers off and put them in a in a bowl put it aside hey I'm coming and then drop that heat down

To medium this is where it gets messy because this pan is so heavy like try to pour out of it it is everywhere so wish me luck drop that heat down this has been the best part about doing these is like catching up with friends and doing

This but the laugh of TV part is really fun to show people okay what's the most random thing that you purchase during this quarantine random oh no this is kind of embarrassing so we never get the kids big gifts like Christmas none of

That we're just not into it yet because they they don't need anything right but but my first one he's gotten old enough that he was like can I do you think someday I could get like a car he's obsessed with super cars oh yeah because

He would have got so mad I got him a kid McLaren and I have to say worth it because the amount of fun and the the amount of time that he has spent this kid is driving

Like it goes from Reverse and stuff he has learned how to drive it's crazy oh yeah so and that we really have never bought anything for him like anything's bigger than you know like a game or you know like like I'm saying like chutes

And ladders so this kid he's he deserved it and it was oh my gosh to see his face when it came in and I got the color that he I knew he loved because he's so obsessed with super cars it just makes it worth it doesn't it

Yeah but the hard part is for him to not tell people because we said you can't be awesome well I was going to Good Morning America oh my life it's like the button that turns the light on or fun a good workout too heavy right yeah is burning

The calorie before you know he now also thinks it was a good purchase because I'm telling you we put both of them in there they both just tool around my driveway we made like a fake racehorse with chalk they're working a blast so

Anyway is yours not a kid McLaren I assume that's not what you bought that was weird huh and came out with hundreds of dollars of worth of a garden which yeah hold on hold on so I so I went and

Did all these and this is this is like all throughout my house there's different places where they're seedlings and I've been waiting and waiting in forecasting what I do and we've been so cold I haven't been able to put the

Fam'ly the beginning of this whole thing like eight weeks ago anyway people are just asking what we're making this is Kevin curry sit man cook and we're making quesadillas his healthy I'm a wonderful quesadilla recipe okay

and then we're going to cost in some onion and I also have some garlic and we're just going to caramelize this and it's really important you're probably like why is he doing this feel it like

This if you put it into a piping hot skillet you were trying to sear the onion and the garlic all the back was out there and you want to impress the date but you don't just put some oil garlic and onion get the whole place

Smelling good and and are you are you using that as experience like you you've done this sizzle it's just some like a five-star restaurant do it like this on the top with microgreens you know I've been known to figure work

With Pierre – you know what my trick is what's your trick I give them a good two glasses of wine before they eat my food and they always you know they're good and you are going to be ok so just everything together because cast iron is

Going to stick it's ok we're going to deglaze the bottom of the skillet this match as you mix it up there we go and just keep everything going keep moving and stirring but don't drop the heat to much grab some salt and pepper

there we go and some pepper and then some personality so I've got some cumin and smoked paprika no a fan of heat you can swap out the smoked paprika with some chili powder yeah I think the human

We use cumin all the time and they love that so that's an easy one it's getting greedy we like flavor to it about how much a teaspoon yeah let's do about two teaspoons two teaspoons of smoked

Paprika and then one teaspoon dump everything in here and you're going to continue to reduce the heat in the skillet and again don't worry it if you can fit and right now it should fragrant in your kitchen over there

Oh it's smelling good I was just thinking these quesadillas are gonna be so much better than the ones I usually make cuz I never put flavor in and no wonder they don't taste special like this is gonna be special

yes for this recipe because we're all ready let's just add in avocado for the people there who can't do dairy yeah because we already had it oh I was just saying hi to Judy but I like it yeah

And who's gonna keep on going now how was yours looking does it look like pace yet yeah let me take you let me take a break down here oh yeah keep going yes so you basically don't want any bean to look like a bean wanna just make it look

Like this and it also be praises at the same time yes what are we going to decline the top of the oven and then one thing all right if you're a fan of citrus you can squeeze in some more line but just a port in a little of water

Remember we don't want too much water I'm gonna need Napa right – and scrape the bottom of the skillet and you see it changes the texture all the scents becoming nice and creamy and loose yeah yeah this is also so good to keep that

Like you wouldn't even need cheese to keep a quesadilla together with this type of paste oh you wouldn't yeah and then once you're tuned to a good

Point what's kind of dry then this that a little bit more liquid again you can use some broth you can use some veggie broth if you want to keep this plant strong you can use some water or you can even use a little bit of chicken broth

Point it just to continue to stir until everything is nice and and in case anybody's wondering why I'm using this my husband gives me a hard time because I use too many dishes when I cook so I'm trying to utilize that's him oh yeah oh

Yeah you want to taste it always reaching a spoon okay what does it need more of any more salt need more salt put some more salt if you want to add in some more human you can add in more human as well you can next the line to

Make this your own just and what I mean by calorie-conscious it sometimes we reach for ingredients that are really really dense in calories like oils and butter use other things to flavor the food well I love deep glazing with water

Like you never think that you always think do something else right alright and then when we're finished this adds the final bit of water and then you can reduce the heat all the way down to low so that way it's

A really nice thick consistency good Kevin this is looking good I'm I'm really impressed I've got a great leader here I did a ramen that was like next-level ramen with my friend chef David rose and that was pretty special

You know what my hair stylist Juanita has she cooks all the time she had me make a stewed brown brown stewed chicken that was Jamaican yeah that was special that was a good night and we used like pork pork shoulder or pork yeah

Something that I don't usually cook and it was so good you can use herbs now take the other part of the black beans that you did not use yeah pour in like half of the black bean just had again yes sprinkle em right there on top and

Then just stir it up together then we people want to know that what they're eating so we get and also add a really nice punch of texture this is so good okay all right Oh mr Kony said I better not put that

Spoon back in there this this is my food for me so we're good it's okay if I taste it and that double dip remember this isn't yes that's your food yeah I promise I'm not feeding the civil neighbors the

Quesadillas yeah all right let's begin to bring everything together Billy they're so filling they taste great especially in recipes like this but this entire recipe is less than 400 calories no yes yes I'm trying although

No one cool quesadillas yes your quesadillas okay so this is I'm using these I found these in the store these are mission let me fire down tortillas I'm reading the meckel's in there so this is like one of tortilla is 70

Calories one is 1,800 18 grams of carbs but the protein and about 4 grams of fat so I use these but you use whatever you want if you have any other ones that use a regular wolf get in right there now what's the main ingredient to cheese

Cheese well you're gonna use some avocado all right and I might even try some hummus if I have the right time hold on let me see hmm let's see again Gary or the candy period I'm gonna have to do al-qaeda

Okay boys mother kado yep hold on so people are on here they're loving your cookbook and they need it signed that's what keeps I appreciate you know yeah I did a book too so I've been doing

A lot of those like book plate stickers yeah that's it's it's not the same you know it's not the same congrats on you boy oh you too yeah mine's not cooking it's okay so the avocado I just cut up into

Like this right like little yes now I don't have them with me but use a fork right now all right put it on top of the case of the end now mine I like to do the kids do when you fold it in half and that used two tortillas okay to one side

Of the case of the first we're gonna add in a little bit of cheese yeah about did you put oil down no oh you're not on there okay I'm just making a right here on the side okay you're heating up to medium-high and I'm making a nonstick

Skillet too so I can use some spray oil or just a little bit of oil okay okay so the one side of the quesadilla a little bit of cheese this is oh I'd say this is a very generous three tablespoons of cheese right there I miss at all okay

Yes that's the way it sticks I'm gonna have to have we got to have a stickiness helped but this is the main way all right so now we're gonna take our grilled peppers as well yours looks like a nice tasty video that's good that's

Good take some of the bell peppers that we just seared up the top there not too much not too many we don't as you wanted to close right there and that's just on one side put him on one side oh sorry oh

Yeah yeah yeah I got you we're gonna pulled it over so we can use lift and then grab the star of this our refried black beans and we're gonna add a nice serving top boom again not too much too little huh

Beautiful and then we're gonna add some cheese or if you're doing oh you got the Java Cod oh right there on top again and the treatment is fun cheese this will be for the boys okay perfect let's add some cheese in this

Kids love some cheese is sure – yeah I also love but I know a lot of people know what I'm talking about they have always a question I get yeah somebody said I'm not following directions well you're doing hard to do I gotta say like

Cooking entertaining having fun you always make a little mistake so absolutely you know we're all learning all right we're gonna fold it over right there boom smash it down pat it down be nice to it speak well to it you are

Going to be most you're gonna be delicious you're gonna be delicious we're gonna tear you up hello friends then we have our nonstick skillet that has been sitting here it's nice hot here and

Hotter there you go I've got mine up to about a medium high heat it's like that theater and once that skillet is hot then I'm going to use my spray oil again no do it just like that that's that's just like um what's the bartending movie

The Tom Cruise which one is dead the old one cocktail with the cocktail it's called it's Tom Cruise like back in the 80s I mean they're like doing all the tricks with the ball but he can't do it at first

Anyway that's what it looked like I used to watch that movie when I wasn't supposed to I'm going to spray behind with a little bit of oil in our quesadilla okay all right in Texas we say the K star D

Is K star yep in case I did it because you know the star of the Dallas Cowboys ah I got you I grew up in in Michigan so Detroit Lions and it's not easy it's not easy and that's all I have to say sometimes

When we were little we would sometimes see the blue and silver and it would be the cowboys that we like wow let's go oh man yeah yeah yeah oh my goodness okay so we're gonna we're gonna let this fear and get nice and crispy on one side we

Don't want it to burn so you write it just a little bit but then just let it rest and we're gonna flip it after about two minutes or when the edges are really nice and crispy and golden that's what we're gonna flip it over they cook the

Other side and boom you are done entire recipe just continue on until you have finished all your refried black beans 25 minutes or less and it's really late like you said this I've made quesadillas

Several times during the last three months while I've been home but this one it takes it to the next level and it's that black bean and I'm so inspired that was really easy and super healthy which you're you're checking off every box how

Do people find your cookbook um they can go to Amazon and type in fitting in cook oh no I have bad news what happened you sort even okay looks great nice too high obviously temperature but that one's just occasion one it's just

Blackened it's got some it's got the emerald of matter well you know what and that's why this is not real television and why I love it and why it's been so fun well you know I find it refreshing

Everybody's doing this everybody and this happens too we all first someone was like you better eat it don't worry I love burn stuff that's that's that I will eat the crispy part I'll eat around the cheese on that way sit there and

Pull down go down the other one I'm gonna get this right before I let you go all right you let her go okay so but wait before we do that you were saying before I burned that Amazon yeah so Amazon is the best place on Barnes and

Nobles anywhere books are sold and get that cookbook that came out 2018 but I also have an app that people can get from the app store and also from Google Play has 500 plus recipes that people can customize and make for their family

So Wow okay so just fit men cook right it's bit men cook there you go yes all right mmm-hmm see you ready onto the you got perfection of yours no this is this is

Gonna be good when I feel it it is it's so funny because I made my friend shali helped me make Persian food for the other the other night for the first time and I had to make the bottom of the rice the Taji and make it like perfectly

Crisp and I got it right on the first time she's like nobody ever get away yes that's because I keep talking to you I'll blame it on you sure I'm so happy redeemed less than 400 calories 390 calories for this look at the cheese I'm

Gonna add some tomatoes some cilantro dress up the top with more lime it's perfect yeah thanks so much and I have a bite while you finish cooking up yours yeah my nice good to go now okay I'll put the camera over on both of them and

Show the difference oh no my life fell out there is that looks good there it is that's oh no reference in case yeah everybody's saying their hunger you know we are so so happy that we got to do

This thank heaven my kids are going to love this dinner and so is everybody else make sure you guys check out fit men cook Kevin thank you thank you for having me I really appreciate y'all thank you you know hope to see you on

Our show in person someday soon yeah thank you so much all right thanks everybody enjoy the rest of your night but I'll post the recipe forgot to say that I'll post the recipe with this and I know it's on your page that would be

Dumb fool yes that too all right

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