Karaoke can get you killed in the Philippines

by birtanpublished on July 2, 2020

and know the end is near and so I face

the final curtain you God in some parts

of the world what I just did is actually

very brave I know I'm a hero because in

the Philippines singing my way can get

you my stabbed to death

different my way

yeah this noon so I face the final

curtain Frank Sinatra's my way was

written by Paul Anka in 1969 and it's

just new words to a bad sounding French

song that Anka heard while on vacation

and then bought the rights to for a

dollar in Paris is it this good into the

night Bobby dude innocent enough of an

origin story my way became Frank

Sinatra's late career anthem and you've

heard it a thousand times covered by

everyone from Elvis to mutilation

but my way isn't just a fun standard to

cover with swears in place of the actual

words which you've forgotten because

your junkie scum

it is important to note that is the best

interpretation of that song and given

Sid Vicious is history of violence and

murder probably maybe a great segue into

the my way killings

in 2010 the New York Times reported that

many Filipino karaoke bars had removed

my way from their play books because it

made people straight-up murder each

other and you may laugh but I live in

the country where there is no 13th floor

in an elevator this Halloween season

there's no escaping teak floor hunting

punch so let's not throw stones that

said we are talking about actual

killings linked to the performance of a

Frank Sinatra song and not just you

holding your breath while you drive past

a cemetery according to The Times up to

half a dozen people have been merked

because they sang my way at a karaoke


there are a few intertwined explanations

for this truly fake sounding and I

assure you a hundred percent real

phenomena one Filipino karaoke bars are

already violent as shit there hotbeds of

macho posturing and this is totally true

and from the pages of the New York Times

some of them employ a gay dude just to

defuse tension between hetero males but

my way is a boastful anthem about how

dope you are at life and even the

coolest gay mediator can't always quell

the rage that an off-key performance

might summon this is the other thing my

way is so well known that everyone has

an opinion on how it should be sung

which is what led an on-duty security

guard to shoot a man mid song when he

didn't approve of his rendition

as recently as 2014 a dude was literally

stabbed in the back by his friend when

they got home from the bar where they

had disagreed about who would get to

sing my way this is why we can't have

nice things like karaoke play books with

my way in

we've talked about songs that make you

murder yourself on this show before

there's a song so achingly sad that

legend holds it responsible for hundreds

of suicides all around the world but my

way is unique in its ability to make you

kill someone else sing carefully karaoke


what do you think is my way actually

making people kill each other or is it

just a popular song in a very violent


what song makes you want to kill people

in a karaoke bar let us know you think

in the comments and be sure to subscribe

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