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published on July 2, 2020

good evening and welcome to NTD news I'm

Stephanie Cox here today's top stories

president Trump signs an executive order

that will shift the federal government's

focus from higher education to

on-the-job skills when hiring new

recruits the White House coronavirus

Task Force speaks for the first time in

two months after new outbreaks emerge

they stressed the importance of

Community Development to stop the spread

the DC statehood bill has passed in the

house the historic legislation is now

headed to the Senate but it's not

expected to do well a new black lives

matter mural has been painted on the

streets of Brooklyn it was funded by New

York City more unusual weather

conditions are appearing in China locals

describe one of them as a scene from a

sci-fi movie at the same time

Beijing second wave of virus infections

is taking its toll on the country's food

imports and reports show consumer

spending sharply bounced back in May

it's a good sign for the economy but

personal income is still falling

president Trump signed an executive

order that will make federal workforce

hiring primarily based on skill

officials at the workforce policy

advisory board meeting discussed

bringing Americans back to work

and preparing them for a rise in modern

jobs President Trump has signed an

executive order that will significantly

change how Americans get hired by the

government the signing was part of the

sixth work force policy advisory board

meeting the executive order will marking

individual skill as high priority when

applying for federal jobs rather than

the college degree the federal

government will no longer be narrowly

focused on where you went to school but

the skills and the talents that you

bring to the job we want that skill to

be there we want it based on merit we've

looked at merit for a long time and

we've been able to get that done

co-chairman of the workforce policy

advisory board Ivanka Trump has

advocated for more workforce training

and a vocational education for Americans

she's also pushed for training to be

done within the private sector rather

than by the government national economic

advisor Larry Kudlow showed full support

for the initiatives folks who learn

these new skills right and change are a

lot more confident about the future it

just gives them self knowledge and self

awareness and self esteem in the us

two-thirds of adults do not have a

college degree with the new executive

order and the efforts to increase

vocational training officials expect

more Americans to get involved in the

job markets the White House coronavirus

task force met for the first time in two

months some states are experiencing

surge in hospitalizations there's new

reassurance today from the White House

coronavirus task force after a press

conference the first in two months

it comes after some areas are

experiencing a surge in CCP virus cases

16 states have seen rising

hospitalization rates and 12 states have

hit record highs and daily new cases

what we're seeing across the South today

is really outbreaks and their outbreaks

that are in specific counties in some

cases they're outbreak

that are in specific communities pence

said the recent outbreaks seen in

southern states are not because these

states reopened too soon

he said these states in many cases had

ease lockdown measures months ago

without issue

the task force acknowledged most of the

cases were not of the same demographic

seen in earlier outbreaks we're seeing

more and more young people under the age

of 35 who are testing positive in many

cases they have no symptoms but they're

coming forward and confirming that they

that they have contracted the corona

virus the Task Force recommends

following the safety guidelines that

have already been put forth by officials

at multiple levels

the task force stressed that young

people that feel healthy still need to

think about others and take guidelines

seriously so as not to inadvertently

affect others Task Force members say

they are bringing a stronger message to

local communities at the center of this

has to be the community and the

community will help us identify who

needs to be tested to help us identify

which households have the most

vulnerability in them and how we can

really go into those communities and

support that response at a very local

and ground level the task force

identified the recent outbreak

challenges as well as the many resources

now available to deal with them

and in California emergency rooms are

being swamped with new patients after

the state saw a record number of daily

virus cases the positivity rate has

begun to increase a surge in new corona

virus infections in California has put

hospitals across the state under

increasing strain as emergency rooms

receive an influx of new patients with

kovat 19 and on the day the us saw its

largest one-day increase of new cases

since the pandemic began dr Angelique

campin of the Providence st Joseph

Medical Center in Burbank said her

hospital is feeling the pressure I was

relieved that given the high numbers of

positives we weren't seeing very much of

an increased hospitalization and ICU

admission until today so I think we are

seeing what we were concerned about

happening now those people that have

gotten sick are now getting very sick

and coming to the hospital when it first

started most of the people we were

hospitalizing and that we're getting

really sick were the elderly that is not

the case now we are starting to see

younger and middle-aged people from 21

to 49 seems to be the peak ages that we

are seeing now these are the people that

were out during the demonstrations they

are also the people that have had to

leave their homes and go back to work

and may have because it's been so many

months been lured into a false sense of

security to relax a little bit on their

health precautions campin says the wave

of new cases has started to take its

toll on staff at the hospital and has

added to frustrations over Californians

who aren't taking necessary precautions

just like everyone else is tired of

staying home and having to wear a mask

we are tired as well

being at work reminding people of what

to do to stay safe I can't think of any

disease process that would preclude you

from wearing a mask a mask is your way

of doing your part to reduce the spread

of this disease it's not meant to

protect yourself it's to meant to

protect people around you the spike in

cases has prompted California to put 11

counties representing about half the

state's population on a watch list of

places that might need to rollback or

halt their phases of reopening a bill

that would turn the US Capitol into a

full-fledged state is headed to the

Senate the House passed it but there's

doubt it'll make it through the

Republican majority Senate the District

of Columbia statehood bill HR 51 is

passed without objection

motion to reconsider is laid upon the

table the Democrats are one step closer

to making Washington DC the 51st state

the bill passed in the house and is now

on its way to the republican-led Senate

its supporters say Washington residents

paid taxes and have fought and died in

every war yet their congressional

representative cannot vote on bills

the mayor says people are unaware they

don't even think about the fact that we

don't have voting senators or a

congresswoman doesn't have the vote and

it certainly never occurred to them that

the president could move the army to

address a local policing matter but the

bill is not expected to do well in the

Senate President Trump told the New York

Post the Republicans won't guaranteed

two Democratic seats in Congress if

Washington were to gain statehood it

would also gain two senators and DC's

been a majority blue state for many

years Republican senator Tim cotton says

Democrats are not being sincere

Democratic politicians are pushing for

this radically unpopular idea not

because it's a sound idea but because

they're angry that they don't win every

election under the current rules so they

want to change the rules

House Majority Leader Mitch McConnell

has said that as long as he's the

majority leader issues like statehood

for Washington aren't going anywhere

no data shows consumer spending in

America staged a record rebound in May

not surprising after a dismal April but

some economists worry the rebound will

be short-lived as personal income

continues to fall surge in consumer

spending in May is a positive sign for

the economy

two-thirds of economic output depends on

consumer spending but the drop in

personal income suggests economic

recovery will be long and slow and

personal income is expected to drop even

lower as a Kannamma stimulus tapers off

the Commerce Department just released

its monthly report on household income

and spending it shows that personal

consumption expenditures increased by

over 94 billion dollars in May that's

over 8 percent spending took a nosedive

in April as many businesses state

shuttered under state and city orders to

prevent the spread of the virus last

month's consumer spending figures showed

consumer spending plummeted by over 17

trillion dollars in April that's over 12

percent this was the largest drop since

the government started tracking the

series back in 1959 the Commerce

Department figures also showed that

disposable personal income fell by over

900 billion dollars in May that's almost

5% many state economies opened in May

and a surge in household income from the

federal stimulus bill gave people money

to spend but millions will lose their

unemployment checks in July and personal

income is dropping many analysts

question whether the rice and consumer

spending is sustainable ma I Capital

Management chief equity strategist

Christopher Grisanti said there is a

fight in the market between folks who

believe that the economy resurgence is

unstoppable and those who believe that

there's more trouble ahead

he said it's more probable that the

scenario is not as rosy as a market

thinks coming up new york city has

unveiled a black lives matter mural in

brooklyn the Barras president sponsored

it and gave a speech at the unveiling

while the city foot the bill

and an app developers fun football app

has transformed into a virus contact

tracing tool we hear from the developer

about how it works and how effective it

is when we return

our police actually using deadly force

disproportionately against black people

and how does the focus on police

overshadow other monumental problems

facing black America today

why is believing that black lives matter

not the same as supporting the black

lives matter organization and why are

black conservatives often excluded from

mainstream public awareness and

discourse in this episode we sit down

again with radio talk-show personality

and best-selling author Larry elder who

was the larry elder show for the epic

times he is the executive producer of

the new documentary film Uncle Tom

this is American thought-leaders and I'm

Yannick Alec

New York City unveiled a mural today in

Brooklyn the barra president sponsored

the mural which reads black lives matter

in large yellow letters outside the

Borough Hall the city funded the mural

and renamed the street Aunt Edie's Kevin

Hogan was on the scene New York City

Council members black lives matter

leaders and the Brooklyn borough

president assembled to unveil a mural in

downtown Brooklyn the mural is the

latest in the black lives matter

movement and Brooklyn Borough President

Eric Adams a Democrat calls this a

significant moment unlike times past in

his view President Abraham Lincoln

issued the Emancipation Proclamation on

January 1st 1863 the order initially

freed the slaves only in the Confederate

States but by the end of the war it

influenced citizens to accept the total

abolition of slavery in the north and

south leader of New York's black lives

matter hawk Newsome told Fox News the

movement will train armed so called

peace officers to patrol black

communities and deter police brutality

similar to the actions of the Black

Panthers Anthony Beckford who is a

co-founder of black lives matter in

Brooklyn and a member of the Democratic

socialists of America has thoughts on

this why can't we not have on patrols

and I also have a system in place that

holds these officers accountable as well

to Malcolm X talked about this he said

he's not for segregation but he's for

separatism which means that we create a

separate system that will empower us and

work for us I'm standing on what is now

black lives matter Boulevard where

volunteers and city employees are

painting black lives matter in big

yellow ladders down the street all the

way to the end of the block the city

paid for the paint for Department of

Transportation staff to outline the

letters and for police to block off the

street the paint is still so fresh you

can smell it

reporting from New York Kevin Hogan and


a lighthearted app designed for fun and

football is now a model for helping

contact tracers

NTV's Malina Weis cup talked to the app

developer to find out how it works how

effective it is and its level of privacy

Tim Brookins a Microsoft engineer built

his bison tracker app as a platform for

North Dakota State University's bison

football fans little did he know that

one day 10 years after its creation its

framework would be used to help slow the

spread of the CCP virus Brookins reached

out to the governor of North Dakota a

former colleague of his and asked if he

can offer his skills to the effort and

this is in March he said we need help

with improving our contact tracing

so Brookins used the platform from his

bison tracker and made the care 19 it's

an app that can keep a log of places

you've been so if you ever test positive

for the virus contact tracers can use it

as a tool to track down others who may

have been exposed you're around a lot of

people in life who you don't know their

name and so the second question they

always ask you when they're doing

contact tracing is where have you been

two states have signed contracts with

the Brookins North Dakota and South

Dakota a third is signing on to but the

state hasn't officially announced it yet

so far 60,000 people are using care 19

that's considered a small percentage of

people which means it's not as effective

as it could be to people who are

concerned about privacy the app doesn't

invade privacy anymore than apps like

Instagram or Facebook do location

information uploads to a standalone

server that they do not control it's

controlled by my five day care 19 team

the states do not have direct access to

that he says the only way government

officials can access the data is if the

contact tracers get your consent the

country is opening up with more people

moving around again leaving contact

tracers more overwhelmed so apps like

this one could have a significant role

in the future if people decide to use

them Malina Weis cup NTD news up next

more strange natural phenomena are

appearing in

locals say it looks like a scene from a

movie that's as the second virus

outbreak takes its toll on China's food

imports and in a practice beginning last

year Chinese authorities demolished

farmers homes to create more profitable

projects hear from one such farmer who

lost her home after the break

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now to China more unusual weather is

afflicting the country some locals liken

it to a scene from a science fiction

film and on the virus front a new

regulation is impacting the country's

food imports Aunt Edie's Tiffany Mayer

brings us more welcome to China InFocus

I'm Tiffany Mayer unusual natural

phenomena seem to appearing more and

more in China we recently reported on

oddly shaped hailstones that rain down

on Beijing

some say they resembled ice sculptures

of the CCP virus now we look at video of

a tornado in northern China some

netizens on social media liken the storm

to a scene from a science fiction film

the clip was captured on Wednesday so

far no Chinese media have reported on it

so there's no information about possible

casualties or other damages now to

Beijing many people are trying to leave

the Chinese capital a recent video shows

a highway packed with cars on one side

but very few on the other the person who

captured this video said he's travelling

along the side that leads into Beijing

the other side are cars trying to leave

official regulation requires that anyone

who tries to leave Beijing must show a

negative virus test result from the last

seven days but due to long wait times

for virus testing in some cases up to 3

months many people cannot leave the city

the CCP virus outbreak has also impacted

China's food imports China is asking

foreign companies who sent over meat and

other food products to sign documents

declaring that their products aren't

contaminated with the virus the request

followed China's allegation that the CCP

virus was found in a market in Beijing

on a cutting board a slice imported

salmon so far there's no known research

data that suggests humans can catch the

infection from food packaging what's

more the CCP virus mainly attacks the

lungs organs that are not present in

fish as a result it's commonly believed

to be difficult for fish to get infected

with this kind of virus at the same time

the US is urging

to meet the purchase commitments agreed

to and the us-china phase one trade deal

the purchases include American

agricultural products like lobster and

beans local authorities in a Chinese

city demolished residential houses and

resell the land for more profit leaving

the homeowners in a hard situation her

belongings are scattered here and there

most of her bedding is tossed on the

ground broken furniture and appliances

among piles of unpacked clothes cooking

wares enter television left out in the

open this recent video was taken by a

farmer from the Chinese northern

province of Shandong her home was

demolished by authorities without her

agreement and before she could find a

place to stay she is weeping and

murmuring while capturing the video this

is not a single case it is the result of

a policy called village merger in the

province that started last year farmers

houses are demolished existing villages

are merged and farmers move into

apartment buildings farmers have strong

opinions against the policy because it

poses heavy financial burden on their

households and the merger will

fundamentally change their way of life

in rural areas some farmers have to live

in temporary houses and even shacks the

compensation from the regime is a mere

10 to 25 percent of the money farmers

have to pay for their new apartments

there is no use seeking help from the

courts because they are working together

with the government officials another

Shandong citizen said the goal of the

regime is to use farmers land for more

profitable projects CCP officials get

farmers land for profitable industry

projects they also put some of the money

in their own pockets farmers houses are

demolished they have to live in

apartments officials are indeed

persecuting them forest house

demolishing has been going on for years

all over China and is causing huge

conflicts between people and the


coming up next a struggling fashion

retailer is teaming up with a pop star

to up its appeal to younger consumers

and sheep farmers in southern Spain are

juggling multiple crises the virus has

interfered with their product exports

and sales while critical sheep shares

have been blocked from entering the

country more on that when we return

struggling retailer gap is looking to

freshen its appeal by teaming up with

rapper and fashion designer Kanye West

they announced the news today

struggling apparel retailer Gap Inc is

looking to rap star and fashion designer

Kanye West for some youthful appeal the

two on Friday announced a multi-year

partnership which West will create a

line of clothing for gap under his easy

fashion brands and a possible preview of

what's to come

West posted a photo on Twitter as of now

the partnership will focus on hoodies

t-shirts and joggers aimed at young

consumers and will start showing up in

Gap stores and online in 2021 financial

details weren't disclosed but investors

are seeing potential dollar signs anyway

shares of Gap Inc which is the parent of

the gap Banana Republic olds Navy and

Athleta surged 33 percent that's more

than a billion dollar boost to gaps

market value West will retain full

ownership of the Easy brand receive

royalties and possibly get an equity

stake based on sales results his

partnership with Gap doesn't alter the

easy sneaker deal he has with Adidas

earlier this year West was named as the

second highest paid celebrity by Forbes

on the strength of that adidas

partnership sheep farmers in southern

Spain are struggling on multiple fronts

lamb meat sales are slow due to

restaurant lock downs while many

specialized cheap shares are blocked

from entering the country leaving the

animals vulnerable sheep descend from

the high spring pastures of the

mountains around Granada Spain it's

finally time for their thick woolly

coats to be sheared sheep shearing

season should have begun in May but it

was delayed by the pandemic and farmers

are concerned after being hit hard by

the lockdown that's because the price of

lamb meat has fallen after a drop in

demand due to the forced closure of

restaurants and hotels due to the

lockdown consumption in restaurants and

bars have been practically zero we have

our sights set on export if there is no

export we the farmers will follow the


eat the lamb ourselves with potatoes on

the side sales to restaurants have

dropped by at least 60% and both

butchered and live animals have lost 30%

of their value the hospitality industry

is now slowly reopening by mid-june

temperatures reach 85 degrees in the

area meaning the Sheep must be sheared

the heat not only makes them

uncomfortable but their woolly coats can

leave them vulnerable to disease sheep

shearing is a specialist skill and needs

experienced workers who can handle the

animal without harming it I have been

doing this job for 25 years it is a

delicate job not everyone can do it you

must not harm the animals not cut them

because these animals will go up to the

mountains and then the Flies and the

worms can infect them many of the

shearers who work in Spain are seasonal

workers they mainly come from Uruguay

Poland and Russia but only around 250 of

them from Uruguay were allowed to travel

to Spain this year the traditional skill

is less frequently passed down the

generations now as young people leave

rural communities according to the

spanish government there are close to 17

million sheep in the country and that's

all for our broadcast audience but if

you're watching online the show

continues live so stay tuned after the

weather forecast


British media say two people are dead

after a stabbing attack in the Scottish

city of Glasgow the suspect is also dead

after he was shot by police a man

stabbed two people to death in the

scottish city of Glasgow British media

reported on Friday police said the

suspect had been shot dead they also

confirmed that six people were being

treated in hospital including an officer

the officer is in a critical but stable

condition police confirmed a witness

told British media she saw several

people being treated by emergency

services after an incident at a hotel

which happened just after 1 o'clock

local time images showed armed police at

the scene on West George Street in

Glasgow City Centre British Prime

Minister Boris Johnson said he was

deeply saddened by the attack

authorities have yet to say what the

motive for the stabbing was the incident

comes just a week after three people

were killed in a southern English town

of reading by a man carrying a knife

police said the Redding attack was being

treated as terrorism more from Europe

local residents are protesting outside a

Chinese consulate in Belfast the

consulate is building an illegal wall

while claiming it has diplomatic


NTD uk's Neil Woodrow brings us the

details thanks and welcome to NT T UK

bringing you UK and European news a row

over an illegal wall at the Chinese

consulate in Belfast Northern Ireland

has escalated local residents won a high

court order to halt construction work

but lawyers for the consulate say the

order doesn't apply

since the consulate has diplomatic

immunity the consulate is located in a

conservation zone so any development

must meet stricter rules and needs a

permit but the consulate started the

work without applying for permission and

refused to stop after residents won a

court order aimed

Andres has lived in the area her whole

life we were disappointed that the

Chinese consulate are not cooperating if

you like with the law of the land

regarding planning issues the continent

is in historic McNeese house which dates

back over a hundred thirty years

resident Martin McBurney got details of

the building work for Belfast Council

and the illustration seems to be of a

two foot wall of reinforced concrete

which is essentially bomb-proof

according to the Irish News the

consciousness lawyer claims that suing

is highly disrespectful and the

consulate has now reported quick talks

aimed in a dispute when our reporter

arrived to the contest on Friday

afternoon a truck was delivering more

building material to the site on –

pandemic ease down UK Prime Minister

Boris Johnson his warning Britain's to

not take liberties as CCP virus measures

are relaxed this is after many instances

around the globe of social distancing

being completely ignored on July 4th

Britain will enter the next stage of

easing restrictions with social

distancing being half to three feet

Johnson was out with the UK finance

minister he spoke about the situation

elsewhere in the world I'm afraid what

you're also seeing is are people taking

too many liberties with the guidance

mingling too much not observing social

distance so some parts of our won't name

them but you've got spikes really

serious spikes in the incidence of the

disease California announced on

Wednesday and at least 70% increase in

virus cases in two days

authorities in Bournemouth a popular

beach town in southern England declared

a major incident on Thursday over what

they called the irresponsible behavior

of crowds ignoring public health

guidance Johnson stressed the need for

caution so it's crucial that people

understand that on July the 4th we get

this right and we do this in a balanced

way and we recognize the risks Johnson

warned young people especially he told

them even if you are unlikely to get

sick the

bug you carry can still kill the elderly

around you and in sport thousands of

Liverpool soccer fans gather to

celebrate the club's first Premier

League title in 30 years

despite being urged to stay home fans

flocked to Anfield football stadium the

home of Liverpool Football Club

this is Liverpool's 19th Premier League

championship and their first since the

1989-90 season the pandemic led to a

three-month suspension of league play so

Liverpool fans had a long wait to see

how the season would end now they can

finally relax and celebrate Liverpool

clinched the title not with their own

win but after second-place Manchester

United loss to Chelsea on Thursday night

in UK tech news a local British Council

is giving Huawei the go-ahead to build a

controversial research and development

centre the South Cambridgeshire district

Planning Committee passed the decision 9

to 1 on Thursday while we can now break

ground on its 500 acre site the

committee said it voted based on

assessing the application against

planning policies a day prior

Conservative member of parliament and

Neila Brian asked the vote be delayed

until the emergency review by the

National cybersecurity Center was

complete while we bought the land in

2018 it's it's seven miles from

Cambridge University us Under

Secretary of State Keith crock

says Huawei's goal is to attract

researchers and talent from Cambridge

this week highway was included on a list

issued by the Pentagon of Chinese

companies that are owned or controlled

by the Chinese military to Italy the

Italian government is deploying soldiers

to restore order in a small town near

Naples tensions are high in mantra

gonnae after almost 50 Bulgarian

seasonal workers tested positive for CCP

virus they were living illegally in an

abandoned apartment complex the complex

was sealed off and authorities warmed

the entire town could be quarantined if

the outbreak proves widespread 3,000

local residents are being tested some

workers refused orders to leave the

building calling it racist they staged a

protest leading to a tense confrontation

with locals and in France dead dolphins

are washing up on France's Atlantic

shores in such high numbers that marine

biologists say the mammals are at risk


entails and flippers deep incisions cut

into the skin more than a thousand

deaths have been recorded each winter

for the last three years the

overwhelming majority drown as bycatch

in the nets of fishing trawlers

fishermen sometimes need to mutilate the

bodies to release them it's a human

activity exploitation of the marine

environment that's driven by them it's

not natural scientists from the

conservation group / loggers believe the

total number is likely five or ten times

higher than those found on beaches they

blame spike on a new trend in which

fishing vessels trawl in pairs for sea

bass our population models show numbers

that look stable but once you see the

decline it's too late with slow

reproduction rates dolphins are

vulnerable to sharp Falls in numbers

even though French law requires

fishermen to declare their bycatch in

reality it rarely happens scientists say

they have no single miracle solution

that's all from the NTD UK newsroom back

across to New York thanks Neil

Mexico City's Chief of Police was shot

and injured and two of his bodyguards

killed in a dramatic assassination

attempt he blamed it on one of Mexico's

most powerful drug gangs Mexico City's

Chief of Police was shot and injured

early Friday in a dramatic assassination

attempt that took the lives of two of

his bodyguards

Omar Garcia har foosh suffered three

bullet wounds as he and his bodyguards

came under heavy fire just before dawn

video from the crime scene showed what

was apparently Garcia's armored SUV

roped off and a police vehicle with shot

out windows hours after the

assassination attempt Garcia apparently

from his hospital bed sent out a tweet

blaming the attack on one of Mexico's

most powerful drug gangs

the Jalisco new generation cartel a

third person a woman apparently on her

way to work was also killed in the

gunfire the victim's family members were

in shock

my daughter-in-law with her husband they

were going to sell they are merchants we

were not allowed to see them you know

residents said heavy gunfire rang out

for several minutes during the attack in

Lomas de chapultepec an area home to

many wealthy people and the location of

ambassadorial residences Mexico City's

attorney general said 12 suspects have

been arrested India is taking a stand

against China financially the country

plans to raise tariffs on Chinese

imports and make more products locally

this comes after a shrinking economy

from the pandemic and a deadly border

clash between the two countries India is

planning to raise tariffs and impose

strict inspection measures on Chinese

imports the Indian Standards Department

will toughen quality control for nearly

400 Chinese products it wants to ensure

goods that can be made locally aren't

imported India's finance ministry is

considering raising taxes on imports

like furniture and auto parts the trade

ministry is looking for non-tariff ways

to check Chinese imports like extra

inspections product testing and higher

quality certification requirements India

is the world's largest democracy and

it's heavily dependent on other nations

like China for raw materials and

products the problem was made obvious

after India went on lockdown in late

March and the country faced a shortage

of personal protective equipment the

lockdown hurt causing their first full

year economic decline in over 40 years

according to the International Monetary

Fund India had a projected GDP growth of

19 percent in April but it's now

forecasting a four point five percent

drop instead for the fiscal year through

March 2021 and recent border clashes

between Chinese and Indian soldiers have

caused an uproar across India 20 Indian

soldiers died in the military standoff

local politicians are calling to boycott

Chinese made goods from toys and watches

to plastic Goods India's Prime Minister

is asking citizens to be more

self-reliant and to source and make

products locally when possible India

received the most imports from China

last year it purchased nearly seventy

billion dollars worth of goods including

electronics machinery and chemicals the

IMF estimates India's 27 trillion

dollar economy will recover next year a

recent report says Manhattan's office

rents could plunge to the lowest level

since 2012 due to the pandemic according

to a report by global real estate

provider Savile's Manhattan's office

rents are likely to plummet 26 percent

if the US economy doesn't quickly

recover asking rents could drop to about

62 dollars per square foot in a

prolonged recession rents haven't

dropped to that level since 2012 the

lockdown is gradually being lifted and

some offices in New York City are open

again but many buildings are still empty

workers are weary of public

transportation and the dense environment

suggesting New York City is in for a

long recovery

the report says virus fears will

continue to influence people's behaviors

and the economy until a therapy or

vaccine is available and tech giant

Microsoft is has a surprising new retail

strategy closing down all physical

locations Microsoft announced today that

it's abandoning the physical store

concept retail team members will now

provide assistance and training remotely

from Microsoft corporate facilities the

company will shift its focus to

Microsoft comm and Xbox and Windows

stories Microsoft corporate vice

president David Porter says the

company's sales have grown online as

they offer more digital products and now

they're going to focus on digital

innovation Microsoft store locations

closed in late March due to the virus

the retail team has been helping

customers remotely since then Porter

says it proves Microsoft can

serve customers without a physical

location the closures will result in a

pre-tax charge of around 450 million

dollars or five cents per share and NASA

astronauts are embarking on a pair of

spacewalks the space agency is also

sharing live up-close view of the

missions via livestream astronauts Chris

Cassidy and Robert bankin are set to

replace lithium-ion batteries on the

International Space Station's power

channels the process will take about

seven hours Cassidy and bankin will have

to move back and forth along the truss

they'll use foot restraints to keep

their positions a second spacewalk is

scheduled for July the missions are part

of power upgrades on the ISS that were

started back in 2017 additional

spacewalks will be needed the summer in

order to replace batteries on another

power channel how well do you know your

sports trivia today we delve into a

piece of American history from over 60

years ago let's go back to the summer of

1957 the Brooklyn Dodgers and the New

York Giants announced in the summer of

1957 they were moving their baseball

teams to California after the season the

Dodgers were headed to LA the Giants to

San Francisco hall-of-famer Duke Snider

spent the first 10 years of his career

in Brooklyn it was a love affair in

Brooklyn fans loved us and we loved them

and it was family but the Dodgers wanted

a new stadium something they could get

in LA not in Brooklyn

the Giants were leaving because of money

issues and sagging attendance the two

teams had a great rivalry the

game-winning homer by the Giants Bobby

Thompson in 1951 giving them the pennant

over the Dodgers had the whole country

buzzing and that's all for today thanks

for tuning in I'm Stephanie Cox

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