Jurassic Park: Live Q&A Watch-Along w/ Actor Joseph Mazzello

published on July 2, 2020

















































































































hello I'm welcome to watch from home

theater our little corner of the

Internet where we get to watch movies

together even though we're all stuck in

a corner of our garage that's where you

guys are – right I'm Clint gage and

tonight we're watching one of my

all-time favorite movies Jurassic Park

now for the show tonight we do have some

scenes from the film we got some clips

that we're gonna be able to show you

from the film right here in the stream

but it's not the whole movie so get your

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joining us tonight is i GN entertainment

editor chief Terry Schwartz Harry how

are you doing

Clint I believe that if anyone was to

have a VHS player for their copy of

Jurassic Park it would be you in your

beautiful garage set up right now I'm

not in my garage but I am in a corner of

my house that just happens to be so

beautifully decorated with all these fun

crazy things yeah that's what it looks

like all the time not just because I

live here now but of course our very

special guest tonight he played Tim

Murphy in Jurassic Park joseph mazzello

hi how you doing man thanks for being

here you're gonna do the whole score for

the holes right it's not we were we were

able we were able to secure the humming

rights to the toboggan score so that's

fine that'll be good no we're already

where are you off they cut us off but

yeah I get it thank you thank you

but thanks for joining us man we really

appreciate having you here like you got

in already I have questions about things

you're sitting in front of yeah yeah all

doll battle stuff where where what do

you know

speaking of VHS is that we're talking

about the Jurassic Park VHS right there

there you go I'm in my child at home so

I have like all my old film I don't know

anything from like social network I have

barely anything from the Pacific but all

my childhood stuff is here which is

really exciting so you'll see a lot of

DHS's oh a whole shelf full of VHS you

don't already own

Jurassic Park shame on you okay

I don't think I don't think I is the

host of the show can officially say that

I'm glad you did but I do ask buy that

t-shirt back there what yeah whichever

shoulder that is I wish Dracula tonight

this is pretty great this is a t-shirt

given to everyone on the crew after we

survived Hurricane Iniki some people

might know that Jurassic Park was

filming during the largest hurricane to

ever hit the United States before

Hurricane Katrina and it happened in

Kauai and so because we all were

hunkered down there kind of same feeling

us right now

we all got these lovely t-shirts with a

dinosaur hanging on for dear life I love

this I tried to wear it tonight but this

is this was fit for a nine-year-old and

though I am still quite a slight man I

couldn't quite get into this beauty but

I'm hanging up for old times sake maybe

that's the most incredible thing and

also the most 90s Kruti that I could

possibly imagine I love it I like that's

it's it's all vintage again it's great

but I do I do understand you have

because you're not in your current home

you you're at the childhood home you

have a couple of pictures of things that

you that you would have shown off had

you been in your la home yeah see we

have yes and I think we can we have

those starting with this Raptor yeah yes

some probably the most incredible rap

gift I think I've ever gotten it is an

original model Raptor so the ones that

they at like Stan Winston and all those

guys the whole team came up with there

he is

and I was given that and with them you

can see it on their like steven has a

signed in says joey onyx he always

called me Joey

back then but it's a really incredible

uh piece it's in a very strange picture

because I was moving and so keep it on

my floor next to my old printer how big

is that kind of space does that take up

it's pretty big I mean like it's like

that so it's pretty it's pretty big

bigger than you know you don't have any

scale there which is a shame but yeah

there's the front one of the features of

the front of it right

it's pretty gnarly that's an original

from oh yeah when they were that is the

one made on Jurassic Park for us very

old say hey what do you think in this


like that's it so they're pretty it's

pretty remarkable is pretty an

incredible thing to have them pretty

excited about it that is a crude picture

you know people are familiar with these

you know every crew kind of gets

together on a day we have a lot of the

cast there and take a picture and that's

us on a soundstage at either Warner

Brothers Universal but it was in LA

after we left Hawaii and you see me

there next to my double we had doubles

so there's always someone kind of dress

the same as us and Spielberg in the

middle and you can kind of pick out the

whole cast my dad is even in it back

there he always made sure he gotten all

these pictures I love this glamour shot


like how much I just loved the idea of

directing and and you know how much I

want to go to film school and how much

he inspired all of that and so this

little joke he had for me he gave me

this you know but a joy I'm ready for my

close-up mr means lob what he wanted to

inspire me to become a director and I

did do it undrafted that's a hat from

the film I directed baseball movie but

yeah and this is yeah this is a this is

a great shot from the premiere in DC

with Laura and Jeff another one here a

different sort of version I was I can

get it out without wrecking this entire

thing that I built yeah there's another

little version of it but I just that's

such a cool guy lean you have known I

know yeah I mean they were still

wonderful I said are you kidding it was

just such a pleasure to get to see

everybody got on that one what else do

you got I gave you guys a couple others

you might have

what else switching some more from the

oh here's a good one on onset oh yeah he

seems like the type of guy who would

point with his middle finger and not

mean it's like that's just like how he's

pointing things out yeah I genuinely

believe he's not doing that but yeah I

mean I don't even remember when this was

from this was just the day in Hawaii

when we were on set all bloodied up you

know in the middle of the park and and

yeah there you have it just horsing

around like I always am on every set

I've ever been on so obviously he's

giving somebody else the finger yeah

popped up usually shit yeah Joseph if I

can get you to be just a touch closer to

your microphone okay yeah we like to

call watch my home theater up close with

up close with faces what do you think

yeah I think it might be a look I think

so this this like correct me if I'm

wrong this movie seems like it would

have been the most fun to shoot yeah

like a lake of all time like you're like

nine you're like I get to play not even

like CGI make-believe like you would now

but we saw the the t-rex and the

previous crew shot and like all the

practical effects that they could use

them that helped this stand the test of

time it's so much fun to revisit as a

fan and I'm so excited we're doing this

here with you but like I can only

imagine what it was actually like to

like be there and live out that fantasy

huh it was pretty remarkable I mean

right now the the picture that I think

you guys have up is of me and my double

and my stunt double and the same for

Ariana and stunt doubles when you are a

little boy are actually played by grown

women that's that's who the stunt double

is and that's Laura – Laura – was my

stunt double on about four films I think

I did um when I was when I was really


and so it's just so funny to see us all

together all in the same guard but yeah

I mean are you kidding this this like

you saw in that last picture with Sam

like just how

happy I was I was that happy every

single day on the set because it was

just like so phenomenal to be there and

just to be like living out a dream

you're around dinosaurs you know what I

mean you're with the best director who's

ever lived

um you were having the time of your life

in Hawaii we would go home you know and

like boogie board until the Sun went

down you know it was just like

everything about you had wild adventures

and a hurricane it was like it was just

a dream come true and it all starts from

the top it all starts from Steven he

knows just how to deal with kids and how

to deal with you know his crew and he's

very loyal and he works incredibly hard

and it's just it shows what he does

that's great man thank you thank you for

sharing all that stuff yeah so but we're

gonna get started here in just a second

so just reminder as we were watching the

movie tonight we'll be keeping an eye on

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up now

Joe one more question for you can you

can swims last time you watched Jurassic

Park I'd wager it's it's less recently

than I have the last time I watched it

was when it came out 3d ok my friends

forced me to go with them like literally

like drag me out of my house look you

have to come and sit and watch this

movie with us and everyone had their 3d

glasses on and they were like looking at

me and then looking back at the screen

like having the time of their lives and

and I mean it was I'm seeing it in

theaters again was like even you know

with 3d and it sort of different

experience was really pretty awesome and

so it was it was nice to see how well it

held up after all these years

yes I am yeah yes I rewatched it several

weeks ago and I will say it still holds

up really great and we'll find that out

tonight when we watch it to the see fit

effects like so good movies that came up

five years ago don't look as good as the

half the effects in this that is one of

the most remarkable things about this

movie as groundbreaking as it was for

the time it still looks really good like

I mean most movies that are like oh this

is the first time that we've done X Y or

Z like two years later it looks pretty

lame but this one this one not the case

turns out everybody knew what they were

doing which is good so I think we are

ready to go here so everybody get get

your cursors or your thumbs or whatever

you need to hovering over the play

button and I'll count us down

everybody's ready right anyway I wait

just a second

before I realize that I won't be able to

hear anybody at home answering me but

let's just start countdown three two one


first question every week what's your

favorite studio logo people have their

favorites and they have very specific

reasons for it so Universal films

actually so universals is really close

to my heart

I loved Columbia Pictures that was Radio


I mean MGM is tough to beat as far as

always at the twentieth Century Fox guy

myself I just thought that was a part of

this our Wars opening crawl when I was a

kid I just thought it was like all the

same thing the music and yeah no way I'm

sorry we're watching Jurassic Park I

thought we were watching the lost world

and I'd be done in five minutes that's

good yeah yeah yeah except for the first

leg two real skips real three real is

it's 15 to 18 minutes that's all we need

to know yeah it's so interesting

learning that you guys did shoot during

an actual hurricane because I'm curious

like how much of that experience

impacted some of the creative like

creative elements there's there are some

big important rainstorms in this movie

those many of you who've seen it was

that you know the day before it happened

and you're early we only had to shoot

one more day in Hawaii and then we're

gonna go to LA and finish up the last

two minutes of the film and it was it

was headed towards a waffle like if

we're all watching the storm warnings or

whatever and so we're like I mean like

ariana and the kids were all like sweet

we're gonna have big waves tomorrow like

we're gonna peel the boogie board and

like gonna be awesome

and then my dad woke me up at 6 o'clock

in the morning like you know and just

said Joe we gotta get out of here dr

switz course and now it's headed

directly for that morning with all like

and then Spielberg like he's the man you

just kind of win everybody's like

actually you know what we're gonna wait

out I've been thinking before we'll be

fine and everyone's like okay I guess

we're going through a hurricane and so

you're also tell and like got all the

lawn chair and like got catering and

crap services to like set up for us and

you're just like basically a camp for a

day where we were all like hanging out


well like the hurricane was on its way

and Spielberg's like mentality was oh

this is great Socko he said this is

great like we can film this that is

approaching and they was beautiful movie

like that's the kind of like passionate

like and no matter what the movie was

like being hurt and so it was just

incredible to you actually and like my

dad and and he like they went out they

actually went out in that like moment

where every before the second you're

important you're the talent like it was

so much fun and then we walked out when

it was over and just devastated the

entire island like every tree was

snapped in half every window was

shattered and like we couldn't imagine

like we couldn't understand like the

devastation that happened from that and

then then it was just we had to wait it

out a couple days and you know Spielberg

got his cheddar Universal like started

just flying the cast and crew back and

forth between Kauai and Oahu just to get

everybody off the island and we all

ended up staying in wahoo and we

finished the last day there but that was

while it was well even for like my mom

upstate New York like hearing on the

news on whatever ABC is a hearing like

you know the crew Jurassic Park you know

is is stuck in on the island where the

hurricane is coming through and like all

the phone lines snapped so like there

was no communication with us and it

wasn't for a couple days and we could

actually like it a family we

okay and that we were coming home you

got that cool t-shirt but I did survive

hurricane Ian and all I got was this

lousy team one of the things I wanted to

mention too about that that the opening

scene that we just saw and again just a

reminder we don't have the entire movie

to playing on the string tonight but we

will have some scenes mixed in but its

period there's something funny like

growing up with this movie and like how

many times we've seen this movie there

were certain parts of the movie that you

just couldn't watch because there's

something and also what asked you chosen

about like you know about being in the

movie and then seeing the final product

and like how scary was it

no that's tough but so thanks for

violating the privacy of the digital

greenroom that but you know fine with

all our close friends who are watching

this right now yeah I mean I was I was

pretty young when this movie came out

I'm dating myself a bit but I was like

probably six or seven when I was like

watching it for the first time and I

could not watch that opening scene I had

to leave the room it scared me so much

the Velociraptor attack and like me and

my dad would go around and like do the

little like Raptor claws at each other

and stuff and recreate the end scene but

that that first scene that and in

Independence Day when they're doing the

alien dissection like I had to leave the

room and come back because it like it

looks so real and it was so scary and it

was like a jump scare and I'm a huge

coward yeah Jeff Goldblum movies they

just it was an Independence Day

reference you just added yourself on the

black mass parachute shoot yeah that

opening scene though it's such a great

way to like set the stage to my mind of

like this this is a great action

adventure family movie but it's scary

too and it's it's consistently scared

throughout did you see any of it before

like outside of like when was the first

time you saw it I guess

the first time I saw it was at the

premiere yeah and so I was only at the

premiere I was when I was shooting I

turned nine mulling it said PG third

movie-like there are some scares there

are some things that are like terrifying

bill I just remember like there were

moments for that first scene for sure um

where you just like and Spielberg was

always a master at like only reviewing

so much and letting just let your

imagination be like even more terrifying

than what you're seeing and so just

seeing that like hand slip through like


you know it's grasped and just kind of

like come in and fading out on that was

just like I was already like I'm ready

for this but we'll get to that part

lawrence we're back in business and the

rapture just comes from oh yeah gets me

every time

help myself at they'll let you know the

moment that i couldn't watch when i was

a kid when we get to it but judge if you

can lean in just a little bit a little

bit more sorry is just for audio but I

do want to while you're really doing

that you know for you right back uh so

right now we're watching that this first

scene where we're getting to me dr


and dr Sadler and he is just dressing

down this poor kid I it's funny like I

never thought about it until I became a

parent but I like where where is this

kids mom or dad and why aren't they

telling dr grant to chill out right

like you know this is something it never

occurred to me you know cuz it's like

honestly that who cares right but

because it's a it's a movie but like

it's something that never occurred to me

until recently it's like if this were my

kid I would have been I would have

stepped in be like look I know he's kind

of a jerk but just take it easy dr

grant like you scared the crap out of my

kid I love the the arc though for for

grant of like the great softening of

Alan Grant over the course of this movie

and that ties into Tim Murphy

and Lex and like how he comes around to

them and and yeah Sam plays it so well

especially to Tim sweet sweet dino love

and Tim meeting his hero we can hear him

again and ever this is also a good a

good moment to say thank you to

everybody for your patience as well

while we're watching from home dealing

with some tech stuff yeah you know it's

so funny about these these Elliot and

and Alan outfits because I've seen so

many Halloween costumes for them and

they're just nice here no no yeah great

and we cannot hear you though in the

meantime we are getting a thumbs it up

from our from our TV so you sound great

yeah I can read my lips I don't think he

can costume is so iconic for that

they're just like archeological well and

it's a it's a testament to this movie

right because I mean it's its khakis in

a flannel and just denim and that's all

it is but it's like such an iconic and

like instantly recognizable costume

it's a this movie is really a gift to

last-minute Halloween costumes nothing


sorry guys you are all good we do have a

question I have a question cute we just

lined up and from our audience as soon

as he gets back that I'm gonna ask him

so I will remind everybody wherever

you're watching make sure you're leaving

you're leaving questions and comments

there and we will we'll get to run a

handful of YouTube channels and

somebody's gonna leave the chat and come

back sorry

no words

you love everytime we meet these

characters in in this movie in

particular his feel burger is really

good about this just in general but like

the the first time that we need

characters are always like so expressive

like the fact that we met John Hammond

while he's popping the quart of

champagne that's not his right I think

it's just such an interesting way to

meet this guy like I love the shorthand

that gets used with a lot of these

characters and just how you kind of

instantly get to know it happened with

the lawyer earlier when he's slipping on

the box and banging his head in the in

the mind yeah this movie is brilliant at

showing not telling like you can you can

tell so much about who John Hammond is

from the way he's acting about this

entire thing even you know his

helicopters lack of regard for for

dinosaur bones that they're working so

so carefully to unearth because why

would he care he's he's reinvented

dinosaurs they're back you know I am

pretty and and these characters are

about to find that out and he's gonna

fund them for another three years no

problem with the what he found in this

couch business so can you hear us

are you back I can hear I can hear you

hear me lord have mercy thank you

alright we did it it's so before before

we get out of this this first scene

where we're meeting a doctor grant I

have a question from rowdy redhead on

watching Miss Rosamond discord am i back

frozen you're back yeah they're here


nope he's frozen now Muscovy mug there

we go here's here's a question from

rowdy redhead for you is Sam needle as

awesome as I think he is how awesome do

you think sam neill is that's the good

Jan good point you don't want to say yes

to that the answer is most likely yes

I'm because Sam is just an incredible

guy he was so much fun on set to be

around we had so much with him we had to

get in the mud with him we had to you

know he had to be our surrogate father

for a lot of this movie

and so he was just phenomenal and really

warm and we had to share some very

intimate moments in this movie including

a CPR sneer that was true we really did


mouth-to-mouth so I've kissed Sam Neill

it was my first onscreen kiss and it was

hoped it would be and more yeah

truly one of the most iconic scenes from

this movie yes the human piece of toast

how often do people say that to you is

it often still does that go away over um

human piece of toast I get don't get all

the time a lot of what do you call blind

dinosaur guess what guys I know the

answer that was my joke inspiration or

the night oh yes channeling my Nedry for

this one but we were just talking about

what we were getting reconnected with

you Joseph Abboud about how great the

character introductions are in this

movie and these were these are two

others like when we first meet Dotson

and he leaves the taxicab door open as

he walks away is just so telling and so

great and then we meet Dennis here just

like he's eating and he's just so greedy

about everything the the way that

Spielberg introduces all these people is

just incredible

I know it's Spielberg semester I mean

every single every shot is a work of art

you know he stored boards and so he has

a plan for everything and knows just how

to execute it like there's no throwaway


there's no shots that he just sort of

mails in or phones in and says well we

just got to get this one you know

there's no like nothing to him is b-roll

everything is like you know that's right

we say about this movie like you can

think about this movie and think about

20 shots off the top of your head that

are just iconic you know like there are

images that are always used from this

film and they're always different you

know and pointing out as we go but just

uh he he just he's just a master of his

craft and knows how to establish

characters knows how to establish the

arcs of characters and and what their

journeys gonna be even this scene right

here they were watching now in the

helicopter you know what I mean like you

okay like you reveal Malcolm through a

Ellie's leg

yeah well know about him there it's just

he's brilliant and I I don't think I

missed a attenborough's opening as well

who talked about a lovely person Richard

Attenborough ended up directing me in

the film I did right after this called

Shadowlands which is there somewhere

that that one there up there behind me

somewhere what here's another question

from it's in talking about Spielberg and

and just not a wasted shot or anything

Jay winter is watching on YouTube on IGN

asks if he filmed any scenes that didn't

appear in the final film there were no

scenes I think that didn't appear in the

film because again Spielberg that we

finished this movie we shot this movie

and we were done over two weeks ahead of


Jurassic Park a nothing like you do

movies now and the script is being

written while you're doing it and then

you have to do like it goes over budget

and then there's like a month of

reshoots like where you're like recraft

in the story like none of that none of

that this was Steven Spielberg this is

Jurassic Park and he knew exactly what

he needs again so we were done to

schedule I can like I can only even

think of a couple like small things like

there was there was a an idea that when

the cars are driving themselves a little

later in the movie we're gonna be gonna

going over to this land bridge they

found some crazy land bridge in Kauai

but like again like when these cars are

being dry I feel like I'm giving away

all the stuff I'm not in this movie yet

that we're watching in reality

there is a guy in the trunk of the car

with a little TV screen you know smaller

than my iPad that I'm on right now and

he is hunched down on his side

like this driving the Jeep driving the

cars and like that that's how they're

being driven they're being driven by

people in the cars in the trunk and so

when my dad saw that Land Bridge with

like its death on either side there's no

like barriers he was just like we're not

doing this one like no way no how

so the doubles ends up being up for it

they ended up going you know stunt

doubles and but then they ended up not

putting that in the movie anyway so that

was the only shot I can even think of

that was like not that we that we did

that didn't end up in the final cut it's

interesting because your story's about

like you know movies like Star Wars that

are kind of found in the edit but you

know knowing that kind of what was

intended to be executed for a Jurassic

Park is what you guys shot and what was

finished is extra impressive because

it's it's you know pretty different than

the source material it's like been been

taken and rethought from the crichton

source material and we conceived in like

just the most consumer friendly iconic

appealing way that till I go in with

that vision is really interesting to

learn well this is a little bit of an

aside but I am very thankful for the

fact that it wasn't completely faithful

to the book because that's the reason I

got the job

in the in the book it's actually the the

boy the son is older than the daughter

Tim's older than Lex and I was actually

offered Jurassic Park I did not audition

for it and the reason for that it's

because I was doing a movie called Radio

Flyer by Richard Donner who's depicted

over there and he and even were really

good friends cuz they produce Goonies

together and so they knew each other and

he would come on set because he wanted

me for the movie hook that he was about

to do and so

we were shooting on the Warner Brothers

lot and he had all of his hook sets like

Neverland was on the lot and so he would

take me over there and show me

everything and I ended up doing a screen

test just Steven Spielberg Robin

Williams and Dustin Hoffman in a room

together for an hour and a half just the

four of us and to test me to play Jack

and it's like literally Stephen holding

a camcorder and it's Robin Williams just

cracking me up for an hour and a half or

I'm trying to do these emotional scenes

and can't even keep it together and

Dustin Hoffman you know and after that

was all done I guess I was just like

still a little bit too young I was only

like seven and they wanted someone who

looked a little like more gruff and was

a little older and so Steven came up to

me and he just said don't worry Joey I'm

gonna get you in a movie this summer and

that movie ended up being a fasiq Park

and he switched the ages of the

characters in the book so that I could

be in the film that's incredible yeah

put you through the ringer like that so

this is one of the most obviously one of

the most iconic scenes in the glasses

when it grabs her full head and turns

out like that hold like he can't even

look at her he's just like can't

communicate but it like oh I was gonna

say look how incredible it looks like

this movie is from 93 and it's just

remarkable I mean we already talked

about it but there was just it was such

a perfect marriage between like CGI and

practical effects and you know

animatronics and puppeteering and all of

these things the great Stan Winston it's

at the top of this game and and funny

way to marry it you know and and this is

it's just remarkable what they didn't I

think that that's why it still holds up

so much a lot of movies I think nowadays

like lean too much on the CGI and it can

feel like a cartoon as brilliant as as

these people are at doing this it still

doesn't feel like you can reach out and

touch it so much but when you have a

raptor that you know you can reach out

and touch

and then you quickly see you know I'm

scurry across the screen you believe you

are already believing that it's there

and so I think that that is a part of

the reason why you know this this movie

still stands the test of time because of

it was like the perfect marriage of the

perfect moment it's music's well well

and just this even even Richard

Attenborough's welcome to Jurassic Park

right there like that there are so many

different in fact like we should check

in with that later like we should have a

what's what's your favorite line contest

or something because then like there's

so many iconic lines there's two of them

right there it's sort of a Rorschach

test like what's your favorite line from

Jasper there's something no we can't the

score right there going from that super

majestic swell of seeing everybody into

this like really business like almost a

monetary kind of March yeah yeah is it's

it's such an interesting gear shift to

this you're like like here's the majesty

of it and then now we're about to look

at like sort of the underbelly the

tougher psycho solutions this set was

this shot in Hawaii or is this something

you guys shot back in Los Angeles on Sam

Steve it was both the outside I believe

why and most of the inside was in LA

that is that's just my hopefully my

memory serves me I still want to visit

like I want that still stand I know it's

just it's just incredible and I mean the

way that that said like even okay so

there you go that whole like entrance is

established right there near the

beginning of the movie and when you get

to the climax it plays such a like an

important role and you see the banner up

there already you see like the the bones

it's just like uh-huh it's just really

and and what else is really great about

this film too is that it takes its time

like it doesn't just like jump you into

just like mom

explosion city burnt you know what I

mean it's like they set it up they take

their time like establishing these

characters making you fall in love with

them explaining how the technology works

in like this fun amazing way with like

animation and whatnot and like it feels

again it's supposed to be like a park it

supposed to be a theme park and so like

they take you through it like you're

actually like there it's just like it's

it's just really something that like I

appreciate about this film that you

don't always see anymore in films of its

type that's the things that this movie

is like I'm just saying this the other

day even though it's yeah of course

about dinosaurs right like ultimately

it's a really intimate film it's not

that many characters at its core it's

about this guy who hates children and

doesn't want a family and finds them

repulsive and annoying and through

circumstances he has to like step up and

be the father figure to these kids and

save them in this dire circumstance and

in the end of the film like ends up

having them both sleeping on his chest

content and oh they he shares a look

with the woman he's with and like it's

like that simple like that little idea

of family and I mean so many of

Spielberg's feelings you can go down the

line about like father-son dynamic sand

just like fathers and like you know and

family is not quite working but in the

end hopefully working you know or I mean

in close encounters as much it's much

darker than that you know but like et or

like you know Indiana Jones like you

always see those themes in his films and

and I think Jurassic Park just nails it

well this is a lot of the questions that

we're getting have to do with with

Spielberg in your experience with him so

there's somebody on Twitter pat pat the

or a is asking did Steven ever give you

advice that you still keep to this day

Joe's teeth on discord had the same

question is it was there any I mean

because obviously like you know he's it

was it had to have been an amazing

experience that young to be to be

working with him but is there anything

that he said any advice that stuck with


yes on a number of levels because like I

said before he was so he was so excited

that I was interested in directing that

he would literally like like he himself

would knock on the trailer door what

we're doing like on set schooling and

open it be like hey I want to show Joey

this thing I'm setting up and then like

you know take me out of school and like

you know go and show me the shots like

on set the cranes and that was I wanted

to have you I want to have this photo

for you guys with me and him standing

under a crane him explaining something

to me and he just wrote on it to Joey

who survived a hurricane a t-rex and me

just like my fits my absolute favorite

photo I haven't come but it's in LA and

I couldn't get but anyway he was just so

he steven is always so great with

children because so much of his soul

still has that like childhood whimsy and

imagination he still loves movies the

way he did when he was nine years old

and so sometimes I genuinely feel like

he relates more to children than he even

does his peers because like that is like

the soul that he has but I remember in

terms of acting like Steven is also

someone who will do just one tape he's

like the opposite Fincher who I also

worked with take the humble Ravens doing

that on film where he's doing one to

take you know dangerous that is if

there's something wrong with that one

take in its film that is so much mommy

you know what I mean but like he's just

like if he finds it and he knows what he


he moves on and that's how he like like

stays the course honest films but I

remember one time so that might this is

a long-winded way of saying as an actor

he like often just let you do what you

wanted to do he was so good at casting

and especially with kids he never casted

kids who were just like you or had a

good look he like casting kids who would

really like act like a look at like his

track record but like Christian Bale you

know and like Drew Barrymore like me

just like the list goes on for what he's


but I remember he would let us ad-lib a

lot and I remember I had some ad-lib I

was doing where I said something like

this is the 90s right like back in the


big thing to say this is the 90s like

that's in modern time yeah and he came

over to me and he was like hey Joey you

know what let's try a different ad-lib

then this is the 90s because you know

what it'll make the film dated and then

someday like 20 years from now people

are gonna watch this film it's gonna

feel old it's like you never want to put

yourself in that box do want movies to

be timeless

you don't want them to be like I'm

certain era and I was like totally get


year old kid and I'm like that totally

makes sense to me let's drop that and

let's do something else and so I think

about that a lot like you have to ad-lib

quite a bit you know when you when you

make movies like I was at living all the

time on bohemian like and you just you

have to like kind of think about like

not just that moment but that these

movies are like like eternal essentially

and they will go on long after we do and

you like that's his mind right he's not

only like so obsessed and like

understands like the smallest little

thing on set smells detail but also

these like grand ideas of filmmaking and

what like the medium means and what it

will be in a hundred years and that's

true it's too like if you think about if

that lion was here now which would have

played so well then that would have been

that movie or like yeah but we're

sitting here what 20 27 years later and

sitting and watching it and it's still

you know and that is a story I've never

told before I've never on any interview

ever told that story and so I'm glad

that a new but completely unique new

piece of information was recorded today

that makes me happy nice exclusive

exclusive we'll get that clipped out

right away I love I love this Raptor

birthing scene so much because I mean

it's you know we're talking about like

the introduction of elements and it's

like it's not quite a puppy you know

analogous to a puppy but it's so cute

and like what harm can it do and

obviously the Raptor becomes a key part

of this movie but it's like it's so

interesting and still looks real enough

which must have been what puppetry or

something at the time to craft but it's

such like an interesting way to

introduce this this very dangerous

Kreacher oh yeah totally also this is

one of my other favorite character

introductions when we first meet BD

Wong's character he's actually erasing

something like the head scientist has

just made a mistake when we and I just I

love that I don't know and so how much

of how much of that was was I mean

obviously we're I'm sure it was

intentional but there's just something

that always stuck out you bet he's got

an eraser cuz he keeps making mistakes

you bet but I just told him recently

actually Benny Wong weird plate where I

was at I went to like the premiere of

season four of mr robot Oh

because obviously I'm really close with

Rami and he was there and so we actually

took a picture there which was pretty

cool like to have never actually like

spent any time together on this movie

but like here we are 26 years later 27

years later like still kind of you know

acting in the business you know working

and just like it's just so funny how you

know how much everything changes it

still stays the same

yeah we do also have a handful of

questions that have come up about see if

I can find the specific ones this poor

channel and you know but wondering how

much you and if you keep in touch with

anybody in the cast you find out who who

actually asked that so I can sure well

the answer is it's you know back then it

was a lot more difficult because your

only way of communicating was with phone

calls and letters just like not even

email like known as email address there

was no social media there was like no


nothing like that like now I keep in

touch with everybody but in movies I did

when I was a kid it was it was so and

this is sad to say but a lot of times it

was very much like you were this really

close tight-knit family and then your

lives and sort of dispersed and I would

go back to upstate New York and Sam

would go back to Australia you know like

you would like kind of just like go go

your separate ways but with that sad

like I saw it's it's it's more about

chance encounters where you want to like

see each other and like have a have a

chat and like just like kind of I don't

know revel in the fact that you like got

to be in this incredible film together

but like I saw a Laura turn pretty

recently because we were doing like you

know all the awards stuff you know last

year with bohemian and so I I got to see

her a couple times we we had some really

great chats and she just was radiant as

she ever was and it was just like really

wonderful and yeah Steven is the person

that I probably keep in touch with the

most he and I just we've been in like

this past year we've been exchanging a

bunch of letters like literally still

handwritten letters which is amazing but

just like yeah just like talking about

whatever like our careers and he saw

bohemian and and he apparently didn't

recognize me because I had the wig on

had a British accent and he like leaned

over to as casually like who's that

actor like of course Leia and so then we

start exchanging letters and I I really

want to I really he asked me if like a

you know if I maybe I would be able to

come to the set of West Side Story but I

wasn't able to get it done which is

really sad by the time I was I was you

know fully like in the throes of it but

West nights where there's like one of my

all time payer I love musicals and my

parents were on dancer is my dad was on

Broadway and so like that's a big part

of our lives and so it's just like so

ecstatic aunt wait wait to see it so um

yeah I see him but he as I was telling

you guys before he actually wrote my

recommendation for college to get into

USC right okay i if you can believe it

guys for some reason but one of the

things in my child at home that's nice

is that I get to find things like this

like written by Steven Spielberg and

we had a really funny encounter actually

when I was at USC where I was taking a

test like a final or something and we're

just hearing like like it's in a theater

and outside the theater we're hearing

like all of these like scores like the

USC like a band is like playing like et

score and then like they're playing

Indian and she goes Mike Lee Jurassic

Park like what's going on out here and

so like we're all upset because we're

like trying to take this test we can't

concentrate that's like what in

tarnation is happening out here and we

go out there to find John Williams is

there and John Williams is conducting

the orchestra because they're having

event that night and Steven Spielberg

and George Lucas are gonna be there

and so that night I went and saw him and

it was probably the first time I had

seen him since I like grew up and so

when I first saw him I was like hey

Steven you recognize me and his first

reaction was and he like had to have a

moment where he was like figuring it out

and he was like Joey and so we have this

amazing thing and then of course like I

ended up doing the Pacific HBO

miniseries where I ended up like having

to audition in front of him again as an

adult and so my my life with Steven like

kind of keeps we keep crossing paths a

lot which is a really wonderful thing

and so yeah he's the one that I I stay

up with the most I think Taylor Taylor

Lee Joey on IGN and Juana Fernandez also

watching an IGN YouTube that happens

those questions thank you all so let me

just real quick remind you guys that

here in a few minutes

over on Twitter at Jurassic world

they're gonna start giving away those

those prize packs so something from

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something from Funko verse 10 mystery

prize is going to be given away here in

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do there's at least action-y a choice

if you win I'm gonna be so mad since I

hear you're like just like yeah checking

back in with a movie here we're we're at

this conversation over dinner and like

this is the movie to me right like this

discussion that they're having about the

pros and cons of the park yeah and this

is a there's another it like they're so

preoccupied whether or not they could

they didn't some think they should that

like that's my that's in the lead now

for my favorite line of there like that

works its way into my leg daily life as

an unintentional reference but just like

is that's very wise that's very you

sound great art when you say I love I

love when an bro says the only one

that's on my side is the blood sucking

lawyer the other thing that's happening

here is forty minutes in and here we got

the kids I'm curious so I think it might

you know people who aren't super

familiar with the process of making

films might not think that like it's not

always your first scene that you're

introduced in the movie that is the

first scene you shoot in the movie they

had often times can be very out of order

and I'm curious what was the first scene

you shot or if you if you remember if

you're I think I do remember I don't

remember it I mean it was something in

Hawaii because Hawaii was our first

location so it was probably it was an

exterior but I cannot remember what the

first thing we shot was I have no idea I

hate to disappoint you know I'm like did

you did you have an understanding or how

do they kind of convey the the scope of

the movie like or did you kind of take

it piece by piece and then you kind of

understood it when you finally saw the

movie at the premiere I mean at this

point like I had done actually a number

of films even though I was only eight

years old so I knew I I think I got it

you know like kids good imaginations

anyway that it's like we get it like we

have to start from somewhere else

and we know the story and

we're gonna be good to go and I mean my

knowledge this was ideal one of the

first things because we didn't we didn't

start with any dinosaur stuff like we

were we were we were like the characters

going like when are we gonna see some

dinosaurs in this thing yeah and we just

wanted to see them you know and so the

first couple weeks that were there was

like nothing they weren't going to have

some dinosaurs in this dinosaur movie

yeah yeah no there's something this is

another great introduction because like

Tim as a character is yeah it's such a

such a growth like news you know so

casually grown up for such a little kid

too which was really really cool I

remember distinctly like choreographing

that and just like Steven taking us

through it and how I had to keep talking

after dr grant slams the door on you

know what I mean like I remember all of

that like so vivid dazed by a door

slammed in you're just like having so

much fun and like challenging you know

like this guy who's an expert in his

field I'm like I don't know your bird

Theory bro yeah absolutely establishes

Tim is this like you know walk this like

dinosaur loving kid it was like the

perfect person to kind of kind of come

into this park and see if it's gonna be

an attraction that is gonna be you know

worthwhile for for the investors and

whatnot like when you think of it in

that sense like it's a theme park theme

parks are for kids and here's this

dinosaur loving boy that's like kind of

the perfect person to see if it's gonna

work yeah it's such a good use of a

tracking one shot to where he's just

like this

alan is trying to escape and he he can't

escape the kids between between Tim and

Lex yeah it's pretty great though I mean

like if I've had one constant in my

entire life it is guys my age you know

who are in their 30s telling me what

that when they were like you know

whatever 11 13 15 you know whatever it

was that they went and saw Jurassic Park

six and seven times in the theater

because of course for the dinosaurs but

also because they like related to me

like they would say it to me like I grew

up wanting to be you like you're the

reason I love movies and like and it's

just like this really like surreal sort

of thing to have people like kind of

tell you that you know what I mean that

like like you were an inspiration to

them when you were like a little bull

boy you know I mean it's sort of like

weird but it's also just like it's

really humbling and you know a wonderful

thing to know that like you know I don't

know if a bit like just like a

generation of kids just like kind of

latched onto you and wanted to like be

experiencing what you were experiencing

and that like you for them like you were

the character that kind of they lived

Jurassic Park through and it's just such

an awesome thing to like to think about

and it still happens like it still

happens to the stage I love that yeah

here's an interesting question that

coming from from Beverly Marsh on

discord I guess the character from it

may be hi Joe

I wonder what what do you think happens

to Tim after the experience in Jurassic

Park where would he be today and how

would it have affected his life

obviously we saw him but briefly in the

lost world but deep about that raid

where he'd be over up of course I hope

we get to find out someday figure out

what happens to Tim but I think it's

like it is a great question and

something I do think about all the time

because there's so much I think that you

could like do with this character like

he was like sort of the obvious heir to

like John Hammonds fortune he was the

heir to Jurassic Park and like would

this experience have turned him away

from dinosaurs and make him hate

dinosaurs I think he wants truly loved

would it be that he wants to be the one

to kind of like step in and and run the

park the way it always should have been

ran you know I know that there's been

like stories about like Tim and what

happens to him and where he works and

like he has his own Park and like wants

to you know kind of do it with just you

know dinosaurs they won't eat you but I

just think that like it would be I do

think it would be awesome

to see what happened to to Tim Murphy

you know as as an adult and I don't know

I just there's so much you can do with

that character and yeah you never know

but maybe maybe one day we'll be able to

find out they got to make a lot more

movies that's what I'm saying I mean

it's so interesting where you have these

franchises that like start with a movie

that's our world but just a little bit

different so this is like our world but

if someone had brought back dinosaurs

and then you get these movies that

follow that path so you in the present

day get a world not only removed from

our own pretty significantly because at

this point dinosaurs have existed for 20

or 30 years but also how does that

impact a character who's grown up in a

world where dinosaurs have existed and

that's a reality and a field you can

work in and all that especially since

you know he knows his stuff he knows

yeah yeah it's sort of like being

patient zero awareness experiment – you

know what I mean like he could be

totally against like all of this or he

could be like I'm the one who knows how

to do it right or who knows you know

what I mean or he just be he could be

the new kind of doctor grant like you

know kind of the leading voice in the

field and there's just so much you could

do it would be a it's I'm glad I'm glad

that like you know Jurassic Park has has

kind of become like this thing that like

through the generations that like people

are still interested in because you know

these these were just such amazing

characters that were created like every

one of them even like even what we're


doesn't mean like oh I feel like even

like yeah yeah you might you might have

a feel you might have missed the bit

earlier where we were talking about how

weirdly iconic these are as hell yeah

when it's just like yeah geez well it's

just really they're close well guys when

we were shooting we were shooting in LA

during Halloween and Ariana and I went

and trick-or-treated a night after

working and we just stayed in our

costumes but with all the blood and

everything and all the dirt and we get

it together and people go up to houses

and they would be like who are you guys

supposed to be and we were like you'll

see and then run away ha ha like we had

this great inside joke like in a year

from now they're gonna get

that's amazing that's amazing

nearly wet yeah we went as ourselves for

Halloween Tim and Lex were the first

people to go as Tim and last we know in

LA we missed another well I want to be

past it but another now-iconic line

especially of the whole dinosaur lake

guys you know man makes dinosaur that's

helping women inherit women inherit the

earth like more iconic character as the

years go on I love it I love it yeah

like as an adult I have such an

appreciation even more for like what

Jeff Goldblum did in this movie just

like he's just so like riveting you just

need to listen to everything he says

he's funny and he's just like but

someone gave me I have that yes even of

we had him a small plug for an old IGN

video but he was promoting like the

Jurassic Park game that came out a

couple years ago and we got to interview

him and we had we attempted to have him

to like an oral history of that iconic

scene and it's like in the most Jeff

Goldblum way he just like sounded like

getting into his head space for like

luxuriating there it's so funny

but yeah it's like those moments those

moments that in any other movie would be

throwaway but like even the scene right

here where he's putting the water on her

hand and it's you know explaining game

you know chaos theory like because you

watch this movie so many times and it

invites re-watch is like every scene

becomes iconic and you know how can you

pick a favorite they're so good well and

when he says here like Jerry I'm talking

to myself

that's like context wise it's not

terribly crucial scene like him

explaining chaos theory with a little

experiment anything but like men cannot

cut that out of his movies well

there and the way he's like flirting

with her and kind of like subtly in

front of like he's like 11 things going

on yes it's great and even that shot

that shot us through like it's a shadow

just when Jeff go boom it's just sitting

there talking to himself after Evelyn's

left to look at the Triceratops I think

and it's just like it's through the

winch it's just like him literally alone

talking to himself when it's like

something like that is worse feel for

just like nails that what's ups that

shouldn't be a close-up that shouldn't

be from inside the car has to be outside

the car just like feel how and I'd have

to go back and check but I want to say

that's the only time they use that angle

in that entire scene it's like that was

specific to that gag and now here I am

I'm back at it I haven't finished with

dr grant you keep talking the whole

time to him in the different car Stephen

every time I would get on walk on set

hey I love that where I stay like the

other guy's book was a lot thicker and

therefore he's like smarter but this was

a little Adler too when I'm doing like

the dinosaur like kind of like him Joe

open up with me or Stephen we lost you

just a little bit there yeah yeah okay

yeah so it was just like a little ad lib

of like I don't know if he was Stephens

idea it probably was it might have been

mine there was like we would go back and

forth like creating these things even as

a kid which was great but like we just

had this like little bit that wasn't in

the script where I was like showing like

on the book like my version of a

dinosaur like just any way I can connect

to this guy just like yak yak yak yak

yak getting in his face but anyway I was

saying before like every day I would

show up on set the first thing Stephen

would do would come up to me and he

would like tussle my hair he was always

like you're a little boy a little boy

shouldn't have such neat hair he always

wanted my hair to be messy

so that was the that was literally on

set every day was like who keeps combing

his hair so if you're just joining us

we're here watching Jurassic Park with

Jessica's Ella if you want to make sure

and be synched up with us while we're

watching along we do have some clips

that are playing

during the month under the film but we

don't have the whole thing so right now

we're in the middle of the triceratops

scene there's also timecode on the

screen that you can sync up with so go

ahead and get your copies of Jurassic

Park queued up to that time code and you

can join us now this this Triceratops

this is a great teen I think for for

Ellie's character here I really enjoyed

like the shift that she kind of takes

like just on a dime she turns into like

super professional scientist like

there's the O of like oh my god it's a

dinosaur and then like then she's on the

case yeah and meanwhile dr grant is

just he's just slicing breathe it's like

childhood what what is that

what did that Triceratops look like on

set like how how many pieces was it and

how many people were in there working it

that was the first dinosaur that we saw

while shooting and he looked just like

that it was the full dinosaur it was not

it was not in pieces at all it was like

the whole deal every dinosaur that was

on that set had about I think 20 people

operating it they would always be bass

and they had like their own little

machines like one machine would just say

like eyelids on it one machine would say

nostrils on it you know one machine was

doing the breathing you know whatever it

was like a neck like they all did it and

it had to be like it was like an

orchestra where they had to know exactly

at the moments that they were supposed

to be doing everything with these

dinosaurs it was it was quite an

undertaking it's pretty amazing to think

about like exactly how much effort it

took and how much manpower it took and

you know back when you had these like

actual like machines on set it was

pretty pretty incredible one thing one

question that I want to put them back

your head if you already have an answer

to this if we've already seen it you can

let us know but if not just let us know

when we get there but a lot of people

Dariana Passos on IGN a noah sorry for

butchering that on discord master

illuminati cloudy twig point is there's

a lot of users asking the question what

was your favorite scene to film your

favorite moment of the movie if we got

in there what's your favorite scene and

what was your favorite moment in the

movie because they could be different


let us know when we get there if we

haven't gotten there yet but otherwise

now that we're all in tune to your

scenes okay yes we have not gotten there

yet but you know I always I say this a

lot too like I've every movie I've done

it really enjoyed myself with like very

few exceptions where like I wasn't just

like having the time of my life every

day it was nowhere I would rather be

than on a movie set but Jurassic Park

was truly like something just a

phenomenal experience in every single

way I can think it was not like the

worst day on the set of Jurassic Park

was still the best day on almost any

other set I've ever been on and that's

not to take anything away from any other

movies I've done like I've had like the

time of my life like throughout my

entire career but there was just

something about this film and the the

character I got to play I just love I

just loved Tim Murphy I loved playing I

loved what he got to do I loved what he

got to say I loved how smart he was how

outgoing he was because I was never

actually that outgoing of a kid really

like I loved when I was with people I

really knew well I was very outgoing but

with like strangers I would always like

sort of recoiled being like famous after

Jurassic Park was really hard on me as a

kid like people recognising me I hated

it but like getting to play this this

guy who was just like having I don't

know just like just just so outgoing and

and such a smart kid was amazing and

then having a director who could

identify with me and I didn't feel at

all condescended to or that like I was

like someone was patronizing me or

patted me on the head but just like

literally like someone I felt could say

anything to me and I can say anything to

and you could be like a partner it was

just unbelievable

ie for two months which was incredible

incredible thing like you know and then

like just every I mean we when we were

on at Universal we would do field trips

which would be going into universe and

riding a like that was part of our

schooling believe it or not but like you

know it was just like every every facet

of it was just like

so Fanta the locations everything about

it so it's all pick a favor first

no no I will pick my favorite something

because I I think I do have it and I

have a least favorite I would yes and

don't don't give it away like I wouldn't

guess it would involve a lot of mud

maybe we lost him in again now we

touched on this a little bit earlier

about how much how thoroughly the movies

set up and the stakes of the film and

all the characters I mean here we are

with 55 minutes an hour into this movie

and I think when Nedry clicks execute on

you know starts his program they're like

that's really the first bit of tension

almost like there's a lot of gravity a

lot of cool things that happen on these

and the opening scene is really scary

but in terms of like action or tension

or any of that like that's really where

it starts with an hour into this movie

what are you one of my favorite things

about this movie we're talking about it

like a little bit earlier you know we're

talking about so much about how you

enter the scene how you meet the

characters this movie is so grounded in

the perspective of the characters even

that shot of Tim walking up to seeing

the tried to Sarah Tom's for the first

time it's through his legs like you're

you're a child with him feeling that

sense of wonder and like it doesn't such

a good job of distracting you from all

the things that would cause tension all

the kind of like little warning signs

here and there throughout the movie

because you're experiencing the wonder

of going to Jurassic Park for the first

time with these characters that you're

right Clint when you when he hits that

button that's when it's like wait a

second we've already established that

he's gonna do something bad and all

these characters have spent the past

hour really coming to like being geared

to are in danger in a way that I hadn't

been completely distracted from as a


yeah they say it's sometimes I feel like

these days they don't give audiences

enough credit

like to be able to just kind of like

immerse yourself in the experience and

not be checking your watch or whatever

and like like like I said before like

flush the characters out let let it

breathe because ultimately the payoff is

gonna be better and bigger because you

are now that and what they are feeling

and you know I mean Spielberg's an

artist you know what I mean he's not

just someone who just you know kind of

would just throw an explosion in

wherever you know there was a lack of

like depth he always wanted to make

movies that were art and entertainment

and and meld them together perfectly

plus he knew he had this power goes out

in the car stall right there in front of

the t-rex patio we've gotten a bunch of

questions about this scene is coming

it's not quite there yet but just to

just to get you ready there's a lot of

different questions particularly about

about what it was like working with the

t-rex that they'll get there in just a

second I thought we were I'm always so

answer for the scene no it said I watch

so I jumped the gun a little bit there

but okay I mean I would talk to you guys

a little bit before this about my fly

reference but like how that those

moments in movies when you're like but

what if it just didn't happen this way

and everything was fine after that and

this scene coming up with nedra when he

hits the sign and he just spins it to

like try you what if what if he just

everything I know every time you do wish

like for movies you love you wish

something different for the characters

such a funny thing

well here's the question while we're

waiting for this panic attack scene I

mean this was this comes from Twitter

it's where user at sledgehammer on a on

a scale of 1 to 10 gold looks how

amazing was it to work with Jeff gold


please I'm begging just let sleeping

bags appear USA has it this question

scale of one to ten gold blue

it's a 10 goldblum it's a 10 gold boomer

I I'm not I'm not just saying this guy's

like that awesome I remember this is

something that happens at the very end

of the movie but when we're flying off

on that helicopter that was like just

like the one blue screen day we had it

was blue screen back that and grease

green screen now but in those days was

blue screen talking about dating

yourself but it was just like a

helicopter in front of a blue screen and

we just had the six of us had to be

sitting in this I think was six of us

yeah there's seven anyway I can't have

sitting in in the helicopter and so Jeff

just decided to entertain maybe himself

or maybe he was doing it for my benefit

but he started coming up with these

little like bits that we would do like

these little like scenes within the

scene and so he just had this thing

where he was like okay I'm gonna like

point out the window and I'm just gonna

say uh these Sydney's uh look like ants

down there and then Joey you're gonna

respond those are ants you idiot we

haven't taken off yet

they're cast and then Stephen would come

over and like Stephen Stephen and we

would like perform these little stupid

bits for like Stephen just to like keep

us entertained and he's he's just like

very much that kind of like cheeky sort

of like smiley kind of person who just

likes to have a good time I think and

find all of the like absurdity and fun

in life I love that and just could not

imagine another Ian Malcolm I know you

were talking about casting but there's

like this perfect like chemistry soup of

all of you and me where it's like every

character and every actor chosen to play

the character are so distinct from each

other that like their personalities pop

and complement each other so well and

and it's true like you know you're right

you can't picture anyone else playing

these characters because it's the way

that you all play off each other – with

those differences that like gives it

that magic yeah I love that little bit

that we just had there when you know

the after mentioned blood-sucking lawyer

tells me to put down the night vision

goggles cuz they're expensive I just

blow off mic people always asked me that

did they actually work they didn't know

that I couldn't see anything when I put

them on yeah ripples in the water that's

why you needed the chaos theory

flirtation everything everything has a

purpose if I remember correctly they had

it like a guitar string or something

underneath that they would like pluck to

get it to do that it was like hooked up

to the bottom of the cup there's a

little magic trick that's what I had

heard about that and there's actually

there's a couple of questions that have

popped up on YouTube a handful of

different people have asked it yeehaw

cowboy who's watching on YouTube

it's the blue sky IGN YouTube there's a

couple of users that have asked it so if

I didn't gets all your names but

wondering about here in a minute when

the t-rex breaks through the glass on

the top there's a there's an old old

rumor that that was accidental

mm-hmm is that that old rumor is it

partially accurate I will say it

actually it was well cuz there's a thing

it was supposed to come down on us and

the plexiglass was supposed to come down

from the top but or a car whatever it is

but what wasn't supposed to happen is it

wasn't supposed to come down as far or

with the force it comes down on and so

on one of the takes and a piece of it

like flies off that was categorically

not supposed to happen the car that a

huge machine is coming down on so that

was supposed to happen what actually and

you can see it like if anyone is

watching at home on blu-ray or you can

pause on something high def when the

t-rex did that it lost a tooth and they

tried for like a half an hour to get the

tooth back

in it so Spielberg was just like the

heck with it like just forget it

and we'll do it without the tooth and so

there's a moment in the movie where like

the t-rex opens up wide on us and it is

missing a tooth oh wow yeah and it's

it's quick its quick but it is there and

you can you can see it if you pause it

which is pretty incredible

so so as we're moving into this scene

there's another and we can we can be

eagle-eyed when that when that shot

comes up we'll try to find it while we

watch out but to find it – hashtag going

there's some other users that that want

to know about just was it scary to see

this giant animatronic t-rex on there

there's a Slifer the Canadian ask is

Rowdy redhead on youtube on IGN a kind

of same question about how how was it

seeing this giant dinosaur thing for so

I know people want me to say yes but the

answer is no it was so exciting I have

been waiting for I have to see this

thing and when I finally saw it like in

all of its glory it was just so

phenomenal I mean the t-rex when like

basically the way you know if something

CGI or not is if their feet come off the

ground like if it's running it's CGI but

if it's like static like this shot like

through the window and Lexus shining the

light on it he's really there right like

that's that's like the the easiest way

to know if it's like there or not and so

they had about 80% of it on set you know

and and you know just like just like

maybe the feet would be like machine but

everything else was like really and so

it's just so cool it was to school to be


but what I was always scared of is the

fact that these were like multi-ton

machines that were heavy with a scary

face this part yeah so just again cuz I

think you might have broken broken up

just a little bit there it goes I think

I might have saw the – yeah my break at

first the plexiglass break which was not

supposed to happen and even there the


isn't broken and right afterward so

partially at the rumor that it was

accidentally the entire thing coming

through was always supposed to happen

yes partial rating yeah and then

obviously it's tooth was not supposed to

be missing either this was you were

mentioning the mud but this was not my

least favorite thing it wasn't it was

like goopy and I was like the kind of

kid that didn't like to have any turned

his fingernails so it was like a little

gross and it was a little scary because

you're like we're being like like pushed

down into this tank of like oatmeal

essentially like right there this show

we're watching right now so that was

like a little scary just like I don't

want to drown kind of thing but it was

like also once we did it and I got over

that fear it was like pretty cool also

you know what I mean like yeah hard to

find a moment that like wasn't like just

stupid cool to to do and like and I love

stuff like Valley and Steven knew that

like I love the Howard how are we going

to do this you see it in the script and

then he would be like this is how we're

getting it done and it's just like like

your imagination like you know just kind

of runs wild you just like love it this

miss Carrie this when I was watching the

premiere when I first time I was scared

of this to uh to out myself like I

promised I would earlier this is a scene

that I couldn't watch when I was a kid I

saw I saw this movie I would close my

eyes like both like while he was

standing there looking at Janeiro on the

on the toilet and I would open it up

when I heard this this happen because I

Jurassic Park was the last movie that I

saw in theaters like 12 or 15 times and

every time I didn't watch that that

scene a single time in the theater

couldn't handle it now what does it say

about me that that scene I always found

funny as a kid but I could handle the

opening but that's it's the perfect

combination like the humor with like the

fear like yes sitting on a toilet and it

falls off

around him like it's hilarious but then

he gets eaten and it's not as well and

this this whole sequence is full of

stuff like that even the this shot that

we just missed of in you know wiping the

sort of squeegeeing the the windshield

so they could see you like just

releasing all of the tension just as

soon as it gets built the humour is

great yeah which for a terrifying scene

is a pretty funny scene also yep I know

but then yeah immediately you have like

the kids in danger and you have dr

grant you know immediately stepping up

it's it's amazing how much this film

changes right in this moment and yeah

and everyone split up at this point –

your your unit that you've been

following up until now you don't know

what's happened – in you know Ellie is

still with the Triceratops you don't

know what's happening with her you've

had your first death in the movie right

well the first character who you know

yeah yeah yeah and just one mazing have

there another in the sequence soon like

now we have to go grab that other cables

so that the car doesn't follow and all

of this was on a soundstage all of it

was on a soundstage at Universal or

Warner Brothers they're both but these

sounds they just guys were huge just

enormous places I remember stage 27

Universal that's where he did the tree

stuff that's coming up it was like three

stories like maybe more than that but

you had to like take her like a ramp

down to the bottom of it and just the

entire jungle was built it was it was

just such a feat when you would walk in

there and see like what had to be built

just nothing like it meanwhile Ryan

Guerrera who's watching on Cinna fix

wants to know if you got to keep those

goblets now model Raptor like better

than that I don't want goggles that

don't work you think they worked

interested in keeping them but other

than that forget it

no I got the my souvenir was pretty


yeah that's C shirt

yeah that t-shirt worthy I survived

Hurricane Iniki t-shirt that's the one

that going back to the the t-rex scene

because it is just so iconic I mean it

looks like you talked about you know

some of the stuff like your feet might

have been CGI but it looks like it was

largely done practically right like so

most of that what you're seeing is what

you guys shot yeah very little of it I

mean just when you saw basically the

t-rex go across like in between the two

cars when it first comes out and you

actually see its feet come off the


that was CGI but all that stuff with

like us in the car was all there us

looking through the or the TRS looking

through the car on top of you know Lex

and dr grant all of it was there I mean

you know obviously you know CGI when you

know the whole bathroom stunt but but

yeah I mean it was it was pretty much I

mean the t-rex was always there on set

and it was there was just very very

little CGI which is pretty incredible

there's another question coming from

somebody following along on discord

wanting to know if you've ever played

any of the I'm sorry it's Abbey Road on

discord wondering if you've ever played

any of the Jurassic Park video game

there's a playable Timmy Lego character

in the interesting world Lego dress oh


uh-huh did not know that and to go pick

it up I do know that I'm not

yeah somebody somebody won't find out

for this and let us know I had the I

obviously had like all the action

figures they like gave us a bunch of

them I had my action figure I thought I

had it here and again my child

Alton how gave it to my five-year-old

nephew but we used to like literally

play with the Jurassic Park toys and

then like my brother and his friend will

be like okay well let's put Joe you know

on the cliff or let's put Joe here you

know I mean not even Timmy but me Joe so

that was always kind of surreal and

really funny I get I found I have

miracle I have a

a Muldoon still multi-task I have a

one-armed Nedry no they were very they

were yeah well it's supposed to come off

but I don't I can't find in the arm but

like they looked nothing like us like

this is Ned jury I know

sort of sad like Tim was like more like

the character in the book he was like

the older you know he was like almost

six feet tall I thank you compared to

like the other figurines but yeah I

played with those I played the Super

Nintendo Jurassic Park game my brother

and I would play that we had like the

playing cards I have them upstairs

somewhere it was just like I had we we

had all of that stuff growing up and

people wanna give it to us and so we

were like we were knee-deep in Jurassic

Park Mert but this new stuff dang it I

got to get on that you know play a Lego

Tim I think I think this scene honestly

is what like I it has its goofy moment

where there are things like the like

slipping sound that he has that I always

think it's so funny but like a slide

whistle it's like you know the t-rex is

scary you know after you watch the movie

for the first time Raptors are scary but

this is like there are a lot of like

dinosaurs are dangerous even the ones

that don't feel a dangerous and you

really feel like the threat of that here

and in the danger they're in beyond just

like the t-rex in way Knight just here's

a stick of stupid no wonder you're

extinct like Spielberg being just

brilliant like you know marrying the the

humor and the fear for like pg-13 movie

like when it gets too scary like he

releases the tension with a bit of humor

and then when you think you're like a

little calm like he ramps it back up

it's just like that roller coaster takes

you watches so when here we have this

great moment with Dr Grant and like

swears and this is a great little bit of

he loved dr Grant's art baby talked

about earlier

about a movie and in large part about a

guy you know who doesn't want a family

and come in coming around on that here

in the middle just just that but that's

not what I'm gonna do is such an exactly

great moment he was actually made for

this thing that he thought he hated

almost you know this was that soundstage

stage 27 where we're in this tree this

was one of my favorite scenes my

goodness I loved this we got your

favorite scene not not the I'm sorry you

were probably about to say something

really interesting about filming the

scene we got to this all this stuff like

coming down the tree that happens was

all ad-libs none of it was in the script

it was just like me and Sam just like

bantering back and forth and Steven

there and the three of us kind of like

coming up with like kind of what would

be said you know about like hating tree

you know hating trees or whatever the

tree house that you didn't do love

there's a whole energy in the scene

where Tim pretty clearly doesn't want

anything sugarcoat which i think is

great and also in thinking about it in

terms of dr Grant's story I'm just like

this is how he's supposed to treat a kid

right and there's this kid going like no

no yeah like a big it feels like a big

scene to me that's a turning point for

Tim though because up until now like

he's very precocious he he's like trying

to connect with Alan in a way that you

know clearly is not working for Alan but

in this moment he he's a scared kid in

danger and like it feels like a real

point for their relationship even how he

finds him in the car in that way and

this whole scene going down the tree

yeah there's sort of this like sweet

moment there where Tim is like obviously

like embarrassed that he threw up

because he wants like impressed Dr Grant

and kind of be like tough yeah and like

he feels like he's not tough in that

moment and feels like you know

a little vulnerable this was so awesome

coolest things ever seeing how this was

done because you had at the bottom of

the you know when when the car lands on

the ground you had me and Sam doing the

action of like him get it coming over me

and like falling to the ground on top of

me and then the the car did that without

us there and then they just married

those two pieces of film together and it

looks like it falls right on top of us

like seeing stuff like that on set was

just so much fun like you know and we

would stick around for it I would stick

around and just watch the the car do it

by itself and then probably my favorite

line that I say is we're back in the car


it's got to be any conversation it's a

great lot and yeah like all out of

breath like we're back yeah yeah we're

out of the tree leaves me I mean we're

sitting here able to quote this movie

and Terry and I were both we've been

talking about this about morally I don't

remember not having this movie in them

you know like I'm just kind of right

there but so here's another question

that we got on a couple of this is

Watson Keane 221b he was watching on

YouTube on IGN did you know this movie

would be so big no it was gonna be I

mean here we are we are 30 years later

talking about it you know online I I

remember very distinctly that it's big

competition was a movie called Last

Action Hero

with Schwarzenegger and by the way it's

like also a great movie it was a big

thing where it was like oh like about

gonna be you know which which films

gonna make it to number one and so we

thought it was gonna obviously be you

know do well by

I know as a kid I didn't even like think

about that stuff really but when we saw

it when it was number one and then it

just stayed at number one week after

week after week and at the time became

the highest-grossing movie ever I think

it's the first movie ever to make a

million dollars internationally but that

was something that I just could never

have possibly imagined never and and

like I said the way my life changed like

I was I grew up in a small town and we

just go out to eat and it would just be

like oh you know lines of people like

wanting to get my autograph because it

was back in the autograph days and it

was just like just this wild absolutely

wild ride that I didn't expect and then

like and that was the other thing like

they had like a World Tour like a press

tour around the world which I didn't end

up going on because I was actually doing

other film but like I can only imagine

like going to Japan and like going to

these other places just seeing like like

how fans reacted to this film it was

just a really wild sort of experience

that yeah very grateful for it

and I got to do you know obviously to

this day have a really great career and

I owe so much of it to this film it's so

interesting too because obviously like

it's a very successful film series and

franchise that extends in so many places

but it's it's a huge part of the

universal theme parks – and like that

was always I don't I don't know how if

you've been to them or how many you go

oh my goodness the universal Osaka in

Japan has a whole Jurassic Park section

which is like just insane to walk around

and if you and be a part of it and you

feel like I mean I remember hearing

stories about Universal Orlando where

it's filled burg like picked out the

specific flora for that section of the

park that would have been accurate to

that period and that time to make it

feel like you're there and you do for a

little bit you feel like you're in

Jurassic Park

yeah well we were there actually area

and Jeff were there for the opening of

the jurassic park ride in Universal

Studios in LA I have way I had I have I

have like a

yes oh yeah no this is a great one

especially because of my haircut nice oh

thanks a lot mom and dad that was you

know terrorism against me I don't know

how I ever worked again we got out I

don't even know what is happening there

I used to come here with a Flowbee if

you guys know what that is but we were

it was it was really fun I was sitting

actually general Schwarzkopf like on the

ride and that we had for some pictures I

couldn't find where were actually it's

like the picture that they take when

you're on it and he's just like it was

so fun to be there and kind of like a

part of something like that

new salyers stormin norman fans out

there that's right yeah so we mentioned

earlier talking about how cool the sets

were and everything and here's another

you know this tree like my take away

from this tree and still to this day is

like I just want to climb it you guys

are in right now looks like so much so

much fun it doesn't necessarily even

look like like I've never seen a tree

like that but it's like I buy it in the

dress park and it just it just look so

much fun yeah I never had any fear of

heights so I loved climbing

so all this tree stuff was pretty great

you know it's not like I could've done

without right I would say I have to have

another really fun line with the god

bless you thank God I like to be a

little smart aleck that was really fun

clean you said we have good questions

we've got a couple we got a couple of I

mean mostly it's just people are wanting

to know about that there's a Andros the

warrior on IG in YouTube but there's

Haley who's also watching on on YouTube

a handful of others just asking about

what your reaction was when the


he's like what was it like the machine

my question is do you know what this

knot was made out of I'm always curious

about that I don't know but boy it felt

like snot it was thick snot let me tell

you yeah and like I said you know

there's offered in that stuff and it

wasn't I don't think was even supposed

to hit me but I'd like stand back and

kind of like get in a corner so as to

like not get hit with it because the gag

was of course that she is like finally

coming around to one of these dinosaurs

and a backfires on her like oh cool calm

and collected I used to have that

dinosaur do I still have it I think I do

upstairs there's that green one I think

I actually had that upstairs – I brought

that one out but yeah so that was

another not that green dinosaur I got to

lay a lunch pail to from around here I

think yeah I would want like one of each

of these oh my work on this I got a turd

everywhere I did I might've lost track

of it now there's a question in here

somewhere somebody was asking if you

stole anything from set and this this

feels like a good set to walk away with

something from did I steal anything I

don't think I stole anything anything I

basically like wanted I think they just

gave me it was a pretty big budget yeah

I mean I like you know oftentimes like

when you do movies you get to take some

of the like wardrobe but I only wore one

thing so it wasn't like I could like

peruse through like all of these you

know I mean I didn't really need the

khaki shorts I had a couple of those at

home I didn't need any the ones with

like the mud all over them so that

wasn't gonna do it Tim where's that cool

jacket really I didn't really steal

anything I was a good kid you know I'm

saying I wouldn't have done that

why you got the Raptor that's why I got

the Raptor exactly and and got that

Spielberg a couple of those spielberg

shots yeah before

so again if you're uh if you're just if

you're just joining us and you want to

make sure you synced up with those

timecode that's on the screen right now

but we're also right here in this where

hammond is talking about his flea circus

surrounded by all this ice cream that he

has to eat because it's melting which

i've always found this is such a sweet

and kind of sad scene right in the

middle of because once you know like we

said it took a while for the for the

tensions and really ratchet up and once

it does it right up until now and then

we just slowed down with this this scene

yeah i mean you know there's a few

better actors who ever lived in richard

attenborough piece just incredibly well

credible director and incredible actor

and the fact that I got to work him as

both an actor and a director is pretty

remarkable and it's something that I am

still pretty yeah and I miss him dearly

he was absolutely the sweetest and the

performance he gives in this movie is

just unbelievable even what happened

before when he says you know could you

please go and bring back my

grandchildren like and you see that like

this man who seems like he's all about

dollars and cents like immediately turns

when he realized it's like that he's put

his and kids in danger and then in this

scene when he's still like still working

with like the idea of wanting to be like

you know the the guy running the circus

and you know wanting to kind of put on a

show and not realizing you know totally

like what he's done you know he you know

what I mean he's like still in that kind

of in-between space between like the

recognition of his errors and his you

know desire to you know still make this

you know this his his dream can come

alive such a tricky character to get

that empathy for right because played

just a bit differently he becomes a

villain or a fling in the book in the

book he's much but it's much

his character but yeah Dickie

Attenborough called everybody darling

everyone's darling yeah of course he did

that's the one I'm so happy to hear so

here's a scene that we've already talked

about a little bit with the

Brachiosaurus knees this is another just

giant animatronic just gorgeous

enormous so huge against us it's wild

I don't think we're that high up

actually like used I'd be ground there's

like a foot more all right so so that we

could like kind of lean over and do this

kind of thing I mean it's so you know

you know better than the new wave you

about like again Marne green screen and

blue screen and all of it that you have

to act against and what a what a joy to

be able to actually act against a

dinosaur that exists like that

completely changes how like being able

to touch that I'm sure and reach out and

have that moment instead of like having

it be a floating you know tennis ball it

changes yeah so much about yeah I feel

really again lucky to like have been

able to be in movies like this where

they this is that scene where I was

saying that thing about this 90 is that

I was taken out a little bit right here

Oh what had you what was out 90s where I

can't remember exactly but it was just

again like he was mad the scenes and

kind of you know have some like banter

and stuff and so that was where did that

was going on but I don't remember that

person exactly what was said then but

yeah I like to be able to like

like to shoot on film which is like such

a rarity these days to be able to have

like had a whole part of my career where

we're you know shooting on film like

that changes things to like now with it

being digital and like zeros and ones

like there's not as much care for it

like you know actors now like people

like well just go back like you messing

on you just out of series where you go

back just like 30 seconds 30 seconds 30

seconds because film is so expensive it

was it wasn't like you had to be ready

to go from start to finish from action

to cut and to play it out in its

entirety because you knew that like you

hear that that is money going through

that camera and you know what I mean and

so like even like that like everyone has

to take such care of what they do and I

think like even you know being on a it's

a little bit Malcolm it's amazing to

think that maybe he only got one take to

smolder that perfect serves me and

endlessly amuses me that people have

like made the me of Allen on the

triceratops but it's off Ian Malcolm in

that scene where it's like he's like

leaning on him like that your joy Sam

Jackson is so great in this movie too

you know well in an incredible movie

that has taken a long dress who could

still check yeah I know right that's how

you know you're doing something right

you're an hour to happen to a moving you

haven't even talked about how good

Samuel Jackson that's like up there like

we've got to do a list of like the 10

best Jurassic Park why people are dying

right there that's a that's a good one

too of course in everything he said

everything Richard Attenborough says in

this movie was perfect

earlier in the movie mystic how did you

this just goes I'll show you yeah yeah I

love all those old computers talk about

dating it here we go likes which has

been so important in a movie see that

ash falling off the cigarette didn't

like the silhouette huh tour de force oh

I love I love good prop acting like the

work that he does with a cigarette in

movies is great anytime there's somebody

incorporates business into their

performance like that well it's always

it's always black I still love the way

like the lights like kind of shine

across camera at times like that was

something that Stephen always wanted to

have happen to he always wanted to make

sure that like that light would like

kind of blind you for a second and come

across so it's like he was that detailed

huh I mean that's choreography to there

right it's like making sure you guys are

moving you know the the helmet and the

lights here that way ah such another

iconic sequence coming you guys I like

that now you you've gotten to the point

where you're you're comfortable enough

to become like the starting up with some

things this was famous obviously this is

all CGI that Gallimimus line there was a

time when I literally couldn't remember

the name of them like in the performance

and supposed to be trying to search for

it and it's actually one outgoing and

then I was finding like I really can't

remember that was great do that again

you're that method yeah this is a really

cool scene too I'm sorry go ahead

I was gonna say this was like really fun

cuz they weren't there and we just have

to be looking at nothing you know what I

mean like that you see me like kind of

up and like everywhere

and then even here when the t-rex comes

in there was no t-rex here for this it

was just like this really long wooden

pole and then a t-rex head that look

like it was drawn by like a five year

old just like someone's scribbling it

and then just two guys was holding it

and going like this like okay like I'm

directing in real time there and a

course like observing nothing half in

real life there was also a take I ruined

here where I sneezed leave and then he

like comes and gets me and I was like

holding in a sneeze the whole time I'm

like I'm not gonna make it I'm not gonna

make it I just like sneezed right here I

do love that little moment of him like

the look the same Neil Gibbs as he comes

back yes you too is yeah there are

noticed a couple of questions since I

was a you had to do a lot of running and

a little bit of jumping over over stuff

there but there was there's a handful of

people that have asked here's one

iridescent Luna on discord asks if you

ever got an injury on set did you ever

hurt you do you hurt yourself at all

through the the filming of the movie I

did a little yes I I got hurt a little

bit I will wait for that scene I think

to tell that story is that gonna be your

least favorite scene – it's not gonna be

my least favorites and actually I

believe it or not it's gonna be you're

gonna be disappointed about what my

least favorites I can't wait but no I

was among my favorite scenes the it

happened during the kitchen sequence

when the kids were left alone here's

another question from about the scene we

just watched though but so when you saw

the movie for the first time this is

Taylor Leon who's watching on IG in

YouTube when you saw the movie for the

first time with the running Gallimimus

scene that we just saw what was your

reaction when you saw the final dinosaur

like he talked about filming it and

running around and just looking at

nothing and then what was how did you

feel about seeing when you first in the

first time I was super excited I think I

had to sit on my like jacket because I

was so short in

order to be able to see everything so I

was like perched on something and it was

those scenes that just like you know put

the biggest smile on my face that like

just see how it all came together and

and remembering just as I did right now

beautiful location but it was just three

of us nothing was around and so kind of

like doing that stuff was just like

great and and again like and you see

like kind of how your imagination

storyboards like you know when kind of

come together and and there you have it

like the the real-life image of it it

was things like that and and things like

the scenes that I wasn't in like

obviously as a kid like my family read

the script but you don't know like you

forget as a kid like the other stuff

that's going on on like outside of like

you are part like I remembered all my

stuff really vividly but like this with

Muldoon or with Ellie here like was

terrified me in the theatre absolutely I

was shaking during in this whole scene

when when when he says we're being uh I

just think the scene is so incredible

molt Muldoon in this character back good

well it's so interesting scenes like

this in sorry I think my camera is a

little leggy but hopefully you guys can

hear me but if this goes back to like

the first scene where we meet Alan Grant

and he establishes that like Raptors

would come at you from this Heights and

like it was it was traumatic but like

you might have forgotten that until this

moment intentionally it lulls you into

that sense of like complacency but I

love like the movies so smart your point

about Stephen doing every so precisely

and week that's like one of the first

things we learn in this movie and it

comes into play and like look at her

moves there like that like Joey actually

lost you there for just a second if you

can start that thought of it yeah I was

gonna say like that's happening while

also establishing how like cruel dr

grant is being to a child and how he

like really doesn't like this kid and

like almost in Jule will be scaring him

you know what I mean so it sets like

that and then at the same time is

setting up this other scene in the movie

it just

like just all works together so so

brilliantly so efficient everything's

got to do more than one thing guys are

back oh here you go well if you want to

know my favorite scene to shoot it was

this one because damn you damn you guys

know because I like unlike Tim I have no

fear of heights I'm like weird about it

like I'll go to the Grand Canyon and

stand with my toes over the edge it's

really stupid and so here I like all I

wanted to do was climb this time I

wanted to climb this fence all day I

wanted to do this done I wanted to fall

out I wanted to do all of it and there

was a time when like we were shooting

and it's like a wide shot and so we're

climbing and I took it upon myself to

just climb as fast as I could and I

climb all the way to the top which of

course like ruins the scene because I'm

like not trepidatious

at all but there's a huge like panic on

set because suddenly this 8 year old boy

is like climbing 20 feet in the air and

before I knew it they were like

screaming cut and be like Joey come join

you have the guys coming up to like get

me and follows showing off like just cuz

I loved it so much

yeah one time I was a little out of

character sorry Stephen but that was a

case what will come up to that was you

doing your own stunts then you really

wanted to do that I very much wanted to

yeah yeah but of course it was end up

being Laura – who actually flew from the

fence but they did had they had this big

fence and they also had like miniature

fence you can see even there like I'm

getting I'm gaining up yeah I was gonna

have to take that you ruined the same

time this is such a great scene – this

is Spence I'm just like it's not Jeff

it's not just the dinosaurs that are

putting us in peril it

like you know human error that's also

doing it yeah this was like a smaller

fence they had like a like a fence it's

like one-third of the size and I had

like a big like blue pad that you can

like fall off of like I have like foot

which again I was very disappointed

about I wanted to fall about 20 feet if

I could but it's again it's amazing like

the technology even even this day like

you know Laura again my stunt double she

had a full harness on and brain that

like took her off of there and like down

into sam neill essential and on to a big

pad is where it really was but they just

like stripped all that away they

stripped away her harness they like

stripped away the big bag and suddenly

it just looks like me flying down like

into you know being caught by Sam it's

like that they even have the technology

in to all of that is pretty incredible

and this holds his whole sequence is I

mean it like you talked about it how how

tense it you know cross-cutting

turning the power back on while you guys

are on the field and inches builds and

builds and builds like and even this the

shot that's coming up here that like

zooms down and into the fence that

you're on let's see that's your fence oh

no just the way that it continues to

ratchet ratchet everything up with just

pushing button like that's yep it's

incredible that was Laura right there

that wasn't me

hanging on the fence that's you though

that is me a lot of people always point

out couldn't you have fit through the

fence don't worry about it there that

was her and that it was funny that we

did this we did the CBPR because first

like I think Sam was like like worried

about it he was like embarrassed about

it or whatever just like oh like I don't

know it's like weird it's like a kid

this is this is the moment that scared

me in theaters right yeah well when the

raptor comes through the bars like that

and Elias I think we're back in business

that was the scariest moment in movie to

me well it's just like Joe

being on the door – yeah what I love and

also like just I I do wonder like about

this rafters motive right like because

because I'm also like his he was hiding

that or she was hiding there the whole

time like waiting for Elly to finish and

then she like turns around right when

she thinks she's done it that's when a

man jumps out and then apparently the

Raptor had also hidden the body box

there's a lot of jostling okay no I I

mean look it's one of those things it's

like if that's the stuff that you're

actually worried about like you're

missing the point

love it honestly if there were I want to

know like what was that replica we know

how smart they are so I would let style

them in let's get him in this discordant

soul and this scene is so great – my

favorite line the real winner of the

best I think drastic park I think

they've all been killing time and the

way cystic like hey the way he admires

them yeah it's just like so pretty yeah

there it is there's an appreciation

thank you

Spielberg puts it behind like you know

the front so you know and France said

you're alive when they start to eat you

you know yeah all those things that you

remember from the opening there it is

guys he was doing it like this like with

his two hands like that like blowing

into the hands and then I was just like

I just look stupid he's like I'm just

gonna do is that or I'm like ghetto I'm

a kid oh it's funny like I could like

you like those little things do you

think you would never have to think

about but it's just like weird like sort

of like

like weird intimate moments between like

actors and multiple takes needed to of

course and I got my human piece of toast

hair I thought about that moon of the

night in the night guys did I just

didn't have enough hairspray in the

world it's just a while before he came

on camera was finally a contend with the

way I came on set I will say there's

something funny about the scene to me

and I made a note of this when I was

rewashing it just the piece of toast

it's kind of a mean thing to say and it

seems like Tim doesn't really appreciate

it there it's like okay man just take it

okay are you guys ready this was my

least favorite scene in the movie I have

to eat when I have to eat the desserts

the desserts were disgusting and I don't

know why we started by the lemon

meringue okay I'm like maybe that'll be

good I was like I hate this right I have

to eat this trash and then we tried to

move on to the chocolate cake to see if

maybe like that would work better

I hated that too look look at that crate

the chocolate cake which I love

chocolate cake that was worse no no back

to the lemon meringue I was like can I

have the jello know the jello think it's

gonna tickle she's gonna have the wobbly

jello and this is just one of my

favorite shots ever too just like having

them the mural and then the shadow

behind it it's so brilliant but yet that

little moment was my everything and then

we didn't they switched I loved every

moment of doing the scene how incredible

the writing is so amazing do you put the

kids in danger without the adults like

that's like the ultimate like like

terrifying thing like like all of the

stuff is about like keeping these kids

safe and then like little does dr grant

know that they're not safe another

iconic shot in the film like just that

stuff it's just so amazing – and opening

the doors

these the the evil smiles on the face of

the rapper ease is the thing that's

stuck with me there's a there's another

chef later of looks like the rapper has

an evil grin on its face which is like

those are the ones that really stuck

with me and I love the juxtaposition

they're not unless they can figure out

how to open doors talk to us about

filming the scene because this this

scene is it's just a masterclass in

building tension it's the scene alone

took two weeks to film really it was

yeah two weeks to get from start to

finish on this film was on a soundstage

it was funny like cuz when like the

entire idea that was so terrifying it

was I was like thinking like I might

like as an actor wanna like cry and

Spielberg was like don't cry don't cry

like you know stay even though you're

afraid stay brave like that that it will

work with editor and that was like that

was one of the other notes I always

really remember cuz I was like I don't

know like I feel I'm just gonna cry

because of how like terrifying is it's

like no fight that urge you know you you

have a you you you're here you got to

survive and you can't like have that

weak moment you got to try to get out of

those all of the people who were I mean

we this this scene had everything right

it had it had that's like someone in a

raptor suit who did that

like the tapping on the ground so that's

actually a person inside the suit doing

the moves of the Raptor you had the

there there it is again that's like

actually is the person and you had CGI

you had you had the animatronics you had

again like 20 people behind every one of

those shelves or whatever their

countertops you had just like 20 people

again like one person to another all one

person doing the foot

you had like I said like a symphony

that's obviously CGI when he jumps up

cuz you see like both feet come off the


this whole sequence this this was also

done on my birthday which was pretty you

know in the two East this is of course

another iconic shot and you know

probably my favorite or the movie for

obvious reason it's like us both like

looking the same way it's just like so

incredible but yeah it was my it was on

my birthday when we shot the scene where

I run into the freezer and that's where

the energy happened oh where you run in

the freezer yes and it's because we had

another version of the Raptor where it

was just literally a raptor on wheels

just like just like like a shopping cart

almost where they were just pushing the

Raptor from behind and so the way was

supposed to work is I'm supposed to run

into the freezer I'm supposed to go left

and the Raptor supposed to go right just

like that boom boom and we just weren't

getting it right we did like 12 takes or

something and so finally on one of these

takes I go left and the guys who had it

lost control of it and it swerved my way

and I turn round and the claw hit me

right in the middle of her head and the

claws were actually metal the claws

weren't like a rubber and I got knocked

down to the ground and everyone kind of

rushes over see if I'm okay and I'm like

a little woozy but I'm okay and that's

when Spielberg says okay well this is

this is as good a time as any he's ready

everybody happy the entire crew starts

singing happy birthday to me at that

moment we do cake I am on the ground

eating my like birthday cake everyone

around is eating the cake and of course

and this is Steven to a tee at the end

of his like hey Joey um do you think we

need to just those like tried to get up

but then I was losing his okay no no we

got it we got it's like the scariest but

also most heartwarming thing it was it

was funny and I was I had like a wild

moment yeah

any have you got any questions about

this scene I'm here

I was just about to bring one up yeah

there's a question Jay Quinzel brought

it up just how do you feel about this

scene when Lex navigating Munich's and

this is Jay Quinzel saying this not me

often it is said that Tim is useless

there we're not driving to go do you

agree okay because I have been slandered

oh wait hang on we lost what we lost we

lost you for just one second I want to

make sure you love everything out yeah

thank you because I'm getting emotional

I'm getting angry and maybe the server

feels it and you know is trying to tone

me down but I will not be tone down I

will not be silenced okay

because I heard years about this scene

okay I don't understand what people

think I was gonna do with that gun I was

gonna give it dr grant yeah then what

he's gonna let go of the door is Telly

going to be able to hold the Raptor down

by herself

I don't think so the two of them can

barely do it together secondly do we

really want an eight-year-old boy

handling a gun

I think I did the right thing I rooted

on my sister I was there for moral

support I was in a managerial role okay

that's a very important thing all right

and and ultimately it works cuz we got

out of there live didn't we

I write sometimes you just have to know

when the best course of action is to

support that's fine

that's adulthood right there that's

right rah rah and he's got the gun he's

got the go down I think I think the

other and the other proof is that like

he's already done with the gun like

doctor grants you didn't really do much

with the gun anyway so honestly he

should have stopped even going after the

gun and just tried to close this

thinking door okay that's my personal

opinion no I'm not throwing that on to

Sam you know Sam I'm sorry you know what

I mean I'm sure that that wasn't your

choice I just feel he was a little bit

useless for you to be trying to get the

gun I probably couldn't even

lifted that gun it was huge do I wish to

answer the question do I wish I had

picked up the gun and done a Rambo and

killed every Raptor and that was the end

of the movie look at shhh

with Tim yeah I do okay I'm sorry I'm

sorry the nine-year-old wasn't the big

year that was another Ben we would have

been I was that was that was that was

there was area on a stunt double who did

that and then they did a face

replacement I think that was one of the

first times they did that where she

looks up and they put area on his face

on the stunt doubles body like the

Raptor jumping up at her at her foot

that's right up there with the Raptor

jumping out from behind Ellie in terms

of jump scares like that was one that

was just like yeah like you can see you

know it's coming and it still gets yeah

yeah I know that's a great moment to and

this this whole sequence is brilliant

and it's sort of like in the script it

wasn't this way I can't remember exactly

how it started but like an on-set thing

that Stephen sort of came up with the

way this climax would happen with the

like the t-rex becoming the hero I feel

like was it like a there's like a yeah

there's like there's a big like argument

to be made that the t-rex is the

protagonist of this film well he is in

captivity against his will right he

kills the the blood sucking water you

know he was sort of a bad guy right and

then he ends up saving all of us from be

horrible Raptors he is our hero and I

think that he doesn't get the credit I

think he was misunderstood that's what I

think well this is like I don't know if

it was intentional but it feels like

it's like borrowing riffs from like even

like hide you movie like you know

Godzilla versus Mothra or wherever where

you leave like established these

creatures and then you have like the

deus ex machina almost of the t-rex for

you why would you be thinking but of

course the t-rex is around and he's the

biggest you know predator and he's gonna

whip these guys apart but it's so

unexpected that that's how they're saved

it's so good so awesome that that thing

we just watched befall so when the bones

came crashing down on me that was really

because I

to act in verse the way it was shot is

they actually had the bones on top of me

and they lifted him up off of me so I as

the actor actually had to start like

this and then they reversed it all they

reversed the film for the movie so I had

to actually learn how to act back that's

crazy but I'm glad they didn't drop it

on you too oh god they pulled it off

instead of chopping on you just what a

great climax just such a great idea to

have these guys you know just fighting

each other and then of course when

dinosaurs ruled the earth like the

banner fluttering down the hero shot it

like that's probably the iconic shot in

this movie and this great great bookend

of the Jeep door opening up all

splattered with mud now it was all

pristine to start with and this great

line too you know like the winner he

says I decided not to endorse your part

so he finally comes around to it which

is the last line of the movie

the rest is just just good old fashioned

face music and birds and a silent film

exactly that was awesome – that climax

like we got to watch that on set like

the whole thing like get destroyed and

everything explode and there was just no

t-rex there it was just like everything

else happening and so again like seeing

it for the first time was so awesome

like when when you got to see like all

that all the pieces that were missing we

were on set back in this is where we

were doing that people look like ants I

want to see that cut I know we should

have filled it he gave me as a wrap gift

Jeff Goldblum gave me six Beatles albums

and I into this day and like the biggest

Beatles fan and it's a lot to do with

Jeff giving me that as as a gift

that's very here we have and you have

the end of dr Grant's arc and yeah the

whole movie ends without any nothing has

to be said just that smile and then the

birds and just like I'll comes together

so beautifully yeah it's like

rare that a movie has such a high max

and then just ends relatively abruptly

like it's a very short epilogue that

kind of ties it together and and as you

guys pointed out like largely without

dialogues what more is there kind of to

say after that experience and they leave

except for fly up into the sunset yeah

helicopter we had a helicopter into so

many sets that was so awesome to just

like fly and you kawaii like through all

these like basically national parks we

went to the wettest spot on earth where

it rained it rains every single day it

rains every single day the wettest place

on earth Wow yeah that was crazy to

respire Kathy Kennedy absolutely we've

been a team for a long time yeah well

that that's a massive Park thanks thanks

for for watching with us man how did it

all you haven't seen it in six or seven

years I mean you guys wouldn't shut up I

mean I'm gonna just start watching it

again after we get off and just gonna

put it on the big screen and you know

make it happen but no it's awesome I

mean this movie is just so incredible

it's I love actually not being able to

hear it and still feeling like I know

every line and you can hear the music

too right yeah yeah I mean what a score

just so brilliant

yeah I love that font – it's funny even

though even the font is iconic in the

credits yeah well we've got if you don't

mind sitting around for a few more

minutes we've got to ask some more

questions here here's one from cuddle

with 3 s's cuddles on discord how

emotional was your last day on

you talked about how much fun the entire

shoot was how emotional was your last

day having it's I mean almost on every

set it's it's really emotional it's sort

of a tradition that when an actor is

wrapped that you know if they get an

ounce it's like that's that's a wrap on

you know Joey mazzello and then like you

the entire crew like applauds for you

which is like a really sweet thing

that's totally unnecessary everybody

whose job is you know vitally important

on a movie set but it's always just like

it makes it feel a bit like a play where

you kind of take about like after that

and it's it's always bittersweet you

feel so proud of what you've

accomplished you know you'll see

everybody again but that moment when

it's over is always the worst feeling

and you don't want to leave my still

feel that it's being an actor and

moviemaking is an addiction and it every

time you leave you just want to come

come back on that set I think I said

this before but like I feel like when

I'm on set I'm at home that's the one

place where I feel the most at peace and

the most comfortable and so when you

have to leave a wonderful experience it

breaks your heart

and but it's easier now because of like

like I said like social media and things

and just technology tough like this you

know being able to you know discord and

zoom and all these things like you know

even like with the Bohemian cast like we

we do that once a week we all like you

know kind of get together and so it's so

much easier now than it used to be which

is which is a wonderful thing but back

then it wasn't well lighten it up a

little bit Kate Morris yeah don't cry

Stephenson hooker still that still holds

up 20 to 20 years later you still means

that would be amazing if you then told

us you haven't cried said my god crying


Kate Morris who's watching on IGN's

YouTube channel wants to know what was

your favorite blooper or goof up from

you or the other cast members during the

shoot do any any spring to mind

aside from the sneeze in the ant bit

that you did with Jeff Gould we covered

those yeah I sort of covered him I think

I it was very funny like I said when I

couldn't remember the name of that that

dinosaur that was pretty pretty great

just because like they thought it was

this like brilliant moment of me he

reached into my soul to think about this

dinosaurs name and it was really just

like I just forgot my line back it's

just straight straight straight forgot

my line yeah that was probably probably

paid to disappointment that answer yes

well when you only get one take with

Spielberg wanna Fernandez on IG in

YouTube once so like the news falling

out was a huge Blake blooper thing like

literally that they couldn't get that

tooth back in like it's still like just

incredible like we're looking up at this

dinosaur it's missing it's like hey Joe

like it's missing a tooth it kind of

ruined the illusion stuff like the fear

you know what I mean I mean I have to be

number one like the fact that like we

broke the window and lost it to Lana

Fernandez who's watching you on IGN

YouTube wants to know which scene took

the most shots to get

to get right yeah

like I said the the kitchen sequence

being two weeks that was the most time

we spent on any particular scene that

and when you first see the t-rex if you

if that's all one scene that took an

incredible amount of time that was that

was a real undertaking like like I said

that was indoors right so it's raining

on us they're just like turning on the

sprinklers you know so it's dark it's

raining all the multitudinous cool you

have cars spinning around you have kids

you have mud like you you have stunts

you have every single thing that you can

imagine in that sequence and so that

that was like an enormous undertaking

and we were there for quite a while

and then here's one you you you touched

on this a little bit an Amy or Amy Roth

let's go with Amy ruff I almost said

Emil which I think it's – that's a full

name Amy rock on discord once you know

if there were any moments when feeling

filming dressed part that just felt

downright surreal we did any anything

registering up with you when you were

um when I saw the Triceratops for the

first time that was the first time story

saw and it all really came together in

that moment like walking on sand that

said it almost felt like it wasn't the

movie like me what my little legs come

in and then you like refute deines

although actually in the river shot you

see it on that's a little blooper that

made it into the movie I start by being

unintentional but in reality it was just

so incredible to finally see these

dinosaurs come to life see the size of

them it was just like a surreal

experience where you realized like the

scope of what you were making that and

when that I'll never forget that day

yeah when Steven knocked on the door of

our school trailer and says I gotta take

Joey on a field trip and just like had

just like took me in to like look at the

t-rex for the first time and stand there

and withstand

like the little way they the ways they

moved it like the smaller models that

they and just him showing me like what

what we were about to do what we were

about to like you know take on that it's

just wild and such an injustice such an

inspiring moment and that's why that

picture that I couldn't show you today

is just like my favorite one ever

because that is that moment of us just

like Steven being the teacher for me

that he sort of was for a much outlet

and then we got one more here this would

be a good one to end it on Beverly Marsh

on discord asking if you had a chance of

playing any other character in the movie

which which one would choose

oh man uh well

like I said I love mall doing so much

but I want to make it I think I wanna

make it I'm not gonna choose him

yes I don't know I guess I would have to


Jeff doesn't get like Jeff after like

the halfway point he's he's kind of bad

mile but mouths mean he's so much fun to

be able to play if I could play that

role and do an impression of Jeff

Goldblum maybe I would choose that

rather than the actual itself but I

guess if I really had to choose I would

come back as Sam no Sam is just like

such a hero in this movie and gets to

have like so much of the fun and so much

of the adventure I think you got it I

think you got to go there you got a you

got a I'm stealing Sam Neal's role

dr grant got a junkie hat yes yeah be a

dick to it nice guy

a dream of a narc for oh it's all you

can ask for short of cosplaying is Jeff

Goldblum as dr Malcolm you I think you

get away well thanks again for joining


man really appreciate you watched along

with it and thank you for everybody

watching long at home we will be back

next week with more watch from home

theaters so stick around IGN it's in

effects and we will see you next week

Joe thanks again man I hope you could

hear me and see me pretty well well

enough anyway would you be beautiful on

your set is amazing thank you go go fit

into that t-shirt mom's pictures back up

thanks we'll see you next time guys

































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