July 12 2019 $11.6K BTC USD | How to Trade Bitcoin Live Crypto Trading News HD

by birtanpublished on September 13, 2020

You you so I'm trying to do a livestream wanted to make sure this thing is working if it works okay we can go ahead and get started can you guys hear me okay now I had to Michael mute my bad about that

But I don't want to hear clicking either which means we need to do this from somewhere right there probably can't hear me now what out what up it seems to be like a big lag

Anybody hear me sound is working sounds working now we loaded on my phone and find out see what's going on Wow that's a really big leg okay all right I think we're good we're good

Oh probably because it's not all right we'll try it well YouTube hasn't let me live stream correctly in like a year so we'll see what happens see if this works better if not then

I'll just go to pre recording it and uploading it but how could it be lagged though cuz like it's just audio on a screen share so it's like is this sound that good can you hear my voice okay you know

I'll just run it we'll see what's going on everybody good to see you good to be seen let's go ahead and get it on this thing come on work what are we doing all right so there's one of the things I wanted to

Do what's going on everybody for everybody just getting started and setup and all that good stuff one of the things I want to do is start giving away some free BTC I'm going to be doing this every Friday so the way we'll run it is

You go to boss a Bitcoin click on this link right here that's gonna open up number one Bitcoin group in the world and from this tab I am going to share today's video let's see and then also this will be a little bit of like oh I

Won't spend that much time talking on Bitcoin so if you have a a chart you want to see you can go ahead and comment that on the live chat that way I'll try to get you guys in out for a quick ta on one of the all coins

All right so this is the one that you want to share right there share that post and like I said every Friday I'm gonna pick a random video and then a random person that's shared so if you get on here every day share your post

Then you'll be automatically entered to win some free BTC and that's how we go run it right and then if you have a chart that you want to see you can jump into chat let me know what chart that is and we'll get you guys taken care of as

Well so here we go live from the USA helping you get paid every day this is the boasts of Bitcoin the creased o of crypto is your boy BK and if you don't like me you must not like money thank you for joining me everybody July 12th

Happy Friday to you we trying to get it in do this live stream you know for whatever reason the powers that be hint hoto what me live on the air reaching thousands of people like I was when I first started in this game but that's

Alright you know we go keep it on wheels and keep on rolling that's why I say each one reach one reach one teach one the power is actually in your hands how many people this message gets out to I do my due diligence just to put it you

Know put it out on the grapevine and then uh after that you know I'll let the universe feel what it will and if everybody hearing my words right now actually copy and paste the URL Texas somebody you care about then you know we

Don't need a YouTube algorithm to ensure that this message gets out to the people that need to hear it if this is your first time tuning in congratulations baby you are now rocking with the best my

Name is BK known as the crypto trader and I'm the boasts these charts as you will soon find out every day I graced this microphone with my voice is another day you get to profit as a result today is no

Exception so without further ado let's make a duel to do let's go ahead and make this money as I just said I am giving away some free BTC every Friday to one lucky community member in the number one Bitcoin group in the world

Type it in on Facebook hashtag one Bitcoin twenty thousand people showing each other love helping each other make some money in the markets all you need to do is share this post right here today to win some free BTC I'll be

Picking a winner every Friday one person from one video will indeed be winning some free BTC so every time I jump on the air I might have a different post once you're in the group make sure you turn the notifications on so you can

Know when that post is happening right there you go and what we will be talking about today is the upside down strange of things season what is a season 3 I think you just got released not too long ago this was one of the better shows

That they put on Netflix talks about a lot inside you know the scope the plot talks about energy talks about parallel dimensions you know talks about your mind over matter talks about water you know they had to sync 11 and a tank full

Of water so she could see through the other side I tell you all the times be water my friends do not be bound by the constraints and constellations what is it confirmations some one of them words do not be bound by the constraints of a

Today's world we are limitless in our power in our abundance in our potential and water always seeks itself so that's why do these words are self selecting this is what I've said the black chain in itself Bitcoin is self selecting it's

Not for the sheeple it's for those who understand that the game is fixed and as long as you value dollars as long as you put your value into a broken value system you will be impoverished and Okin as a result you can't get away from

It the dollar is designed to keep you broke Point Blank period change your values change your Worth and big coin got about eleven thousand units of value behind it right now and so far as the USD is

Concerned so what are we talking about right now right now we are talking about BTC to the USD imma be doing this probably on a 33 if you want to see this chart in real time go to boss of Bitcoin click on that link right there that will

Take you to my trading view page type it in up top Biddy Kelly 12:03 on trading view and I will be posting this chart in real time for everybody watching online right the biggest thing that we want to be doing

BTC this is like the exact same chart I made a little bit ago for you guys so if you go back in time let's see if you go back to one of my previous videos on YouTube I'll show you the chart that I made live on the air that we'll be

Reviewing right now so let's see if I can pull it up if they're gonna let me there it goes and I think it was this one yeah is the Bitcoin will run over right here so this is actually the video where I made the

Chart that I'm doing right now so is really just kind of like a continuation to where I identify that big channel right there this is the green channel essentially it's an extension from mate you know going all the way through to

The second little run we had started in July you see as long as we are in that Green Zone we're good right that Green Zone is going up into the right that means bitcoin is winning US dollars

Per square unit and so that's good so what is the upside down the upside down is right here right and this is what I told the telegram group everybody in the boss alert messages and the profit package if you're with me on telegram

Thank you for rocking out with me you got this information before anybody else that right there is the upside down this is essentially limbo land right when you have an area of the chart that is between two major areas so essentially

Our seven broke under our seventy seven but now it's riding above the 231 this is by definition by BK's boss method definitions this is limbo land right this is the upside down this is no strong trend detected and so when no

Trend is detected we automatically default to the trend that we were in prior to that which will be up and to the right right essentially what the market is doing right now when that 77 goes parallel with the 231 that's

Basically the big boys talking to each other over the better course of a couple days you know and deciding what they want to do if the quick money and remember when these guys sit down at a time

Together they all eat together just because you ain't there don't mean the meal ain't getting passed around and and and so now we have basically a situation where day traders the seven came down took a break took some quick money off

The table but then they go and talk to the two thirty one to the wheels to the warren buffett's the Billy G's and all the powers that be the CJ be sitting on the 33rd floor of that tower that you never go see uh they said they said okay

Let's take a break let's go flat for a minute notice every single line is flat right now that means no major money is trading no major money is moving which means more than likely the default action will be

Up and to the right as the previous trend started right but this area in particular is very interesting because you can just go back in time and see any time our seven came between our 77 and a 231 just like it did right here that was

An area where the market had to come back together like an understand okay what are we doing what do we want to do seven came up a little bit 77 came down they took a break notice again all three went flat right

77 one flat 231 went flat seven went flat for about two weeks to let them all catch up and then BAM right back off to the races right same thing happened right here limbo land right right there limbo land seven came under two 77 77

Went flat 231 was basically running at this point Warren Buffett said no you ain't taking none of my money you know we go keep this thing on wheels and keep on rolling and this is basically what we have right now I think this

Consternation that we have is essentially the 231 running seven down seventy-seven flat ultimately that 231 has about 11 times the man the tooth than anything else which is why you see we had that quick pop right

Here come right back down catch a breath reload BAM we're right back off to the races inside of a week I could see Bitcoin going as high as 14,000 what before July 24th one thing you want to keep your eye on is this level down here

Because what that is is on a 33 that's going to be the low of those candles right over here so you want to keep your eye on that line that line is 10 8 as long as we are above 10 8 then 9 out of 10 times we will be making money we

Should have a little bit of turbulence you know right here around this 12 3 that's a Fibonacci area 2 6 Fibonacci and so that's gonna give us a little bit of turbulence but this thing is already running like is you know up a couple

Hundred dollars in the past two days we actually just broke all right sorry about that so this thing has already run a couple hundred dollars in the past couple days here right and that's what we have to look forward

To right if you go to the bottom of that we're at five and a half percent you know on two or three days and so now I think we can play this to be up with this fire-sale line at ten eight below us kind of like as our seat belt our

Insurance policy if Bitcoin falls below ten eight jump out because that thing is going all the way down most likely to nine five and you can actually make you know five or six percent almost twelve percent Wow look at that

On the down just by selling ten eight buying back at nine five because that's the next level of support but we're playing this thing to the up over here on the money team and if you if you appreciate that man jump on in the

Waters the waters heating up a little bit as I said this is indeed limbo Lin right but but we know that when the money comes together they normally flow with the current this green channel is the current of the currency we can even

Copy and paste this throw one in the middle and now you got all three levels right and just like I said we're gonna hit some turbulence right there at twelve eight right so if we do that put it on this intersection over here that's

Going to give us our turbulent area this was like the start of this whole uptrend right that's gonna give us our turbulent area around twelve eight which will be right about there right July 16th ideally with this trend we break through

Twelve three and then we'll be running all the way up north to 14 grand moving forward right you want to see what that looks like probably look something like I know I rent it I could see this thing going and

Actually it probably won't take that long it'll probably hit it like on that one come back down and then do that July is gonna be good for Bitcoin as long as we're above again ten eight July will be good for BTC once we drop below I'll

Come back on and do an update video so you guys definitely don't take a major loss so if you're just now tuning in number one hit that thumbs up button number two subscribed turn your notifications on I'm doing a lot of

Content it's a lot of money to be made in this market and I want to make sure you get a piece of it right so there you go BTC – the USD on a 77 we looking at 14-14 flat by July 24th as long as we stay inside this channel and

Do not fall below this line which is ten eight any time between now in the middle of next week I think we should be running into twelve eight sometime early next week right Monday Tuesday of next week and that will give us pretty good

Energy moving forward to keep playing this thing on out and hit 14 flat so let's jump in now and see what kind of charts you guys want it to see I could do a quick alt point chart again 30 something people live on the air rocking

Out with the boy hit that thumbs up button for play one time I appreciate each and every one of you and let's see who do we got who do we got who do we got and then somebody said I'm gonna actually gonna do a video on XRP I see

TRX made the list twice by my man can and Lonsdale so let's jump on in on TRX let me publish this real quick there you go again BT Kelly 1203 on trading view you can just click the link in the description right there and that

Will take you to my trading view page BT Kelly 1203 on there and then I'm gonna jump back and do TRX the chat got real quiet how y'all doing is everything good everything good don't-don't-don't boy alright so real

Quick TRX what's going on with this one first of all it got beat over to him with an ugly stick this thing is not looking good right now um you know I'm all about making money and the positivity in the community but if it

Ain't paying it ain't staying so if you have tron you probably should have sold it sometime back here right but what I'm doing is looking to see wow everything is negative that's not good okay so quick quick quick synopsis on Tron this

Is our breakout I'm doing a macro breakdown on the 343 you can't escape that energy and you can see right away we get a negative

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