Judge Something in Bad Times, Not in Good

by birtanpublished on August 28, 2020

So many people are quick to judge something when times are good what there's a country an asset class and investment whatever it may be but in my opinion the best time to judge anything is when that thing is at its worst I'm going to tell you what I mean and how

You can apply that to your Nomad capitalist life right now hey guys I'm Andrew Henderson and here at no math capitalist we help 7 and

8-figure entrepreneurs go where they're treated best but things like legal tax savings second passports and more you can learn more at nomad capitalists calm and what I'll tell you in all the years I've been running nomadic capitalists

You know I wrote the book we have our website we have all the videos thousands of articles the comments that I sometimes have seen over the years are very one-sided people are very quick to judge the places that we talk about

Oh you're investing in Cambodia that's ridiculous you bought a house in Malaysia get ready to lose your money but somehow the same things that they predict the doom and gloom they prophesied to happen in every other

Country but there is never applies to where it is there from well what's been interesting throughout the year 2020 is seeing a lot of the chaos it's gone out of the world and seeing countries being tested you know when you have anything

In your life it could be a relationship it could be an investment whatever it may be you want to evaluate that in my opinion from some perspective based on when that is at its worst you can have a great relationship you can have a great

Marriage when the stock market is at record highs and you're making a lot of money and everything's great I've known people before the global financial crisis who had great relationships with their partners their spouse their

Boyfriend their girlfriend and then 2008 hit and that relationship wasn't so good anymore the realities it never was that good they never really liked each other that much it was just a convenience that times were good and nothing could go

Wrong and so hey let's be together when it was tested it fell apart you could say the same thing about any investment any asset class and I would say any country right now what you're seeing for example is with all the coronavirus

Travel restrictions citizens of the u.s. to a lesser extent the UK and some other countries are being denied entry Americans who for so long have told me that they have an incredible passport they go everywhere they want in the

World suddenly can't the EU has talked about not welcoming them there on a banned list for many countries in some countries even if you were a dual citizen with that country and you're also a US citizen they don't want you

They say great go back to the you I'm not sure if they're allowed to do that but some countries are what we're seeing for the first time is that your countries visa-free travel number one can't be taken for granted it's not the

Only reason to have a passport but I never thought there'd be a time when it's a st. Lucian I was much more welcomed in many places then a lot of Americans a lot of Brits and that's the way that the the world is changing right

Now now you can argue that the temporary thing it'll go back to normal but I also know that many people who are making that argument are the ones who say this is gonna change the world forever so you really have to make up your mind is it

Gonna change the world forever and you're gonna start to see a shift or it's gonna go back to normal either way I've learned long ago I don't want to rely on unreliable people in my life I want to have redundancies I want

To be protected and so to me you can be American if you want being st. Lucian or being something else in addition wouldn't be a bad way to diversify it wouldn't be a bad way to make sure that you can always go where you're treated

Best because right now we're seeing some countries passports that people thought they were untouchable now we're seeing exactly how they're being tested you are seeing in times of chaos how some countries and so some neighborhoods are

Being tested and I think it's really a time for choosing it's a great reminder that for so long so many countries have done so well they've become brand names they've become the place to go they've become the place where hey if you put

Your money there don't worry it'll be safe if you go and live there don't worry it'll be safe you can always make money they've been places they've been propped up but as we've seen in the last decade

Countries in Europe like Cyprus like Greece certain instance in Poland even Ireland the government's come in and just taking your money they've bailed in the banks they borrowed money from retirement accounts

They've done all kinds of crazy things because hey we need the money don't trust a government in good times don't trust it when they're running budget surpluses and the economy's hot as a pistol or any companies you're moving

There judge it by when things fall apart how do they maintain law and order how safe are you how safe is your money there and I think what we've seen in the last decade is there is a flight of capital and also a flight of people out

Of the Western countries where people are putting their gold not in which don't anymore they're putting precious metals in places like Singapore they're putting their wealth not so much in the US or Canada anymore they're

Going to places like Dubai and also to Singapore people are moving to countries they're establishing residences and citizenships in 2020 we had more ultra high-net-worth individuals than ever coming to us and saying you know what I

Want to make sure I'm protected because I don't want all my eggs in the one basket of this country we saw this when people were stranded in other countries during the peak of the coronavirus in their country's embassies we're saying

Yeah we'll put you on a plane back home but you need to pay for it we've got ten seats on a private jet they're 20 grand each who wants to step up make sure you have your credit card ready people realize their country's not there to

Help them out their countries there to see them as a transaction everything is a quid pro quo you're not a citizen you're their customer it's easy to say investing the stock market or investing in real estate in the Western world is

Great you've had a ten-year bull market where it seems that almost no one can do any wrong you buy a piece of property you leverages the hill you rented out the tenants always paid the rent you pay your property taxes you make a few bucks

And your property values go up how easy can it be same thing with the stock market but what happens when there's a disruption what happens when something bad happens where your investments then then the places that I've invested in

The frontier markets the emerging markets they haven't had a recession in over 25 years they're uncorrelated or they've held up better than these markets where people thought they could do no wrong partially because not anyone

Can buy a property with 3% down and become a landlord and claim how smart they were you have to judge the success of anything by how well it performs in bad times and right now a lot of Western countries have not been performing as

Well as you would think they have not been doing as well with the challenges as you would hope and for this privilege you are often paying them 35 40 50 percent or even more of your money in taxes to support you only for them to

Tell you that you're on your own in many parts of California right now the police won't respond for any nonviolent crime someone breaks into your car even burglarize is your home go online and fill out a form leave us alone we've got

Better things to do I'm sure glad I'm getting half of my money to them the reality is bad times expose the underlying tendencies of places Western brand-name countries have been flying high on arrogance for years

Now that there are other options in the world things aren't going as well and a lot more people are realizing that they can and should have options that's what go where you're treated best is all about the idea that there will be bad

Times you can't stop them you just want to be ready for them you want to be diversified you want to have more than one passport gonna have your money in more than one place so no bureaucrat can come and take it all with one push of a

Keystroke you want to be diversified in different asset classes you want to have homes in different countries where you can go that if times get tough in one place you have somewhere else to go and not only that you have somewhere else

Physically to go over that you're mentally prepared to go because you know what that house looks like what it smells like you know how you feel there so it's not a mental barrier to your leaving when times get bad you don't

Think people have told me I'll leave when things get bad enough really the government reading your every email spying on you and letting looters run wild in the streets things haven't gotten bad enough all right well you can

Stay there and you can judge a place by the highs I'll judge a place by the lows and I'll always choose to be diversified and to go where I'm treated best how can no mad capitalist help you four ways number one subscribe to our channel and

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