John Legend and Chrissy Teigen Take a Lie Detector Test | Vanity Fair

published on July 2, 2020

[television playing]


[doorbell ringing]

– Who's that?

– I don't know

I wasn't expecting anybody

– Me neither

Go get it

[ominous music]

[metallic clanking]

[electricity buzzing]

[switches clicking]

– John
– Yeah

– Chrissy
– Yes

– [Interviewer] We've
come to your home today

to give you a lie detector test

– What?

– Happens often

– I thought we weren't doing lie detector

I thought we were just
gonna trust each other

– [laughs] No

– Oh


– Okay

– [Interviewer] One of you
will be in the hot seat

while the other asks questions

and then you'll switch

So who wants to get hooked up first?

– I will

– Okay, perfect


– Did you do Lisa Vanderpump's?

– I did not
[John laughing]

– Okay, we'll start with some easy ones

Is your name Christine Diane Teegen?

– It's Teigen but yes

– Were you born in Utah?

– From what I've heard, yes

– Okay, are you a New York
Times bestselling author?

– Yes

– Are you about to take a polygraph test?

– Yes
– Okay

Let's get started

You once told Vogue that
three words to describe us

as a couple are "keeping it sexy"

but that was two years ago

Would you still use those three
words to describe us today?

– I would use those words
to describe us this morning

– Whoa, all right now

– She is telling the truth
– Yes


All right now

I just got back from a four day trip

Okay, a lot of your fans
would call you relatable

Would you agree with that?

– Yes

– So it's relatable to be married

to one of the world's
most successful musicians?

– If that's your goal,
[John laughing]

then yes

– A lot of Hollywood couples
get together for publicity

Is our relationship just a really long,

convoluted publicity stunt

to get you more Twitter followers?

– I have more Twitter
followers than you so no

– I actually have more than you

You have way more Instagram
followers than me though

– [beep]
[John laughing]

– Would you still love
me if I couldn't sing?

– Yes
– Okay

Would you still love me if I wasn't rich?

– Hmm, yes

– Okay, good answer

What if I could only sing my
vocal warmups [sings notes]

– I do not like those
– Oh, you don't like those

– That's true

[both laughing]

– Even though we're married,

do you still find other men attractive?

– Yes
– Okay

Good answer

How about this one?

– [laughs] In his own way

I've told you this before

I think he's cute

– Ah, what about this one?

– This one, no

They don't look like real firefighters

I want real firemen

– These are like
Chippendales firefighters

– Yeah, I don't like, I
don't like those guys

– [John] How 'bout this one?

– Yes
[John awing]

He's so cute!
[John clapping]

– Yay

All right, now aside
from being your husband,

would you say I'm a good roommate?

– What do you mean?


You're kinda messy
– Am I a good person

to live with?
– Yes

– To cohabitate with?
– Yes

– Is there something I do around the house

that gets on your nerves?

– You're messy
– Oh, okay

– You don't listen

Your ears are like always off

But that's it really
– Okay, okay

Have you ever left the toothpaste open?

– Every day
– Every day, yes

– 'Cause it needs to have a snap-on top

– Okay, correct
– And until it has a snap

on the top or you get me one
that has a snap on the top,

I will continue to leave it open

– Okay
– And honestly

I'm leaving it open because
you're gonna use it next

Then you don't have to unscrew it

– You're being considerate,
is what you're saying

– Yes
– Okay

You are very considerate
– Thank you

– Okay, do you listen to my
music when I'm not around?

– Yes
– Aww

What's your favorite
musician including me?

– Mariah Carey?
– Ow

– Ariana Grande
– Oh, okay

– There's so many

– I released a Christmas album,

"A Legendary Christmas" last year

Was my Christmas album–
– Do we just have to throw

that in there or something?

– The deluxe edition will
be available this year

– Oh wow
– Yes

– Can I enjoy it while drinking LVE Wine?

– Absolutely
– Oh

– Yes
– That sounds great

– Yes
[Chrissy laughing]

So is my Christmas album
better than this man's?

– Yes
– All right, good answer

– I had to think

about who that was for a second

[John laughing]

[Chrissy laughing]

– Damn
– Was that true?

– That's true
[John laughing]

– It's a very good Christmas album

[John laughing]

– You've said before

that you do not like
my song "Green Light"

Is that my only song that you don't like?

– No
– Okay

Have you ever considered

that your public criticism
might hurt my feelings?

– No
– No

[Chrissy snickering]


Do you–
– You, what–

– Okay, okay
– You know it's not

that good of a song

You even said that it's kind
of a little radio-ish and not–

– What, what?
– You know, so

You know
– What?

I love that song, it's amazing

Listen to it

I encourage you
– The worst is

when it's you doing it on the piano

[John making indignant noises]
I was like,

"Can this get any worse?"
– Now, now, now–

– And then it could
– Now

She just doesn't like the lyrics

– [Test Administrator]
She is telling the truth

[Chrissy giggling]
– Oh my god

Do you think I have good taste?

– In what?
– Women

– Yes

– Do I have good taste in the
interior design of our home?

– Yes

– Would you say that I've had equal input

in the interior design of our home?

– More than equal
– More than half

– More than half
– Okay

Do you ever think any

of my awards make the house look tacky?

– No, mine do
[both laughing]

Mine are terrible
[John groaning]

[Chrissy laughing]

– You were Revolve Woman of the Year

and I think that's very prestigious

– And I won the Mac and Cheese Off

– [John] Yes, you won the
mac and cheese competition

– Yes

– You once posted an Instagram story

with an idea for making
edible produce stickers

What other great ideas do you have?

– You have them all in your ideas folder

– That is correct

Are you easily embarrassed?

– For a little bit but then I don't care

– [John] Have I ever embarrassed you?

– Yes
– Okay

– I mean, I can't pinpoint exact,

probably when you talk
in your radio voice

– Oh
– It embarrasses me

– That's, you're just
using this to criticize me

Do you think–
– It's us

– [laughs] Do you think
you've ever embarrassed me?

– Yes
[John laughing]

– Was posting a picture
of my butt on Instagram

the most embarrassing thing–
– You liked that

– I did not
– You did!

– I was embarrassed
– You were like "post it"

– My parents were–
– "You should post it"

– My parents were very upset
– Really?

[John laughing]
You wanted me to post it

– Oh my god
– You did

– That's questionable
– Oh [laughs]

[John laughing]

– You wanted me to post it
– Thank you

Thank you, okay
– I definitely got,

I definitely got approval we'll say

– Oh my god
– Maybe you didn't want it

but you approved it
– I think we were both,

we were both drunk
– Yeah

– Anyway–
– It was, that's the problem

It was at, we were in Paris

but everyone else was just
going about their day here

– [John] Yes, it was late night in Paris

– So it was like a random
daytime butt for them

– Yes, it was, it was
odd timing for Americans

– Yeah
– Okay

Donald Trump blocked you on
Twitter, is that correct?

– Yes
– If he unblocked you,

would you follow him?
– I would block him

– Ah, I like it

– That's all I'm waiting for in life

– Okay, I've been hacked
on Twitter before

Do you know who hacked me?
– It was my favorite day

I do not
– Was it you?

– No
– Okay

– But

– Respect to that person
– Respect to the,

respect to the hacker
– Yeah

– They had some good, good tweets

– It said "I have a small penis" [laughs]

[John laughing]

"I have a small penis" was your bio

– My bio [laughs]
– That was so cool

– That was funny
– I wish it was me

– [laughs] You've been
used as a meme a few times

while attending award shows

Some of your faces have gone viral

Could you meme-ify this photo of me?

– [laughs] Oh, Jesus
– That's terrible

– That's a terrible–
– Don't use that again

– [laughs] I don't have
to do anything to this

– [John] Put this photo away

– This is–
– That's bad

– [Chrissy] I haven't
ever seen this photo

– Where did that come from?

That was before Invisaline

– Before, it was before a lot of things

– Mm-hmm, it was bad

I've gotten a glow-up since then

– I do not–
– Vanity Fair, we've got

to get approval of these photos before–

– I do not know this man [laughs]

– [John] Yeah, I do not,

I'm sorry to this man
– I'm sorry to that man

[both laughing]

– What about this photo?

– Oh my gosh

– [John] Why are you
guys pulling out these–

– Look at the jeans
– Old photos?

This is the worst–
– Oh

– This is like, "This is
Your Life" embarrassing

– You were still dating supermodels

at this point–

– Yeah

– Too which is bonkers to me
– It was a different time

It was a different time
– It was

A time where we just turned
a blind eye, I guess


– Okay, did you lie at any
point in this interview

and we didn't catch you?
– No

– Okay, I believe you

Excellent job, Chrissy

– Thank you


All right, you little bitch [laughs]

Just kidding [laughs]

I've always wanted to do that

Okay, let's start simple

Have you cheated on me?

[laughs] I'm just kidding
[both laughing]

– Baseline
– I'm just kidding

I don't even want to know

I don't want to know

Okay, just some, a few baseline questions

– Uh huh
– Have you cheated?


Okay, no

Is your stage name John Legend?

– Yes

– Are you the husband of
famed model, Chrissy Teigen?

– Yes, I am

– Are you the father to Luna and Miles?

– I hope so, yes

– Look at their faces
– I know their mine

– Jesus
[John chuckling]

– [Chrissy] All right, are
you ready to get started?

– Yes, I am
– Okay, take a breath

You look a little nervous

– I am a little nervous
– Okay

You were prom king

of your high school

So would you say you were pretty popular?

– I was pretty popular, yes

– On a scale of one to
10, how popular were you?

– Well, probably like eight or nine

– Ooh
– Yeah

– Wow

Do you think we would
have dated in high school?

– I think probably not
– Why?

– I was still pretty nerdy

I didn't get a lot of
girls in high school

And I was two years younger
than everybody in my class

– Very braggy
– Because I was so smart

– This isn't a place for you to brag

It's a place for you to be honest

– I wouldn't have been
lucky enough to date you

– Yeah so you're saying I
wouldn't have dated you

– Yeah, I would need to, you know,

get to the where I was when I met you

before you were in my league

Or before I was in your league

– I've dated a lot worse
– Oh okay

– Just wanna tell you that right now

[John laughing]

So, on a more, you wrote these, okay?

You went to UPenn
– Oh did I [laughs]?

– But is that the only thing

that you and Donald Trump have in common?

– We're both human beings

We're both males

We both lived in New York a
significant amount of time

– Would you ever bribe a university

to ensure our children
go to the best schools?

– Bribe, I would more
legally do stuff like donate

– This is already true

Do you think you'd ever be asked

to be the commencement speaker over me?

– Over you?

I don't know if that's the way to put it

but I've been asked to do some
commencement speeches, yes

– And I have not so
– Oh so


So yes

– As a couple would you say we are goals?

– Yes

– Your song "All of Me" mentions curves,

edges, perfect imperfections

Now that song is about me, correct?

– That is correct

– [Chrissy] What are my imperfections?

– [laughs] What do you mean?

We already discussed this

You don't put the toothpaste
cap on and it incenses me

– You can't use that
[John laughing]

What frustrates you about me?

– When you don't laugh at my jokes

– Tell a joke
[John chuckling]

Every once in awhile
[John laughing]

Is it my feet?
– I love your–

– Do you like my feet?
– I love your feet

– That's questionable
[John laughing]

– [gasps] How do you like–
– It's true

– How can you possibly like my feet?

– Because they're beautiful

I really love them

I will kiss them

I will rub them

I'll do more if you want

– What the [beep] is more?

– Whatever you want
– Okay

– You tell me what is more
– I don't want that

– Okay
[both laughing]

– You've said before that
you got a little bit jealous

of Ryan Gosling during the
filming of "La La Land"

because he has no flaws

Is that correct?
– I did not say "no flaws"

but I said he learned to
play the piano way better

than I learned to play the guitar

and I found that very impressive

– Do you think Ryan Gosling has flaws

and if so, what are they?

– I do not know if he has flaws

but he is, he's a pretty
awesome human being probably

From what I can–
– Would you kiss him?

– Would I kiss him?

Probably not

It's not my thing

But he's very handsome

– He is telling the truth

– I would kiss him

– You're not even hooked up to this!

– You're [laughs]

I'm just joking

Does any part of you regret
working on "La La Land"?

– No

– But that sweater?


– You mean the turtleneck?
– Turtleneck

– Yeah, on the turtleneck, I'm all for it

– If you could do "La
La Land" all over again,

would you still choose that turtleneck?

– I'm completely fine with all the choices

I made sartorially in that film


– So I have a cookbook out too

– True

– [Chrissy] Do you like my cooking?

– I love your cooking

– Are there recipes in the book

that you would rather not eat again?

– Not that I can think of honestly

I love everything you make truly

– What do you think is the
worst thing I've ever made?

– I can't think of anything
off the top of my head

– My risotto was pretty bad

Too much saffron
– Oh you made a risotto

that wasn't great

That is correct

– Kanye's flan–
– I loved that

– Cheesecake

Are you waiting on me to
lose this baby weight?

– No

You look perfect

– He's telling the truth

– Hey

Good job

– Am I better cook than this woman?

– Yes

– I love her

– [laughs] I love her too

– And we cook from her book

– She's a little healthier than my taste

– She even looks healthy

– She's very healthy and she's gorgeous

– What?

– Sorry

– We didn't ask that

– She's damn near perfect
– Jesus

– She's got the perfection
of a Ryan Gosling

– Yes
[John laughing]

I'd kiss Gwyneth too
[John laughing]

Is there a dish I make
that you're too afraid

to tell me you don't like?

– No

– Would you say marriage
requires sacrifice?

– Yeah

– [Chrissy] What have
you sacrificed for me?

– I mean, none of it's
like a bad sacrifice

Like, I work less than I
would if I were single

I have sex with other women less

than I would if I were single [laughs]

– Less
– But it's all fine [laughs]

– That's a big sacrifice–
– It's worth it

– Just to stop [beep] around
[John laughing]

I agree

I agree
– It's worth it

– [Chrissy] Do you actually
enjoy watching Bravo shows

with me or are you just
being a good husband?

– I enjoy most of them
– I agree

I agree with that

You do enjoy it

– I enjoy most of them

Some of them I just put up with

Others I actually enjoy
– Okay

Do you think I should be a Real Housewife?

– No, I think you don't need it

and I actually don't think

you would be dramatic enough for them

They like messier people

You're not very messy with your friends

– Do you think, ooh, this is tough 'cause,

okay, do you think I have good style?

– You have amazing style

– Do you get mad I wear robes so often?

– I love you in robes

I think they are very beautiful
and feminine and luxurious

– Are there some days you wish

I dressed up a little bit more?

– No

We dress up plenty

– Do you sometimes think in your mind,

"Wow, she's such a slob-kabob"?

– [laughs] No, I do not

Absolutely do not

– Well, I think all these things about me

All right, getting to the tough questions

– All right now

– No, that's, I haven't looked yet

– [clears throat] Is it
true that we didn't hook up

after you reached EGOT
status at the 2018 Emmy's?

– I don't recall if we'd
hooked up that night

– No, a lot happened that day

– Oh, we went over to "Lip Sync Battle"–

– "Lip Sync Battle", yes
– Right afterwards, yes

– Did you want to have
sex on our wedding night?

– Absolutely

– Well then I'm sorry [laughs]

– We eventually had it


– No one has sex on their wedding night

Is what I tell myself
– Oh, yeah

We had it before our
wedding night as well

– At this moment right now though,

are you concerned that
we don't have enough sex?

– No, especially after
last night [laughs]

Wow, TMI, everybody, I'm sorry

– Let's switch topics
– Oh, okay

– You first met Kanye West in 2001, right?

– Uh, that is correct

– Do you miss the old Kanye?


– Oh sometimes, yes

But people, you know,
they grow, they change

and you know, artists are who they are

– Did he ask you permission
before he posted screen shots

of your texts on Twitter?

– He did not

– Do you think Kim wears the
pants in that relationship?

– No, they seem like they have a kind of

equal relationship from what I've seen

– Do I wear the pants in our relationship?

– In a lot of aspects, you do, yeah

I feel like we both have
things we care about

and want to take charge of more

and we do those things

– I like not having the pants on though

– Yeah, you like wearing robes

– [Chrissy] I do

– You wear the robes in our relationship


See, she never laughs at my jokes

– So Mom lives with us

Are you okay with this?
– Absolutely

– He is telling the truth

– I like it too

Is it because we have such a big house?

– I mean, if we had a two bedroom,

I would not be okay
with her living with us

– So if we lived in a smaller house,

would you still be okay
with my mom living with us?

– Not if, no

There needs to be enough
room for all the people

– Okay

Now my mom spends a lot of
time with Luna and Miles

and I often wonder this

Do you think that they
like her more than me?

– I think kids always
have a special fondness

for their grandparents because
the grandparents just get

to love on them and don't
have to be strict or anything

So they, I was like that
with my grandparents too

I just, they're fun

Grandparents are fun

– Yes or no, do they
love her more than me?

– No they don't

It's a different relationship

But it's all fun

– Do you think we are cool parents?

– I think we are

but I think our kids
will not think we're cool

in about 10 years

– I think they don't think we're cool now

– [John] Oh [laughs]

– Are you worried that when they're older,

the kids at school might call me a MILF?

– Oh, I hope they do

– Ugh

Well, I won't be, I'll tell you that much

[John laughing]

Would you call yourself at
this moment in time a DILF?

– I have been featured

on The DILFs of Disneyland Instagram page

so I will say, I'm not
gonna say I'm a DILF

but some have said, people are saying

– Yeah, the people are talking

[John laughing]
The random accounts

on Instagram, they are a-talkin'

– People are saying

that I am the most
DILFiest DILF of all time

– You have a beautiful voice

Would you agree?
– Absolutely

– Wow
– Oof

– That's some confidence

Do you like it when I sing?

– I do actually

– Do you think I have a good voice?

– I think you have a good voice, yes

– Why did you emphasize "good" there?

– I didn't say great

I said good

– Do you think I have what it takes

to make it in the music industry?

– Well, that's not a high bar these days

We have a lot of technology and things

to make people sound
like, you know, amazing

– Okay
– So we could

We could do it with you
if you were up for it

– But I can't dance or do anything

– There are examples of people who can–

– You don't wanna say it [laughs]

– Who can neither, who
can neither dance nor sing

but have made careers of it

– Do you think I could ever win a Grammy?

– Unlikely

Oh no, you could do it as a,
for Best Spoken Word Album

– Do you think I could win an Emmy?

– Absolutely, no question

– Okay

That was just a personal question

– I think you will win an Emmy

– Oh thank you
– Mm-hmm

– I am pretty vocal on Twitter

Does that ever bother you?

– No

– Have I ever posted something

that you knew would be a bad idea?

– Not in a long time

I think you know, you know
how people are gonna react

to things very well so you'll post things

that you wanna post
and that you're willing

to take the heat for

– Have you ever felt
bad for me on Twitter?

– Yes

– Have you ever considered muting me?

– Never

– [Chrissy] Are you sure?

– I have never considered muting you

Oh well, "Sometimes", you said,
"Sometimes I go to your page

"and get excited it says you follow me

"then I remember you married me

[Chrissy laughing]
"I'm drunk"

And then I–
– That's my version

of a compliment
– That was, that was sweet

And then I jokingly said, "Unfollowing"

and then you said, "Racist" and that was–

[Chrissy laughing]

I think that was an example
of us having witty, funny–

– I'm so funny
– Repartee on Twitter

– Oh, god
[both laughing]

– One more reason why we're–
– All right

– Relationship goals

– Was it because of this tweet?

– "I like to send John nudes
and say 'sorry wrong person'"


That was a joke too

I thought that was funny, too

– Do you find any of
my friends attractive?

– I'm sure, yeah, I'm sure

You have attractive friends

– The baby name that
I wanted to name Luna

– [John] Yes

– You really didn't like it that much?

– I didn't love it

It was fine, I would
have been okay with it

but I love Luna more

– Would you ever have
married me without a prenup?

– I think prenups are a good thing to do

I actually wish I knew you
were gonna be so successful

I would have rewritten
the prenup a little bit

You're a lot richer
than I thought you'd be

– If you take one of my monies–

– [John] [laughs] "One of my monies"

– I will kill you
[John laughing]

At any point during this interview,

did you lie and we didn't catch you?

– I did not

– That's true

– Is that like a legal thing to ask?

– I told the truth

I told the truth


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