Joe Rogan Reveals the BULLISH Potential of Bitcoin in 2020

published on August 2, 2020

What's the first thing that comes to your mind when i say joe rogan okay most likely podcast when i'm going on a trip or something a vacation i sit back i listen to like an elon musk interview with joe rogan it's very insightful he has all

Different types of figures and i like the way that he has these conversations just free and open he is definitely the king of podcasts i'm sure a lot of you agree with that of course he had the mma career the

Comedy he's been a spokesperson for the mma and he has all these different things but he is the king of podcasts most people know him for it he's making approximately 50 to 100 million dollars per year

Per year with the joe rogan experience his following has grown listen to this his following has grown from 884 million subscribers on youtube 10 million followers on instagram 63 million followers on twitter

24 million likes on facebook and his jre clips the little clips of his you know interviews and everything like that is 478 million subscribers there's no question he's one of the most influential people

In the world now what if he uses this power in our favor in this video i'll be talking about joe rogan in his relation to the cryptocurrency market can his massive influence change how

People perceive money today keep watching okay so the first amendment in the united states if you guys didn't know states that you have the right to

Freedom of speech and i think this is very very foundational hence why it's the you know first amendment right another reason is that obviously when they hinder freedom of speech

It hinders growth as a human species people should have the right to communicate amongst one another to find solutions i don't know to like vaccines or something or to things going on in the world

Problems that need to be solved by the collaboration of humans and this is why internet was so explosive right and it's doing so well and i believe that a lot of this stuff has given joe rogan some motivation

Uh to to do something a little bit different joe rogan was offered a hundred million dollars to switch over to spotify if you guys didn't know it's an exclusive deal where all of his content his previous content

Will be ported into spotify and the only place you'll get access to his stuff is through spotify i think this is a massive change and the way the internet is perceived like internet perception

But the question you got to ask yourself is did he go for the money or is he going for other reasons let's do the math so the market cap of spotify on the date of 5 18

2020 was 30 billion dollars 3053 billion dollars the market cap of today is around 50 billion dollars they made about 20 billion that's a 82 increase okay we can definitely say that spotify made their money but what about

Joe rogan now i don't know the terms of the agreement but according to forbes you know joe rogan made about what 30 to 50 million dollars last year it doesn't seem like the right move financially

Considering that he signed exclusive rights to spotify and he's basically hindering himself from growing on other platforms for future growth okay think about it

According to social blade if you look at the joe rogan experience he gains about ten thousand subs a day and i know that number's low because it's just a clean ten thousand

Sure it's way more than ten thousand subs per day if we take that number though that's three million six hundred and fifty thousand subscribers extra in exactly one year

And 365 days that's a 41 increase in the subscribers like his whole entire subscriber count per year assuming he grows at the same rate in about five years it could be 80 to he gets literally

Whole channel and this is not including any other social media could be 18 to 20 million dollars just on youtube only on his one youtube channel the joe rogan experience i'm not talking about

Twitter or any other platform okay the fact that somebody could have this much influence obviously there's other people that have the same um and it's it's going to take a while i'm talking about five years here but

You know i'm sure these people have so much money they're not worried about what you can make in a year with the 100 million dollar contract i'm sure he's that's not his biggest motivation and another thing you have to take in

Consideration when looking into these numbers uh is uh mcafee's law of network effects if you guys don't know what it is basically saying any telecommunications network which is

You know considered like a social media any type of network is proportional to the square of the number of connected users of the system so what that basically means is just to put it in very simple

Terms for you guys is that let's say hypothetically there's 10 people on xbox i know this is different now and they have cross play but if there's 10 people on xbox and the chances of somebody else

Going to xbox just because your friends are already on it and the network effect so just the chance of somebody referring joe rogan to their friend because they already listened to joe rogan is you know squared it's

Proportional squared okay and that's really important to understand because if we take his future potential growth of 12 20 million subscribers his actual reach

Is around 40 million people you guys know that the majority of people that watch youtube are not subscribing to joe rogan i know that for my numbers i know that in general it's typically the reach is a lot bigger

Right so that's 40 million people in five years and he signed away his whole entire brand in exclusive rights for only a hundred million dollars okay considering guys think about it he makes 30 to 50 million a year

And he signed it away for a hundred million dollars now again we don't know how long the contract is um but if you increase his income by 41 a year and i'm getting this number obviously from his growth his subscriber

Growth so if his income increases by 41 a year in about two years you know he will make the same amount of money that he signed for this contract so i don't see

Why this contract would be beneficial um anything longer than two years so if the contract was less for two less than two years and i would say then it might have been a good deal for him to make a whole bunch of money

Really quickly but in the long run it's going to be a very very bad deal considering that youtube is the second biggest search algorithm on the internet right it's really

Important to understand that guys concluding the money in my opinion of course spotify made way more money um 100 million dollars a lot of lump sum cash there's a lot of benefits to getting a 100 million dollars of course

I'm not saying that you know he kind of sold his soul short no that's not what i'm saying what i honestly think is that there is another motivating factor like for example alex jones and i know he's a

Controversial figure i don't even watch him but i saw that he said that he was like part of the whole joe rogan he's all he's always on joe rogan's podcast and they look like they're good friends

People won't listen to me because i got too much data but he's basically saying that a lot of it was for censorship resistance and this kind of makes sense considering joe rogan stopped live streaming about a year ago for getting a

Strike right he got scared to live stream right he's always complaining about it in his videos um he likes to have very controversial silence figures like edward snowden jordan peterson elon musk he's not

Obviously not silenced but he's very radical you're already a cyborg you don't even well most people rise they are already a cyborg um bob lazar um hopefully this is kind

Of painting a picture in your head what this could potentially be going i want you guys to imagine a world where content creators are getting together to fight freedom of speech he's clearly for the freedom of speech

And how can you potentially solve this if you're thinking blockchain technology well you're on the right path you're on my path right that's that's exactly the first thing that came to my head there's

A lot of decentralized platforms out there that could potentially solve this problem and if you ask me looking at his history i think joe rogan might be thinking the same thing golden pony dollars yeah golden pony

Dollars is how people pay for your shows you set up like a bank of golden pony dollars like crypto bank i don't know how you do it you do some blockchain voodoo magic programmer type shit people

Buy that golden pony money in order to be able to pay you golden pony money for things so the only people that accept your money the people that accept your like if you want to buy a washing machine

Say i'd like to buy it with some gold and tony dollars they're like no they don't like you and then you could buy a washing machine with golden pony dollars and that golden pony dollars would be traded exclusively through golden pony

Fans i want to give me some of that simbad dollars i want some simbad shekels most likely if you're in cryptocurrency for a long time you've seen

The joe rogan experience episode 844 with andreas antalopoulos the episode where he has conversations about bitcoin and if you haven't watched that video i suggest you look at it's really good conversations but when

Joe rogan starts exploring the idea of getting paid in cryptocurrency as an actual content creator or like an artist like he says that's another story we are primates we we seek to control

It's a natural part of how we got here in the first place we just have to avoid it now crazy but that's a huge problem the problem with it they'll censor things up to a point right right what should

What should be argued for and what should not be when it gets to a certain level of ridiculousness you know like i bred with bigfoot you could put that up sure that's cool

You can get to a certain level like and my point was what about evangelists you know they're stealing money from people why are there videos on youtube there could be political reasons

Which is probably what's going on listeners these aren't moral decisions yeah these are these are these are political and animals you're like oh shit it's all connected

But this is all obvious and it's expected because if you're spending 10 to 20 years of your life making a show only to be told what you can and cannot say i'd be mad too of course you know as an influence i

Don't want to be silenced i want to speak the complete and total truth that's hence why i made my digital course obviously as a content creator i can go two routes i can go

And do sponsorship deals and you know people will tell me what to say and they'll pay me for doing it or i can make my own course and keep you know true to myself and and teach my principles that's why

You guys you know saw the fundamental secretscom if you guys want to learn about cryptocurrency and stuff you know i made that for a reason so i could have a livelihood right and not compromise my composure but back to joe

Rogan he actually even had an interview with jack dorsey who is a co-founder and ceo of twitter and he's actually the founder of square which is a mobile payments company and i don't know if you guys

Know about square cash but they actually accept bitcoin and he's you know jack dorsey's been great for a public advocate for bitcoin and it's interesting to hear them actually having a really you know

Insightful conversation about bitcoin do you have don't be evil in the cash house no no maybe we should not maybe we should take it it's open what was the thought process with i mean one of the things that's

Kind of cool about the cash app is that you can buy and sell bitcoin with it yeah um are you going are you guys going to consider other forms of cryptocurrency as well

Not right now i so back to the internet i believe that internet will have a native currency and believe it or not joe actually directly advocates for a platform you

Already know of like right now being used there's one of them a little sponsored i know kind of a good product well you know what i'll do is i go to brave a private

Browser you know so i'll go to brave ah yeah and i'll use brave and then i'll look up the product there um i use duckduckgo too oh i use duckduckgo it's this one goes the cert the search engine sucks on

It well it's not as good but it you know whatever but they're not looking in your underwear the way i look at it from like all of this evidence is that joe rockin has an open mind right and the fact

That a system like blockchain technology can solve his massive problem like it's a big problem it's very interesting open source is self-explanatory in its title pretty much people kind of understand

What it is but blockchain is confusing for a lot of people yeah can you explain that blockchain itself is almost a misnomer so we're confusing things are confusing at every level right so the idea of a

Distributed ledger which is basically like a distributed excel spreadsheet or database it's just a store of information last year ethereum almost took over bitcoin

Does that worry you the the fluctuating value of these things well to my to my mind creating artificial monies is one tiny bit of the potential of what you could do with the whole blockchain tool setting

Now there's of course no question that you know he understands blockchain technology he understands the freedom associated with the immutable trustless technology but i'm sure he doesn't believe in the

Platform completely um hence why he made a move to you know go to spotify maybe they're you know less censorship resistance maybe they'll let him speak what he wants to say and have on a show

Who he wants right who knows maybe they'll give you know uh joe the freedom and stuff um this is assuming that the people who run the algorithms at spotify don't screw them over i guess that's the beauty

Of blockchain technology is that you don't really have to trust anybody to screw you over right and i guess that you could say that this might be like a segway into something more long-term

Sustainable i'm not when i talk about joe rogan you know you know bringing on the blockchain and and using the platforms like exclusively and you know no censorship resistance and all that when i talk

About this i'm talking about very long term five to ten years there's no way that he would put himself in a situation uh to potentially lose all of his followers by coming to some decentralized platform or whatever the

Case is and um hinder his reputation right so i would say that this is obviously long-term predictions but it's really cool that we can make predictions right what

Actual change can he make to this the whole decentralized cryptocurrency ecosystem like if we put this in numbers terms what change can his following make how big of an impact does he actually have

On the price of bitcoin if we take our prediction of influence that we got in the beginning of the video in the next five years which is about 400 million people he could touch 400

Million people and you know he starts advocating for the blockchain project or ecosystem whatever it is he starts actually talking about cryptocurrency and pushing it hard

Right like a lot of the stuff he does we could safely say and as a marketer uh most people when it comes to sales they say that if you're a good marketer you're closing out of anywhere from five to ten percent

So we could safely say that five percent of this potential outreach could eventually start using some type of decentralized platform maybe like library credits or maybe steam it he starts jumping on these

Platforms for censorship resistance and five percent of his following you know move on over which i'm sure it's gonna be a lot more than that considering you know spotify paid 100 million dollars i'm sure

They're shooting for more than five percent of you know joe rogan's following to move on over and start paying him right we can see that that's about you know the five percent of 400 million people is about

20 million 20 million people new uh you know users and adopters of the blockchain and cryptocurrency right and if we assume that their average wallet size is just like a hundred bucks maybe to just be on a platform and play

Around right and let's say hypothetically they're not you know investing heavy like a lot of you guys are watching my videos are doing you know they're just investing a minimum amount

Only 100 bucks that's two billion extra dollars flooding into the market um and imagine if other creators out there that are tired of censorship resistance start to follow that can cause a massive

Shift in the way you look at online data in the way that it's curated like the content creation on the internet the way that you know is it censorship resistance is it does somebody control

It like a monopoly or are we allowed to have freedom of speech the way it should be um the way i look at it is regardless there's gonna be a lot of influencers including myself i don't

Even see a big reason why i should go in blockchain technology right now it's not there yet it's not ready a lot of this stuff is you know future projections and of course some of its financial advice of

Course you know it's all theory and nothing i can back up with evidence speculation and stuff like that but what i will say is that as people move towards blockchain technology the biggest reason

And the reason is the same way for bitcoin right the biggest reason why people adopt blockchain technology is because they need censorship resistance otherwise

There's other distributed ledgers that are way more effective and faster that people could potentially use like the one being used by google and youtube that system is way more efficient but if

Censorship resistance becomes a massive problem in cryptocurrency that is the only time when these databases these blockchain databases actually survive and thrive we need censorship

Resistance okay and the way it will be done is on some type of distributed ledger like blockchain that's it for this video guys if you like the quality of content hit like if you don't leave some

Constructive criticism subscribe for more video updates and like i always say if you don't get with this technology you will get left behind thanks for watching this video guys catch you in the next one


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