Joaquin Phoenix Destroyed by Dairy Farmers Following Oscars Speech

by birtanpublished on August 23, 2020

Hey guys welcome to a new video it is said that in life there are only two certainties death and taxes but I actually think there's free death taxes and of course offended dairy farmers I'm not going critique Joker because I'm certainly not even going to see the

Movie now for sure so as I'm sure you're all aware by now Joaquin Phoenix won the best actor last weekend at the Oscars for his role in Joker and journey speech where he talked about all the different forms of injustice throughout the world

He also drew attention to what happens in the dairy industry we feel entitled to artificially inseminate a cow and when she gives birth we steal her baby even though her cries of anguish are unmistakable and then we take her milk

That's intended for a calf and we put it in our coffee and our cereal of course as we could expect this caused a lot of controversy in the dairy farming community and many dairy farmers are not particularly pleased that Joaquin

Phoenix took the opportunity to state an objective reality about what happens within their industry so I thought maybe this video what we could do is we could go through some tweets maybe some videos and we could critique and look at

Exactly what it is that dairy farmers are saying in response to Joaquin so let's start off nice and easy of a few tweets because there's some interesting videos coming up so I think we should ease ourselves into what's been sent by

These farmers and so this first tweet says completely uneducated celebrities like Joaquin Phoenix I doing this to our nation's hard-working farmers do you all really want to starve I think it's such an interesting thing isn't it because

All were him said right is he said that calves are taken away from their mothers so Joaquin Phoenix stands on stage he says cars are taken away from mothers and a dairy farmers response is to say do you all really want to starve I don't

I feel like I missed that bit in wacking speech where he said that he wanted everyone to starve I mean he merely just stated what happens objectivity within the industry I also think it's amusing that because farmers are hardworking not

All of us so that means that what they're doing is morally justifiable I mean I don't think we could deny for a second that human traffickers are of course hard-working but we've never said that human trafficking is morally

Justifiable just because those who commit the act apply themselves when they do it so that tweet was actually response to this tweet so I've read this tweet and and we'll go through what it what it

Means because it's quite interesting and manipulative in its tone of course my dad asked me this morning in a depressed voice do you get the feeling that we all lose in the battle but that's what they want

Us to think say a big lie enough times and even a farmer like my dad starts to believe it the dairy isn't going anywhere now there's two things that dairy farmers are great at and the first thing is exploiting sentient beings for

Profit and the second thing is betraying themselves as the victim in that situation which is actually quite impressive because I imagine it's quite hard to portray yourself as the victim when you're of course the oppress of

Causing suffering to others but dairy farmers do this quite seamlessly at times and I think most interesting is the way they use this depressed voice you see this new thing called my goodness this is terrible this dairy

Farmer he's saying this it feels so beaten up buyer he's depressed he feels like he's losing us so sad you know how could whack him say this but if somebody make any sense does it because what they say afterwards is they want us to think

That say a big line of times but what is the lie that's what confuses me about a lot of these responses from dairy farmers is this in that Joaquin is lying that's that that's not what it's like but he's only stating what is

Objectively true dairy cows are taken from their mothers and then we take the milk I mean there's nothing controversial about that statement that statement is objectively true and so what is this lie dairy farmers are

Trying to portray as if there's some nefarious lie that vegans use and this propaganda that we keep perpetuating but all he said is what everyone knows to be true and what dairy farmers do day in day out to make money from their

Industry so I don't know what this lie is and this but the end dairy farming isn't going anywhere shooting male carbs in the head isn't going anywhere forcibly impregnating mothers isn't

Going anywhere taking babies away from their mothers isn't going anywhere taking mothers to slaughterhouses and cutting their throats isn't going anywhere I think it's quite cute if

Anything that they say dairy isn't going anywhere because I can definitely think of one place though it's going and now that let's move to this clip that I found on Twitter because this is a fascinating clip from a farmer called

Brynn Davies now the clips called let's have a drink to the biggest flog on Twitter and so before I play the clip itself I want to just talk about who the biggest flog may be flog the interesting work to start with isn't it but let's

Say on the one hand who we have is Joaquin Phoenix he just swept the awards season won best actor of course the Oscars last weekend but did so at the BAFTAs at the SSAT Awards and of course the Golden Globes he starred in the

Biggest hour rated film of all time and the only that be is considered as one of the most highly regarded actors not any of his generation but of history so that's what we have on the one hand and on the other hand we have Brynn Davies

And let's see exactly what is that Brynn thinks is a good response to what Joaquin said what I like about farmers on Twitter is is they often say no farmers need to get on Twitter don't they because then we can show what will

Like you know we can share what farming's like we can betray the real imagery behind farming we don't have to worry about propaganda we should get on Twitter and spread the message and then this happens isn't it's almost like

Farmers like right that's abnormal don't do anything weird don't do anything strange don't do anything that people who are not within the industry will think is a bit stranger I just just act normal

There's also a few more clips on Twitter of farmers drinking milk and then uploading it there Twitter's and it normally comes with a title which says like this is for the pansies or you know for the snowflakes I think it's really

Ironic I mean it's kind of obviously ironic isn't it because normally people are called snowflakes because they're easily offended and what we have here is farmers who have become easily offended taking to Twitter to post a video of

Them drinking milk to have reassert their dominance and their masculinity and it's kind of an indictment isn't it of their fragility both as individuals but the fragility of the industry really isn't it that working stating what is

Objectively true and what is legally documented as being acceptable he states that as happening within the industry and then they become so offended by what happens being spoken about publicly that they then have to

Take to Twitter to drink the glass of milk I mean it really is a deep and diamond isn't it and it's kind of a little bit sad really that these men feel they have to breastfeed on camera to assert their dominance

Tommo warehouse was enough last night to see the end of the Oscars here as he sure could in pic walking Phoenix out if he had to this is interesting that this is like a clip taken from from the news I'm not sure probably some local or

Regional news station in Wisconsin and it starts off by trying to demean walking because this farmer doesn't know who wackiness as they are this farmer has no idea who wacky phoenix is you know this farmer here has no idea so

Basically what he says is invalid because this farmer has never what joke it's not even seen Gladiator right and because of that what Joaquin said just doesn't mean anything anymore and in response wanted to show us

Tampa who he says bird the calf not even an hour after working at Phoenix left the stage isn't this crazy right this farmer wants to set the record straight so the camera crews are in there doing some filming and they're going to show

Everyone in the world that it was wrong for Joaquin Phoenix to say that baby calves or calves are taken away from their mothers and we take their milk and the way this farm is going to do that the way he's going to show everyone that

What Joaquin Phoenix said is unacceptable is by showing a calf who's been separated from their mother how did they think that was a good idea like it's quite audacious isn't it that they think that people are going to see that

Which what we've seen is a calf who's been taken from their mother and it's in a little pen by a little solitary confinement that's what we're being shown here by the news station and yet the whole piece is trying to say don't

Listen to whacking don't listen to whacking because what he said is absolutely correct and we're going to debunk what he said by showing a visual representation of what he said being accurate I'm not good critique Joker

Because I'm certainly not even going to see the movie now for sure when it's all over that isn't it forget the Oscar forget the BAFTA forget the Golden Globe forget the SAG forget the critical acclaim forget the fact that Joaquin is

In the biggest r-rated movie of all time it's been for nothing because farmer Tom he's not gonna watch joking out and so what's it all been for we just wave it off and go hey ding-dong you don't have any idea what's going on

Out here at the farm I mean I'd love it if he'd come out here for a couple hours that'd be awesome that's an invite mr. Phoenix come on out see what life is like on the farm I like the insult ding-dong and I find

That farm a little bit endearing in that moment when he says it but it's just so ironic because he's like hey ding-dong you know come visit this farm come see what it's like on his traditional Wisconsin dairy farm

Hey dingdong come visit this farm and what you said happens on live TV will show you happening in person as well because that's exactly what does happen isn't it and I think it's just a super ironic the dairy farmers say this like

Are you've never visited a dairy farm for if you had to see what it was like on a real farm you wouldn't be saying these things but what would change about what Joaquin says let us say wacking visits this farmers farm in Wisconsin

And he sees the calf who's been taken from their mother in the pen and then he sees the mother having the milk taken from her udders and he sees that milk being taken to the pasteurizing tank and then bottled and sent to a supermarket

What then changes about what Joaquin is said that's what confuses me what this farmer should be saying is he should be saying hey ding-dong please do not visit my farm whatever you do do not set foot in this farm because if you do I will

Reaffirm to you everything that you said on live TV and I'll reaffirm to you what you already know to be immoral has been even more immoral because I will show you it in person ding dong we feel we have real important jobs in the world we

Help feed the world I mean here's a good idea as well isn't it if you're trying to prove working wrong then don't an image of a calf had been fed by a bottle from a human because that kind of proves everything he said as being true

And because everything he said is true it then proves it has been immoral because what you're showcasing on your farm and on the news is that you do take babies away from their mothers and then you do feed them milk powder

Replacements because we take the milk and drink ourselves to me this video is seems like a parody it seems like it's some mockumentary set up to prove Joaquin being right because in an effort to try and show that he's wrong and to

Try and debunk what he said all they've done is reaffirmed to the viewer everything that woke him said in the first place here's a separated calf we've taken their milk so here's some powdered milk been fed to the calf by

The farmer you know we feel we have real important jobs in the world we help feed the world that's came important that people have food to eat I mean oh come on don't flatter yourself dairy farming is

By far one of the least important jobs in the world I mean to start off with seventy five percent of the world is lactose intolerant to begin with but not only that but it's one of the most environmentally destructive industries

On the planet and it causes suffering to billions of animals every single year everyone on this planet benefits when the dairy industry crumbles because its destructive and wrong in every single sense so to try and convey what you do

As a dairy farmer with actually beneficial forms of farming that being plant-based agriculture of course is incredibly disingenuous there's also deluded because everyone suffers from what dairy farming does it

Has no redeemable qualities whatsoever and just because you've done it your entire life and just because you make money from it and I sympathize with those problems that you have been ingrained within the industry but those

Problems don't necessitate its existing into the future it has to be dismantled and you have to diversify dairy farming is one of the least important jobs on this planet and what do you do mister in Phoenix oh yeah you entertained people

Okay yeah that's right what do you do mr. Phoenix you provide joy and entertainment to tens of millions of people all around the world and then you use your platform to talk about all forms of injustice and how we should

Come together and show love and compassion to make the world a better place well step aside mr. Phoenix because I force balls to ejaculate and then take their semen and restrain cows I then put my

Fist inside the anus of cows before forcibly impregnating them after that I then take their babies away from them and I take the milk meant for their babies from them and a bottle it and sell it for profit and then when the

Mothers can no longer provide for me I send them to a slaughterhouse so they can have their throats cut also I can make a little bit extra money well let's finish the video there as you can see there's being a wide range of

Different responses from farmers but all sharing the unity have been offended and dismayed and I'm confused by that because I guess what this really illustrates is that dairy industry is incredibly fragile so fragile it happens

That when someone objectively states what happens within their industry they become outraged so angry furious by it because I guess when it's said to an audience of tens of millions of people and those have watched hundreds of

Millions of times online it starts to sound not very good doesn't it down the street it seems idyllic when farmers betray what is that they do were using their own words but as soon as you take that dairy

Farming bias away from what they do and you start to look objectively what happens and you just state it dairy cows have their babies taken away from them and the milk that's meant for their babies is then taken from them as well

And given to us so we can put it in our tea coffee and cereal when you state that objectively it makes dairy farmers upset and angry because it doesn't sound good and so when people are in the supermarket and they have a choice

Between cow's milk and say Oh milk obviously they start thinking to themselves well why would I want to buy that cow's milk when I know what happens to the baby calves objectively what happens to the baby calves

Now perhaps someone could explain to me really why is it the dairy farmers thing is acceptable to say that vegans align the state is something that's objectively true why is it the dairy farmers seem to be able to get away to

Portray themselves as victims simply because Joaquin Phoenix objectively stated what is true now let's imagine the reaction of like a potato farmer if Joaquin Phoenix have got on stage and

Said potato farmers pick potatoes from the ground everyone be like well of course of course they do you know oh well let's say Rory pickers they pick strawberries from the plants that's objectively true and

No one could be offended by that because of course how could you be offended by that how could you think that that was wrong objectively it just isn't but then walking girls on stage he says we take

Babies from their mothers and then take their milk objectively stating a reality of the industry in the exact same way but all of a sudden that's offensive and he can't say that because people are having their cognitive dissonance

Challenged and when people have their cognitive dissonance challenged it causes them to act irrationally and not logically and that's exactly what we're seeing here people acting illogically and irrationally because wackiness state

Is something that's objectively true and undeniable and instead of actually responding to what's been said we just OA walking's are a liar and vegans are spreading propaganda and here's a an image of me drinking a pint of milk to

Prove that point and here's a clip of a calf being separated from their lover to prove that point the dairy industry is crumbling and farmers are increasingly aware of that but anything that exposes the reality of their industry is a

Threat because the reality of their industry is horrendous immoral and it needs to come to an end alright guys well let's finish the video here so when I say again a huge congratulations to Joaquin and huge gratitude to Joaquin

For using his platform to talk about animal rights issues and also to talk about all forms of injustice and the need for us humans to address not only how we treat each other but indeed treat all life on this planet so thank you to

Joaquin for that I consider myself quite the film buff I've always enjoyed watching films and Joaquin has always been a phenomenal actor in my eyes and so to see him using his platform is an incredibly wonderful thing and to see

Anyone in positions where they have a platform speak out against forms of injustice to me is just a wonderful wonderful thing so thank you whacking and thank you to people that Lewis Hamilton and others who do the same but

Also thank you to you for watching this video I hope you've enjoyed it and I will see you in the next video

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