Jetcoin (JET) – SUPER LOW CAP GEM. Potential pump!

by birtanpublished on September 26, 2020

so what's going on guys we've got another video today so first and foremost lights are off by saying this is not financial advice guys do your own research let's get into it we're gonna

Talk about Czech coin today so the market cap right now it's a in iron 53 mil we got a circulating supply of six mil close to seven mil we got a total supply of 80 mil and what's very interesting about this chart to me is

That so in January the all-time high was a dollar 11 for jet coin and today it's sitting at 12 cents that's a huge opportunity that's like a 90 that's like 90% decrease right now the low market cap is very attractive to me because

It's not gonna take much capital to really pump this coin this coin right now if you compare it to electro electro right now has a market cap of 54 mil if jet coin had the same market cap as electro it would be like a 60 X guys

It's not much to get to a 54 mil market cap and crypto right now so I'm just saying a lot of people just gotta know about this coin if they know about this coin in this corner can really really pump and get some crazy gains way more

Gains than any coin in the top 100 you see right here so let's talk about jet coin though okay what is jet coin so jet coin is a platform that aims to assist talent development in sports and entertainment jet coin provides the

Opportunity for athletes to develop their fan base through its unique loyalty and rewards of smart contracts check coin provides the opportunity for athletes to develop their fan base through its unique loyalty rewards and

Smart contracts jet coin can be used to redeem the unique lifestyle experiences or can be also converted to any currency creating liquidity jet coin connects athletes teams fans to social media and brands using blockchain technologies to

Promote commercial contracts image rights and fan base worldwide seamlessly okay so how does jet coin work why am I talking about this so this is a very very interesting concept right now now explain why I think this is interesting

So say an athlete wants to like be successful and you know you know athletes and musicians they all struggling a lot of people don't have a lot of money you've got to really have funds to support you while

You go after your dreams so the jet Coyne Institute can sign the deal with these athletes right and secure a percentage of their contracts from the future right so um anybody who owns a jet coin can purchase a part of these

Contracts and have a stake in their success so by athletes or entertainers sharing a percentage of their future earnings they turn each fan to a social media manager who instantly shares their success athletes get a social media

Metric system that can be used to increase their value and secure greater endorsements and sustaining deals with their sponsors having a greater fan base directly increases their sale of merchandise creating untapped value so

You see the benefit right there that's pretty big because crypto right now you see a lot of people are getting excited about the coins people get mad when you talk about about the coins like just think about it if you have a stake in an

Athlete's success and you're putting that whole that whole kind of promotional backing on an athlete there's a lot of opportunity out there to really get the athlete's name out there and in turn when the athlete gets

More popular whoever owns a stake and part of that elite success will obviously get some of some of the rewards from that if they have jet coin so jet coin has a new website we're gonna check it out right now so this

Section right here just talks about what jet coin Institute does like his functions and it's past securing and digitizing IP rights of de jet corn champions developing the jet coin platform raising overseas funds for

Allocation crewmen of young and up-and-coming talent development and management of strategic partnerships and global promotion of jet coin brand they also have a three page PDF plus a longer white paper you can read on the website

Guys and you have a cool video I suggest you come on the website and check it out for yourself seeing the video really helped me understand the whole product better so this section right here you can download their white paper and these

Are the exchanges that jet coins on is IDE X costs coin exchange in ether Delta also to check coin is an ER C 20 token so if you don't want to keep it on the exchange guys you can keep it on your ether wallet if you want so this section

Here describes the only solution that enables emerging talents to be supported by their fans fans can now be a part of the incredib journey of a champion be a part of the success earn revenues with your champion

So this is a jet champion right now so her name is Mei know she says thank you for all your help and support for furthering my career internationally I'm happy and look forward to being a part of the jet community so let's see this

Girl see who she is I have no idea who she is okay so she's a model singer and actress Wow she's hot so Miss Asia Miss Asia Pacific world Asia's Next Topmodel finalists Maybelline Hit Girl

Claire shampoo ambassador so as you can see guys she's a real model and we could check out our Facebook so this is legit guys wow she's got 333 thousand followers that's a lot she also has an Instagram which 120k followers and she's

Posting on there actively and what's this is her website yeah she's hot man holy so that's the jet champion right there that's that's that's awesome alright so continue on the website this

Is a team right here so this so this Eric Alexander he's a founder and CEO we'll look at him for a second Eric is a creative director who successfully implemented the production and campaigns of a client portfolio that includes

Samsung Panasonic Volkswagen Elite Models BMW JVC and Dyke in amongst etc Eric has worked on a leak model of China Singapore and international finance 2005 and is a manager director of EML Singapore since 2010 he has been helping

Promising talents to develop a professional-grade image over the last few years and recognized a similar demand for image and PR management among artists and athletes seeming from this experience and aware of the early

Challenges faced by emerging challenge he decides to spearhead the jet Kwan Institute an organization aimed at financing the development of young athletes and artists through a new cryptocurrency called jet coin this is

Some more information about Eric he has a lot of creative director experience Bank director so guys come check out to come check him out on the website so jet Quan has a strong and diverse group of team leaders they also have webmaster PR

Manager at developers content writers community leaders digital marketing advisors legal advisors blockchain advisers and a media advisor ok and Jack coin can be seen on my ether wallet my ether scan is on there it's on corn

Market cap – like I said before you can put it on there because there's an e rc 20 token on my ether wallet alright guys and these are all the press articles that Jack coin is in I checked that I checked out some of the press

Articles was actually legit and Jack coin has been written a lot of articles and people are talking about Jack coin and promoting jet coin right so I think all this cryptocurrency needs is just the right promotion and it could go back

Up to a dollar 11 like no problem you know it just has to get the right exposure I just think this one's a sleeper like I'm not sure what what I'm not sure what happened to cause it to go up like crazy in January but I think it

Did definitely happen again because that market cap is so low for people who are new to crypto that's how prices work right with market caps these low market cap coins if there's a good project then there's a low

Market cap like as soon as soon as starts going crazy people just start buying it and it's not gonna take long for the for the price a double triple quadruple like like I already compared us well Elektra Elektra is like it's got

Its 54 times bigger than this coin right here this coin ever just pumped it's game over man those are crazy game that's a 54 X you know you think bitcoin will ever get to a 54 X hell no you know I mean like it might take like a hundred

Years this jet coin could 54 X in a day or two or a week right that's just how it works for me if you're interested in check point check it out right this is just an introduction to coin these videos are

Just for you guys to know about these coins and go there and do your own research and make your own decisions okay I have a bunch of jet coin I have a stake in jet coin so I'm holding on to it I'm gonna be talking about jet coin

On this channel I'm gonna be keeping up with the updates I like the project I like team I like the CEO seems like a great guy also to look out for this very big announcement right now guys so jet coin has an upcoming partnership with

Two top UK soccer clubs so this will enable jet coin to be adopted by families from around 25 million people okay and this partnership will give jet coins for season visibility with banners and photo wall okay so the same people

Are the own jet corn also own a website called pure gold I owe so pure gold as a gold bike back tokens and I think there's gold back tokens on corn market cap that's doing really well I'm just comparing it to this token right here so

This gold back talking right here digits Dow whatever it's Fitz rank 52 right now in the market cap is 521 mil I remember this coin in the bear market throughout the bear market this coin maintained his value the whole time so people are into

Gold back tokens and Jack coin has a partnership with them so you can also find these pure gold tokens on the cost exchange right now guys the ticker has PGT if you're interested so if you're interested in Jack coin guys come to the

Website read the white paper do your own research and make your own decisions guys so this was case 7 from crypto PD oh we got more reviews to come

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