Jerusalem: Three religions, three families – Jews, Christians and Muslims

by birtanpublished on July 9, 2020

For almost a century Arabs and Jews havefought for control of the Holy LandJerusalem is sacred to all threemonotheistic religions JudaismChristianity and Islam and here politicsand religion are profoundly linked all

Three religions associate the city withtheir core beliefs so how do those wholive here cope with this tense situationfor Christians Jerusalem is the citywhere Jesus was crucified and rose fromthe dead the Church of the Holy

Sepulchre is built on the site wherethese events are believed to havehappenedfor Jews Jerusalem is the holy city thatGod has given them the Western Wall isall that remains of the second temple

Destroyed by the Romans almost 2,000years agowhere the temple once stood al-aqsamosque now rises into the heavens afterMecca and Medina this site in Jerusalemis the holiest in Islam the Dome of the

Rock is built on the spot where Muhammadis believed to have ascended into heavenin the old city which covers less thanone square kilometre the three religionslive side-by-side in clearly defineddistricts all three view Abraham as

Their father and they all believe in thesame God but there are differencesthere's also the political dimension in1967 Israel occupied East Jerusalemand it's here that a mountain ofcontention lies the elevation that the

Jews called Temple Mount and Muslimsal-haram al-sharifwe are struggling him politically to runour boat to get the most validity fromall the different countries EuropeansAmerica etc because we have the Arabs

Nation against us homeboy you know so wealways feel it we always have our fingeron a pulse the Jewish state is trying tohave all the cake for their onset thereyourself this is difficult this mightmake some words

The Syed's are Arabs and devout Muslimstoday the women of the family are goingtogether to pray at the nearby Dome ofthe rock Henan is the eldest of thethree girls their father Yasin considersit his duty to bring up his daughters

According to the Quran Arabs call it alHaram al-sharifthe noble sanctuary and that's exactlywhat it is to the sides from an earlyage the children have been introduced tothe religion of their parents in this

Sacred place this is where the ProphetMuhammad is believed to have ascendedinto heaven on a winged horse to receiveAllah's Commandments in what Muslimsrefer to as his Night Journeyafter prayers the family goes out into

The old city Yasin works here in arestaurant freshly squeezed pomegranatejuice is on sale all over Jerusalem forthe girls it's a nice treat before theymeet their father and accompany him onhis way home from work

Here in Jerusalem's Muslim Quarter thecry of the moussine calling the faithfulto prayer echoes through the narrowalleys five times a dayYassin is a devout Muslim even though hedoesn't pray five times a day he has a

Strong connection to his religion youknow when I wake up in the morning I sayYa Allah in the way of God so never mindwhich direction I choose but I say inthe name of God I by beginning my day atthe other end of the old city on Mount

Zion live the Goldstein's an OrthodoxJewish family before the evening mealthe girls sang hih Vanya Raquel Rivkaand Esther have time to play the boysMoshe and Shlomo helped their motherShoshanna in the kitchen their father

Rabbi Goldstein has just arrived homebeing able to live here with his familyis very important to him I live hereMount Zion has got prophesized the Jewswill come back to mount on then we thereand this is part of the gift of God

Created the world and he promised andhis Bible to give it back to the Jewsthose promises be fulfilledbasically the people in this area mostof them are very religious and theirreligion is that core of the existence

That's a primary in the life as theirreligion and the only way that thepeople he live is because people havethe necessity to live and part of livingis they have to they have to relate toone another and business and different

Relationships which requires life andtherefore in those aspects they relateto each other with respect then with thecover of honor and peace but when itcomes to the point of one religion is acomfort with life because I want to

Protest or say a statement in differentsituations or different timings so thenthe same person which is your friend oryou worker or your boss it can be atotally different person and they cancome to the level of violence and even

To the level of killingthe culture here the middle-east cultureis not where you come from it's a totaldifferent culture totally differentculture the religion is a primary honorsprimary values you come from the world

Of the Western world which is a physicaland there's more wealth so so peopletalk about love and care but when youcome from more of a survival society thevalues are honor religion it's a totaldifferent world here describes that

World took me to obey God's commandmentsshare with others help my mother andmake God happy in synagogue there areTorah readings on three days of the weekon the Sabbath on Monday and on Thursdaythe service begins early in the morning

According to Orthodox tradition at least10 males over the age of 13 must bepresent a Jewish boy is consideredspiritually mature at 13 a new sectionof the Torah is read out each week sothat the first five books of the Bible

The law of Moses are read each year intheir entirety the women are separatedfrom the men and participate silentlywhat does Rabbi Goldstein think is theessence of religion I would say a fewthings a few steps number one is the

Jewish religion is built and a very verystrong foundation the Bible claims thata few million Jews saw Godand stayed alive and continued on thedista fire that's there something verypowerful that nobody can deny

Rabbi Goldstein also believes that allGod's prophecies have been fulfilled sofar this proves that the scriptures aretrue he says and that God has chosen theJewish people what would he say if oneof his children wanted to marry someone

From another religion my first reactionwill be as I see if it's seriousI will try to convince the other spouseto become Jewish to accept the Jewishreligion and my second thought will bethat if example it is my door go into

The Jewish religion if the mother isJewish and the father's not Jewish thechildren are still Jewish so our focusvery much to keep the relationship withthat with the husband because my goal beis children because it's Trojans to

Jewish easier to understand and byJewish religious people which train kidsfrom very young age the Jewish valuesback to the Muslim Quarterhow are the Syed's bringing up theirchildren their daughters mean everything

To them what do they want to pass on tothem to be humans how to be humans howto to grow up in good with good andenough experience in life Hanan is 13and Doha 11 the elder sister alreadyknows what she wants to do when she

Grows up to go to universitybecome a lawyer with regard to theirdaughter's educationthe science are very modern andopen-minded at school the children comeinto contact with other religions this

Young open-minded generation may holdthe key to better relations between thecommunities however reconciliation wouldhardly be possible without the religiousleaders also wanting it and that is notalways the case in a small mosque in the

Old cityImam Haj Rabia el bakry makes ready tosay his prayershow would he describe his religion to anoutsider islam to surrender for godMoose's message was until the time of

Jesus when Jesus came the message ofMoses is end we have no more religion ofMoses you have to believe in Jesus nowevery human beings believes in themessage of Jesus until the ProphetMuhammad came when the Prophet Mohammed

Azharuddin came he came with the Quranthe Quran collect all the messages whichhas been before by Moses and by Jesusso after Muhammad Ali salat WA Salameverybody should believe in the messageof Muhammad which is the Quran however

There are various interpretations of thesacred writingsyeah Singh's wife comes from Jordan hisrelatives arranged the marriage Islamrejects the notion that the Jews areGod's chosen people it fused the

Christian notion of a Trinitarian God asblasphemous nevertheless Yasin getsalong well with Jews and Christians butwhat would he say if one of hisdaughters wanted to marry someone fromanother faith I was in either Hickam

Muslim or no it's not allowed in ourreligioushow did Christians live in the old cityclose to the seventh station of thecross on the border between the Muslimand Christian quarters live the Shahada

The father is a cook and treats hisfamily to his culinary skillstoday there's lamb with almonds on themenu the Shahadah Tsar Arabs and devoutChristians only Christians live in thisapartment building although it's in the

Muslim Quarter the Shahada is flat looksout onto the colorful alleys of thebazaarrooty Shahada is a nurse at a Children'sHospital today she has a night shift butthat doesn't bother her I love my job in

A few words that real I love my jobI don't mind who they are what they areyou know the Hospice of their pentyMuslim Christian Jewish even otherreligious Antartica is as nothing saidtherefore everybody is the same the

Residents of Jerusalem are generallyhelpful and respectful towards eachother but when it comes to religiontensions suddenly surfaced some peopleeven get angry about their own religionevery story had had the mission of the

Story had something that we have to saya life that we have to say to see in howgreat Jesus is I can't say there's aspecial part you know but what I don'tlike what I don't like in Jesus storythat when he tell there when somebody

Hits you on your left turn him on yourlife all right so our face will be likeyour fan you know this way you know theJewish problem part of Israelthe most difficult thing to love is yourenemy but like what Jesus said that you

Have to love your enemy what's verydifferent difficult for us because weare occupied and we have a lot ofenemies so we're trying to love ourenemies as much as we canelvira wants to go to university and

Become a chemist however in a city likeJerusalem where even children are drawninto political and religious tensionsshe's anxious about her future now I'mliving my life but in the future whatwill happen if we have a lot of fights

With the other religion like how we willlive in a lot of rare place work withkilling I will live we will live happyyeah how would God tell us like to livehappy and we have a lot of fighting lotof things coming through us like it I

Hope in the future it will be morebetter than what I think like what istoday to be really hard for them reallyreally hardfor example I will not I will not allowmy daughter now she's now 17 she would

Get married he gives later and unawarebut I will not expect to marry anotherfurniturelooking east from jerusalem you can seethe seven meter high wall that Israelhas built to enclose the Palestinian

Territories those territories includethe West Bank and part of the JudeanDesert in the six-day war of 1967 Israeloccupied East Jerusalem and the WestBank as well as Gaza the Palestinianswant to see the pre-1967 borders

Reinstated and the recognition of anautonomous Palestinian statethis political conflict is inseparablefrom the diversity of people's and theircenturies-old religious conflicts fatherJosef Suk beanies sees little progress

Glider in orient isn't very lagoon andsadly religions are sometimes a sourceof division in the Middle East ratherthan a basis for living together amongthe people of the Middle East religiousfeelings are the most sensitive in

Finding fooddamn it can man fear so they can easilybe played upon and manipulated sometimeswe suffer from the fanatical OrthodoxJews as well as from fanatical Muslimsbut the political question is the most

Important what will the Israelis tradefor peace will they give up EastJerusalem will they return Palestine toits pre-1967 bordersyes everybody has their rights we areall humans God's creation that's the

Christian view when we in the churchtalk with others it's about peace aboutthe rights of both nations the Jewishpeople and the Palestinian people bothhave rights the reality that weexperience is that peace is a long way

Off isn't your fight Vic for freed amodel for how diverse cultures andreligions can coexist peacefully is thelittle village of never shalom wahad alsalam midway between Tel Aviv andJerusalem the name is a combination of

Hebrew and Arabic and means oasis ofpeaceEvie Guggenheim a Swiss Jew met thePalestinian Muslim is beta at anintercultural workshop here in 1988years later they married and they have

Made never Shalom wahad al salam theirhome founded by the French priestBruno SR in 1967 the spiritual center atnever Shalom waha Al Salam welcomes bothArabs and Jews people from variouscultures and religious backgrounds meet

Up here in an effort to understand eachother in their faith in the school ofpeace we've observed encounters betweenpeople that give me some hope in thisdead-end situation gossipingI think the feeling towards the others

All the negative attitudes all the whatwe call the fundamentalism it's notbelong to religion its belong to thepsychological social attitude of theperson we use our religions to be afundamentalist we are not not the

Religion in speaking the main concept ofall religions and especially the threemilitary technologies it's based onpeace there's a place on the villageslopes where everyone is welcome to prayin silence or to meditate

The name of this building is dunyaSakina dunya in Hebrew Sakina in arabicit means deep silence Satan the Schragsilence is the common language of allreligions because god's word abides insilence let's vote courtesan you know

When I see Jerusalem it's part ofparadise Jerusalem it's part of paradisewhen it will be shallow peace the peoplewill have paradise over hereJerusalem Beth's house of Godso house of burden except everybody

Jerusalem has a unique symbolicsignificance politically and religiouslyand can't really be compared with anyother place on earth 3,000 years agoKing Solomon built the first Jewishtemple here as the city of the temple

Jerusalem became the center of theJewish faith but since then it has beensubject to various cultural andreligious influences the claims ofindividual groups that the city belongto them alone have repeatedly been the

Cause of war in spite of all the failedroad maps and diplomatic initiatives theconflicting parties say they want peaceand there is a real possibility theycould achieve it but for that to happentwo nations and three religions would

Have to become reconciledyou

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