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published on July 17, 2020

That's right we're in downtown Los Angeles it's a beautiful evening it's a packed house the first time ever we've been outside for this event we were in the shadows of the Figueroa hotel as you can see the huge murals behind me next rider up it's got to be even that much

More frightening jeromy's andrew has been tackling the motor the question is will he go for live combination he's in second place five major events in this year it is topple

To be the bridesmaid again sick immediate second Alexei like thinking about it even got both feet off there and that one hand around the landing brought a great jump for Jeremy Stan we're gonna pan off the

90-foot jump that means the risk is incredible it's not 75 it's about 45 it's a full 90 feet and you see him doing the turn they're throw-in the no-footer maybe a little tentative on the no flutter throws up the hand

Totally committed to the one-handed Lander that was big commitment no this big ass snap kick as we saw out of Ronnie Faisal oh what a great job this is the longest backflip landed in X Games history previously Nate Adams had

The record just 1085 jeremy Stanford just puts it down and you know I called that no leg or a little tentative but I think I'm a liar he had poked way out there from that I think we both got that long on because we said it wasn't a snap

Like Ronnie's and I guess he's been training with Ronnie in the gym that's gonna be enough to put him in the lead the question is will it be enough for gold here tonight needs an 86 41 180 220 so world record our X Games record

Distance backflip and the first place Jeremie Stenberg that was a great one for Jeremy I hope it's going to be enough look how whipped out that bike gets how big the no-footer is and full commitment when he is upside down to

Take that arm off the bike but it's gonna be Jeremy Steinberg's first ever gold medal and right now let's go down to Jamie little hum sure is with the very excited jeremy Stenberg and brian dance eludes him all of his friends and

Family here tell us exactly how difficult was it for you to pull that trick it wasn't difficult at all you know I've been doing that trick for a couple months now so is pretty much his cane with Brian said he wouldn't even

Try it that's how hard it was come on I've had that trick in the book for at least two months so pretty pumped to finally come and get the monkey off my bed I've had enough seconds this year I've had like nine so pumped I got one

Where it counts that X Games now they won the gold medal for a long time and he's been working very hard at it he is your X Games gold medalist and best ranked guys well Jamie Jeremy Stenberg does it and does it against the big dogs

He beats Pastrana Adams Bartram bikes all the hitters in the house what they'll be riding on the iceberg as they like to say there are two jumps but there really is no you want to win this you feat the

75-foot jump just there for decoration and for more on the course let's check in with Jamie little well cam earlier today the guys were having a hard time with the light being so flat they couldn't spot their lines

But tonight we're under the lights it's crystal clear and visibility is much better now the people watching at home the biggest misconception is that these guys are jumping on snow that it's a cush landing as you can see here it is

Solid ice but with the equipment they're running the ice here it is the better the traction the bigger they go Tourette's syndrome vixen shake his head but it never happens going up to the

Jump it always seems like right after he lands and he's saved we get the head shake it's amazing because just before he hits it see how it's gonna be

Remember Ronnie one hand off but upside down he's throwing his arms straight above his head and again as you pointed out he has bigger extensions on the no-hander so let's take a look ships is

Put under the peg look at that extension of the no-hander great job comes around most late with the sidesaddle and ER but he does get it over cleanly pulls it off so it's gonna be interesting to see what the judges think watch that

To keep the bike from flying away which is on his game and he lands a big trek first job which lawyer to see where you stand in the standings when you go in to jump number two love street going last

That is good was terrifying me late on that sidesaddle Lander though and I hope the judges award that first commitment isn't enough to take down Feist I say yes what do you say right on Jeremy Stenberg

Throwing down the goods and right now speaking of throwing down let's check it with Jamie little all right twitch our paths you going out there is that what you had planned yes what I've had planned for the past a

Couple days I just finally sacked up and went for you know I had to get done what I wanted to get done and practicing that track for about two months now sounds like you think it's gonna be enough to stop Matt rebo's coming up next well is

If not I'll have to pull something else out so we'll see all right they do have one more I'm congratulated by Brian Deegan so the Metal Mulisha comes in and takes that top spot and right now let's go

Down to Jamie little Cameron we've heard from his competitors his friends they said it was just a matter of time before twitch realized his true potential in his talent and Jeremy this year it has come together

This is your second gold medal now after summer X what has been the main difference in your life just been on my game you know I've been wanting to win I've been wanting to ride more than ever and I came through it you know I'm so

Potent and got words of talk right now I'm so excited it's just I've been working my butt off for the past two months for this event here and you've been riding your whole life though what has made the difference to make you want

To ride so much just life man yeah I think a good Lord Jesus Christ was he keeping us all safe out here tonight and just pop I only know what to say beautiful fiancee watching your little girl little girl Katrina home I love you

Babe congratulations Jeremy twitch Stenberg takes home gold can win this thing and you can see there it is collecting his first ever X Games medal with the bronze mater Bo also collecting a first-time medal at his first-ever X

Games this silver and Jeremy Stanford your big winner here tonight going huge

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