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published on July 17, 2020

My name's Jeremy Steinberg most people know me as twitch and I'm under every bike rider he's a guy like you like to watch him ride the bike you don't really know why but it just looks good when he's doing it Jeremy twitch Stenberg probably the most

Talented dude on a dirt bike twitch had the biggest influence you know being a local guy in Temecula you know I grew up watching hands which he's probably one of the best all-around riders and I really good free rider and obviously

Good video maker I love making video parts I thrive on that stuff I want to see something that makes me want to ride and gives me that urge and like that feeling like dude I wanna go be on my bike and for me that's

What I'm looking for when I put out a video part is anyone that watches my part to be like that was badass I'm gonna go right now my name is John Sanders and I do all of Jeremy Steinberg's filming he grew up riding he

Rode freestyle in the beginning he raced so he knows like he knows what looks good it's just in my blood I'm a motorcycle rider that just happens to film if you don't have a dope filmer you don't have a dope rider like you

Complement each other I'm spoiled because I'm used to just filming with him but I don't realize how good he is until I go film with other guys and then I realized he's got so many gold medals for a reason I can't really mess up as

Long as I'm filming I'm gonna get good stuff written X Games since the very beginning since like 1999 so I think I'm like 15 16 years of riding X Games and from that they brought me a lot of success in my career and just riding and

X Games pretty much gave us that platform to showcase our skills and what we can do and I've had fun every year right next games whether it's best whip or speed and style freestyle contests step up and now this year we have real

Moto we wouldn't be where we are with our industry or our sport if we didn't have X Games to showcase us in that big audience everything goes great except for how in a rush he is I

Hate waiting he's in a rush always and I'm like just give me a second let's let me let me reset it another shot I'm like no like now he has no patience I can't wait like once I'm in the zone after just go now I pretty much just let

The camera roll as much as possible and then I just have to hustle from location to location I'll be riding am attitude to jump and I'm looking around he's just running through the bushes he doesn't get it I know what I'm capable of and

I'm trying to push myself a little past that so I can get out of my comfort zone and I think I think sometimes you got to get out of your comfort zone to get really good shots for me I just tried to push myself more and more every day that

I'm riding out in the hills and definitely looking forward to everyone seeing my part and seeing what they thought of it I didn't want one ramp I didn't want one jump that was built from a tractor I didn't want a one jump

Course or one quarter pipe I wanted my stuff to be all natural out in the hills or a little bit urban on the sides of schools and walls and stuff like that I just want to put out a badass video that everybody sees and was like okay this

Dude's serious like he's a real free rider I just wanted this video to showcase my skills and what I can do with a bike and how much fun this bike brings me I'm just riding a dirt bike and having a shovel like honestly that's

At the end of the day to make me happy all I need is some wet dirt a shovel and a dirt bike and a solid group of dudes to go ride with I just wanted to show X Games in the world like here's what we do check it out

so I guess we should talk a little bit about you know what is this show real motive unlike your normal X games where

It's just about the truth and writing you know this is 360 degrees the rider locations the filming the music everything in dirtbikes is competition or race related and this platform is given these guys an opportunity to kind

Of showcase their personality and what they really first see their sport as so you know what it is you know who's gonna judge it so now let's get to our pieces jeremy twitch Stenberg if not one of the most exciting people on a dirtbike

Certainly one of the more legendary characters in sport Jeremy's been there from the absolute start of the whole freestyle motocross move in he is crazy good on a motorcycle here's the piece from Jeremy twitch Steinberg and John

Sanders for me when I'm out filming on a real moto I'm not thinking about what everyone else is doing I could care less I'm thinking about like what can I do that's gonna be dope and I've been today on be pumped on to see in the video and

That my fans are gonna be pumped on this see my film is John Sanders my brother-in-law it's a no brainer to use them he goes with me everywhere I go I was always with Jeremy going out to the track and stuff and I really had no

Reason to be there so I picked up a camera and I really enjoy it I want to have anyone else for my video part besides him so it was easy bit my writer is twitch he's bad like I almost feel like I'm cheating sometimes this video

We took a different route Jeremy's really into social media and that's kind of where a lot of people know him from so we wanted to kind of have a play on that we planned it a little bit more had a bit more story to it and we try to do

Like an edit inside of an edit to part of it from what Jeremy sees kind of a day in the life what goes into filming my point of view of like what it's like getting ready you know shovel and throw them a helmet on in every transition

It's one of Jeremy's twitches and then the second half just a typical I traveled a little bit more this year I didn't stay in the norm of Ricci Canyon and Beaumont and Palma Avenue I had to get out of my comfort zone and head

North think when you go out and you just film by yourself like it's just not the same I love anyone that pushed me so just school this year to go out with Hanson and Biermann and Vinnie and dudes like that just made it fun her to go

Ride this year my background I've always ridden BMX and I've always ridden motifs I wanted to try to bring a little bit more street like BMX type stuff into my moto riding people always drive down the road and go oh look at that house I want

To jump that house or oh look at that wall and be sick to jump on that wall on Willie it or nose bonking I think from now on from here on out my goal is to be the dude that does all the things that everyone says they're gonna do but never

Doesn't want to be the guy that does it so I think you'll see a lot of that in this year that it hopefully it pays off for me took a lot of risk this year this is the most creative I've been so you know I hope it pays off I hope everyone

Really pumped on it I'm twitch and here's my real moto the lips gonna be dying when we hit it I want to try to screw this thing out

just tapping on food

yeah punk rock that part that I guess definitely didn't disappoint you right you know you got some Pennywise in there that's definitely punk rock mad I love watching twitch try the guy's got unreal

Style so fun to watch jumping off that building that was a big step down I like little foot plan on the underpass and that wheelie shot at the end was good which is no joke I mean the guys he makes riding look so effortless

Jeremy twitch Stenberg 90 seconds in the book

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