Jennifer Lawrence Takes a Lie Detector Test | Vanity Fair

published on July 2, 2020

I need you to pick your arms straight up

in the air coming okay I understand the

terrible situation I'm in fully get it

is your name Jennifer Lawrence yes are

you 27 years old yes are you about to

take a polygraph exam yes

okay so we're all wired up guys we good

I feel like I'm living a nightmare okay

it'll be quick and easy Jennifer it's

not that bad so this is simple the

needles move if it detects nervousness

if the needles are already going crazy

take a deep breath focus on answering

the question yep

are you nervous yes why you nervous

because I feel like everybody hates me

why because of the Internet here we go

do you want to get married someday yes

have you ever been in love yes

have you ever told your significant

other you love them and got no response

no do you think everyone has a soul mate


I'm getting increasingly nervous but

everything I'm saying is true okay oh it

starts showing that I'm sorry I just

made it react okay do you believe in

love at first sight no are you in love

with this random guy no you sure about

that yes photo please have you ever had

your heart broken yes

would you date someone shorter than you


is there someone out there who doesn't

know you have a crush on them

no would you date a non-celebrity yes

getting increasingly nervous okay do you

have a favorite brother no

would you tell a friend if you didn't

like their haircut her outfit yes

20 your friends use dating apps yes

have you ever used the dating app no is

it okay to check your significant others

phone or emails no have you ever done

this yes but with permission I was young

I learned my lesson or any of your

friends too needy no text too much no

over communicate no I mean yes but

that's what I like about her are you

talking about this woman no you sure

about that yes positive mm-hmm okay

photo I don't know why I keep giving

myself the most stressful ones I'm God

every time I look out of the jumps I

choose beauty we ever tried the Kylie

lipstick yes do you wear makeup to the

gym No

Oh what are you looking at nothin what

are you looking at I'm looking for the

truth and me too if somebody showed up

at the same party with the same outfit

would you change no do you look better

with a suntan yes

did you ever faked him yes

you want it to look I did I'm like what

why'd you want to look because I use it

on my body but not my face the truth is


are there any styles you think you could

never pull off yes

do you regret any your red carpet looks

I do but I don't regret that one oh


were you guys that maybe of course I

regret red style red of course I regret

red carpet looks photographed leaves my

hair was fabulous that night is there a

trend you tried you felt you couldn't

pull off you have do you consider

yourself low-maintenance yes

do you do your own laundry not anymore

see it's good to be honest and let's get

into philosophy do you know anyone in

the Illuminati no are you in the

Illuminati no you have a moral dilemma

yeah the train is speeding down the

tracks about to hit a group of 20 people

if you pull a lever you can divert the

train to a track that would kill only

one person do you pull the lever to save

20 people yes what if instead of pulling

that lever you had to push that one

person in front of the Train to save

those 20 people yes I mean it would be

psychotic not to in fact every time I'm

in the subway I always think about

pushing people on the tracks I don't do

it I don't get tempted to do it but it

it crosses my mind told you so happy

that that was confirmed with the

polygraph that I'm a psychopath I don't

want to do it okay anyway do you believe

in the afterlife I don't know no leaning

more towards no I feel like it's just a

reaction to an eighth narcissism that we

just believe that we can't not exist

here's pop culture where Ross and Rachel

really on a break yes

do you consider Rostov and cheating No

to watch reality TV yes is reality TV

reality yes

is Kim your favorite Kardashian Oh

do you believe in aliens I think gasps I

think so I have no reason not to

yeah of course be still II think we're

the only ones do you remember your

character Mystique's real name from the

x-men Raven dark home

confirmed can you name five x-men no I


do you tip well yes more than 15% yes

more than 20 sometimes yeah I mean like

when it's appropriate yes

oh geez I'm God I'm a bad tipper okay I

can't believe I'm rich in a bad tipper

that's heartbreaking

okay it's mostly just from me not

knowing or not having you know just what

it's from Bateman it's from my bubble

should pineapple ever be on Pizza no


sorry chrissy teigen when you see

yourself on the screen do you think I

did a great job if I did the music have

you ever had a Facebook account no oh

yes when I was younger he awesome

do you ever Google yourself yes are you

afraid of anything

yes are you afraid of this even that's

one of them

I don't like those you may remove the

picture and this I'm not really scared

of clowns unless like I'd be scared of

the amount of fun I'm about to not have

I don't feel like I might be past the

age where I can be entertained by a


except for cab and Modern Family when

you pulled the giant clock out of his

coat at the gas station and said come on

we're late that was about it was that

really funny yes okay one last question

at any point during this interview did

you lie and we didn't catch you no I

mean I can't know if you have caught me

yet but I don't believe to have lied in

this interview

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