JBL PULSE 4 Bluetooth Speaker – Finally JBL ! – REVIEW

by birtanpublished on August 21, 2020

Hey what's going on folks thank you for those requests I can't get to every one of them but it does help though it puts the product right in front of my face and lets me know what you guys are interested in now we're looking at the OG of LED bluetooth speakers the one

That you guys have requested for this one provides the most color the most brightness it's the JBL pulse series and specifically this one is the new JPL pulse for now will emit the audio on the previous generations were never the best

As majority of the speaker is the LED lights but let's see if this one is any better as always being transparent JBL did send this over for review however my assessment was not altered in any way I'll be going over both pros and cons

I'll leave my affiliate links down in that video description below click on those links for the most updated prices in real time you never know when this thing might go on sale I'm Jimmy with Jim's review room and I'm here to help

You guys make that purchase decision welcome everyone to another review so going over the physical features first this thing has some weight to its a good bit of weight coming in at nearly

Three pounds a covering that would be acrylic or glass used here and it does give me a bit of caution when holding no it's not slippery per se but I am conscious about it it actually feels fragile not that it's a flaw but

Something to be aware about I mean damn look at the lights here how else are you gonna get a lava lamp looking speaker also it's a very finger print throat now on the very bottom is the passive base radiator and on the very top is the

Actual driver pushing out 360 degree audio now why I do like about the speaker over the previous generation there's simply more coverage for the lights all around regarding audio we'll get into that pretty shortly now

Continue with the physical features there are three sides to the pulse for the first one has your volume up and down with pause and play I love the fact when you adjust volume you can see how much you've pumped it up and how low it

Can go with these LEDs you can also skip a song by pressing the play button twice but you can't go back what you also don't get is voice assistance there's no Google or Siri built-in and since the JBL pulse board doesn't have a built-in

Microphone or speaker can't piggyback off your phone for you to use those assistance either it lasts since there's no microphone again there's no speakerphone pop Jim again not a negative per se but it is subjective if

You'll be using those features or Nats those features are typically found on other devices in general granted they don't have the tremendous amount of LEDs here now rotating to the side here simply power and bluetooth pairing it is

Rated at Bluetooth 4.2 which is good for really average views this year I've been really pushing for companies to offer Bluetooth 5.0 and with my testing I'm able to walk about 80% of my apartment here before the music started to crackle

That's good for Bluetooth 4.2 to be honest with you guys and also testing this with video on my Android pixel 3 am I I film 10 I surprisingly didn't have any syncing issues that's really good although again I do prefer Bluetooth 5.0

You want to basically future-proof yourself last you can only pair this to one device at a time which is a complete bummer now rotating to that third side here we have this thing called party boost if you can find

Another JBL speaker that has party boots you can pair them together and have stereo sound if you are let's say your friends have more than two of these speakers pair them all together and they can play at the same time with zero

Delays the older speakers that use connect plus instead are not compatible and that is a letdown there but JB on the past has provided an update to their connect plus speakers that made them work with their older speakers as well

So we'll see about this new feature last bun here is the JBL lighting setup and this is where there is some justification if you want to forego some of those features that were not offered on the pulse for there's no other

Mainstream speaker that's even close to what this speaker can do in regards to lighting and customization now pressing this cycles through five different presets that are available now the first one is spiritual the next one is my

Personal favorite here it's called the campfire next one is an equalizer LED display next one is wave and very last here is the custom mode here in which you can change which direction these LEDs are shining and actually how many

Now keep in mind each of the five you can change the color through the app for the feature that I love the most here use the camera mode and scan your favorite color this helps a lot if you want matching decor with your speaker

Here and honestly it's shockingly very accurate now you control how bright you want the LEDs to be as well and of course you can always revert it back to the factory settings now for those who have the previous generation the pulse

Three just for the lights here it's not worth the upgrade in my personal opinion with the pulse three the LEDs go right up to the glass that's something that you might particularly be picky about but honestly it's the same exact LED

Display and colors so there's not much of a change there I'll leave the LEDs in the background for you guys so you can be mesmerized here while watching the review now moving on battery level indicator below which looks really cool

But could be a bit more detailed and less is the USBC connection which it deserves several points here for future proofing now I'm aware most people or more people are using these speakers wirelessly but

There are a few out there that still use a three and a half millimeter chord we don't get the three-and-a-half millimeter input on the polls for but speaking of power here JBL claims up to twelve hours

Of use which is only low-end for Bluetooth speakers in general of this price range but again you get the the campfire effect here but with my testing the same test that I do on all my Bluetooth speakers at 50% vibe I was

Able to achieve 14 hours and 35 minutes to be precise now last but not least the water tester this is IP 7 certified mini this can be simmers underwater for up to 30 minutes and up to 3 point 3 feet of water the bigger question though if you

Were to drop this into a body of water does it float with my test length thankfully it does and I'm assuming the USB port is ok to be exposed to water since there's no flat button here anyways so far in this review the pulse

For it looks really good in my personal opinion here but left many of the other features that makes this super versatile in my opinion the LEDs look really darn good and if that's the priority let's move on to the audio section let's give

You guys the audio sample and see if this could seal the deal folks if you haven't already be sure to follow me on Twitter or Instagram a user name is on the screen there for you guys I'll also place it in the video description as

Well so just tap and follow and if you're new feel free to subscribe and like the video to help support my work alright folks here goes the audio test hey folks make sure you put on your own headphones

Earphones forgot to tell you guys that a little bit earlier but that's the only way you can hear just 3d audio like experienced right here goes

one of us and there you go folks audio recorded that might end and then play through your speakers are not the

Best depiction of audio quality but hence my review here the pulse for holy cow surprisingly this has good amount of bass it's not like I said before where it shakes the table of course before this Bluetooth speaker dang this sounds

Really really good base hit surprisingly low it doesn't make the mid-range muddy and the amount of bass does supplement the experience really well the second shock factor and honestly I wasn't expecting much after reviewing the JBL

Charge 4 and the JBL flip 5 both of those were excellent speakers but comparing them to the previous generation of their respective models it just wasn't much of a change but this one here although it's not a direct

Firing speaker again the speaker's firing towards the ceiling and not directly at you I honestly didn't think that this audio would fill up a room it actually does you can put this at maximum bottom have no Distortion and

Have it louder not to fill up a large living space it's perfect for small dorm rooms it's perfect for large living areas like what I have here it's open up to the kitchen over there and if you can afford two of these holy freedom telling

You it's going to be an experience now I will admit though if you go into another room that is that's completely separated it does lose its emphasis quite quickly and I'm very certain because the audio may be just so happens bounces off the

Ceiling and gives you a bit more immersion in the direct area or because you're in the blast radius of this 360 degree audio that's why it sounds good like I said if you go into the next room it does lose its power pretty quickly

Now the high frequencies I blasted this at maximum vibe and it was never sharp never raspy overall the pulse 4 is really that damn good and honestly it's been a long time since I've been amazed shocked but this is truly a good quality

Speaker audio wise last before I forget to mention indeed you do get full 360 degrees sound I try to demo that really quickly in the audio section there but walking around a rotating speaker does provide an even distribution

Audio throughout the room the JBL pulse for is indeed missing several features I will admit that there's no voice assistance no speakerphone option no three-and-a-half millimeter port no Bluetooth 5.0 no multi pairing indeed

Those are that might deter you actually from purchasing but I would say ask yourself this if you're okay with those features missing it's clearly still a well functioning speaker from my testing the audio was not sacrificed and if

Anything sounds really good to help you make that purchase decision if you value delights as the first priority here and then you're okay with the 360-degree audio sound signature instead of being more direct this is a great purchase

It's honestly your call and if you do purchase this with my testing what does work simply works well alright folks let me know in the comment section below what you guys think remember to add me on social media at Jimmy loom official

And Instagram and JLo official on Twitter like to subscribe and be sure to throw some fire emojis in my way everything helps support my work you guys take care I'll catch you guys on the next one and oh by the way keep

Recommending products I see you guys out there okay

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