JBL Charge 4 – REVIEW Also comparison of Sony XB31 VS JBL Charge 3

by birtanpublished on September 27, 2020

You know the djinns reverb channel over the years have been buzzing with all sorts of requests from reviewing smartwatches to speakers to specific brands and such one of the most requested from you the fans have been specifically JBL folks this is the

Charge for you personally asked me to test I bought this at the retail price of $149 but as always I'll leave my affiliate links down in that video description below click on those links for the most updated prices in real time

You never know when these things might go on sale I'm Jimmy wouldn't Jim's reviewer appear to help you make that purchase decision welcome everyone to another review

now going over the physical features first it looks nearly identical to the previous charge 3 which I have here in red it's ever so slightly bigger we're

Talking two centimeter or two and it's a little bit heavier and the two buttons on top here have basically just moved around we'll get a closer look pretty soon now we still have these seem very durable abrasion resistant fabric cover

The ip67 certification makes it return here meaning that you can submerge this underwater for up to 30 minutes and with my testing the charge is able to float making this ideal for the pool or the lake and we have the same passive base

Radiators on the side that moves with your output now in general compared to the competition the charge 4 is still a great design in my personal opinion still highly durable still highly functional practical it still looks very

Modern – the only critique though it is starting to push that boundary of being portable or more specifically that is it starting to get on the heavier side for the midsize speaker but let's get a closer look the buttons on your screen

Pretty straightforward the notable feature for those who are unfamiliar with JBL is the JBL connect plus feature you can pair multiple JBL connect plus speakers at the same time even the older charge 3 even mix-and-match speakers if

You'd like keep in mind to get stereo sound you need 2 of the same model speakers you can't mix and match now I'm sorry it's to keep the same audio quality as it would wouldn't sound great if you had one channel stronger and the

Other one weak or you can say not in the volume button audio characteristics now a couple of things to look out for one thing that is no longer available is the speakerphone option which is very odd considering every other Bluetooth

Speaker offers this you basically can't take phone calls second the charge for oddly did away with the voice assistant on most competitors pressing down a some sort of multifunction button would activate Siri or Google assistance but

We don't have that option available in the app to enable anymore maybe a firmware updates down the road would fix that now rotating to the rear behind this water-resistant flap JBL graciously made the switch to USBC which is awesome

Thank you for future proofing this speaker here a pin a millimeter port for physical connections and JBL keeps the charge name with an USB out to charge your devices usually the speaker like a power bank

You can charge your phone speaking of power the charge for it retains an up to 20 hour better life which is still up top or on top of most competitors by testing this at 50% in vine I was able to achieve only 9 hours and 14 minutes

Into the unit died well this is common among Bluetooth speakers as that's their up to value that could have been tested at bear little vine but compared to the major competitor like these sony xba-1 to get a apples to apples comparison I

Was able to get 10 hours and 15 minutes on that particular speaker as with the UE boom 3 be sure to subscribe to the channel and turn on notifications to see when that is released or if I'm done testing that I'll have that link down in

That video description below either or despite a slightly larger battery inside whoops despite a larger battery inside the charge for it doesn't necessarily be out the competition all right so enough

About power here how about signal performance the charge for has Bluetooth 4.2 which I'm okay with I would have preferred Bluetooth 5.0 to future-proof this thing again but the 4

To the 4.2 that is I was able to achieve a range of 89 linear feet outdoors which for the average consumer should be enough if anything to charge for signal is equal to the competitors out there now testing this with movies on my

Samsung phone no syncing issues no delays in the audio as for Apple Netflix works fine if there was a delay it's probably a nanosecond or so but man YouTube that was completely jacked up horrible delays here alright folks let's

Get into the audio test so please put on your headphones or earphones as I'll be using binder microphones for the 3d audio test for those who are new it's an awesome experience and for Team Jin's review members let's light up that

Comment session let's see those fire emojis let's see you guys show up in force alright guys here we go alright folks put on those headphones or earphones they get the best audio experience here

Was the first song how you feel as long as you can show me a good time I don't need promises honestly no big deal as long as you can show me a good

Oh they want you to how you feel as long as

You can show me a good time I don't need promises honestly no big deal as long as you can show me good and there you have it folks now one

Thing I want to point out while most front-facing speakers have dual drivers even on the charge three it has dual drivers Aelita charge for decide to now go with just one speaker fixed to the right side is that even in the center

For some reason but you can't really tell him person unless you literally stand like two feet in front of the speaker and then you hear the audio coming more so in your right ear but again it's very minimal for my testing

If anything now knowing for sure it's mono audio though I was taken aback by that but to be fair please as an unbiased review as an unbiased consumer how does it perform in the real world how will your ears interpret this first

Doing a very quick comparison with each charge 3 the audio difference is very minuttes but a difference nonetheless and a charge 3 is still an exceptional speaker with the missing features on the charge for that honestly didn't see why

You would want to upgrade to the charge for coming from the charge 3 unless you want USBC or so the audio difference from my assessment switching back and forth over and over again your charge 3 has ever so slight deeper bass while the

Audio frequencies were still very close together you can save the charge for was ever so slightly lesson based though but the frequency separation was much more appearance making bass hurt in its own realm or you can say frequencies and

Then vocals this creates a bit more depth in the audio allowing you the consumer to experience a wider variety of audio also on the charge port I noticed the vocals were cleaner not brighter not more Ford per se but the

Clarity is slightly more pronounced also I interpreted the charge for being slightly airier or having a wider soundstage and vocals hits a slightly higher note now if I can give you an analogy a very loose analogy but being

Dead serious of the overall comparison between the charge through any charge for think of your burger at your favorite fast-food joint now hang in here hang with me here you can take a bite

This it tastes good you move on that's the charge three the charge for to take a bite you first taste the Angus beef then the freshly cut onions then these sourness and brightness of the fresh crunchy pickles that's the difference

There's a bit more dimension in the audio the charge for is slightly better but honestly if you didn't have them side by side for most average consumers you're not going to realize it save your money folks I'm looking out for you guys

You guys already have the charge three really no big deal to have an upgrade well compared to the competition now the charge for is hands-down still one of the best before a midsize bluetooth speakers out there even though the audio

Hasn't changed much it's a little bit more refined for the Passover years of testing though even newer speakers at the studio the charge still has cleaner punchy bass the vocals are more pronounced and detailed it's lively and

The high notes worth still hits but it's never sharp on top and ever since that being dull born or even severely rolled off the biggest difference between the other main competitors Yui and Sony and all the budget speakers that I recently

Reviewed on the channel a charge for still has a very recognizable depth to its audio adding much more character through the experience instead of simply just being a loud and in-your-face speaker that's the difference in the

Charge for against the competitors so folks I hope this helped you in some way let me know if this is still a great speaker despite some of the changes or even some of the takeaways please be sure to show your support by following

Me on social media the Graham Twitter him Facebook all those handles are in the video description down below I'm Jimmy with Jim's review and I'm here to help you make that purchase decision

Hopefully I helped you in some way see you guys later bye

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