Jaybird X4 Sport Earphones – REVIEW

by birtanpublished on September 29, 2020

hey everyone
Jimmy with gems review room every year I
test their new models and they've been
great on audio but that you need to
design on their ear fins and ear tips
we're never the best compared to the
competition I think the new x-force
finally at the years of testing has
fixed it now these are personally bought
for the retail price on $129 retail for
updated prices in real time use my
affiliate links that an app good in
description below
you'd never know when these things might
go on sale all right folks I'm Jimmy
with Jim's review room I'm here to help
you make that purchase decision welcome
everyone to another video going over the
physical stuff first you get four sets
of ear tips medium and large for both
silicon and the comply foam ear tips
three sets of ear wings proprietary
charging dongle make sure you don't lose
that shirt clip and the protective
carrying case if you decide to use it
now I personally store the charging
cable in fake carrying case and then
throw my earphones into my back now
everything once again feels quality
built here the air phones are plastic
that's organ Amish the court is tangle
free and from daily use of tossing this
into my bag it untangles every time the
court itself is also very grippy with
that rubber texture now what the last
several generations more specifically
the x3s J proclaimed they were water and
sweat proof even offering at one point a
lifetime warranty against said damages I
don't know when they did away with this
but after speaking with a rep from
j-bird they confirmed it's now only a
one-year warranty sucks to have lost
peace of mind but the new exports are
now ipx7 certified with that seven
certification and usually means these
products are able to be submerged into
water they're reading the instruction
manual from j-bird the exports are
designed to handle rain mud and it says
outdoor adventures they're not designed
for swimming showering or exposure to
the pool or ocean water so
just want to clear that up for you I saw
some reviews saying that you can wear
this is swimming what the hell no I
still inch the hell out of these things
though but it's still working fine today
now taking a closer look there are no
buttons on the earphones themselves but
everything is housed in this controller
here pause play skipping and going back
on songs adjusting fountain and
answering phone calls are all done on
the biggest concern while running though
does this slap you across the face
thankfully it doesn't the controller is
far enough back and this is also new in
the exports the new speed adjustment tab
on the back is a godsend why didn't you
think of this years ago here it works
amazing by making the cable taut this
prevents a lot of that wire from
bouncing around on the back of your neck
and also in turns keep the controller
from bouncing around as well but this is
a perfect Segway into comfort here I
don't pay to wear it over the ears
anymore as wearing it under the ears as
I'm doing in the video the earphone
stays on much better than before I
contribute this more so to the new ear
tips shaking my head and looking like a
weirdo in the park here you can see they
stay in my ears no matter what they fit
snug in the ear canal they provide
excellent passive noise isolation so it
does block out the world and I was the
most important of all they don't hurt
sound leaking was confirmed from my test
to be very minimal even at high volumes
and something you might miss while
there isn't much wire chatter from the
wire rubbing against your clothing or
possibly bouncing and there's also
minimal amounts of wood noise when
running depending on how loud you have
your music that shouldn't be an issue
now such an based on battery tests
jaybird is climbing up to eight hours of
use same as last year's model I was able
to get eight hours and three minutes to
be precise from a faux battery to dead
at 50% volume keep in mind the X scores
also have fast charging per Jaybirds rep
again they advised 10 minutes equals one
hour worth of playback total recharge
time is at a reasonable two and a half
hours from dead to full
now as for Bluetooth jaybird said that
their Bluetooth is rated at 4.1 that's
the version number I would have
preferred to at least have seen
bluetooth 4.2 with Bluetooth 5
being the best in not only distance for
audio transmission but also power
efficiency with my testing leaving my
phone on one side of the hallway and
walking all the way down here I was able
to get 66 linear feet of distance before
the audio started to skip and it's cut a
little short since most very good
performing brands are averaging around
70 to 80 linear feet to be fair 50 to 60
feet might be enough for most people so
folks let's get into the audio
assessment how do they sound first the
x4 is armed loud listening at around 60%
for casual listening to 70% one I hear
that song to get me going that is the
x-force just like the X threes and even
the freedoms they have that in your face
very much on live sound experience and I
love the type of bass that this thing
offers it's a very punchy just deep
enough for your listening experience
with zero distortion the Jaybirds has
that bass boosted sound signature that I
personally love perfect for EDM pop and
is just basically enough to make basic
hip-hop songs very much enjoyable I love
the amount of depth the j birds have not
only does it hit quite deep compared to
many of the other competitors in his
price range but the audio separation
from low to the mid-range is quite
impressive you can experience bass but
then vocals instruments and such sounded
higher almost like it has vertical
height the mid-range is distinguished
with detail and fidelity but for me
I like mine slightly more forward and
bright as I noticed the upper mid-range
and into the high frequencies needed a
little bit more boost even at times
towards the upper ranges it sounded a
little jumbled for some reason that's
where the app comes in clutch the app
experience and J part is is one of the
best here very easy to use very
streamlined in the earphones themselves
are reasonably responsive to the
adjustments you can pull different areas
all the way up and the ear films don't
blow out you might not like the deep
bass but I'm just showing this as an
example now with my tweaks of slightly
bumping up that upper mid-range to
higher frequencies these earphones
sounded amazing
overall the x4 and honestly the jaybird
sound signature I love them and
considering the exports are $130 they
fit better now the slack reducing tab on
the back is much better than the last
generation the x-force I met our
highly recommended finally and I mean
finally after years of reviewing their
products I feel they hit the nail on the
head in practically every aspect as Rudy
we'll see how long those lasts but if
you're watching this let me know how
yours are holding up and that's really
about it
I can't recommend these enough alright
folks follow me on Facebook and or
Instagram again those links are down in
that video description below you guys
take care I'll catch you guys on the
next one bye

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