Jaybird Tarah VS Tarah Pro VS X4 – REVIEW

by birtanpublished on September 26, 2020

Hey folks jumping bread and do this I have the ex fours the Tara Andy Tamara probe models now what you want to choose since the Tara and the pro model looks practically the same and the exports sits right in the middle get into a straight-up comparison and which one

Might be better for you may not mention little tidbits of how they compare with the competition as always being transparent j-bird did send thee Tara's over for comparison the x4 is though I did personally pay for and for those who

Have been following me team Jim's review out there I'll always go over both pros and cons for updater prizes I'll leave my affiliate links down in that video description below click on those links for the most updated prices in real

Times you never know when these things might go on sale again I'm Jimmy with Jim's review room and I'm here to help you make that purchase decision welcome everyone to another review anyway let's go over the physical

Features first let's take a look at the j-bird x-force now the x-force and eat eras both have a rubberized cable but they're also tangle free as you guys can see now the Tara prose and the other hand offers

Something you don't normally see it's a fabric braided cord that's what I have in front of you now if I were to put this in my hands and just you know mix it up as well you can see they perform just as good they're not to say the

X-force and the terrors have bad core designs they're as good as the premium offerings out there on the market but once I tried the braided cord for the first time I realized that the x-force and the Tara's somewhat snags because of

Its very grippy texture very grippy cord that is it's more noticeable with those with running jackets like the one I have on right now or simply anything with a collar the Tara prose eliminates that fall together also love this about the

Pros they're magnetic basically sticking them together like so and it sounds so minimum but during my time of everyday use intestate it's very practical when you're working bending over moving around they stay on your

Neck now as for comfort and fit the ex fours improved a lot from all the previous models they finally stay in my ear but the x-force does have a two silicon piece construction there's the ear tip and of course the

Wing how no sever asked this last time hopefully this helps but yes the previous x3 tips and air wings do fit until the X force including the comply from ear tips now in general the exports are still not 100% the best fitting

Support earphones for me although they have their substantial improvements I still felt the Jabra and JBL product stayed in my ear the best but if we look at the tear and tear of pros they're completely different and it makes me

Wonder if they'll ever phase out the X line will there ever be an x5 the tear and tear pros goes with one-piece construction and at first they look bulkier and I was terrified as I might have fit issues again but honestly the

One-piece construction made these on the best fitting sport earphones that I've personally used with the X force the ear flange helped a lot to keep them in but there was an ever so slight amount of play basically again not that it would

Have been a bad product but compared to the tear up and terror pros the extra silicon passing the tube this also provided not only more contact area in the ears by grippy contact area keeping the air phones even more so in place

During vigorous activities and without that being said all three pairs of earphones provided excellent passive noise isolation blocking out most of the outside world and to help those watching my videos if you're looking for it your

Front that you can hear your surroundings for safety purposes such as running in your city or cycling if you have some sketch people in your park you don't want someone sneaking up to you or on you that is consider your front that

Doesn't sit in your ear canal or create a seal that blocks out the world you've got to choose which one you prefer better there's not many brands that offers that and honestly you might have to step up

To truly wireless earphones that pumps in your environmental noises through the built-in microphones alright getting back here all ear fields are waterproof I've drenched all of them they're working from my quick test I've noticed

It's been hit or miss with my fans shout out to team gyms review room if he had Jaybirds before even the current models how long have you had them and are they still going today are they still working today

Some people say they were not functioning well after a couple months some say they haven't for years this would help folks down in that comment section now another side note that many don't talk about is

Their sounds transferred from the cable rubbing or bouncing against my clothing or into my ears and going into my ears that is now while running all three perform the same and within reason for good support earphones

However while turning my head the Brady coordinate era pros are just ever so slightly more audible with rubbing and sliding against my shirt or collar and with music going on to be fair all three earphones in rural practice here in

Rural testing it wasn't a deal-breaker you hear of course much less but again just a be transparent the Terra pros did transfer a little bit more audio with the friction that was going on now one last thing about comfort and wearing a

Huge concern was this battery pack on the side of your face it was a problem for me and the j-bird freedoms when they used to be around but with the X force it is slightly moved back and I've never had any issues it's the same for the

Terra – Terra pros it's the same experience the control and the better pack has moved back now with a speed cinch adjustable cable shortener that's on the back here as well it removes a lot of the slack and prevents a

Controller and better pack from bouncing around as much some don't like that speed sense from my other review mentioning creates this longer cable in the back but I didn't find any issues with it myself if it does the terror

Pros are the least cumbersome once again because of that fabric cable it's a lot more flexible next up let's talk about battery life authoring uses a proprietary download which I'm never fond of here because what if I lose them

Or what if I forget them at home and with a lack of a micro USB port I think what jaybird was doing was trying to create a sealed system rather than using flaps and covers to protect it from water and rain now each attached is

Pretty easily here but they terror pros is the omen that offers a magnetic connection you just snap it together I love how this feels here this was never a problem for me but because it is magnetic and not clipped on like the

Other ones if you're trying to charge this in your bag let's say with a power bank it can easily disconnect when moving about as you guys can see it just takes a light tug thankfully if you're not in a crunch all three offers fast

Charging the tears and the X fours have 10 minutes of charging for one hour of playback but the Terra pros have just 5 minutes for two hours of playback which was a little bit more ideal a better life is on your

Screen and the results are there for you better life is somewhat varying here regarding of how much they're claiming with what the results are all three air phones played the same music at the same 50% environment levels from full battery

To dead the last but not least Bluetooth technology for those who want to future-proof themselves both Terra's have bluetooth 5.0 great for wireless range and battery efficiency the ex fours oddly only has bluetooth 4.1 and I

Got the x-force on my neck here no testing this we've already seen better life but regarding wireless range the distance is on your screen 4.1 is truly enough for most in regards to signal strength now with us intending on using

This for videos first with Android users all three earphones had zero syncing issues on both YouTube and Netflix fire emojis for that with Apple however the iPhone the exports had some slight syncing issues with YouTube but pressing

Pause then play again appears to resync the connection not the best thing in the world but it is what it is take away fire mode you there now Tara and Tara pros didn't have any issues with the YouTube or Netflix on my iPhone so

Alright folks let's talk about the audio performance first the cheapest of the three the terrors are good as all rounders and comparable with others in its price range $99 the fact that the jaybird app is very good at tuning these

Earphones and makes a Tara the more budget pair shine with responsive tweets to your liking now compared to the other two the Tara's was noticeably not as loud wide or expansive in its audio as the x4 the Tara pros per spekt the x4

Should technically perform closer to the Tara's and the pros sounding the best but from my experience the exports actually sounded better stock from the factory it's slightly more expansive slightly more depth in its audio and

Slightly having more bass the export is the signature sound that I've known from j-bert over all these years of reviewing them that's including punchy bass somewhat bright and Ford mids and a lively in-your-face sound signature at

Era pros are very close still very good compared to the competition but it is somewhat interest to notice in its stock settings and a little bit more reserved but to be fair its minut and you won't notice this

Until you have both again the x-force and then the Terra pros side-by-side and you're switching them back and forth repeatedly in addition that app is again one of the best and the pros also tunes very well if you want it as base E as

The x-force and wanted to sound a little better than the x4 is even add some on the high frequencies as well bump up a little bit of that base so the question which one would you get for me either the X floors or the Terra pros if you

Can hit that price range is what I would recommend the Terra pros in my opinion I simply love the new design it makes me rethink about those lay flat silicon cables that you find on the x-force and also on the regular Terrace and also

Those one-piece ear tips helps big time as well the Auto signature on either one of those are some of the best on the market hands down and if you own either the X threes the freedoms I'd say save your money those are still very good

Especially if they're if they are still working for you as for the Terra's it doesn't sound as good but for the $99 price range it's as good as anyone anyone else out there but now they fit the comfort is really really good

Alright folks down in the comment section below let me know what you guys think thank you guys for watching and supporting my work I catch you guys later

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