Jaybird Run XT 2019 Release – Truly Wireless Earphones – REVIEW

by birtanpublished on September 14, 2020

hey what's going on people all right j-bird run XTS there's some things that they kept in some things they mildly changed are the improvements worth upgrading and how does it compete with the competition as always being

Transparent with my lovely audience here what is up team James Revere was fired modi's for you guys j-bird did send this over for a review but my assessment was not altered in any way I'll be going over both pros and

Cons the last this is priced at 179 dollars retail but I place my affiliate links that in that video description below click on those links for the most updated prices in real time you never know when these things might go on sale

I'm Jimmy with Jim's review and I'm here to help you make that purchase decision welcome everyone the video alright folks let's go over the physical

Features first and see what those subtle changes are first we receive a slightly redesigned ear fin they're much more curved or angled than before and when I tested the original runs I was clear and transparent with you guys and admitted

They kept falling out of my ear during my jogging sessions most likely my ears are a little bit weird but when I compared them to all the other competitors I reviewed so far on this channel I've never had that issue and

Sorry about the cringy faces in the video here but this time around they stay in perfectly fine and they do give me confidence that they won't fall out and I know I look a little bit weird in the video right here but after testing

These shaking them vigorously they stay in not to mention they look really damn good black and black is killing it now getting a closer look for those who are unfamiliar with the j-bird runs there are physical buttons for pairing turning

Them on and off and such they're all very responsive and very clicky now each press is light enough so when you have these in your ear you're not actually like jamming these earphones into your head here again very subtle clicks

Awesome now most of the functionality from the button presses are all there although I do appreciate having Google assistant in the left ear bud or Siri that is at my fingertips but what we don't have or all the

Features available at the same time here let me reach into my pants in them so within the app you have to choose in the settings other default controls or alternative controls as you guys can see here now if I choose default controls

You get Google assistance or Siri which is awesome but you only have pause and play you can't use that left earbud that is over here to adjust your volume down now same thing with your right ear but I can pause and play but then I can't

Adjust the volume up I have to switch over to alternative controls and I know what your blood is off right there but what's up alternative controls it's basically vice-versa I'll lose the Google assistance or Siri and then it

Lose the pause and play feature unfortunately you have to pick and choose now this was a nuisance to me the less times honestly that I have to take up my phone that is the better during a workout especially during a run or

Simply having the convenience of just sitting at my desk right here and then if I need to adjust volume again don't want to whip out my phone you have to again pick and choose I wish a bird found a different way to do this now

Since I'm still on the buttons here the only other feature that I found missing Jabra calls it here through Sennheiser themselves calls it transparency mode they're run XTS basically doesn't include a feature like

Those other competitors they don't include a function that allows the outside environment the noses around you to be pumped in through the microphones for safety or simply awareness so with the run XTS these are 100% passive noise

Isolation earphones which I do love though and these do blackout a lot of noise these barely sound leaked as well but having the option for runners to hear their environment raw listening to music

Would have been nice now I don't know if you the consumer actually value this but comment down below let me know let all of us know if I'm just being picky here but this is something runners actually use I personally think I personally use

It again for safety reasons let me know if this is a feature that you guys desire yourself now the workaround and actually a plus for most people you have the ability to leave only one of these earphones in your ear if you'd like with

Other ear phones such as again the Sennheiser Momentum's true Wireless which I reviewed earlier this week you can only leave the right earphone in if you choose to leave only the left one in like I do with the Jaybirds here and the

Right earphone goes into your pocket or so it's not going to work with the j-bird run XTS you don't have that problem I can't I can confirm that you can either switch either/or and put the other one in your pocket and you still

Have a year to listen out you know for what's going on around you now moving on the second change that makes the XTS better than the previous generation but more importantly better than most of the competitors is its ipx7 rating while

Most competitors have an ingress rating of around 4 or 5 many that they're only splash-proof or maybe at most spray proof the xt can be fully submerged in water up to one meter for up to 30 minutes now I wouldn't recommend

Swimming with these but these are now as rugged as the draw bras which also have an IP 7 rating as you see in the video I had this in water as well and they're still functioning fine today now it would be cool though if these could

Float in water too but again for most people who are running along the street or so baby bike the woods you're probably not gonna drop this into the lake now getting into better life it's still decent for hours

And the earbuds themselves with another eight hours from the charging case so that's a total of 12 hours quick charge is available with only five minutes in the case and you can get up to an hour of playback back if that makes sense not

Pet at all now I did run my battery test at 50% in Vaughn to get in middle-of-the-road result and I achieved four hours and 53 minutes which was very similar to the first generation since I briefly

Mentioned the case here's a closer look they're not magnetized so once you put these earphones in here be careful because they could drop out now rotating to the back they still stuck a USB 2.0 connection for some reason we're heading

Into 2019 and in my humble opinion I think a lot of consumers should be investing to USB type-c since that's the next Universal ports most likely it is touching base on bluetooth performance now oddly we're still at also Bluetooth

4.1 although Bluetooth 5.0 has been out for a while and older technology but let's see what my testing showed with signal strength I'm able to achieve 82 linear feet of range with one wall in between and that's really good for an

Older Bluetooth technology testing this with video Android first I have a Samsung S A+ but I did have any video syncing issues with Netflix or YouTube that's a huge plus twitch on the other hand had horrible delays and I'm aware

These are dedicated support earphones but my viewers do watch the video with sport earphones to a testing this for those with iPhones Netflix was slightly off youtube and twitch was horribly off sync I also never had issues with the

Right or left ear but cutting out and not playing as well the last feature I wanted to talk about before discussing audio is a phone call performance my voice is audible and at the forefront which is great news but like most other

Earphones they do pick up a good bit of environmental noises so getting into the audio performance I really love the chambered sound signature not because it's the most accurate if anything is the furthest from being accurate but

It's loud it's in your face it's great for pop EDM hip-hop genres that I personally listen to you for those looking for balance or accuracy these are not really it's but if you're looking for more of an alive

Sound signature that's what the j-bert run X T's are for starting with bass these are surely bass boosted earphones it's fast thumping bass with some residents here it's not deep thunderous bass but more than plenty for

The after mention generous I would caution though the mid-range is clear enough for most there is though an ever so slight amount of bass spilling over that prevents the mid-range from shining a bit further but we can address some of

This in the app which I'll show you shortly after testing a good bit of truly wireless earphones over the years I do notice the Jaybirds not having an expansive or having a wide soundstage

The run X days have excellent left and right audio separation but that spacial miss is not there it doesn't take away from the music but a wide soundstage always helps with the experience now the high frequencies are not screeching or

Over piercing but could use a bit more resolution or detail overall and to reiterate though the jaybird run XTS these pair of earphones are very colourful in a sense and many average consumers will really really enjoy them

If I can give you an analogy let's say The Avengers movie infinity war or endgame nearly all the background is on a green screen but the visual artists tweets it to be visually appealing they put in all that filler and stuff in this

Case j-bert engineer's tweak the audio to what most average consumers like hopefully you guys understood that analogy there but let's get into the app here let me not whip it out but without the phone that is right on the dashboard

You have several presets right on the home screen now hands down go to the equalizer this is where you can adjust all your settings it's very intuitive and very easy to use making an adjustment does not ruin the audio what

I personally like is more for vocals more forward mids a little bit brighter right here so what I do is I just this up slightly to achieve my personal sound signature if you guys been farming for these years I

Like a slightly brighter sound signatures I should I usually leave it right around here I think there we go the j-bird app now on the base level I do enjoy the base I just leave it exactly where it is but right here is

Where it's at so next up here is the settings and define my bud option I love this feature not many competitors offer this but you're able to find your last location of where you last left your earphones now it's not 100% precise but

It's a pretty good indication hopefully with it's showing where you are it will show you or it will remind you on where you last left the every button that you can go back to the area and look for them and like I said most other

Competitors don't even offer this so overall in my personal opinion if you only previous jaybird runs and you don't need the waterproofing I would say don't upgrade now for these XTS despite not being the most technologically advanced

Sport earphones for those who don't currently own the original runs or at least had trouble with the original runs had trouble with them staying in your ears I think the XTS are executing at a very very good level we're talk about

Battery life or tumble comfort and fit now and we're talking about the IP seven rating not only that but a sound signature now the negatives such as the button functionality or lack of button functionality the lack of transparency

Mode video playback is somewhat shot there you can say an USB 2.0 and the case it's one of those things where if you don't care for it or if you don't need it for video you don't care about the USB 2.0 and such the Jaybirds are

Still an excellent choice for the price the only other competitor that has an IP 7 rating that's a completely mainstream here is the Jabra elite sport that does come with some extra features all the button functionalities no USB type-c

Though if I recall but keep in mind those do retail for 219 dollars it's a little bit more expensive if you're in the 150 to 180 dollar price range the jaybird run XTS could be a very very good option for you I'd say definitely

Check it out at least definitely check out the audio signature that they provide all right folks like subscribe and fire mochi that comment session I'll catch you on the next one

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