JABRA ELITE ACTIVE 75T Earbuds [Big Bass, Big Battery, Small Earbuds]

by birtanpublished on August 15, 2020

All right it is earbuds season right now we have so many coming out from the galaxy buds plus to the Sennheiser's to the Bang & Olufsen ee8 we have the jabbers right here lots of earbuds coming out and these the Jabra elite active 75t earbuds besides

Just being a really long and annoying name to say are actually a really impressive pair of earbuds so you may notice that they look familiar in this video I'll dive in and tell you everything you need to know about these

Earbuds as well as touch on some comparisons between these and the familiar previous model the Jabra elite 75 T's so you'll notice it's a similar name just without active which is self-explanatory with what the objective

Difference is between these two so obviously the actives here are meant for working out or meant for running doing a more active lifestyle so we'll touch on that and see how true that actually is but I want to start off with a physical

Tour of these earbuds the case right here is something that I've been a big fan of with the previous model I like the shape and the size of it I like how you can stand it up on a table and open and see the earbuds there and charge on

The back it just I like this design a lot you have the magnetic closure on the lid right there it's a pretty nice magnet where it closes in a click shut doesn't really ever come open and it's not too hard to open with a single hand

So I think that they definitely did a good job designing this case one difference so far is that they're both you know this and the previous model are both polycarbonate cases but the actives here are coated with kind of a soft or

Rubbery feel right there I believe it's a silicone paint or coating on them that should improve the water the water resistance the water rating that we also see on the earbuds and I'll talk about that a little bit later on in the video

Now the case on the front you'll see they do have that nice color on the logo right there there are three different colors you can get there's a navy blue one there is a titanium black one and then this right here is the copper black

Which I think looks really nice you can see the earbuds as well have that really nice copper color on the buttons on the outside and then it just matches so well with the black I think these look really good

These have a seven and a half hour battery in the earbuds themselves and then 28 hours when you include the case which is very impressive and when you check out the charging times they're slightly less impress

But it really is not a big deal to me so unfortunately you will not be charging this wirelessly it doesn't have Qi wireless charging but you will be charging on the back with a USB type-c port right there right next to the

Little LED indicator light and the charging times after 15 minutes of charging you should get one hour of listening which is pretty good it's definitely not the best fast charging out there but it is nice to have that

Then we do also have for the entire 0 to 100% charging it should take somewhere on the order of two and a half hours to charge these which like I said is definitely not impressive but considering that you know it's a pretty

Large battery in these it makes sense that it's gonna take a little bit of time these connect with bluetooth 5.0 and have a master/slave bud connection which means your phone connects to the right earbud and then the left earbud

Connects to the right earbud which unfortunately means that you cannot listen to just the left ear bud it's one small drawback but when you're working out with these you're most likely going to be having two earbuds in at the same

Time looking at the earbuds themselves you'll see that they have two microphones on each earbud so one on the outside and one on the bottom we'll test that out in just a minute then on the inside we have our proximity sensor

Which allows you to automatically play and pause when you put them in or take them out of your ears we have the two nodes right there for charging in the case and actually these are held in magnetically in the case so if you look

At that you can shake you can shake the case like really hard actually and they and they never come out on the outside you'll see these have a physical button on each earbud and it's really nice it's a nice large button easy to tap and it's

A really gentle actuation that doesn't make a loud sound in your ear I never have any accidental presses with it and having physical buttons for especially active ear buds I think it's really nice compared to capacitive touch sensors

That we typically see because you can use these let's just say you're running in the winter and you have gloves on you can't be using a cap touch sensor with your gloves and so you'd have to like take your gloves out and change the you

Know the volume or the song or something whereas buttons they work just fine no matter what you're wearing on your hands and likewise if your hands are wet they also work better with these than they might with a touch sensor as well so

That's just something I really like about these earbuds now let's get into the microphone test now and see how well he's actually sound alright so we're right next to a pretty loud right now and this is the microphone

Test so see if you can actually hear what I'm saying if you can comment down below and let me know what you think of the microphones on the earbud so looking at the differences here between the 75 T's the regular ones and the active ones

Really there are three kind of small differences the first one is the water resistance which is probably the biggest difference so ip55 was what they had on the not active ones and these are ip57 so really the first digit they're the

Five is going to be your dust and your dirt resistance they both are the same and then the second digit the five or the seven so 55 57 is going to be your water resistance so the not active ones means you can shoot a water jet at any

Angle at them and they will not have any damage which means you can sweat you can be running in the rain somebody could throw a bucket of water on you you could be running and get hit with a firehose and you should be fine

So you know if any of those happen to you frequently no problem you're good now the seven then means you can submerge them so if you're running and you frequently fall into lakes or swim underwater accidentally then the 75

Actives will be the ones for you I don't necessarily recommend swimming with these admittedly I have not tried it but I just don't think people want to be swimming laps with these earbuds in I feel like it's very likely to fall out

Of your ear and sink to the bottom but if you're in a pool I mean maybe try it if anybody tried it like comment let me know if that's a thing that you would do the second difference is the colors I'll show you on the screen right now what

The colors are and then the third difference is the price being that the new ones are an extra twenty dollars so that's kind of a very subtle difference there but I will be dropping links in the description maybe if they're on sale

They might be the same price they might both be cheaper so check that out if you're interested so a quick aside two hundred dollars is that a good deal or is that really expensive now I would argue that that is actually pretty cheap

Considering what you're getting with these earbuds and actually I will be comparing them to some more premium models like the Sennheiser's and the you know air pods and many other more expensive models out there that are in

The 250 to 350 dollar range so if you want to see that comparison make sure you go down and click the subscribe button and the bell icon I'll be releasing that video pretty soon these go very far into your ear and they also

Create a very nice seal on the inside so that means you have better bass on these which I'll talk about audio quality in a minute but they also never fall out so if I put these in my ear again you put it in after like twists

Very slightly and then if you you can like shake as much as you want and they never fall out so I I found that these are actually you know among the best for passive noise blocking and for fit when you're working out despite not having

Wingtips I wouldn't really say that these are an excellent pair of earbuds when it comes to fitting in your ears now getting into the audio quality these have six millimeter speakers onboard and there's really one obvious thing about

These speakers and that is that they have an insane level of bass and it's almost hard to judge the rest of the audio because that is the main thing that these focus on which if you're working out for me I think that is an

Excellent thing to have a lot of my workout music is going to be more unlike the harder rock rap type stuff and having a lot of bass there is definitely very beneficial when you're trying to work out now if you're listening to like

Softer acoustic music then it may be too much bass for you because I mean I'll show you the app in a second but even when you turn it all the way down you turn the EQ so the bass is minimized it still is a lot of bass on there

Describing the audio quality here I would say that the bass of course is absolutely seismic it's really really loud and it could easily be too much probably enough to even damage your ears if you turn it up too much of course you

Have total control over that in the app so you won't be damaging your ears unless you really want to then the mid-range is definitely present it is not you don't have the same clarity that you have unlike the Sennheiser's but it

Definitely sounds really good and then the trebles are slightly less prominent as the mids and the bass of course being that these are bass heavy earbuds and I would not necessarily describe these as the warmest sounding earbuds or the most

Level balanced it's obviously very heavy on the bass side and I mean I know I said bass like 10 times in the past couple sentences but I really cannot emphasize enough how much bass these actually have it is just insane

So let's get into the app now and take a look at what we're working with here now when I connect one thing I noticed is it says there is an update available and I dug into it the update is supposed to improve connectivity with these because

At release they had a problem where the hear through was kind of like a little iffy a little spotty on the right bud and then they also had some other issues that they apparently resolved with this update unfortunately I can't

Do this update if I say update now and I do that it'll say update failed within like 10 seconds right there so I'm gonna reach out to Jabra see what happened there I don't know if it's something with my phone my app what's going on but

Looking at this app right here on the top you have three different presets you have my moment you have commute and then you have focus and it's nicely you can kind of you have some quick settings right there so if you say like my moment

Whatever is going to be a certain EQ you can have here through on or off you can go down and change pretty much anything you want here and you can also see here through also has you know different levels so you can turn it all the way

Down like I said you can turn all the way up so that you have like absolutely just superhuman hearing and pretty much anywhere in between I find that to hear through sounds pretty good there's a little bit of

White noise with it but otherwise it definitely serves its purpose the equalizer of course you can go down to the music presets there's six of them right there of course you can go and add your own if you wanted or you can adjust

Those right there and I'm just I usually just leave those sometimes I'll save it and adjust my own right there but energise is probably the one that I go with the most definitely a little heavier on the bass but if I'm working

Out that's one that I like going down the last thing is actually kind of interesting here you don't see this on many earbud apps so if you're sitting there and you want these in but you don't necessarily want to be listening

To music you can go and play you know ocean waves or the rain or something like that if we go up to the top right you'll see that we have our battery right there for the earbuds if we go to headset they tell you the

Earbuds and the case battery you can go down to if you know see if there's an update available which there is I can't get it what's going on Jabra then we can go to voice assistant these are Amazon Alexa enabled going down we have the

Headset settings which you can go into the audio experience and you know just do some basic things there you can go down to call experience and change what it's like when you're on a phone call so if you have your side tone which is like

Being able to hear yourself it's basically here through while you're on a phone call then you can go down to change some other things and have an equaliser for your phone call now that's not the microphone that's actually just

How other people's voices sound to you you can change that have more treble or more bass then we have find my Jabra which allows you find the earbuds right there and something interesting about these is

They use GPS but they don't actually have like the chirping sound we've seen on some other earbuds out there so if you lose these you'll know within like a GPS range of where you last connected to them so your phone will kind of

Essentially drop a pin and it's good for knowing if you left them like in your car or at work or something but if you're in the same room as them it really won't be of much use these are also able to pair with up to eight

Devices but connect the two simultaneously which is actually really nice to have that you can connect to two phones or your phone in your laptop when watching youtube videos I find that lag is not an issue with these neither is

Comfort I can wear these for easily four or five hours at a time without having to take them out of course after a while your ears kind of get hot and you just want to air them out anyway so that is the limit of my comfort it's not because

These start to hurt or anything like that which I think it's the success for jobbers parts okay so that was a lot of information but getting into the pros and the cons the pros I love the shape and size and overall just mechanical

Design of these earbuds I think Jabra really did it right here I think other earbuds should be looking at these for inspiration in future designs they did a great job of including a very long battery life into a very small design

And like I said I really like everything about the design except that it doesn't have Chiyu wireless charging it would be nice if they had that of course that's a very tiny area on the bottom and I believe that's the reason they don't

Have it other pros I think the base is absolutely incredible with these it's really loud really prominent and if you're listening to rock or EDM or rap or really any music that wants a lot of bass these are really the earbuds that

You should be getting like there is nothing that is going to have better bass in truly wireless earbuds from anything that I've tested so far another Pro is the mechanical buttons on here ties back in with the mechanical design

That I said is just an excellent design from job or as part now getting into the cons and there's a few subtle ones one like I said is not having the wireless charging not a big deal though they also don't have any button customization they

Also have a pretty long charge time if you charge it overnight it's not a big deal and then lastly the lack of solo mode because they have the master slave connection is another drawback there but overall guys those are really small

Drawbacks these are an excellent earbuds between two these and the originals though like the the not active 75 T's I don't know if there's enough of a difference that if you have those you should upgrade I think that would kind

Of be foolish just to upgrade for the purpose of slightly better water resistance I mean I don't really think I'll ever be submerging these but you know having extra colors if you're on the fence when you're trying to buy

These I would say get the newer ones I like the colors better but that's just my opinion let me know what you guys think in the comments down below as always thank you all for watching see you next time

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