Jabra Elite 75t Truly Wireless Earphone – REVIEW

by birtanpublished on August 15, 2020

Hey folks welcome back here when I reviewed truly wireless earphones for the first time years ago when I'd Lee have less hair am i aging backwards let me show you guys a recent photo of me here but all seriousness Jabra was an amazing pair of earphones back in the

Day it was jam-packed with the latest features but today we got jaybird sony sennheiser a couple of the budget stuff that I just recently reviewed like anchor and Aki the competition is fierce it's like chick-fil-a spicy chicken

Deluxe versus popeyes chicken sandwich or in and out versus shake check it is intense but today let's see how the new Jabra 75 T's stacks as always remaining transparent rubber sent these in for review I'll be going over both pros and

Cons for the most updated prices in real time I'll leave my affiliate links down in that video description below click on those links and you can see if these are on sale save some money get yourself like chicken sandwich

I haven't even with Jim's review and I'm here to help you guys make that purchase decision welcome everyone to another video all right no physical features first

Three ear tips are provided medium was okay but small actually worked out a little bit better there are no ear fins included with the job or 75 tees making these heavily reliant on the ear tip and the ergonomics of the earbuds themselves

The 75 tees are all plastic it is super lightweight and as important here they don't stick up past my ears now as for comfort and stability they stand that you're really really well if you're familiar with the creative

Outlier ears it's a very similar design but the Jabra feels just ever so slightly smaller if anything they're more on par with these Samsung Galaxy buds in my opinion in regards to how minimalist they both look and feel now

Testing this while running away from my credit card company on last week's review if you guys watch that you guys know what I'm talking about and yes I showed them all the likes in the video and they eventually got me off of fraud

Alert but the Jabra surprisingly stays in ridiculously well my jogging in jib use I've never had them fall out or get loose there's been many times with other truly worlds earphones where when I'm clenching my teeth lifting here the ear

Buds or ear tips actually lifts up a bit and I lose this seal I didn't get that there with much more vigorous movement simply just jumping up and down down very minimal lift was occurring though in a very few occasions though I do have

To just gently just press it back in just like so as a consumer just look out for that for all of your earphones or truly wild influence that is but with these that job are 75 tees not really a big deal at all now speaking of working

Out these are dust and water protected up to an IP 55 rating this can take up to low pressure water jet sprays with my test of a gentle stream of h2o these jabbers are still working fine today now getting closer like there's buns on

Either side the buns are nice and sensitive I don't have to press so hard that I have to jam this into my ear here but what I believe all truly wireless earphones should have or all the functions available at your fingertips

There's no need to take out your phone please pause the video since there's a lot of text on your screen but let's get into the features here first up is here through the Java or 75 C's provide excellent passive noise isolation it's

Able to block out a lot of your advice and during my time testing with music on you barely hear what's going on around you it's a great seal thing you experience a more isolated audio experience but if you don't want to get

Mugged from behind you get hit by a bus or and let your boss sneak up on you you can turn on the microphones with hear through and let the outside noises pump into your earphone you can adjust the sensitivity and it sounds good for the

Most part but there's this white noise you hear in the background it's very faint but it is beer though and if you're listening to podcast you're going to hear this ambient air sound in the background just a heads up on that now

The next feature is a single earbud use if you want just one earbud in you have to use the right one of course you can't use the left ear but with some other competitors you can actually use either one this is the only one that's getting

Sound now there's also auto pause and play if you take off the earbuds the music will automatically stop put them back into ears and the music will automatically resume now I tested this and this worked

Flawless you can always turn this feature off again within VF now bluetooth 5.0 is offer this is to be expected with all new devices here especially at this price range bluetooth 5.0 is the current and latest technology

Sensing this for distance I'm able to achieve about 99% coverage here in my 1,100 square foot apartment when I'm paired to my Android pixel for Excel smartphone testing this with video on both my pixel for Excel and the iPhone

10 I didn't have any syncing delays with both YouTube and Netflix is a huge plus there for video Watchers as we're Bluetooth connections the Jabra 75 T's can't handle up to 8 devices and be paired to two at the same time now I

Tested this as well and found this does indeed work however between my pixel and iPhone I had to pause the initial source first and then I can press play and an apparent will switch not sure if this is just me as other pairing devices that

Offers multi appearing as you just press play on the latter device and the connection simply just jumps over clearly not a deal breaker but again something to be aware about all right last but not least here the battery life

Driver claims up to seven and a half hours per use and with the charging case you can get up to a total of 28 hours which is definitely on the high end of performance with the battery test at 50% vom from full to dead I was able to

Achieve 6 hours and 43 minutes the real-world result is also good and slightly above average now as for the charging case just real quick here there is a fast charge me on this thing 15 minutes in a charger from dead will give

You up to an hour of music playback there is a USB C to charge these things which should now be the standard for all major brands at the moment now last but not least let's get into the phone call test but before doing so hit that like

Button and you won't get this condition called wingman it was widespread last year from my research here and no matter what here don't ask what League ma is in the comment section is the reading off of

This script right here also if you haven't already be sure to follow my personal Twitter and Instagram accounts I'll have it on your screen and also in the video description just click and follow all right folks here we go all

Right folks testing out the microphones I need rubber 75 T's different location hopefully it's a little bit busier than usual and hopefully sounds good to you guys hopefully the microphones is isolating my voice with what is going on

In the background now when I am on phone calls the here through feature does turn off that this other feature in the you app of a jobber app called side term so Sachin essentially comes in my voice you can hear yourself on a phone call and

That way you don't get yelling at the other person on the Atlantic it actually appears that in a controlled manner we could say how's that hopefully it sounds you can see you guys hopefully is isolating my voice with what's going on

In the background let me know down below alright well in this video alright let's talk about the audio here first up these are indeed bassy but they're not as busy as the anchor sound cord Liberty to pros I

Reviewed about a week or two ago those things are deep ASEC but on initial impressions the Jabra is a very blanketing and suppressing type of bass that doesn't make the rest of the sound so you just stand out as much as it

Should I'm not sure if these made burnin or not but after my battery test and after several days of use now I'd noticed it's not as dominant as initially right out the box even further testing I can confirm that the jaybird

Vistas are deeper and more resonating based on the low and compared to the jar breasts you got to give the job or some time to appreciate these things and let the drivers settle in this was the same

Experience only one more truly wireless earphones I recently tested to kind of prove my point here so after a week and testing this with other competitors the base is there its punchy and it can get deep and resonating on face your tracks

Is it bad in my opinion here not at all and even if you're fearful the dropper app has an equalizer and you can tone it down a bit like I do by a smidge now speaking of the app here you can tweak the audio to

Your liking and it's very easy to do I tend to lower bass down that increase the mids a little bit here to push vocals slightly forward and get them brighter basically and then taper the higher frequencies back down

To its factory settings now the mid-range does have more character than the Apple earpods Rose yet it's not close to what the Sennheiser Momentum's truly Wilders offers which are the best found and truly browser earphones at the

Moment but just speaking on audio only though the Jabra sounds good and I believe it is on par with other truly wireless earphones around the 150 to 180 dollar price range you do get some audio depth and dimension with audio heard in

The very forefront that interpreting bass right next to you with some high-frequency notes at times heard happening slightly above you audio direction is apparent with audio being identified again in front of you in

Different musical notes off to the side not a soundstage I'll admit though it is not as wide it's not wide at all in general and with the mid-range not as boosted in its factory settings I can see how that diminishes

The experience again use the app to tune these and give it several hours to break in now the high notes are just enough with finger snapping the snare drums to the high notes of piano keys being just sharp enough here for most people and

Not dull sounding so overall these 75 TS Audio leans on bass and for many consumers out there you guys might enjoy that you guys love these Sony WH 1000 XM 3s but for some it might be a little too much so I will throw caution out there

Is it the highest fidelity highest resolution I've heard it's not but the highest quality truly wireless earphones I've tested has usually been around that 250 to 350 dollar price range so as for an overall package the job rose there

Wasn't anything revolutionary this didn't have the same impact as when they first released their truly where phones several years ago but I don't want us consumers to start knocking on product that doesn't bring

Some new tech to the table I know that's pretty predominant on YouTube but for what the jabra does it is good we're at a comfortable state with these 75 T's offering good battery life waterproofing no seeking delays with video the ability

To appear to to device is an excellent passive noise as isolation there's a USBC just to name a few things that I've tested and confirmed now wireless charging would have been nice to be honest with you but my biggest pro tip

Here to help you guys make that purchase decision test the fit first and then let these break in and then determine if the base is too much for you or not I don't think so as I've confirmed there's deeper resonating base out there but of

Course it is objective for everyone now although not as exciting but I believe the jars are still a very solid piece of audio so folks down in that comment section below let me know what you guys think if you have these if you

Own these let us know your experience down below so you can help out the gyms review room community let us know your experience as well your opinion does matter remember to like this video to prevent Lichtman and be sure to follow

Me on my social media channels at Jimmy little official on Instagram and Jay little official on Twitter I'll see you guys later you guys take care bye

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