by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

while when there is blood in the streets
make sure to check your sheets guys we
have so much to get into absolute madman
emergency mode Bitcoin dropping the most
that his spell in months in some very
very quick candles we have a lot to get
into in fact we have one chart that we
have actually not pulled out in a very
long time that we need to show you here
on this very sumed out we have some very
key things to look at some very
interesting things because bitcoin is
getting a small bounce currently at the
$8,800 level why exactly okay could that
be the bottom you can see this actually
came all the way all the way down and
currently this candle is going up guys
but we have to look at this will this
bounce continue and will we continue to
go higher or is there more downside to
come guys we need to take a look at this
potential gap there is so much debate
over these gaps and if they need to be
filled but we do still have a very
miniature gap down at this $8,500 level
that has not been filled will that be
filled does it need to be filled and in
fact is there yet another gap that we
need to look at guys definitely a lot of
things to look at on that chart bitcoins
still within this very nice-looking I
will be it very very sharp and pretty
scary-looking handle of this potential
cup and handle actually still along this
trendline here and actually currently
bouncing right at the 200-day moving
average as well so a lot to get into
with that and guys we need to take a
look at this zoomed out chart there are
some key things we actually have not
look at this chart in months okay this
is key and there's a lot of data we want
to show you on this more longer-term
picture here the bear market pullback of
2018 going into the beginning of 2019
brought us all the way down to the
200-day moving average and now we're at
a key fighting level that we need to
maintain and as well after getting a
Golden Cross is it even possible does
this even happen that after getting a
Golden Cross we get a pullback back to
that 200-day moving average like we saw
has that happened before so much to get
into let's do it Wow thank you guys so
much for joining me here for this
special emergency update this is
actually a very special day for me you
know and it seems like this that I'm
just thankful because I actually did for
a very brief period last night overdose
on capri-sun this market has made me so
excited and so anxious that I was just
chugging these bad boys I had about 36
Capri Suns in less than 35 minutes it
absolutely insane my entire family
performed CPR on me for about an hour
straight before I finally exploded the
Capri Sun out of my mouth and I came
back to consciousness it was absolutely
wild you know if you just drink too much
juice sometimes some bad things can
happen guys
so without any further ado we have a lot
we have to talk about in this video okay
first things first you know it is the
end of the month and we're still doing
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turn on the dings and let's get in to
the dings so you guys we have a lot to
look at on this picture you know clearly
if this was in fact a descending channel
or a bull flag whatever it was it
clearly broke out here guys okay so that
is the first thing you notice now we
have to transition to our other charts
because every other chart that we have
is still intact we want to start off
with that one because that one has I've
been absolutely exploded absolutely
gutted you see this potential cup and
handle okay the handles still looking
decent but as you can see right here if
we take a zoom in you can see right now
currently holding exactly on this
200-day moving average which is key we
mentioned this $8,800 absolutely key
okay this was huge and then we had that
other target where this box pretty much
bottoms out this is absolute lowest we
can go in this pullback and still remain
so actually what I want to switch to now
because I have a lot I want to talk
about especially this chart this is what
I'm very excited to talk about is
absolutely new content that we have not
covered recently but on this chart here
I want to show you this back in the
beginning to the middle of 2015 when
that bull market was getting started it
had a golden cross okay it was right
50-day moving average coming above this
200-day moving average now as soon as
that happened we got rejected we
actually you know we went below that
again and we actually had before would
that even went below it right after the
golden cross here before any other
negative crosses or anything the price
absolutely went below the 50-day moving
average and the 200 and actually went
from what is this about $300 to $200
just getting sliced right in half and
then what happened we had actually a
death cross and then
pretty much a few days later another
golden cross and then that was really
the beginning of this parabolic bull
market so just because we have a golden
cross and then we dip below and come all
the way down to the 200-day moving
average isn't necessarily a bad sign in
fact in the beginning of the last bull
market when that did happen we plunged
much below this 200-day moving average
so in the last in the beginning of it
you know a similar scenario we actually
plummeted much below this area right
here okay so and as of right now we are
still maintaining right on top of this
200 a moving average now if that does
not hold there are still some key things
that can you know be indicative of still
some very good pressure here but we also
notice it did temporarily actually go
below this moving average right now it
seems to have stabilized for the time
being but definitely worth noting it did
come all the way down to our key level
here the very bottom of this channel
okay one two and three of the market
structure and here it did come all the
way down and dips its toes right here so
that is absolutely crucial right there
we did get a little bit balance there
but guys this move is so new okay by the
time this video gets out by tonight by
tomorrow we expect we need to see a lot
of moves okay the volatility when it
pumps it dumps and when it dumps it
pumps so what that means is we expect
another move we should be seeing a
strong bounce at some point here okay
within the next 48 hours I think that's
definitely likely but at the same time
that doesn't necessarily mean that we
have hit the bottom right now at the
8,800 actually we dipped all the way
down to about 85 right here or 86 on
some charts and 85 on some charts as
well but again we take a look at this if
this is where the gap is on the CMA
futures chart right here you can kind of
see let me actually zoom in so you guys
can get a good picture of this so
basically what the gap is and I can just
explain this quick is just you know
trading here and then when I opened
closed here on the weekend and when I
opened on the week you see there's a gap
there a small gap and usually for some
reason these gaps tend to be filled
again it's most likely because of
volatility Bitcoin just goes up and down
so much that these gaps happen to be
filled or some people believe that it's
absolutely necessary that the gaps have
to get filled
so maybe leave a comment below with your
opinion on the matter you know do you
think it's absolutely necessary or do
you think you know it could go either
way now okay so let's take a look at
that so that happened all the way back
on January 27 so literally about almost
exactly a month later we're coming down
potentially to see this okay now we
didn't come down on this chart here we
did come down
like 85 and 86 on some extract some
exchanges but it doesn't look like on
this one we didn't okay came down to the
87 so far so that one is not showing
that we came all the way down and guys
something else I'm not sure if many
people notice this but there is a
potential another gap down here at the
77 now again I'm still you know on
though I'm not totally sure if these
gaps I don't think there's any way to
know for sure you know I try to listen
to both sides that these gaps are
because it's volatility or it's because
they have to be filled I'm still
undecided I think for the most part
obviously they do get filled because
that's what happened but at the same
time is it absolutely necessary that
they have to get filled remember that
these these this future chart has only
been around really since the end of 2017
okay we take a zoom back started pretty
much the last month of 2017 so this is
still a rather new phenomenon here but
yeah you can see there are quite a few
gaps and historically they do tend to
get filled now interesting on this chart
if we go down like the 77 this is very
debatable okay this one technically it
could have been filled but it also looks
like maybe it hasn't so if we really
take a zoom in here you can see there
was a gap here and then we did have it
come all the way down here but if we
zoom in this much you guys can see how
much how zoomed in we have to see here
technically it looks like there might
still be a little bit of a gap right
here okay you can see that here and
again if we transpose that and just
bring it back bring it to where we are
now currently in the market okay we can
take a look this is what it looks like
guys now 77 would be absolutely crazy if
we even got below 8,000 I think would be
crazy another $300 if that did happen
the only way I think that could happen
is if it's a very quick wick I do not
think if that did happen we could spend
much time down there if we did spend a
lot of time down there that would be
okay mainly because key market structure
would be broken and this trend would be
absolutely changed remember the trend is
your friend until the end and don't send
pictures of yourself to people that you
cannot trust absolutely the case
so guys definitely make sure to let me
know what you think about these gaps do
you think they have to be filled and do
you think we could even come down to
this 85 or potentially the 77 worst case
guys before we absolutely moon shut up I
will say this if the momentum is strong
enough and if we did get a wick down to
77 quickly back up to at least 82 and
above I could see that again remaining
extremely healthy would have to be very
quick there's a certain way that would
have to happen and there are many
situations where we go down to that
level but it would be absolutely
horrible if that did happen but there
are some bullish today
if that would happen so it would not be
the end of the world but it very well
could be if some other bad things did
happen there so guys now I want to
transition to this chart and show you
this this is absolutely key in my
opinion we want to showing the weekly
but let's actually go back okay look at
this trend that has been in tact really
since you know going back if at least
five years
look at this uptrend that this one
single line hits you know over and over
and over again look at this you see it
the price of Bitcoin just hanging on
there we got to pull back strictly to
here okay this was back in the end of
2018 the beginning of 2019 the local
bottom the bottom so far for this market
again I don't think we'll ever go back
to these levels okay here and then look
where the trend brings us now
interestingly enough okay the bottom of
this channel is actually right at that's
seventy eight seventy seven hundred US
dollar range
so again absolute lowest we can go and
remain intact
we have people throwing out some crazy
numbers right now okay but I'm just
gonna be honest in my opinion the
absolute absolute absolute slowest that
we could spend a very very small amount
of time before shooting back up and
still remaining extremely optimistic
would have to be that seventy eight or
seventy seven hundred dollar level 82 is
basically like the lowest we can go and
maintain for a prolonged period of time
but yeah we're looking at that here and
most importantly what I wanna show you
on this chart okay the 50-day moving
average right now is where we saw this
bounce but what we actually noticed on
this chart is the 200 or so that was a
50 week moving average the 200 week
moving average actually acted as the
bottom at the end of 2018 beginning of
2019 of this entire drop okay right
around that 3000 $4000 level that is
where you know it touched here and
basically it's it's up okay that was
basically with our market said okay yeah
this is definitely the bottom so again I
don't think you know since we already
have so many bullish confirmations here
I think basically here this 50 week
moving average and the very lowest this
upward structural trendline has to be
the bottom now remember this 200 week
coincided perfectly with the bottom of
the structure line during this time okay
now currently the 200-day is very much
below this line now basically what I'm
saying is if we would ever get anywhere
near this price here that would be
absolutely catastrophic for the market I
don't think that's going to happen
I don't think that's the case but we
have to remember this structure line now
is very much so above this line so if we
remain healthy and really get a balance
because again this bounce lined up
perfectly with the 200 week moving
average and this structure line now the
structure line currently the very lowest
again seventy eight seventy seven
hundred years dollars so that's
absolutely key to look at there so we go
back guys this has been a key line okay
this goes back years and years and it
looks very much so as this time is going
on this actually looks very very good
and optimistic for the market the fact
we got that mega bounce after touching
here oh my god I've balance actually
touching here for this inverse head and
shoulders when we did touch there we got
a mega bounce out of there as well
so now as time goes on this line gets
higher and higher so like say we come we
would come here in like another month or
so 8,000 would have to be the very
bottom okay we haven't gone below this
line and then basically as well on this
daily chart this is very interesting to
see remember the golden cross here and
then also the 200-day moving average is
right where that 50 week moving averages
as well right around the 1880 $800 level
so guys we have to see what happens here
we're getting a bounce now is this the
bottom or in fact do we have to be very
cautious and look out for these gaps we
see some alts recovering nicely on these
bounces actually and it's very
interesting to see you see he's huge
wicks on a lot of these all coins and
guys we really have to wait again I
think for the most part we saw some
massive bloodshed today and we have a
lot of serious this is insane
I saw people all over Twitter saying you
know this is like the perfect buy zone
for them they just went all-in at this
because it drops so much but guys
definitely want to hear your comments
below and as well thanks for everyone we
did upload the members video a few hours
ago thanks I'm afraid when the joins
thanks for stopping by and I'll see you
in the next one

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