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published on July 2, 2020

That's OK, Bunny

I'm here today with
my bunny, Neville

He keeps getting
reoccurring ear issues

He is continuously
scratching his ears

It gets to the
point where he makes

his own ears bleed sometimes

So I brought Neville
in hopes that we

can finally get him treated

Hello, hello, hello

Hey, hey

– How are you doing today?
– Good

How are you?
– Doing good

Doing good

Who is this?

This is Neville Longbottom



So we've got some ear issues?

What have we been doing?

When I got him, he
was living outside

And ever since I had him, he's
kind of had these ear issues

It looks like scabs

You've had him for how long?

I've had him for
about six months or so


I tried to home treat
Neville with, like, honey


You know, Google
said it would work

But every couple of
weeks, it comes back


The internet can be great
sometimes for animals

when we're dealing
with husbandry issues

or taking care of your pet

But not when they're sick

We want to make sure that
we go to a veterinarian

to make sure we have someone
who's been trained to do it

Because we can run it
through a lot of issues

listening to the internet

Let's check the ears, bud

JORDAN: See anything in there?


You want to look here?


You have to look real still

Don't move your eyes

Just watch the
stuff start moving

Oh, man

That's disgusting

We have ear mites

Oh, no

NARRATOR: Psoroptes cuniculi,
commonly known as ear mites,

are a parasite which can cause
severe itching and worse

It's not uncommon to
see ear mites in rabbits

It's just uncommon to see this
many ear mites in rabbits

One of the worst ear mite
infestations I've ever seen

It caused him to have
inflammation in the ears

And they itch

And that's why the
bunny scratch his head

So they cause a lot of
trauma inside the ear

[inaudible] ear infection,
if it gets more severe,

it can go from the
outside ear internally

And it can cause deafness

We need to get a sample
and look on the microscope

so we can be sure what
we're dealing with

Oh, itching the ear

I know

You're not happy right now, huh?

Come here

I want you to look in this
microscope right here, OK?


It's not going to get you

She's walking to
it like it's going

to– it won't jump on you

Oh, gosh


The good news is
we know what it is

The next good news is we're
going to take care of it

for you
– Oh, gosh

OK, we're going to get
on some medication here

to take care of it

Are you telling me that's
been living in his ear?

A lot of them have
been living in his ear


Oh, yeah

So that's why those
ears have been bad

So I don't think the
honey was going to do it

Well, Google said
it was going to

So maybe next time, instead
of calling Dr Google,

you may need to call
Dr Ferguson, OK?

With an infestation this bad,
there's no way a home remedy

was going to take care of it

Neville would have had
a severe ear infection

and possible hearing loss

So I'm really glad
we were able to treat

it before that happened

So what we're going
to do is we're

going to actually get
on some medication

that's actually for fleas

But it treats the ear mites, OK?


All right, so we're just going
to part the hair and put it on

And that's it

And you're going to feel
better here in a few days

You'll stop shaking,
and scratching,

and all those things, OK?

Can I get a rabbit high-5?

Can I get a winky-winky
or a nosy-nosy?



He's going to get
back in the box

I guess we didn't appreciate
that trick today, did we?

– No
– Get away from here


Doc Ferguson showed
me the ear mites,

and they looked pretty
disgusting, to be honest

I can't believe that they've
been living in his ears

But thankfully, I know what's
wrong with Neville now,

and we can get him treated

Please don't run away

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