Israelis: Is Judaism more similar to Christianity or Islam?

by birtanpublished on July 9, 2020

I have a question related to religionPeople outside Israel want to knowChristianity or Islam- which is closest to Judaism?NeitherWhy?Oshrat and MashiahJerusalemAccording to what you know

There are different valuesIn my opinion, the TorahOh, what is closest?Ok, you said they aren't closebut which is closest?What is closest?

ChristianityWhy?Don't ask me whyI feel closer to the ChristiansI actually more on the side of IslamI knew he would say thatAre you Ashkenazi?

NoI was thinkingShe looks Ashkenazi but she isn'tWhat's your background?I am Syrian (Aleppo)Bottom line, she is an Arab

That's what that meansAnd I am a total ArabI am from Iraq There is a lot in commonIslam and JudaismBoth Christianity and Islam there is a lot in commonBecause much of it was taken from our Torah

They were derived from the TorahSo they chose pieces fromhere and pieces from thereBut I see more similarities in Islam actuallyThe respect for elders as a valueThe issue of alcohol eventhough we do bless over wineabstaning from certain things

They took alot of that from JudaismBest of luck Do you think Judaism is more similar to Christianity or Islam?HaimLodJudaism is JudaismIt is it's own religionChristianity is ChristianityIslam is Islam

Everyone has their own religionDo you see a commonalities between them?Do I see commonalities?Not at allHave you ever lived with Muslims and Christians?Yes

ElazarJerusalem In your view, is Judaism closerto Christianity or Islam?Both Christianity and Islamwere born from JudaismBut do you thinkJudaism was the first religion in the world(not true- Zoroastrianism pre-dates Judaism)Islam was born from Judaismas an immitation of Judaism

Christianity came from Jesuswho was actually Jewishthat started his own religionWhat did you say?That they are immitations?Islam and Chrstianity came after Judaismand then emulate Judaism(emulate and immitate are the same word in Hebrew)Do you think one of themis closer to today's Judaism?

If any of them, it would be Islamthat is closer in some waysAll kinds ofI don't know how to explain itAll kinds of thingsCan you give an exampleModesty of dress

I read a paper on it once Ah, and the paper claimedthat Islam is closerWhere do you see more similaritiesto Judaism, is Islam or Christianity?AharonMaale Amos (West Bank settlement)What? I didn't understandWhich do you think is more similar to Judaism

Islam or Christianity? In Judaism, I see no connectionNeither to Islam or ChristianityTo neitherI don't think soGrumpy old menJerusalem

Who is the closest to JudaismChristianity or Islam?IslamIn principle, the closest is ChristianityBecause Christianity was createdwithin JudaismAlso Islam

We are all one familyif you go far backJesus was JewishMohammad was not JewishJesus was a JewThat's the first thing

Why did you say Islam?About the JewsLet me talk, you don't let me talkBecause Ishmael was a MuslimYou are going all the way backto Abraham our fatherwe can also talk about Noah's arkFrom the perspectives of religious laws

There is nothing that comes close to the religious laws of Judaismcompared to Islam and ChristianityIn principleTrue, the Muslims keep a form of kosherThe Jewish religiondemands of you 9000 commandments

From the moment you wakeuntil you go to sleep It is not about going to thesynagogue on Shabbatand eating kosher foodand not driving on the ShabbatThose are the minor thingsAm I allowed to drink this or forbidden to drink this in this glass?

So there is no way to compare the commandmentsI think what is closerNot from the perspective that they are similarbut from the perspective that Christianity was created from Judaismand Islam wasn'tI rest my case

Are you from a newspaper?In Islam, Mohammad took alotof elements from our Torahand applied them (to Islam)Not everythinglike the ideas of eating kosher foodNot kosher

They don't eat porkLike instead of Saturday, they have FridayThe Christians changed it to SundayThat's it We put a kippa on our heads in the SynagogueThe Christians take off their hats in a church

Is Judaim more similar to Christianity or Islam?MatanMigdal Oz (West Bank settlement) I am not surebut in my opinion, it is more similar to IslamWhy?We believe in the same God

Although there are signifcant differencesbetween Judaism and IslamBut essentially, they come from the same placeThey believe in the same GodIt is just Do you think that Christians don't believe in the same God?

I think the Christiand dobut not in the right wayWhat do you mean?I don't know how to explain itBecause of Jesus?Because of the way

Their way of seeing God(God as the Trinity he means)In your opinion, what is more similar to JudaismIslam or Christianity?EphraimPetah Tikva Judaism is more like IslamCloser to Islam?

Islam is closer to JudaismWhy?Because they believe in the same GodSame GodSame Godand alsobecause Ishmael

Came from Abraham's seedand from thatIslam was created and is closer to JudaismThe ChristiansThe Christians are about the Crusadesand all that subjectThe Christians

Have Jesusthat made ChristianityThey say that Jesus's mother was a Jewthat's what is saidand it developed from therefrom here to there

ChristianityBut Judaism is the true source The true sourceThe Holy One, blessed be Hechose the Jewish peopleHe loved the Jewish peoplestarting with the first human being

He loved the first man (Adam)he went on to Noah andfrom Noah to AbrahamAbraham Abraham is father to many nationsand because of that it brought to the worldgood things

So there wouldn't be a floodlike in the time of Noahthere was a covenant in the days of Noaha convenant and a rainbowand He promised not to destroy humanity againand that's the idea in general

Judaism is the true teachingThe other religionsbecause God chose usthey are enviousSo all the divisions and conflictswill exist until the Messiahwill come and change things

You think there are conflictsbecause of this envy? They are enviousof this peopleThey are envious of the Jewish nationbecause of this envyconflicts are createdworld conflicts

It's because of this envyFor sure

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