Is this the Future of SmartWatches? YouTubers REACT!

by birtanpublished on September 2, 2020

what's up everybody this is Danny and Qualcomm asked me to fly out to San Francisco and check out their new Snapdragon wear 3100 platform of course

I said yes because I wanted to ask everyone in here your favorite youtubers what they think that this platforms are to do for the future of smartwatches but after the announcement I think this is gonna be a game changer because it's

Gonna fix one huge thing about smartwatches and that's battery life so there's a new co processor that literally takes up a fraction of the power and can extend battery life for days and even set a mode to where it can

Last for about a week so this is definitely gonna be a game changer a lot of partners on board let's see if other people share the same sentiment I do about the 3100 platform let's go

Oh yes what's going on what's up guys what's up all right bored at work so the colonel couldn't make it to San Francisco today no no he's not about smartwatches he likes the The Bling instead but are you

Sure did he get banned from Samson no no that is not true so what do you think man what's the defining feature here on the snapdragon 3,100 I mean they're a lot of features though I mean I like I like the

New ambient mode because the elmo's tell no different from your regular watch face but also the battery life especially when you're actually doing some of your workouts activities that stuff is great fact that you can do 15

Hours with GPS I mean the game I think it's a game changer I mean I like to work out you guys see me working out time I do my MU time you know you know what I'm saying so so to me makes a lot of sense you know that was Kevin by the

Way so out of all the watches what do you think is the best watch that they announce today like out of all the partners which one would you rock I'm trying to go for that Louie I need that look I mean I'm a Louie guy like that

But Mont Blanc to me is that's the style I don't care what you're doing right now what's up to all you got to tell me what's going on with this new Snapdragon 3100 I'm all about this three 100 left I'm loving this like three level

Architecture I guess you like that art ah so you've really got to save that battery life but you've got that full wear OS experience when you really need that rich interactivity Dawg I'm super into it yeah you are super into and

That's gonna be that chip look at how small that thing is so this is the come on is the coprocessor the runs at ultra-low power this is what's gonna happen when you switch in that artists mode that battery saver mode when you

Need this thing to last for like a week this is gonna do the heavy lifting for it's gonna keep your watch looking like a watch by the strip's way all this stuff that you don't need so you got to go in for a whole lot longer and what's

Cool is that that thing can run by itself pretty much this is basically a standalone process of running its own super low-power operating system so basically you've got one watch with multiple personalities

It's actually pretty sick yeah I really like that so what are you looking forward to the most all the partners that they announced today what watch would you rock that Montblanc for sure my block is hot masa will do good boss

Will do alright no Louie for you block those classic lines that really sort of rich classic look that knurled crowd I'm super into it's got a really tactile look to it that also looks super premium okay so go pick up your check from on

Block all right I'll see you later I accept all right miss Tec me out what do you think what do you think about the new snapdragon 3100 personally I'm excited because I love the fact that now it's gonna be a little bit harder to

Tell the difference between a SmartWatch and a regular watch and not only a little bit harder to tell the difference but you don't have to choose which one you're gonna wear because you'll be able to have that watch based visible at all

Times in terms of like your complications and the time that it is all the things that we like to see on the watch when we wake it up will be up there constantly so it's gonna look like a regular watch which has me really

Looking forward today yo what's going on man not too much maybe just got out of these Snapdragon where 30 what's up oh just hanging out so what do what do you think man like what is the game changer here on this platform like what is this

Gonna do for the future SmartWatch yeah you know I've been watching you talking to the other creators here and it's everybody has the same answer and it's hard to stray from that and it's battery life that's the number one thing I wear

A smart watch every single day that's my preferred thing to have on my wrist and you know right now I get about one and a half to two days of battery life I'm seeing that you can go into ambient mode and go from 20% battery and still have

That lasts you for two weeks that's unheard of that's a game-changer right there then no no brick on your wrist and you absolutely not like you can still use the watch as a watch which is the main thing you're gonna use a watch for

Anyway and then just go take ambient mode off when you need to do something real quick and let's go right back in and keep that battery life rockin that's crazy Kevin yeah what do you think man yeah so the one thing sticks out to me

Is battery life that's my biggest complaint with all wearable platforms that you don't get that great battery life like when I travel out of town I don't even bring a SmartWatch because I don't want to bring

An extra charger having that super standby mode where you get extra two weeks at 20% and that's the thing that sticks out to me the most and using the GPS for 15 hours straight that is crazy because they call it a

Sensor fusion they fuse the GPS and with yeah you know with the chipset so now a better efficiency which is dope that's really good and I mean in that's that's huge to me cuz like sometimes I go somewhere I don't want to have my phone

I just want to have my wearable with music and GPS and things like that you can now do that and that's the open also the new partners that are onboard and that's what makes Android wear in my opinion well where else different than

Apple because you actually have more partners and different styles of watches you can get small one a big one a square one all these different styles and so I'm looking forward to see what the partners actually bring to the table

Michael Fisher is back that's me he's back on the series because last time we got blocked by moto and he didn't return on the last ones back you know he is here I'm back and I need to ask you now what is that pretty little

Thing that you have in your hand this is a replica of the coprocessor inside the Snapdragon wear 3100 which is gonna power all your new smartwatches and I'm pretty jazzed about that okay so what makes you excited about this platform

The fact that it's been updated after two years and even when it was launched in the first place it was kind of a redress of an existing processor so this was built from the ground up it sounds like for wearables one of the most

Interesting things is that like you remember in the smartphone world where we saw over the years Android like Google's own version of Android kind of steal features from manufacturers like Samsung and incorporate them into itself

So you didn't have to buy a Samsung phone if you wanted it or HTC that's like seems to be what Qualcomm has done here these super low power watch modes where you don't have a SmartWatch but you have like a dumb watch but that dumb

Watch will last you for thirty days when you switch it to this mode that's a great idea now that's gonna be platform centric you don't have to buy a cassio you know you don't have to buy a

Ticket get that so basically it's making this platform better in a sense oh yeah yeah for sure absolute and it's a little it's it's exciting like you said two years it's been pretty stale you know it has and I've been frankly surprised that

About how many manufacturers still make watches for where OS and that has there's a lot of factors that go into that like the software I mean the new version of where wise is going to solve a lot of problems I hope that we've had

With where OS version 2 the only thing I'm a little worried about is the battery life you know I kind of did expect a little bit more from this announcement more than what do they say four to twelve hours more battery life

In certain usage modes depending on how you use it but uh you know um pebble was my first Mart watch that lasted a long time forever so we won't know until we actually get this so what watch are you looking forward to the most out of the

Partners that they said today um I've recently fallen in love with pretty much everything under the fossil brand I'm cruel or do a lot of that stuff Skagen fossil diesel and what here the Montblanc on stage right yeah and also I

Have a running bet with these people who do you think this sports partner is I figured let's dump them I figure it's gotta be it's gotta be holder or Garmin you think it's Nike I think it's adidas no I don't know man he asked me a sports

Question and suddenly I'm like thanks thank you Trisha Hershberger what's going on don't mind me I'm just sitting here playing with my phone so what do you think so what do you think about the new

Snapdragon wear platform today um I think it's an exciting announcement I feel like a lot of people are on the fence about smartwatches that it's still a very luxury enthusiast item it's not necessarily I have to have and some of

The arguments that you know from people are you know that if the battery life can't be long enough like of it if it's not even going to be able to tell me the time for more than a day then what's the point of

Getting a SmartWatch and I think that with the Snapdragon where 3100 unveiling and launch to come in products very soon that could now be change I mean that's a reality the idea of having this ultra-low power coal processor that can

Take 95% of the time that you're wearing a watch but it's not necessarily an active use and then having that coprocessor take that load off so that you can then extend to the overall battery life I think that's a really

Nice deal that is a cool deal so what are you wearing a smart watch right now I am NOT no Smart Watch no it's like a sin for someone that covers tech to not have a smart watch it definitely could be what are you what product are you

Looking forward to the most out of all the partners what do you think that you would rock on your wrist oh man I would love to say I'm hashtag so fancy enough to have a Louis Vuitton but I'm definitely not that being said hey Louis

Vuitton if you want to send me home wrap it right well what is going on man so Snapdragon yes 3100 what's going on with this it is where we have to go this is what needs to happen for smartwatches I mean smartwatches they they can be

Useful if you're one of the people that actually uses the apps in the SmartWatch let Danny know because we've been looking for it we've been looking for them and we've been looking for you but if you're just using it as a

Notification Center and whatnot like if it's only something that you like look at because something happened then the battery life should be so much better and it looks like the thirty-one hundreds gonna make that happen so if

You're just using it as a way of reading your notifications without taking your phone out this thing could last some about a week and that's exactly what we mean so is that what the game-changer is battery life everything's always gonna

Be a game-changer is why everyone's talking about the no.9 right now so everyone talks about the key one the key to poca phone even with big-ass battery in it yes you can okay but battery is all the talk right now in

Smartphones why can't it be the talk in smartwatches so might as well make it happen if we're not gonna get bigger batteries and our smartwatches and we got to find out ways of optimizing it well said sir well said all right Jaime

Yo what's going on man all right so what do you think about today all right give me a good 30-second break down over the second breakdown as I am excited I love smart watches but I also hate them because they're not at the level that I

Want I want my screen to always be on I want one watch that will do both fitness and luxury lifestyle and whatever and I also want to not worry about battery life the problem is right now no watch does that so I'm really excited for the

3100 I am excited to get the first watch that's able to do that obviously now all we're waiting for is implementation see if companies are able to level that out and also the fact you can get the proprietary algorithms for fitness for

Me that's big because I know a lot of companies that have their own science as to how they do fitness and I'm looking forward to that so you're really you're really digging the fitness aspect oh yeah well I'm digging the concept let's

See how they pull it off all right so that wraps it up for the Snapdragon wear 3100 platform yes yes so let us know what you think about this platform and if you think this is gonna change the game for smartwatches

Change it change the game yeah definitely there you go they subscribe like this video see you in the next one bye

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