Is the BTC Bull Run OVER??? Free Bitcoin Price Market News BK Crypto Trading Today Live HD 2019

by birtanpublished on September 14, 2020

Today is Monday July 1st 2019 and my people my people it's about that time woman live from the USA hoping you get paid every day this is the dose a Bitcoin the

Crystal of crypto is your boy BK and if you don't like me you must not like money thank you for joining me everybody Monday morning and we will be reviewing BTC to the USD to discuss the question is the Bitcoin rally over this game over

Man game over follow my eighties babies that remember doing early video games you know um we had an amazing run man going up from 3800 to smack in 12,000 right on the head you know that's how forex in about

Three and a half months and so right now a lot of people are saying well we're gonna go back down to 4000 it's nowhere to go but but for you know and so that's what we'll be looking at we'll be looking at the charts you know men like

Women line numbers don't lie and so that's why I let the data speak you know as opposed to every bobblehead Tom Dick and Harry you know they got a voice and an opinion if this is your first time tuning in congratulations baby

You are now rocking with the best my name is BK known as the crypto trader and I'm both these charts as you will soon find out every day I grace this microphone with my voice is another day you get the profit as a result so do

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Other make money my man big will holding this invalid vibrations to your brother I just posted this chart you already know what it is boss method CDT on a BTC look like is making money right we're gonna hit a little bit resistance right

There 230 probably fall back down to 180 190 but after that we should be pretty good but this is not a video for the altcoins this is a video for Bitcoin the granddaddy of them all why because on the blockchain bitcoin is the Sun and

Everything that comes after it Bitcoin gives energy to right so without further ado let's make it do what it do go ahead and make this money right now we are on tradingview dot-com again my profile on their BD Kelly one two zero three make

Sure you follow me and then also if you haven't done it already subscribe like this video and share it as well I think it's a valuable information and if you agree just make sure you participate in the digital community right so there we

Go right this is what Bitcoin looks like you see right here this last little bitty piece we had a nice nice nice nice nice pullback man if you would have so using a boss method you would have

Jumped out right about there right around twelve thousand right but for everybody that didn't you know know that we're down here at ten three and this is basically the turbulent zone right this was a kind of a ceiling over here you

See it's kind of rocky like that and now it's we're trying to make it the floor right here right but what I wanted to show you all is that inside this turbulent zone there is indeed another cycle and so what I'm gonna do is I'm

Looking at these three blue areas right right there this triangle of energy boom boom boom essentially that triangle right there I'm looking at the three intersections because this intersection right here is

Where we broke out this intersection right here is where we broke down and this intersection is where we broke out again so you got three parts of the cycle two different cycles but the big thing to note is that when you put a

Trendline you know from one to the other you come within a few ticks of where we broke now that up here right and so I think that's very relevant given that we are entering new territory we are not in inside this channel so one thing we can

Do is copy and paste that throw it right there and check it out that's actually where we want to bounce off of right now it's not perfectly perfect nothing in nature usually is but normally when you get you know within a few ticks of a few

Ticks like if I put it on this one right then it hits it nail on the head so let's just do that for the sake of argument there right

And so this is basically the channel that we're trying to close in on and I like the other one sorry keep that keep that go back here right there Oh Momo right that's the channel that we want to stay

Within if we can stay inside this those two green lines then the worst you know is essentially over and we can do something like that form a double top and keep on running right the problem is going to be time right how do we

Differentiate time well if we know that price is the y-axis then time would be our x-axis right and so we can actually take a Fibonacci from here too you know and this actually gives us our respective cycles with regards to time

Keep in mind the green normally signifies this green line right here that the that the blue is highlighted on right there normally signifies a positive energy Channel right that's basically to double up and that's why we

Hit it over it over to head for you know we've literally doubled up because one point six on the fibonacci scale is basically 2x the scale from zero to one so we hit it over to hit four to X right there and then the two two to the two

Six I don't have the two six in there but it normally comes in like right there that's kind of like the caution area that's where you start to run out of gas right and that's why a lot of that money

Was wiped off for the table between the two two and a to six but keep in mind we do have this zone right here and at three two two three six is normally it's one of two things if you're going down then it'll be a reversal area and if

You're going up it'll be like another another another big huge run basically right there right and so you can see this thing is setting up to do a couple different things this is a very very very

Pivotal time for Bitcoin if we can stay above 10,000 essentially I think we will be good the problem is we may not be doing that when we do another quick Fibonacci scale going up that's basically that's basically the nail in

The coffin right here this 1/6 and I have that I can delete that move this down here this is going to decide what happens next if we break through this catch basin right there that green line then we will fall to 95 right so right

Now we're literally at 105 we can play this thing to the down say let's land on 95 and then if we fall through 95 we could very easily go back down to the top of this one and that's gonna be right around 87 right with a you know

Sell-off panic bitcoins dead again you know low of 78 right and those would come like over here and over here right so this 95 is critical for Bitcoin because it's gonna determine what happens next

If we stay above 10 if we stay within this channel then more than likely by the middle of July we'll be back above 12,000 right but if we break 10 when we break 10 and fall to 95 this is basically gonna be like a

Reset it's not it's not gonna be a head and shoulders or any of this BS that people try to say it's essentially the end of another big triangle so if you look at this triangle right let's just play this out here

Let's say one two three that was one cycle for a Bitcoin right capture all those white lines all of that energy guess what we just did we literally just copy-paste at that one right

And we went up top with it right so if we were going to play these triangles to the down we actually still have enough area to fall again and that's going to be what we're playing in right now right and so you can see kind of like the

Limits the bandwidth on this triangle I wanted to go like all the way up here for some reason when I first start out triangle it drew it up there for a reason so let's see what happens if like we just do that right that fits it a lot

Better but you can see like different different different like approximation methods you can really start to narrow down the likelihood and energy spans that actually play into a lot of these charts in the background right smash

That like button if you haven't done it already people this is a community so I appreciate you if you appreciate me subscribe share like this video hashtag it retweet it anything you want to do text it to yo mama right now and tell

Her check out this chart if you got a hundred dollars put it on cash app convert it to Bitcoin and thank you boy BK about a year from now when you know you sitting sitting on a nice little amount as a result right this is gonna

Be a critical iron 9500 if we fall we're looking at 87 to 78 if we stay above 10,000 then by the middle of July will be pushing 11 to 12,000 very very very critical point to answer the question is the Bitcoin rally over no why do we say

No because the 77 is still above the 231 right if we cut off all of this stuff and we just look at that blue line and we could even cut off the seven get out of here we still have bandwidth between the 77

And a 231 literally the only thing that's happening right now is we are squeezing out the suckers so until we fall below 95 then the old seed up you'll find out that 77 probably crosses under to 231 the market flips

Upside down and everybody starts selling out but now is not the time to jump on the fence and get scared now is the time to understand to understand the macro and micro cycles so that you can better prepare for what is happening in the

Future we are indeed on the cusp of the greatest transition of wealth in humanity everything is coming to the blockchain there will be no fiat currency in 20 years let me say that again

There will be no greenbacks paper money inside 20 years and the blockchain is the most secure data processing network ever invented and it's free that's why we value Bitcoin that's why we understand the cycles that's why we

Don't care if it's ten thousand one thousand or a hundred thousand it's all relative to the macro and micro cycles it has going on inside itself right and so we are indeed squeezing out this money we will be falling most likely to

95 as long as we stay above 95 on a 2 day moving average then we'll be fine we'll just come back middle of August and start running again if we fall then I'll make another video and I will

Uh enlighten you guys on the trajectory you know that that and the magnitude that we can expect that to happen if you are getting set up in this market you know the easiest way to make money is never to lose a lot of money in the

First place and that's one thing that the boss method does by design I've spent about 15 years learning and understanding fiscal policy and macroeconomics got three letters and Doctrine ated behind my name from the

Great University of Notre Dame play like a champion today and make some money like a boss so this is what we're doing right now I have this discount for the month of July June and July summer time you know I'm saying the profit package

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Why man cuz money is currency currencies energy I'm just trying to help you navigate the motion of the ocean Young's and when you try Lenny ate it using the boss method it's hard to get lost right you in the water eight percent of the

Time and you getting paid three to one on your voyage that's what we got for you man if you appreciate that like subscribe share hashtag it thumbs up retweet it put it on the blockchain do what you go do but most importantly you

Know come on back tomorrow my have another video for you with that being said it's that time of the day signing out boasts the boy became no matter where you stay Brazil debate telephone ia all the way

Back out do jerk money your night good morning and good day thank you for joining me thank you for your time leave me a comment down below let me know what video you want to see max if you got any all points on your mind do

That for me if you appreciate mine til we meet again stay cryptic y'all peace

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