Is SLI/Crossfire Worth it? Can you run different Graphics Cards in SLI?

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

you know what's up guys Lew here back
with another video and today we're going
to be taking a look at dual graphics
cars and its benefits and disadvantages
some benchmarks and some facts so let's
get into it so I got this question when
I built my new computer because I have a
GTX 1076 from Asus but I also got this
case a to relax 1074 review and the
question that came up in my mind was can
you put in two different GPUs and I mean
different in as different GPU vendors
and can you run them in SLI without any
special disadvantages so I did some
research and it turns out that you can
actually run two GPUs or more of the
same core but you cannot run two
different GPUs that have different core
although you can actually do that if you
want crossfire with AMD cards in that
case you have to run cars within the
same series so for example if you have
an RX 480 and you get maybe a 470 you
can run both of those in crossfire so at
least when it comes to NVIDIA GPUs both
cards of which you are running is to
have different bass and boost clocks
they will both run at the slower card
boost and bass frequency but if you
happen to have two cards with ample
cooling like these two it's not an issue
because both of the cars will boost
pretty high on their own but do keep in
mind that if you maybe have one card
with a blower style cooler and one with
the fans instead the blower style cooler
is probably going to run a lot hotter
and therefore the boost frequency will
be lower on both cards so these two
cards which I have and they both got up
to about 1967 megahertz frequencies in
SLI mode but on their own they both got
around 50 megahertz above 2000 and below
so they are still very fast so with it
information out of the way let's first
take a look at the individual benchmarks
of these two cards so when comparing
firestrike between these two there were
just a 10-point difference which is like
nothing so in that case they both have
basically the same performance in time
5d x12 it's just a thirty point
difference which still is not noticeable
in performance so we'll just leave that
up in skydiver however the case a two
special acts got one thousand more
points but the total score is fifty six
thousand so that's one thousand in fifty
six which is still not a lot in csgo
though however the benchmarks were
running on two different maps at the
strict 1070 was running on nuke while
the ka2 was running on dust2 which
explains the pretty drastically
difference in performance

in terms of temperatures and noise and
booth speeds the ka2 was not very loud
at all and got up to 70 degrees while
gaming and it boosted up to 2035 members
districts 1070 was not loud either but
did actually run three degrees hotter
and therefore it also boosted a small
bit lower than the cafe to but I do
think these temperature differences come
out because I did do the benchmark on
two different days and the day of
testing the sticks 1070 the ambient
temperature was a lot higher because the
Sun was out and we don't see that much
Sun in freedom so with the individual
benchmarks out of the way let's take a
look at the sli benchmarks so in fire
strike we got a pretty much double
performance boost which is great but
it's still a benchmarking test which is
designed to take advantage of SLI but
not many games actually do that so the
actual gaming performance is the more
important factors in battlefield 4 we
did see a pretty big boost from 147
average FPS to 183 which is pretty
decent but still not double the speed
don't know if you can see that but it's
a video notification from kc night at
the vlog is back yes anyway let's get
back into the day benchmark so in
overwatch we did not see a very big
boost whatsoever just a couple FPS is
here and there so this time after life
not really worth it in see a school we
did not see a boost
either we actually saw a decline in
performance on the same map as well yook
so that was weird
in borderlands the pre-sequel we also
did not see a boost whatsoever we
actually saw a decrease in performance
so yeah these numbers are quite
interesting and in my opinion SLI is not
worth it if you want to spend so much
money on two graphics cards you do have
a better bet of jet
spending more for the better graphics
card at 2/10 70s caused almost the same
as one Titan X so in my opinion just get
the Titan X here but yes to answer my
individual question yes you can run two
different graphics cards in the same
system as long as we have the same kpu
core so yeah that's the video I hope you
guys got some kind of useful information
and if you did please click that like
button down below and also comment down
below what you guys think of us-ally and
I'll see you guys in the next video

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