Is Rooting Your Android Still Worth It?

by birtanpublished on August 24, 2020

Hey guys Poconos my see here with Andrew police routing has been around since the beginning of Android I remember back in 2010 I routed my g1 which was the first official Android phone to be released and even though the process then was difficult and tedious it was well worth

The effort because there were so many modifications and tweaks that you could do outside he locked OS nowadays with almost every smartphone already providing plenty of features customizations great battery life and

Amazing performance routing has become less popular so today I'll be answering the famous question is rooting your smartphone still worth it let's start with the pros I think one of the main reasons why people choose to root the

Device is because of all the modifications you can make to your phone like change the look of the interface add extra features and fix your improve specific things within the software magics manager and expose framework are

Two of the most popular repositories they each hold huge list of mods that can be downloaded and enabled for their respective frameworks some of my favorites and magics include Viper for Android FX to greatly enhance the audio

YouTube bands to obtain a moderate version of the YouTube app app system Iser to turn third-party apps into system apps and Google products and to give my phone the same font that is used in Andrew PI I'll be making a video soon

On the top 10 magics mods so be sure to subscribe so you don't miss out on that video as for my favorite exposed modules I already made a video showing off my top 10 picks so click that eye in the corner to check it out the oldest and

Most popular reason why people choose to root is to use custom roms which are basically a modified version of Android with the custom ROM you can often experience way more customizable options a different looking interface and

Software updates to versions of android beyond that provided by manufacturers for example i'm currently rocking a rom called resurrection remix on my 1 + 5 t and i'm able to configure changes to the status bar notification panel volume

Panel power menu notifications quick settings recents and more i'm also able to add touch animation to my home button to make it look like the Google pixel chain system animations and modify the scrolling animations

Among other tweaks and lastly I can add extra features such as apps circle bar to quickly pop up my favorite apps on whatever screen I'm on PI controls from paranoid android or gesture anywhere which lets me create my own gestures to

Open any app or activity that I'd like you get the point most of these configurations are not on stock Android and I have barely scratched the surface of the options available

If you curious some of my favorite roms include lineage OS paranoid android and resurrection remakes another common reason behind the choice to ruie devices to improve the battery life and while some rooted apps and services accomplish

This goal recent improvements in software optimization and modern SOC efficiency coupled with specific low-power state hardware already provide great battery life and standby time in more recent devices however if you are

Still experiencing battery drain or maybe want to expand that standby time then rooting your device isn't such a bad idea by using apps like nap time or greenify you can restrict us from using background activity immediately after

The screen is turned off think of it like Android O's but it'd be more aggressive for a regular device to enter doze it must be stationary for a set amount of time but with greenify or nap time it'll force doze to turn on

Immediately and you can add the option to moving the device around without leaving doze at all or for only short periods of time while you can use these apps on a non rooted device these services they provide will be extremely

Limited for example on nap time it will only speed up the doze enable process and sometimes that doesn't even work as some OEM modifications can interfere with that also keep in mind that your apps won't be able to push notifications

During sleep or run any type of background jobs so make sure to choose don't optimize for the apps you still want running in the background inside the settings under battery optimization along with installing

Rooted apps to improve battery life a lot of people turn to custom kernels to underclock the CPU one of the most popular kernels in the android community is Franco kernel and I personally asked the developer Francisco Franco if

Underclocking and under voting were still viable options for improving battery life he said under bolting his dead since chips oughta regularly themselves and underclocking is easily the best quick and dirty way to improve

Battery life during use and a 25% underclock across the board can make miracles for screen on time he also mentioned that sometimes under clocking a bit won't even introduce any performance hit whatsoever for example

He under clocked is 1 plus 6 from around 2.6 he hurts down to 2.1 gigahertz and has an experienced any lag or stutters he even tested the performance with the same benchmark that google uses for its internal performance test and said that

There were no changes in jank frames percentage compared to the default frequency also just a quick side note because some kernels can't give a lot of cool interfaces such as full-on display calibration

Gin-san amplitude vibration control the ability to block sir and wakelocks completely security enhancements by merging upstream Linux patches back ports from newer kernels and more so from what I can tell routing can still

Improve your battery life but the games you'll see will vary in my opinion if you are rooted it probably won't hurt to underclock the CPU just a little bit i underclock the CPM at 1 + 5 t by 25% and haven't experienced any hits and

Performance and by installing an app such as nap time or greenify you can increase your standby time source top background apps from causing battery drain for those of you who aren't rooted you won't be missing out on much though

SOC vendors such as qualcomm have made great strides in optimising both software binaries and hardware for better power savings in recent years they have this stuff down pretty well finally the last big reason why roots de

Lives on is that of themes on Android you can already customize plenty of features but with the rear device nothing's off-limits you can change the system font boot animation nav bar buttons lock screen and more however the

Ultimate way to change the look of the interface is with subscribe theme engine which substratum you can theme every aspect of the system UI and there are plenty of themes on the place to try out click the I in the right corner to see

My top bye pics currently the only non rude devices that subscribe themes support our Android Oreo devices since Google is preventing stock OEMs users from utilizing custom overlays in android pi so in the end subscribe theme

Engine will only work on devices that are either rooted or running Android Oreo so as you can see there are plenty of reasons why rooting is still a great option in 2018 but there are also plenty of risks and things to consider before

You unlock that bootloader if you are someone who is just starting off and looking to root the device I really recommend doing your research beforehand and being extremely careful installing the wrong app flashing the

Wrong file within recovery making changes in the system files or even toggling the wrong button within a rooted app can cause your OS to crash or boot loop so never mess around with something you have no idea what it does

But if you do get into a situation like a boot loop there's most likely tutorial online to get out of it another reason why rooting is discouraged is that Google and other major OEMs don't support it some manufacturers make it

Really difficult to unlock the bootloader if it's possible at all and even Google has created an API called safety net the apps can call on to make sure a device has not been tampered with many apps that handle sensitive data

Will use this check and refuse to run on rooted devices these include Android pay Netflix snapchat Pokemon go Super Mario run apps for several online banks and more magics manager does have a couple protections such as magic hide and most

Custom kernels can work around it and allow safety net to pass but it's not a guarantee so if losing access to some popular apps is a big deal try to see if there are a few workarounds available for your device or just don't root at

All finally the last and most popular reason why people choose not to root the device is that they believe that rooting will void their warranty and for the most part that is moderately true and to be specific unlocking the bootloader is

Why your warranty will be voided not rooting anyways I said moderately because there are a few instances where you can relight the bootloader and some OEMs even support rooting like oneplus at least to an extent but don't be

Surprised if your manufacturer won't help you when you try to boot up your phone and they see a logo of a custom rom or an icon of an open lock in the end is rooting your smartphone still worth it you're probably going to hate

Me for giving this answer but it really depends it depends on what device you're using what roms kernels and modifications are available for your phone if the apps are safety-net block are meaningful to you

And how boring your amazing your stock software is personally I find my oneplus X to R Brady provide a great experience without needing root it gets constant software updates when new features it already has most of the options I

Would want from custom roms and already has the type of clean look that I enjoy so I'm no rush to install it 3rd party theme and the same applies if I had a pixel or moto device but if I had a Samsung I would route the hell out of

That thing even though he has plenty of software features I would still want to remove the bloatware and install the custom ROM that's close to the stock Android like resurrection remix but it all comes down to personal preference

And how much work you're willing to put in to tweak the software to your likings either way that's it for this video let me know down in the comments if you think rooting is still worth it and please don't ask me how to read your

Device those questions are a single search away anyways drop a like on this video if you enjoyed get subscribed for more awesome android content and i'll catch you guys in the next one peace

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