Is Oracle A Buy Now On TikTok Partnership Talks?

by birtanpublished on September 15, 2020

Hey there investivas and devos should you buy oracle on the tick tock partnership talks would tick-tock make oracle more attractive or was it already attractive but it wasn't getting enough attention

What exactly does oracle even do and who are its competitors am i planning to buy oracle stock shares and if so at what price today i'm going to analyze the oracle stock from five points of my signature investiva

Diamond analysis or the idda which analyzes any assets from five points fundamentals technicals market sentiment risk assessment and overall how it can fit within your portfolio

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Hey guys i'm kendra daniel a four-time and a newly best selling author and the founder of the invest even movement the march to jump on to take control of your financial future and to make your money work for you my

Mission is to help one million moms start investing on their own by the year 2025. so if you are a mom and or if you know of other moms who could benefit from taking control of their financial future

Please spread the word and help us make this huge shift in this male dominated field the best place to start is for slash yes oracle was among the companies i really

Wanted to work out when i was an electrical engineering student in japan and i even interviewed at their tokyo office but i didn't get the job which turned out pretty well for me

In the long run but at the time i was devastated oracle sells a wide range of enterprise i.t solutions including databases middleware applications and hardware right now

The company is undergoing a mixed shift toward cloud-based subscription but they've been losing market share to competitors like amazon web services microsoft azure and

Google cloud which kind of explains why they went after tick tock and offered such a high bid to outbid microsoft to put themselves back on the map by becoming ticktock's designated cloud

Infrastructure provider in addition to that this could also be looked at from a data perspective whoever has more data is the winner microsoft already owns linkedin which goes more with this

Professional branding anyway facebook owns instagram and whatsapp and they didn't even want to get in the tick tock deal battle thingy because that would have added to the

Problems they already have with privacy issues and the fact that they need to avoid becoming a monopoly in the social media sector or risk getting broken apart by the us government

Now it's not immediately clear that oracle would gain access to tick tock's gigantic database base once this deal goes through but it is something worth talking about

Moreover given that oracle was starting to look like a dinosaur in the tech field hey baby the association with gen z favorite tick tock would help them branch out

In terms of branding so being a huge tick-tock addict myself i'd be pretty happy to see this deal go through because it appears to be a win-win situation it would allow oracle to get tick-tock

As a major customer of oracle cloud it will give the us government a sense of ease that oracle will be behind securing ticktock's u.s data all the while oracle does not have to invest the cash required to own the

Business outright now obviously the tick tock story is still developing and there's still a lot more that needs to be discussed but as of now it looks like oracle will

Be tick tock's partner in the us which implies it is unlikely there will be a complete sale of u.s operations from tick tock's parent company by dance to oracle one interesting point is that

Oracle actually has close ties to the trump administration so that could help the review process by the white house now let's take a look at oracle as is and talk some

Numbers oracle has a 186 billion dollar market cap standing well behind microsoft 1.5 trillion dollars google's 1 trillion and amazon's 1.5 trillion dollars in market cap

By owning oracle stock shares you'll be getting paid a 1.6 dividend yield on a quarterly basis and their earnings won't be coming up until december 10th so we don't have that volatility to worry about right now

Talking about volatility the market sentiment for oracle was pretty blah before the tick tock talk started with the majority of investors maintaining their neutral position when it comes to its

Stock but what's interesting is that even though oracle was not getting much hype or attention at all its stock price has actually been moving up pretty consistently since 2002.

Even the 2008 market crash didn't impact its stock price by a lot and the firm was able to bounce back up literally within six months which is pretty impressive after covet pandemic crash in march 2020 oracle was

Again able to erase its losses within six months and reached a new all-time high last week now of course the gains haven't been as dramatic as some other tech stocks like nvidia

That i covered last week who by the way is planning to buy chip designer arm from japan softbank for 40 billion dollars in one of the industry's largest acquisitions ever and by the way my long-term

Strategy for nvidia has not changed so if you're looking to add nvidia to your portfolio make sure to check out my latest analysis on it but now let's get back to oracle and its price action analysis

To identify key psychological levels and my recent price targets one quick note is that on my youtube channel i tend to choose the hot topics that everyone is talking about and is hyped up by the

Media but that doesn't mean that these are my most favorite assets to invest in in fact there are assets i own in my portfolio that i've never covered publicly simply because they're

Boring and people wouldn't search for them otherwise as you can see i'm being completely transparent with you i do share my entire portfolio with our premium

Investing group or pig members though because those are the people who are fed up with the media hype and are looking for boring stuff that actually makes them money so if you like to join the pig

Open up a new tab and go to for slash hello and apply i'm adding the link to this in the description area as well now back to oracle stock analysis

We're gonna be talking technicals baby all right looking at the chart oracle went public back in 1986 when i was two years old so it has a very very long history it

Reached an all-time high in a spike during the dot-com bubble then it came crashing down but it was able to survive actually and this is when it started to slowly but surely growing and growing and growing and growing

Breaking above the previous high uh back in the 2000s in 2017 and then still it has been kind of going upward so if somebody had invested in oracle

Back in 2002 when the stock price was only eight dollars and held it until today or even last month when its stock price hit 59 he or she would have seen a 680 increase in their portfolio of course if

He or she was incredibly patient but if you're not that patient with oracle the good news about it has been that it's been kind of choppy in its uptrend and it pulls back every once in a while

When it reaches new all-time highs to provide new buying opportunities this has happened multiple times in 2008 2011 2015 2017 2019 and now 2020.

Right now the new uptrend epic after the covet 19 pandemic based on historical price analysis looks still ripe and in my opinion we could still see further gains before we see a pullback

Digging more into history to see how much it pulls back after reaching a resistance at new all-time highs uh here it reached back to 61 percent from national tradesman level

This time around it reached back to 50 from nashville trace mobile it bottomed out just to reach new all-time highs then touched the 61 percent in fibonacci retracement level again bottomed out one more time reached a new

High reached uh fifty percent of magic trace mobile actually touched sixty one percent naturally trade small level then reached a new all-time high in march just to go back down while the

Copy pandemic is not fair because it dipped and now it's been one two three four five six consecutive months of green candle six

Now this is something new the longest consecutive growth for oracle has been was in 2017 when it went up to four one two three four five six consecutive months but even in between it wasn't a consistent long candlestick so this time

Around it's been pretty solid which is interesting and it makes me wonder that we might actually be due for a little bit of a pullback here but eventually and especially depending on how

The tick-tock talks would go we are probably looking for gains towards at least 64 in the medium term and as you can see the pullback may have already started now of course the

Tick-tock talks are not helping there's a lot of speculation going on if you think that partnering up with tick-tock is actually going to help oracle in the long run and especially by bringing them bran

Their brand name back on the map and would like to add it to your portfolio in my opinion some of the price targets lie over here 56 and of course this one 53 as a major major major level

Actually anywhere between 56 and 53 uh appears to be major because it's been acting as a support and resistance multiple times in the past year another key psychological level that is acting

In support is 50. if i were to buy oracle at any of these levels today or tomorrow or whenever it reaches it i would hold on to this stock for at least a year

And then make a decision uh as to whether i want to sell it or keep it it does pay a little bit of a dividend so it helps and it makes me feel i have more ease holding it

Longer term because also you want to keep in mind that by holding your assets for over a year you're going to pay less taxes again there is no guarantee that any asset is going to behave exactly as

It was before but let's say that oracle just continues its turtle like slow and steady up move for the in the next 20 years and in that case we're looking at 116 for

Its stock price now of course it is very possible that partnering up with tick tock could accelerate this gain you guys i can't stress enough that investing in the financial markets

Involves a risk of loss and you should only invest the money that you can afford to lose and everything that i'm saying should not be considered as financial advice you must know your risk tolerance

So that you can decide whether or not you should be adding a specific asset to your portfolio and at what price and when you should be taking profit it is all unique to you and your needs

Again i explain all of this in my free training that make your money work for your master class just go to register your receipt to figure out your

Risk tolerance and figure out if oracle is going to be the right asset for your portfolio thank you so much for joining i publish two videos per week now so if

You don't want to miss out on my next timely market update make sure that when you subscribe to my channel you click on that bell notification button so you get a notification

When my next video pops out and thus responsibly and remember that the only path to true wealth is by making your money work for you

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