Is Digitex Futures Exit Scamming ? You Be The Judge! @Digitex Futures

by birtanpublished on August 24, 2020

It's the crypto lifestyle they you voted for this video topic and the people are dying to know is digit X futures exit scamming or is the gtex futures finally getting shit together Yoho people are messaging me bro asking me privately do you think they will go

Live why is the token pumping and dumping all the time TCL well how about this you'll be the judge of all of that and by the time this video is finished I will give you my honest unbiased opinion on this matter which may actually

Surprise a lot of people and there is some very very juicy juicy information that the team of the detects try to keep on a DL a download that took place behind the scenes and trust me digit X futures does not want anybody to find

Out about this oh well too bad for them because you know why I don't serve projects I don't serve companies or CEOs I serve my subscribers and you guys wanted this topic so make sure you watch this video in its entirety if you

Actually want to be filled in on that insufficient information as I told you guys in my life stream but get what the heck you heard about me cuz you guys know what the fuck I'm about but before we dive deep into all of this do smash

Like and if you're new here smash subscribe as well if you appreciate fire content now we must revisit the past in order to find out how we got to this point today so with that being said hey Adam Todd you're ready for that good

Shit hey speak a bit louder man I can't hear you my lord that's better let's go get it not many people at all are even aware of this because a lot of people in this space are just too lazy to do deep dive

Research but this was the first launch date that digit X futures actually feel to deliver on but I'm ok with that because you know 99% of the projects in this space failed to deliver on the first date however things really start

To get interesting here let's take a look at that same year of 2018 to the month of October Harris we're digit X really starts to gain traction and pops to over 10x gains within two weeks this happened because investors were sold on

The upcoming Malta event Adam Todd was marketing during the month of October for more really kicked in as you just saw in the graph digit X continues to market their project as they should leading up to the Malta

Summit where they will showcase their demo exchange to the world now if you've been with digit X since then you know what's exactly about to unfold next I would love to show you guys the footage of this but digit X has since to leave

It a bunch of their videos from their YouTube channel which includes the Malta demo as you can see here it was in their announcement channel history but right now it's been deleted and is no longer available on November 1st of 2018 as the

Team is in Malta displaying the demo to the world suddenly the token takes a nosedive from 12 cents all the way down to about seven and a half cents but things get even stranger that same day only hours later on

November 3rd the token suddenly pops back up here's where the first strike comes into play many people in the crypto community took notice and drew me that same day in less than 24 hours it pops back up to ten cents two days later

It dumps back down to five cents losing 50% of its value in a matter of days and then another two days later on the sixth it pumps right back up to ten cents if you had this news beforehand knowing the movements of the price action you could

Have made some really nice money or it's an easy profits and again here is where the crypto community started to take note of all of these abnormal fluctuations let's fast-forward to February 14th of 2019 digit X token is

Sitting at a low of roughly three and since mr. Todd releases a video and listen to what he had to see out there we're still scheduled for end of cord one early quarter to that's on track look at what we did just going up to

Malta like that November the first demo that was like a product really that November the first demo date was a product look what we did to that token price just before that the way we marketed that I think the token price is

So low now because people are just that they're just like is this gonna launch are they gonna launch this is it going to be any good that's the risk that you're taking right now that's the risk with the intertext token is this gonna

Launch because if it does if it does launch end of q1 early q – this shit's gonna pop and it's gonna do it like you did in Malta it's gonna go even worse than Malta it's just gonna go crazy also people kind of realize we were

Going to miss the q4 deadline and we just kind of drifted from there this time when we got this product launch ahead when we do that it's going to be like Malta but better and we're not going to fizzle out and we're gonna go

Way beyond the series of unfortunate events that are about to take place right here is the straw that broke the camel's back for many community members and investors of the gtex futures myself included

After Adams confident and motivational video referencing to the digit X price popped and will happen according to this graph only days after Adams video the digit X token starts popping off once again from February 18th to around the

23rd we see the token popped from roughly three and a half cents to nine cents exploding for one hundred and fifty percent in gains and had a healthy correction okay down to seven cents then back up to

Eight cents going up going up going up going up in preparation for the Paris blocking event which takes place on April 13th to the 19th where it appears history repeats itself as you can see here on April 12 one day before the

Paris event where Adam Todd will be showcasing to the world once again his beautiful creation the token starts to tumble oddly enough like it did the day before the Malta summit event

Unfortunately digit X deleted that video where Adam Todd showed us a quick glance of the exchange in his hotel room where the guy didn't appear to be himself and almost felt as though he was hiding something and I can't show you that it's

Not there anymore as I just mentioned however that right there at the time was the craziest thing to see it was a very very very unpopular analytical ass thing for me to yell out out of nowhere and I mean who does that right I mean four

Days before the launch of the exchange everyone in the community is getting excited everyone is happy spirits are high Jeremih coming out on a live stream my car screaming this crazy claim well you know how the saying goes right smart

Mofos look like crazy mofo because Dumbo foes it doesn't work so you know we can't launch this it's as simple as that we can't live we launch

This it's over and I mean if the camel's back isn't broke by now that certainly did the trick come on man I called this during a very unpopular time all right give me some props and I want our minds bro I was

Warning people three days prior to the public announcement when the token was at ten cents on the 23rd right after that announcement the token actually crashed to about a penny one cent that's a negative of 10-x difference if you had

Took my stupid advice which I was actually criticized and ridiculed by all the fanboys which by the way I'm not a financial adviser but strictly a crypto fanatic who loves invested into cryptocurrencies because I truly believe

This technology will change the world and that's why I invest into cryptocurrencies so please do do your own homework when investing into any such crypto but to goddamn it I'm pretty fucking good moving forward so few days

Later Adam addresses the community on a live stream which I really respect look one thing about Adam everyone has to admit whether you like him or not he will face the music okay he's not afraid of hearing the noise he'll go live on

You talk to you Ennio I was actually live myself covering his eme when I asked him this question Adam why did the token dumped before the announcement was made public during both delays what's your thoughts on that big guy that

Question was actually directed to Adam and I got a response from a random fanboy who stated if you watch charts daily the TA was calling for a public poll back then announcements at then dumb

That's just tea a buck so through all the fanboys out there who's been ridiculing me throwing shade at me for that this one goes out to you this is what your ass get for all the fanboys will be dropping Lambo stickers in the

Digitech stack popping boners over falls hype crazy CEOs and co-founders this is what your sorry ass gets when you can't think straight when you are tied up with your emotions and have that involved with it on investment when you're tribal

When you're in love with the CEO you're asked to get wet and I sell you my bags at a much higher price I feel and I have an audience and I can be real with them I mean I don't want them to listen to me

So you admit it on the 23rd yes we were told this and then all of a sudden the price was stable and I mean I actually know and he was previously linked with the project he's not team member it was an advisor

That we had you know nobody had inside information it's just he dumped his token it's just it just looks really bad time and it looks like oh he's my information so JD Miller fanboy number two and a Jim zebra fanboy number one

This is not TA right all of you want to be traitors are not as smart as you persuade others to believe that you are right clearly you're not as I said earlier smart before such as myself look like crazy mofos padam waffles like

YouTube we just heard it from the horse's mouth mr. Adam Todd he said yeah that dump was from a team member he had a falling out with that dumped on them not no freaking TA unless you guys got some sort of advisory dumping indicator

Of some description but I doubt you do okay and you know James I'm a freaking lion and what do lion is do to zebras such as yourself just like the wild reliance mall zebras

We eat the likes of you for lunch you're both wrong so stop acting as if you know and save yourselves the embarrassment when everybody knows deep down you're as useless as a pair of nun sticks by the way take all the screenshots you want

And telegram chats of myself and send it to your beloved CEO Adam I really don't give a shit I'll tell it to his face like I've already done in the past live streams and everybody knows it like I said

Earlier fuck what you heard about me cuz all of you guys know what I'm about okay so as we just heard Adam say there are two coincidences with the previous one I don't know about you guys but I'm not a firm believer in coincidences I don't

Believe that thing exists but I mean I don't believe in religion either I'm saying but what I do believe in there is always a reasonable explanation for everything once you investigate it and that's what we will continue to do at

This point the token is pretty much at a standstill hovering around the 25 cents about the 3 cent mark roughly until Adam speaks out on June 17th about the launch of the digital which gets the moon boys giddy and excited again to buy more

Tokens as you can see here based on this graph the digit X token pops on instant boner on the 17th of June with FOMO and false hide kicking in once again that seems to be digit X features secret sauce and in a matter of these guess

What happens hmm yep you got it that dumb becomes but it does gradually come this time let's not make it too obvious right is history repeating itself does this appear to be a common trend with the digit X token pumping and

Dumping well lucky for you you made it this far into the video because shits about to get a heck of a lot more interesting right now there's a gentleman named Phil who was a former admin in the digit X futures telegram

Chat who claimed he was allegedly fired by mr. Todd because Phil had inside information he found out through the inner circle of the admins that the Dow was going to be delayed thus the token was going

Dump so like any sane human being filss oldest digit x tokens before the public announcement in which Adam Todd found out and canned him but hey man don't take my word for it squeal free hundred fifty cents just

Just selling one hundred seventy thousand takes or twenty-five into that so I didn't cause for Kumasi dumped on eco then just dump the fuck thing I think I did in a conservative way but it pissed him off yeah he informed Gary to

Dispose of me I was in a position at that point didn't think I was gonna do any kind of major selling like I just got pissed off you know now being delayed not less even really important but just another another occasion

Another promise a date and I'm looking out for my son and me because the fucking day was gonna be delaying it I was I was informed of that by someone who said they had legit information and he was dead right and so I feel like I

Did the wrong thing I just didn't do the intelligent thing you know I should have had two separate wallets then you wouldn't be tracked back to me you know it doesn't look good for Adam with you know he's about to make an announcement

You know talk about the dow being delayed and there's one of the employees basically dumped in two and a half million tokens so I'm sure some of the other happens have sold and sold large portions at times because you know

They're in the know oh maybe I shouldn't say that's pure assumption I might just be one of the many that did it I mean everybody remembers Phil right he was a digit X admin and I believe Phil over any CEO over any other co-founder why

Casinos and co-founders are money-hungry phil is another individual just like myself just like yourself so I'm gonna take his word over any other fucking CEO in the space but hey look that's just me you guys have your own your own opinions

And you could draw your own conclusions so take that for whatever it's worth and draw your own conclusions moving on to what's currently happening right now so at this point here's where I've been getting a tremendous amount of concerns

And DMS on telegram asking me about digit acts if they're gonna exit scam you know when is they're gonna launch and you know what I could really see why people are asking these questions and reason such concerns right now it

Appears the bigger tubers who use to promote digit X are not touching them with a ten-foot pole even with gloves on so obviously they don't want any part of the detection at least right now so to come back back

Digit X futures a Paris have some industry plans promoting for them and what is an industry plant it's a term that comes from the entertainment industry and this means when someone who just comes out of nowhere being heavily

Promoted by a company as is successful or authoritative figure with credentials the company will advertise them across all of their social media channels hyping them up and we are fully aware how digit X futures love the hype shit

Up so in this example we're actually referring to the pro traders who are publishing good videos and reviews on the digit text exchange all the sudden just out of the blue like these guys at the time when they made those videos

Pretty much just open up a YouTube account just to make these videos for Adam people are concerned because the common theme with emphasis on projects as they get around them dudes or smaller youtubers to promote for them P lemon

BTC or just their native token what-have-you trying to remain relevant and competitive in the market raising awareness and false hype in turn influencing you to invest more examples of this is our betoken who actually

Master this art that project got a bunch of local youtubers to shill for them and it worked like gangbusters manna really did also we know Adam Todd is giving out gold and silver plated physical digit X coins to certain youtubers and members

Of the community for their support which frankly is kind of weird and desperate in my humble opinion well the same arm token in this example that we just previously used also give their youtubers rolex watches for sticking it

Out with them and i mean take this for whatever it's worth and draw your own damn conclusions but to me I have to admit man this is certainly bizarre normal companies or projects just don't do that I mean it is what it is just

Something to note and keep at the back of your head many of the digit x community members actually raised some good points and one of those points is this whywould digit X features exit if they

Have a test net well let's take a look at the granddaddy exit scammer of them all bit connect yeah bit connect what did they do two months before they exited they held the a massive glitz and glamour event in Thailand that

Captivated the entire crypto verse whether they want to admit it or not spending roughly five million dollars to host that event now if you include the Lambos and the various sports cars they gave away I mean this thing was just

Absolutely decked out like the freaking Grammy Awards now that's what exit scammers do right they gain your trust by showing you something tangible or something concrete things like that things that restores confidence in the

Project that event bit connect had at the time was turning some critics into believers I remember this and that so scammers operates yeah I mean sure building a test net does require some time and money but another example of

That is Nova chin who launched a test net of their own and showcase this to the public but guess what I'm the Nova cheering about couple months after this test net went live they got more and more people to formal in invest until

Enough was enough their bellies were full sticking out and novocaine and just poof disappeared and rode off into the horizon never to be heard or seen again and for those very reasons I tell and I remind the digit X community I could see

Why others will shout out things like exit scam or perhaps atom pumps and dumps on his toking Center etc remember you guys have to understand if there's anybody who's qualified to talk about this in an unbiased fashion is myself

I've been here since the I seal never mind that I actually I'm an ice your promoter you can't say you know another youtuber today who could see it the same thing so what I'm trying to say is I've been documenting their progress

Before digit X was even in place all right listen alright with all of that out the way there is a however and it's a big one so let me start it off by saying hi one needs to take a look at the current devs

Digit X futures has working for them as Adam said in a live stream last year which I actually agreed to smart Dec entered this space in 2017 joining the etherium community there are a group of developers who Bo's more than 50 team

Members they're also widely known for smart contract developing a blockchain security auditing and technical consulting there within the etherium community attending hackathon conferences like this one here

Called eath denver and have won multiple awards at these events these devs are no joke and have already made a name for themselves which rings bells in the crypto space this panel of developers and other team members you see before

You have not missed any dates or timelines in their previous projects or milestones dating back to 2009 these guys are professionals and should be taken very very seriously they also did work for other reputable and recognized

Projects such as trust wallet khyber Network gift oh and put DX just to name a few alright man so I pretty much updated everybody from the start of this series of unfortunate events and I'll tell you this much there are three types

Of exits cameras in the crypto space the first type is the straight-up scammer right the type to have the intent to scam you out right from the very beginning that was his sole and only intent now do I truly believe that Adam

Tod falls under this type of exit scam no up to this day recently I publicly stated that I don't think he ever had the intention to full fledge exit scam on us from the get-go now the second type of scammers are the ones who

Surround the truth with some lies and the lies with some truth meaning they tried to swindle you by leveraging the law in their favor to hustle you right so for example a registered company who claims to be a portfolio management firm

Trades for you and then see after about I don't know 5 days to about a week or so or two weeks or whatever the firm contacts you and claimed that they lost all of your capital due to bad trades guess what you can't do anything about

It even if they didn't really lose your capital they could work their way around the law to favor them trust me man this happens more than you actually think and that's a form of manipulation or scamming now does Adam Todd fall under

This category no he does not however the last type of exit scammers are the ones whose intent was to bring the world a revolutionary product they are trying to actually put goodwill into the marketplace while getting rich at the

Same time which nothing is wrong with that especially if your motives are pure which initially they are up until things start to get harder and tougher they can't seem to fulfill timelines buta developing failures over and over

Again or in some cases funding runs out or they are just constantly keep hitting roadblocks sounds familiar doubts and thoughts of failure starts to send to their minds had the project just flat-out fails this does not by any

Stretch of the imagination mean they did not try hard enough but it's nearly impossible for them to complete the project for whatever case may be now you think that company is going to return to you 21 million dollars back to the ICU

Investors or even after market investors for that matter no bro they bounced on the exit or move on to another company playing the role as an advisor or some bullshit like that so the lingering highly-anticipated a

Question still remains – I V want the only crypto lifestyle himself do I believe that Adam Tod falls under this category let me tell you if it wasn't for Spartak I would have said hell yes he does but I

Can't say that because I believe in smart deck who are the devs that are working with Adam right now so my answer to the question is no I personally do not believe that Adam is going to edit scan because he does have solid

Recognize devs working for him today in which their credentials an association with other reputable project speaks for itself but a man who gives a shit what I think that's just my opinion man you guys are the ones who actually voted for

This video not me so you tell me is Adam Todd and the to text feature is going to exit scam or perhaps you believe there are just pump-and-dump errs let me know in the comment section below so you know what

There really isn't much left to say other than and throw the gtex main let launch you're on your own I don't understand consonant up to par think with your demand you shit die I

Know you feel shit inside TC y'all lifestyle you can beat mine yo with the smoke screen cuz each time you don't know this crypto lady try to cuz the buzz hi big youtubers and fake gas mo cryptos lifestyle don't fake this shit

On your channel time to create it came from PC yo you hate hard but even though I'm gon wish you well

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