Is Digitex Exiting ? Latin America = Opportunity | Live AMA

by birtanpublished on August 25, 2020

Rise and shine rise and grind it's time to get your grind on cuz you're sleeping on that money on this beautiful Sunday morning well I hope everyone's having a glove li weekend and I'm so sorry for my bail notification is just waking you up like an alarm clock

Right now as you sleep but there's something I just wanted to touch up on you guys know I love these casual random light streams and we will get to that in a second let people roll in as I share the link

In the telegram chat so for those who are watching the replay I do apologize in advance so I'm just going to share this in my telegram and we will get started what we got a couple people rolling in

What's up everybody let me just get this into my chat like that's okay how's everybody doing what's crack-a-lacking up in the shake abusing it's been a while since of when life from the car been super duper busy you

Guys know how it is man you know in my free time what I love to do is you know there's a lot of things I value outside of cryptocurrency and I love my crypto I love you guys obviously that's family and then when

I'm not spending time with family when I'm not spending time investing or researching or creating content it's pretty much being productive and leveling up my skill set so I just thought today was the perfect day Sunday

You guys are probably at home to do one of these casual live streams I actually got to go for a drive – if you guys don't mind smash like we got about nine people I just turned right now I've got no likes smash that like button please

So ho what am I getting – guys so what do I title this live stream is digit X exiting right and some other stuff there as well so the reason why I bring that up is let me go to my actual community tab I got my other phone going on here

So I did a post on my community tab which was of ODEs and it stated this vote I'm much video topic interests you the most and there are four options one of those options were $100 – one Bitcoin trading challenge right um the other

Option was blue chip cryptocurrency company dividends explained which I thought you guys should have chose right and we're talking equip toe buyer if you guys know kit so what is the blue chip company just make it as short as

Possible it's a company that's you can see they're nationally recognized they are financially established right and during a downturn in an in a in the market so say Bitcoin goes down those stocks right because blue chip stock

Companies are that that derivatives is that terminology comes from the stock market they don't tend to get harmed as much right but anyways you guys didn't choose that so I'll just repeat that again blue chip

Crypto company dividends explained which would have been the one just do your thing TCL I'll watch anything you upload which was the second one but number one choice from this this was just posted about about 18 hours ago out

Of 60 votes the number one choice went went to is digit X futures exit scamming i right if you were one of the people who voted for that let me know in the live chat box right now if you want to keep yourself anonymous that's cool too

Now well let me say hello to everybody first what's up and good job thank you for joining what's up crypto carnal I appreciate you man hallmark says hey Francis nice to hear from you again a oh my appreciate

You for joining and chiming in guys yeah sure hum what's up Melia so the reason why I bring that up is you know um I've been actually you guys know right look if there's anybody who's qualified to talk about the detectors probably myself

Not only I've been in the ICU investor I muscle oh I'm I co promoter so what I'm getting to is this I actually know the company's ins and outs right I've been documenting them since they were anything so if there's anybody who's

Qualified to make a video on this it's myself now the reason why I put that into one of these options is because there were a lot of different things like you know it was well documented what happened about a year ago right I

Went live where actually it was right here and this same spot drinking coffee and I was talking about the price going down whatever and and I'm surprised that I mean I want to be surprised if they came up with an announcement and that's

Why it's dumping and we call on Adam on that okay cool that's all news right well we all know about that now what happened thereafter is very important guys do smash like come on now um it's drying in front of you it's just

A touch of a button do smash like right that's well documented now there's a lot of people that's been private messaging me asked me about the attacks on my opinion on it and I still would see this I don't believe that that was ever their

Intent however there are a couple of new things that came to the surface right I'm like if we look at these little pointers and these these like nuances so to speak you could compare it to other companies I came into the crypto space

And they they disappeared there no they're nowhere to be found so what I would bring up is this and this is not the video by the way right I can actually make this is just this is just like let's just call it a sneak preview

To the I didn't we'll start the video I said literally that post went up last night and I'm just kind of regurgitating what I posted but in in more detail here right um so this is just us talking

About it but people who private message me asked me what do you think of did you text listen on and I tell them straight out so for anybody who wants to message me about that here's your video so this is for everybody this will save me a lot

Of time well here is here's not the video the official video but here is what I would tell you hum telegram so to speak okay so pretty much this is what I've noticed with digit X now they had a lot of bigger youtubers promoting for

Them right it was a crypto lover there was Keith Warwick right um what's his name already said crypto all of these guys right guys you know they got a 50k sobs and Plus right up there now nobody wants to touch this digit axe with a

Ten-foot pole what does digit X do no offense to these guys no offense I smash like what's going on y'all man you here for a reason right smash like but um what did you text did was this and there's no offense

I'm not trying to target anybody here and we're just talking facts I'm gonna be as objective as I always would be I'm always going to be objective I don't care if it hurts my investment or if it hurts someone else's investment if it's

The truth and if it's what happened I'm gonna talk about it okay facts so what did you think it was now they brought in a bunch of new youtubers that nobody knew right I don't know why maybe because nobody wants to make videos on

Them I know they didn't really trust me as much because of the video I did I didn't give a shit if it happened I'm going to fucking talk about it so they didn't really want to reach out to me in that regard is what I'm guessing I think

They had a private chat going on – I wasn't there I don't care about that shit I don't really care but tell them to be in telegram shots anyways um so that's what happened there and then they have these new youtubers that have no

Subscribers 100 subscribers doesn't matter how much they have the point of the matter is and it almost looks as though it's an industry plant right and what companies would do if you guys look at arbitrage coin what did they do

No offense to the like I gotta bring this up because it's very relevant now arm coin what did they do they brought in a bunch of no-name dudes to talk about their product for them because nobody doesn't want to do it right and

Then what they will do is they will promote those those guys on their social media channels to get the whole hype back right because the other guys don't want to do it anymore so that's kind of like fish

Me and that regarding a blah and once again I'm not saying that's what they're going to be doing I'm just you know looking at the things that are that unfolding before us right for whatever it is and comparing it to other other

Companies or other coins right so so that's one there um now it's documented as well the pumps and dumps right the pumps and dumps that's highly documented so once again let's go back to this same exact spot well when I was live and I

Was talking about I wouldn't be surprised if the delay comes sure enough it happens nobody believed me they all call me an idiot they all said I was dumb I'm a father TCL's a jackass he's an idiot especially

A dumb fuck in the telegram Chad fucking I'm a dumb fuck yeah zebra whatever he is you know James zebra talking like a fucking in are tough time to telegram chat about me I think you talked to Adam and Adam doesn't like me now and all

This stuff um there's a reason why he's a zebra you know I'm a fucking lion and we eat those kind of people you know I mean he's a zebra but anyways yeah so I'm getting out all over the topic so going back to the pumps and dumps so

When that went down there and I said all this stuff and I was made fun of zebra now I think Adam went live and on the live chat I said hey Adam what happened till add to that tonight pump I think your other that dump or whatever let's

Go live and talk about it I think your other YouTube is afraid about it and then during that live stream that seemed individual was like no bro it was TA it was TA it was technical analysis right yeah yeah technical analysis all of a

Sudden is gonna call Kyle for a dump just before the exchange goes live and you know what the make marriage work to make matters worse how stupid this guy really is Adam even said on the live stream I'm sorry on my live stream when

I had him or it was an advisor that that that dumped those coins and that's what caused that dump so literally we heard from the horse's mouth that it was not fucking TA James okay so stop trying to act like you know what

You're fuckin done it wasn't that because Adam just told us it was the freaking adviser so once again I was right anyhow so that was the first dump right but actually that was the second dump before that they had one in Malta

Well documented right I think they went to showcase Malta and he didn't want to show us the exchange I think show us a little clip of it on the on the on his laptop in his room and now so we were expecting something there it

Dumped okay let's look at the digit ow remember the digit ow I didn't came up you know with this video hey guys Adam here well we got something fantastic here something like that it's the digit down it up you heard right he was kind

Of like talking like Oh Adam talks what happens token goes up I'm sorry token dumps right once he announced that once again something else again happened after that and I believe they even fired a telegram

Admin Phil because he knew that how the token was gonna dump guys so I'm just saying and I've looked I'm smoking on here but this life she might like oh fuck I don't work for Adam I don't fucking work for Adam you know um I work

For my subscribers who I work for I worked on my audience bro I don't work for a no co-founder no CEO and you know this is not me trying to like be a dick this is just me being real it's just me calling it for what it is right so um so

That's what happened there and yeah once again they had another announcement and dump and look at the trading the whole trading competition battle thing um you know he announces that and then it dumps not to say that that has anything to do

With like like you know I don't know how that would benefit the company by saying well we have a trading battle going on because it is free your training for free on winning real Dutch attacks so I really don't know why it will dump

Outside of the fact that people were probably saying mahé 100 days of trading that means another 100 days of no exchange and then they got fed up on it don't I don't know right but these are the things when you are investing into

Money sorry when you are investing money into anything these are the things you got to take into consideration because it's investing for a reason it's not a charity right a charity is a charity and investing is investing so you gotta just

Keep these things in mind so you know those are the reasons why I put that on the community tab just to see as one of the options it wasn't my personal top notch and um you know first thing I would like to see

I rather you guys choose the blue chip company dividends right because in my opinion that's that's good that's that's where it's at right now that's more valued content than the whole digit X thing but hey what can I say the people

Have spoken and I want to get to your messages right now and if anybody has a problem with that we could talk about it now like you know for people who want to talk to me on telegram about shit like this

That's not the way I don't fucking argue over telegram if you catch me live right now let's talk about it if you want to go live with me we could do that but I ain't gonna you know sin on my Saturday sit on my Sunday and text argue with you

About you know you know about certain things like this that's not how I spend my time or my son Sunday's or Saturdays okay okay Pam chicken says really did you text doing this well um so again right it's not that personally I don't

Believe their edge it's caman because if I believe that why the hell would I make videos on them right that's not what I believe but we gotta we got to keep we got a look at the track record right we got a look at the history history is a

Key indicator tell what's gonna happen now right so I look at their track record and that's what I see am I making this up or did this happen I don't know you guys tell me like fuck come on you got it like you know people got a lot of

Short-term memories right in this space and this is the thing right in their defense it's it's hard to see that they're gonna do that because of smart dec right smart that those guys are in the etherium community and those guys

Wouldn't want to really be associated with that but who knows who freaking knows I mean it's a smart neck Russian Russian guys oh yeah so the other thing about this well we could still talk about Dutch attacks for a bit more until

I get to my other topic oh by the way once again another point so with digit X this is what they do right not not v as in digit X but certain companies that that that's been here and people thought they were gonna

Be here and then they bogeyed and I'm not saying that's what's when I'm with edge attacks what I am saying is these are the treats that companies have so I'm once again ARB arbitrage coin I never was into that I'm just you know I

Just know people that were and I know what happened so pretty much what they would do is they will give these guys like Rolex watches and shit right which were they pretty much the guys that supported them the guys that

Made videos for them right but arbitrage isn't here today so you know cow made them feel good and and trying to like gain trust from them so I know digit taxes given our like a like a gold coin or a diamond coin or something I

Don't know if it's real I don't know if it's fake I don't know what but they are giving that out to certain community members because they've been here or whatever so that's just another kind of like yeah you're looking desperate here

Like it's just that's not what a normal company would do right but hey I mean like that's just another thing to put the consideration and it's up to you guys to draw your own conclusion right but these are the things that are that

Are happening this is not me making this up this is what's going on right okay Almer says recently heard about digitech CEO taking up talking about pumping the price artificially is it what it sounds like or recently is that what you heard

You heard Adam saying that I don't know probably I mean like I think that's all news guys and this is the thing right you guys would be surprised how many companies pump the coin and dump the coin okay you would be surprised how

Many companies do that it's not you know if this is the case what's going on there I mean it's not unique to them you'll be surprised even the most legit tokens or coins you know and has solid foundations are doing this trust me

So this is pretty much standard you know normal behavior in this space for the newcomers to smash like okay so we're gonna finish up on this right and I'm gonna get to my next topic Alex says so they have a hard time sorry

Guys how's my wife Alex s so they have a hard time marketing because of what happened um yeah I guess so but it probably had a lot to do with Adams whole like you know um well you know if he's confident it here's the one

Project he should be but he was like over a Schilling I guess right to certain extent like talking about the whole Arthur hearing Hayes thing he's gonna take lube and all this stuff so maybe kinda like created enemies along

The way but yeah the marketers I guess they don't really want to touch it right I've heard through the grapevine that they said XY and Z but you know I like I always do my own thing I don't care what other marketers or other youtubers or

Whatever you want to call us are doing but I just do my own thing like even I like steam I did about digit X in the trading battle I don't want any digit X tokens I would still cover not even just talked

About a token or a project but I will cover them even if I don't own any you know one single token that's just me so yeah I can't speak for them but I don't think they want to touch because of what happened that's just my my guess

Kumar's laughing alex has valid point on the 100 days Covello says well clip the lifestyle you lost my respect that's okay you can unsubscribe see ya jeepers you know why would you blame him Kip the lifestyle yeah well once again right so

Kick in balance one of those idiots who if I would tell you right now like I did a year ago that the token like I feel the exchange isn't gonna go live right which what is what happened exactly what I warned you and you want to call me a

Father you want to call me lose respect for me well fuck you go go lose your fucking money right go get fucking dunked on then okay how could you tell somebody you losers who respect for them if they're fucking warning you about

Something that actually fucking happened you fucking idiot it's like a fucking kid who I saw like a little like a little figuring toy maybe like a Superman toy and his arm is missing his right arm and you tell the kid hey man

Let me fix that toy for you his arm is falling off and the kids I know it's not he's fine he has both arms on and you're like but the arm I have it right here in my hand it's missing let me fix it for you he's like that bro I don't need

People like you joining my livestreams I don't need people like you subscribed to me alright so let's go ahead I lost the respect I don't give a fuck okay yeah that's the thing I'm all about the Honda that the Coldstone just you know the

Hardcore truth right it's the stoic Old Stone truth it's like nobody fucking can I can we handle that the truth hurts okay I tell you the truth hurts someone called truth bro okay I tell ya

All right are you in the six yes I am I am from Toronto what's up J bar top ten coins will do pump and dumps it happens man it does happen right so this is the wild wild west they could get away with a lot of a lot of a lot of things the

Sec can only do so much big and you know with Krypton you can get away with so much man because it's so hard to freeze accounts right this is not in the centralised system so Omar says yeah there's a video of him giving an

Interview and he straight-up says it and was shared on Nash's telegram group and that's where I started reading about it being an exit scam well for me I'm reading about it being an exit scam I never came across that I know a lot of

People share that sentiment but it's just me and my observations um look and once again I'm not saying this is what they're doing I'm just let's talk about this topic because you guys wanted to hear this go

To my community tab right now okay how did everybody voted for us say talking about the blue chip I started the blue tonight the blue chip crypto company which is klepto buy or dividends that's what we'll be talking about right now on

The side and stream and by the way this is not the video the official video on that I'll be making and this is by your request this is not me coming up with this whatever you voted for I will talk about like I'm doing right now and this

Is what you happen to vote for so let's talk about it you know so yeah I'm not trying to do this for my own personal gain there's nothing for me to really gain from this I'm actually thinking about grabbing some digit X tokens you

Know I mean so I'm just waiting for the right price one set yeah my wife actually came to check me in my spot to get some money for me yeah I'm living the crypto lifestyle she's living the crypto

Lifestyle you know I mean whenever she wants the money she's like where are you I need to get 50 bucks I gotta go here my god women Omar says I have it on my list to invest in next but now I am unsure yeah well hey man at the end of

The days you gotta you know you got to really just take someone else's opinion take your own opinion do your own research and kind of like draw your own conclusion right that's all just use other youtubers as a form of reference

And once again you know I want to make this very clear I I'm not saying this is what's what happened but what I am saying is you voted for this let's talk about it let's look at the actual situation let's be very objective here

Let's be true to ourselves right let's call it for what it is let's call it let's look at the history up until this point a lot of people don't do that with their investments they don't they don't ok guys I'm thinking about this you know

If digit X actually went live when they were supposed to go live a long time ago nobody would even know what vibe it is we'll all would be making some nice money right now and we won't be talking about this shit right now

So did you text Carole I drop this on to themselves I'm sorry you know don't worry you guys would soon learn you know all your fanboys would sooner and I don't kiss no fucking see you as a stone kiss no fucking cofounders ass and don't

Want more company on a fucking pedestal you guys would soon learn I'm sure you just gone to this piece maybe a year if that yeah that takes a learning curve maybe after the first two two and a half years but you guys would soon find that

Out don't worry they don't fucking give a shit about you bro do you think CEOs in the space really gives a fuck about you they will they do but once they have their your money they don't give a fuck about you they only want to listen they

Only care about their family and their friends melanoma their friends with their family what they want to do is make this project get the money and that's it that's all they give a fuck about that's all you're worth to them

Get that into your fucking skin a thick skull bro that's that's what it comes down to period not all but most okay okay so kevin says Omar listen to it carefully it has been cut on piece on

Taken out of context whatever um okay yeah that's Jolin what's up Camela is Jolin I helped you a lot in the past okay yeah let's talk Jolin what's up okay what's the problem okay you got my attention Shelly from the sky like Jolin

Honestly honestly tell me how tell me what am I doing wrong right now tell me what am I doing wrong right now tell me well you work for the guy so obviously you're gonna have to defend him so what am I doing wrong please anymore the

Fucker who wants to problem me right now tell me what am I doing wrong I'm all yours this is the time to catch me not on telegram cuz I don't give anybody any time on telegram I'm all yours tell me right now

Um I helped you before you owe me Omar I know it's that way I'm okay I'm trying to get caught up here jaipur says good grief I helped him as an admin of digit tax uh who lost who are we talking about right

Now you helped me as in want or are you talking about somebody else okay Omar says for the sake of current investors at least okay so did you tax Norbit tax No – um okay no did you tax not bad

Thanks bro you still talk about the tax come on man you guys look at the last video I did about eight months ago Nash Oh what's up poems Nash for life I don't know bro honestly I really don't know what to say about Nash in that regard

You know my nation Canada we want to see training for a long long time so I don't really have much to say about Nash up until maybe because he trading comes into effect and I actually have access to the exchange which I don't so it's

Gonna be hard for me to do that anyways guys so as I said I want to get off this topic I talked about the Venezuela opportunities and this is what we really need to be focused on guys so let me touch upon that while Mama

Jewel and catch back to me so this is the thing with Venezuela right not only Venezuela all of these is in Latin American countries and you guys you really need to pay attention to this there is a tremendous amount of

Opportunities there right now so think about it like this they're those people and listen in that region of the world are only now getting access or hearing about blockchain and Bitcoin pretty much like the surgeon early 2017 that's how

They're getting in right now but in their case it's for inflation so they actually want to use it for day-to-day transactions so what does that mean that means they're looking for certain things like a Bitcoin wallet then one like oh

What's the best wallet so any kind of you know developer you can make a wallet and I'm targeted for them right um so they're also looking for converters so from the pesos the Bitcoin so when you first scroll into crypto you're probably

Okay well I want to buy my first Bitcoin or if you're trading you want to know how could I do you know Canadian dollar to US dollar to pick on a big to USD to Canadian so they want like a converter right it's free but traffic

Drives sales as well what I'm trying to say is there's a tremendous amount of opportunities there for these people in terms of tools and software developers okay so any entrepreneurs out there you got some opportunity Oh what we got here

Oh yeah John says how can you say it's an exit scam Tesla is live and it's being improved every day when did I say that when did I say to the exit scam right and this is the problem in in especially telegram or crypto right when

Did I see its alleged scam please tell me when when did I say that I highly recommend the Joleen you watch this live stream in its entirety okay and I highly recommend all you also look at the community tab because that's trust I

Never said that okay I pulled out for your topics out there okay I look let's get the elephant out of the fucking room right a lot of people are talking about this in the space so the thing with me is like I don't like any problems I

Don't like to have elephants in the room as a matter of fact if I owe somebody money I'm gonna drive to a fucking house I'm gonna give you a thousand dollars because I don't like to owe people money number two there's an elephant in the

Fucking room I like that I like to air the room out so let's talk about this in an objective way let's look at the history and let's look on why people could see it is one unless look at the other half of why people could see it's

Not one and have the people or anybody make their own conclusion thereafter right that's what I'm saying I never said it was I made a video topic and that it was one of the choices because people were asking me this over

And over and over and if you look at it once again 60 people half of them voted for digit X exit scamming do that topic okay why is it or why is isn't it this is not me okay get your fucking facts right before you

Talk shit okay Jaipur says capela you are on damage control Hanson and it's sad do it there are six million tokens from team in this competition on this competition is to stress the exchange for bug

Testing aemond okay and where's that coming from what what what did I say about the competition I just said that the competition shouldn't have nothing to do really with the price going down other than people saying that

How old well it's another hundred days of waiting I know it I really don't understand your argument here I don't think you're catching the gist of it Jolin I really don't think you are Digitek testing is going well a lot of

Effort is put in can't wait for the launch yeah okay sure it is that's why I've been making videos on it you know guys I'm going to cover it how things unfold I can't tell the fucking future right so I can only just tell you what's

Going on right now why would I cover fucking digit X if I personally believe it's exit scamming why why would I sugarcoat anything why would I father kid anything no I'm gonna fucking call it for what it is

Okay whether it's for me or against me or when I see it call it for what it is I am going to look at the track record and I am going to talk facts I'm gonna be objective so mama Jolin how about let's talk facts did the token dumped

After announcements positive announcements okay Jabbar says most people never heard of it and I want missus what we've got here well I agree with you that when we launched first time but

This was too complex for those well well I agree with you that when we launched first time but this was too complex for those devs to miss this oh it was too complex with missus yeah no as I stated many times over I think that how you

Guys actually got the right devs yeah the etherium guys it always should have been crypto base guys especially the etherium guys right digit X going on the etherium Network it just makes sense right and you guys have it right now we

Both degree Omar says yeah and lighting us with all this new info broski yeah well you know the thing is this right it is new info I guess but it's available for anybody it's all there you know it's all there friend and you know if you're

Following the project it's there right just got to look at the announcements guy look at the token prize got to look at you know the sentiment what people are just it's all there but you know and I get it a lot of

People don't have the time to do that they're going for the work they come back they're tired they got kids maybe you got a side business so people either a lazy it was too busy to look at the information right and whatever

Happened to my boy sooner I'm soda doesn't work there anymore I'm just saying you know um you know okay whatever this is really matter about that that's besides the point I guess okay so John says this is totally new

Tech and they couldn't handle it spider scan detects they didn't want to deliver now we have smart Dec agreed I still don't understand where where the argument is I agree on that as well as I stated many many times over yeah I agree

John says they deliver testing and we are going to mean that soon new or you I and it's where this has happened all right yeah we all know that we're like we already know that now in terms of like missing exit scamming which I never

Said this is what the people want to hear so you know this is what the subscribers voted for what deny them the people have spoken right and like it's not me pro or anti dodge attacks

It's me unbiased digit X it's me just being unbiased and objective could I tell you man like I don't care what people are heard about me you guys know what the fuck I'm about all right you guys know what the fuck I'm about I

Don't care what you heard about you know okay J bar says I've seen coins dump with me net launched new wallet and partnerships you're testing its absolute baby stuff Fiat is king like okay to be honest I would say this but the test man

And what they're showing us right now I like it like you know that's why I made the finish on it I really do like it but you know once again guys you know when you're in this space for a number of years and you you have involvements with

Multiple projects to me watching a test net is really not good enough that that's not believable enough for me right like for the untrained eye maybe yeah and I'm not saying that how did you taxes good it's bad okay I am just

Talking in a general way right showing me a test and it's fucking nothing to me because I've seen scams do that not to say digit taxes one OK Jolin and everybody else watching this who can't understand common sense okay

I've seen companies come sure you know glances of this like you know this exchange or this training bot is working is test status betas blah blah blah and then after they bounce I'm not saying that's digit X but they

Do show signs of that right they do show the same traits about you can't deny that shit okay but I'm not saying that's them are we understood footers James fucking zebra oh you little pussy do you understand okay you

Little fucking telegram influence or a little bitch like the kiss CEO was ass like what do people think do you think this is the nine-to-five we're like you're working in some building and you know you're with your other employee and

Like I don't know maybe you work in an office and they're shuffling the papers talking about your weekend and then the fucking your employee is telling you this it she's like nudging you and she's like well there's a CEO man better get

Back to work do you think quick throws like that do you got a kiss-ass here alright like James zebra let me tell I'm okay GM zebras the type of nigga that'd be like this so I was invited to this private chat a digit axschat long

Time ago and I was in there chillin or whatever and we're talking with certain things and this was right after that whole arm interview I did with Adam right and somebody mentioned something to me about the dump and we had a little

Bit of a dispute once again it's a fanboy right so when you invested a lot of people invested in crypto they're very subjective they're easily influenced and they're really and they have a lot of emotions involved so they

Can't see clear okay cuz they're very emotional okay that's number one so James whatever his name is zebra right he's a zipper for a reason because that's what he represents anyways but um yeah so he came into the chat and he

Wanted to have this be for me right this is what pussies do people who don't put the face on YouTube like a real man I want to actually have a dispute you have a dispute with me you come on YouTube on live and we talk about it don't expect

Me the fucking response to your to your lengthy ass essay in a fricking argumentum wait okay that's not what spend my time but anyways he comes and he starts talking this shit I was like brown honestly I don't got time for this

Shit I'm not like you you know you want to make these little private chats whatever okay cool so I went about my time I left the child whatever so I did a video on hex going check this shit out this is how much of

A bitch is I did a video on hex corn really good video god it got well over my average views solid ass content people loved it so everyone's messaging New Yorkers good video listen that or you nailed that blah blah blah blah was

About the YouTube CNN reporters right everybody loved that smash like mofos by the way we got nine likes I um and I got invited to this private hex Chen I talk about guy I said bro you don't want honestly I really I don't I'm not in

Telegram a lot so I won't really be you know engaging a lot he's okay man it's okay to come join dude listen to this I joined that chat I'm there for like a little bit just to be you know polite I said hey guys what's up thanks for being

Here then next day I wake up I see the telegram chat who's there James little bitch zebra the little bitch that he is making these little private telegram chats right and then he's banning people talking this and

That like if he has some authority some influence that's the type of shit you got to deal with it's like I always gotta roll up my fucking sleeves and slap up these bitches on any given notice that's the part of this game

That's what you got to do as a youtuber in the cryptocurrency space at least you got deal with this snot-nosed shithead kids who got no common sense right you warned them about something right okay

And if it did happen okay yeah my idiots but when it does happen and then you said you lose respect for me it's like dude how the fuck can you lose respect for me just like anybody with a half a brain knows better

Oh Carrie oh sorry we do got a super check from precious BTC can you look into ultra you owe as token your opinion yes I could certainly do that for you when I get some time give me about 48 hours and

Thank you for the super Channel appreciate that okay what we got here gaming tokens we'll take off okay J bar says I have seen coins dumped with the main net launched a new wallet and partnerships your testing is absolutely

Baby stuff I said that I'm fearless King you are drinking again duty I am and drinking that good shit it's caused coffee with one cream J bar says I don't know how many anything about digit X other than the fact that they are pretty

Much nothing coin where we Omar says honey tag Jolin I didn't call it on exit scam I just brought up what others have been talking and wanted Francis's opinion which said he can't say for sure because this is crypto well the thing

That says once again guys like I am never going to be siding with people who see digit X's ice is a scam I'm never going to be Scott siding with the Dutch attacks community who are fanboys I am only going to be unbiased and call it

What it is all right that's all I'm gonna do hate me love me that's what I'm gonna do I don't give a shit all right I'm not siding with anybody ah no I just went all the way to the bottom okay John says Sorna went on to

Do other things chatting with him every day right on yeah I'm chatting with them every day – he's in my chat I'm precious bTW sealed once again thank you for the super chat precious BTC once again don't care four-digit tax yeah a lot of people

Don't you know I'm like once again guys like I have to bring this up I'm not just some random guys I just heard about digit X I'm like okay well let me just look into this thing and and give you guys my opinion on it no I've been

Following these guys from day one from the ICO not just following them not just investing them I'm an ICU promoter I've said publicly many times I'm very proud of digit acts was my second 100x in a bear market right there you know if they

Could have delivered it when back then it would have been amazing right now it's just kind of like you know it's not the same it's just not the same Mike Howard would have been if they launched on time but whatever you know no

Commission fees is still revolutionary they will still do great good things rather buds could've been much better before Ultra iOS token sounds like picnic never heard of it all right what do we got here rules on gaming okay yeah

So once again guys let me guess that's enough for that I think we spoke about that I would certainly make a video on this um in the future by the way I am moving to a new house so I'm gonna be pretty busy in the next two weeks two

Weeks or so right um so yeah I won't be able to get that content out right away I'll see because this is gonna take a lot of time it's a lot of old clips from like what a year year-and-a-half ago up until now and I'm gonna have to kind of

Like you know integrate that within the video so that would take some time so give me some time on that and I got some other content I want to cover so guys once again the thing in the fan is real and this is the part where you guys

Should actually stay okay literally imagine all the opportunities that happened here in 2017 okay when that big boom happened obviously it was it's you know more of the ICU was were the ones that were getting back those are getting

The profits or whatever and that's where the money was being made but yes right now I believe we can make such things like things that are very easy like wallets Bitcoin wallets or or like you know epi

Keys it's like pretty much a converter that collects the API keys from different servers or what have you so like a converter for these spanish-speaking Nations guys right these people are dying for information

On how to buy Bitcoin how to use Bitcoin and how do you do this and that how to you know save their money from from inflation and a perfect way to do that is to put in to pick one and then into a stable coin right so if you could

Provide them with so much information that they're looking for that nobody's really offering them it's very similar to 2017 there's a tremendous amount of opportunities there for these people and they are hungry for information so if

You have an entrepreneurial spirit or mind for him and might want to look into this right and that's why it was shit yeah well I got a meeting in about 45 minutes with somebody about this somebody in Columbia and once again we

Are expanding our team for anybody who wants to join um private message me okay keyonna creation says caution is necessary in this space if you can't be objective you would lose exactly like you know I'm in the like this is a place

Where we invest it's not a charity okay are you are an investor do you like to donate it to a charity like you got to be real with yourself don't put any CEO any co-founder on a high pedestal actually hold their fire to their feet

Right sorry hold their feet to the fire rather I'm all over the damn place today okay Jay Park it hurts my soul that job you name is precious BTC but you're asking I've already talking with ultra in the name oh you mean like you should

Be a Bitcoin maximalist I think we should be open to innovation right Bitcoin kinda like paved the way for all these other you know technologies in the blocking space to develop and you know to sprout pretty

Much a lot of people said she'll only be Bitcoin but if it was only Bitcoin then guess what we would never have so well I guess that could be a good thing though as one said we would have never have so much adapts on the etherium network

Which could be a good thing because there are a lot of useless snaps on there that are just clogging up the network but we we would have never had a theorem right which is a smart contract which to me is even more revolutionary

Than than Bitcoin because Bitcoin needed you can and build on top of it and it's not that fast all the way through minutes and that much faster but it has them a heck of a lot more to offer in terms of smart contract on capabilities

Alts are only traded to get more BTC um I guess so from a trader standpoint yeah you're right but if you're actually someone who uses the technology right like see I don't know what's a call good coin out there there's so many coins out

There where you can actually utilize the other token for whatever it's worth right so once again we could just look at it unstoppable domains although that's an NFC token um you can actually use that as a decentralized web right so

Your contact can never be taken down opposed to just selling it for whatever it's worth so I don't almost value in both ways looking for another a great project yeah so for me the way I do it is like this oh yeah I'm always looking

For a project guys I'm yeah it is pretty early whatever it is what it is I look like a mess but um yeah I mean I'm always looking for her and you and you token but I find if you're kind of like in that in that pattern of looking for a

New tokens all the time I finally you're gonna get your emotions in the way right because now you have expectations but you want to find the next best thing you want to find the next best token I don't think that's the way you should do it

Because you're gonna you're gonna gain something to do some mistakes because it almost it's like chasing for it it's like a poker player you know that's playing poker and he's losing hand after hand after hand after

Hand I mean II think I got it wouldn't back by morning I gotta win back my money they called out chasing same thing with the sports bettor you never chase so for me you just got a gold by the basic protocols on

And what you did with the other previous tokens at least that's what I go by so I don't really accept we'll ask me we need another next 100 XT CL you know do you have it I'm like bro I'm good with one every

Year okay so let's just see what happens um let's see what happens with dub with crypto buyer so for me I'll just take it easy you know they'll come because it's very hard especially right now the market doesn't seem to be booming just

Yet maybe what happens sometime this year still a lot of manipulation going on right now a lot of people are buying up the futures contracts and manipulating the markets that way so you know even if you do find a gem it might

Be dumped on on any given notice right again that's why I talk about crypto buyer right it truly is the only blue chip company in the crypto space why because they're not really dependent on online traders okay like 99% of the

Tokens very dependent on off chain so to speak transactions off chain transactions or real world transactions okay so you know a key characteristic of a blue chip company in the stock world is a is a is a stock that wouldn't be

Effective sorry that wouldn't be effective a lot from a downward market okay and if you look to crypto buyer they got a lot of on off train sorry transactions that's um you know driving the token

Price up so people that want to you know go buy a sweater they're gonna use their token right sure there are other tokens to choose from like – Bitcoin like going on Finance Queen but with xpt they actually get a discount so you know I'm

Inspired lots in America any you know any sense saved is a lot of money okay one cent in Canada or in America I don't know the exact conversion rate but it's worth a lot of money down there okay a lot more and money down there let's see

Okay so they're gonna use expert see a lot and even though if they use all the other currencies it's okay because F specie holders get dividends and why are these dividends should be a little bit different is because than any other

Token that we're used to is because it's not a start-up right there are the they are already financially established they're good they're already are in one Burger King and will be in 40 other Burger Kings and we all know people love

Burger King all right people's gonna be using that and when they realize they can actually get a burger and fries with crypto that's gonna stay at that same dollar value opposed to their local fiat currency

Going down every single day they're gonna understand the value kind of like when you first used the blockchain for the first time ever I remember for me when I first sent and received my my pieces of Bitcoin I was like whoa I

Didn't gotta go through a back it was almost instantaneous it was cheap you know you know almost free next to nothing and I sent it across the borders without any third party that was powerful right so for these people to

Utilize it they're gonna really feel it especially them that are in our armed hyper-inflated nation right so much more so yeah there's a lot of good things going on and that Burger King thing there's only one thing going for them

They're also in something called tracking which is literally the equivalent to Walmart okay the biggest retail chain in Latin America where they're going to be in like over 50 chains there they got Bitcoin ATMs as

Well which is another vertical right so we're talking about the point-of-sale terminals which is in retail stores that's one vertical then they got the Bitcoin ATMs which by the way they're the first company to install a Bitcoin

ATM in a National Bank so what does that tell us that tells us that Latin America are actually very crypto friendly so why is that important that's important because we don't got to worry about like you know if it was a company in some

Someplace I say America where they gotta worry about the sec all the time as a matter of fact Venezuela launched they were crypto currency called the petrel literally the government so they are super crypto friendly so that's another

Thing going love for them you don't got to worry about them getting any legal issues okay another thing going for them is Venezuela also has the highest peer-to-peer Bitcoin trading volume so they are highly you know there's a clear

Interest for that there another thing going for them is this why do you think – went over for gaming when some crazy numbers the other day okay because they found out that – was being used as a form of payment in Burger King because

Of crypto buyer okay so what do you think's gonna have more xpt so I can talk I could talk about so much good points and you know benefits I clip the buyer has outside of the token appreciation we

Could talk devlins we could talk partnerships we could talk blue chip investments we could talk but Tom you know let's see what happens and I truly believe people need to look at this not only for the the financial gain

Opportunity but also for what it's going to do as cryptocurrencies before blocks and cryptocurrency solving a real world of crisis that's really the real you know the real arm important thing here because this is

A true true example where cryptocurrency could solve a world crisis so for me it's a win-win situation you know you can become filthy rich while solving a real world crisis all at the same time and there's no better feeling than that

Okay what do we got here precious BTC says I hold me to see but also want to play in the space BTC is boring but I believe it will grow in value yeah and of course it would so thank you for saying that you bring up a very good

Point guys do smash like um so this is the problem with Bitcoin right now okay um where do I start so okay when did that that that Blair market started pretty much mid January of 2018 right but what also happened in

Mid January of 2018 the bit max futures trading platform launched around that time really in December right there actually they announced in December they launched in January whatever now if you look at the history of any futures

Market gold silver what-have-you what happens when they first announced that they were gonna implement features trading a huge dump happened okay and it continued to dump to dump up until two years okay I think this is really with

Silver gold I think gold and then about six or five years later it went up over a thousand percent so what that's a form of manipulation because what the big suits will do is they will buy up all the futures contracts okay and then just

Sell it off at one point and do it again and do it again and do it again right and that is a form of manipulation so I truly believe that right now the fee right now anyways the futures derivative a Bitcoin trading platforms are really

Hurting the growth of the valuation of the token let's think about it people are buying in and selling and buying and selling and buying and selling and buying and selling you know what I mean so but they're not really giving the

Token enough time to really appreciate in value and you couple that with a lot of institutional you know let's call them like you know the goons are manipulating the markets as well to prove a point it's really hard for that

Talking to organically grow I'm sorry that for a Bitcoin to organically grow thinking on xbt right so that's a huge problem there in my humble opinion so I guess with with um with pitch attacks though right and

Actually what what what could fill that void because you're not really trading Bitcoin you're trading the digit X tokens right so there's a plus with digit X mm I gotta go in half an hour I almost forgot I got a meeting with

Somebody from Columbia okay go wild on tokens cuz Bloor ID see parts that's exactly chasing je parle so sighs thanks for the livestream good luck with your a meeting have a great day you too man thank you for joining catch you on

The flipside I hear you man and he says expertise gonna make us rich bro yeah you know I'll be like one thing with me is I really don't like to speculate guys and I got a drive somewhere hope you guys don't mind but

We're gonna go for it spin yeah like the thing with me our Andy is like shit my doors open I gotta close that door first last thing I wanna do is drive and then the freakin door opens give me a sec guys for those who are

Still here yeah yeah what's up guys you're still here all right so um what were you saying there I gotta go for a jog yeah so Andy the thing with me is I really don't like to speculate but with xbt

Honestly it's like I don't really know if it's not much speculating really right because there's so much good things going for them right okay so let's start from the beginning for those who's been here from the beginning you

Guys know what's up so I call this 100x well before they sign the deal with my Nance well before they sign the deal with tracky well before they sign a deal with Tom without the same people that signed a deal with Facebook well before

They signed deal with Burger King well before they sign deal with Selena hotels right because I've seen the arm potential in them right and a lot of people will say oh well no one's talking about them and I don't think it's gonna

Do well but guess what I'll give you guys all of you but guess what okay so on it goes back to what I told you guys I don't give a shit what everybody else is doing you know why because let's look at the people who actually sees value

Intrinsic value finance they partner with them busy value with them track e they see value in them Burger King they see value them do I give a shit if who's a big youtuber that you guys respect I don't know I've been on tech talks about

Them I don't care I'll go with my own said with my own gut feeling right and if I didn't if I if okay if I went with that sentiment saying and our oh well no one's talking about them and they're not gonna do well I would have missed out on

A big opportunity right but guess what I don't think like the average guy okay you gotta think like a billionaire investor bro okay look at the real value like what I said is nothing in that video I made on them you know your

Company is worth nothing if you got no revenue straight up it's worth nothing if you got no revenue coming in it's worth nothing all right and that's how a billionaire investor thanks just look at Shark Tank okay so

Now what does it take what does it take to hit 100x and why am i stressing 100 X 100 X 100 X okay so we could talk about 2017 how I did that really talk about 2018 no I did that with digit X and we could talk about xpt and

I think that's what would be the case all right so let's touch up on that a little bit so um okay 2017 everybody was hitting 100 exes it's no secret right Ikon was in the Korean blockchain I

Wanted to tap into that because I know the tree Nev Ollie was coming out of China and all the thud with the I SEOs back then in 2017 with China they were dumping the markets and I know Korea had an insane amount of trading volume and I

Knew if I could get into a Korean token it would boom because once it goes to bit bit hot they're gonna treat the heck or that token and that's exactly what they did alright so nothing went 100x okay cool

Everybody was hitting 100 X in 2017 that was a fluke TCL now something called digit X futures came out right in January the same month that Big Mac said that third bit next month life the first ever pick on futures trading platform I

Knew it's going to be big they talked about zero Commission fees you know the hype was there and what have you I invested sure enough four or five six months later that thing went over 100 banks had a lot to do with marketing of

Course and I had a lot to do with you know the charismatic nature of Adam taught as well and I'll see the features and the options you know the zero trading and all that okay cool I was in a bear market so don't let anybody ever

Tell you that you cannot hit 100 action any market conditions okay you're just got to know what to look for okay and if it's if you're doing what everybody else is doing chances are you're doing it all wrong

Okay perfect example if you're following everybody with this whole freaking back bullshit institutional money's gonna save you like what I was telling you the opposite of what to stay away from that it's not going to happen you're doing

What everybody else is doing guess what you're going to be disappointed just like you were with back now why do I say I don't speculate and pretend you can see well you know TCL you're speculating because

XPT is not even live but you're saying it could probably go 100x which is still gonna hold true – how could I call this thing 100x before the deals with my Nance before the deals of Burger King before the

Deals was pretty much Walmart before the deals were pretty much the biggest hotel in Latin America equivalent to airbend in salina okay I back out now after they signed all those deals right just stupid so um why do I see expertise gonna do

That well when you talk about a token that already has the people chaja are responsible for the highest trading volume in Bitcoin okay peer to peer in Venezuela what are you talking about the people that

Actually use a currency called – more than a Bitcoin and that's the reason why – is where it is today it's a top 20 cryptocurrency because of the Latin Americans okay what do you talk about a token that's targeting a nation who are

Literally knows that their local fiat currency is useless it's it's not worth anything that knows the critical information on how corrupt governments are who are dying to show up to a new monetary system which is crypto currency

That in itself is unlike any demand you have ever seen on myself I've ever seen this is not online you know when I win for IBM to come to use blockchain you know we're not this is nations borough this is lots in

American inflationary nations using this on a day to day basis to buy daily essentials it's pretty crazy right and then lastly a good selling point or key when you call it um you know benefit is the token burner there was a massive

Talking burn guys right so it goes back to what I was telling people they were asking me all you know do you rather than I tea or sell out or do you rather it doesn't sell out and I told them this I say it to be honest either way we're

Still gonna make money right and I'm not a financial adviser this is only my opinion okay I guess what I could be dead wrong but you know what I could live with my decisions like a man like a man and if I didn't want to

Live with my decisions in the past I would have never brought me success and you know a lot of people are afraid to go with their real decisions and what they truly believe in but not me I will go public with that and I got thick skin

I would live with my feelers and I would label my successes because you know why you could benefit greatly from the – you know you benefit from successes obviously because you get a financial gain or some sort of educational value

Out of it and with failures you benefit from that because there's a the information you get from failures that you could iterate to do better in the future

So either way it's a win-win situation for me all right so that's why I'm yeah pretty much I say xpt will do well because of the burn as well right so the burn went from a billion tokens to 155 million tokens guys now the supply has a

Decreased immensely and the demand is crazy high so that's another reason on why I think and why I think it's gonna do well right so again it's like what I said in a livestream before you know together 100x you really gotta have a

True gut feeling you got to be somewhat lucky you do you've gotta be somewhat lucky you got it like really research your thing I take notes of this and write this down okay and you have to know your market I'm the market meaning

What's trending what's hot what's in demand you know who has a strong marketing team behind them you know is there a good demand all of these things right because marketing truly is a you know deciding factor for success in the

Cryptocurrency space right for tokens that's just straight out a fact if you look at digit acts to me they're one of the best marketers in the space and that's also a key contributing factor and while I talking did well now yeah so

I don't know you know everybody else to talk about how you know oh well let's this is how you do 100x you know I don't know if they did it every year in a row but uh we'll see you know you gotta go with people actually been there done

That qualified people you know so I don't know those are the reasons why I think xbt really has what it takes do 100x a lot of things it's like it's like a fruit that's hanging low and it's just

Ready to root it's ripe and ready to pick so yeah I mean there's a lot of talk about the dividends I probably should do a video on that you know a lot of people want to know about that think about that

Guys that's got a lot of dividends that's a lot of dividends let me see what you guys are up to here Andy what's up you guys exactly I really can't see how we can lose nothing like this in the corpus space I have a feeling that their

Next announcement will be bigger than Burger King yeah you know I'm pretty what you're seeing right now that I don't like to speculate and I shouldn't speculate but let's let's speculate so I was pretty much saying that how you know

It's all about listing right now with um with xpt which is the native token for crypto buyer and um yeah they're supposed to have a big announcement coming up right now and a lot of people are seeing that how it should be an

Exchange or it'd probably be another partnership that's something to talk about um now okay cz is fully aware of xpt okay they actually tweeted that literally Twitter this you can now buy

Burger and fries with B&B coin take that in that's what he said cz literally so he's fully aware of him aware of crypto buyer obviously he's in partnership with that he could have never said that if it wasn't for them

Now there is a a let's call it a registration process in order to get on to my nines I think you got to go through like the whole decks and everything by nine snacks before you can get on to the sex and you know I think

You know there's any token out there that has proven themselves that's been there for five years and has already revenue streams established its crypto burger this should probably be listed directly

To turbine non-sex right especially that they put his token in countless stories and retail chains across Latin America right you should also do that for them that could be one number two is a huge partnership with a

Remittance company right is what the rumors are saying people are saying which is pretty pretty massive because a lot of people are saying that how yeah retail is big which it is it's pretty big but what's even bigger is remittance

Companies getting on board would I let you know I can see where they're coming from but for me but for me real mass adoption is when the average person can actually use it'll cryptocurrency to go buy stuff

At the store right down the road that's what I truly believe your last adoption is all about yeah having companies using it and all that stuff that's great too but I want the average guy to be able to use it you know in law in public stories

To me that's that's my job that's much more beneficial and it can do wonders as well all right guys so we're gonna be wrapping up soon here I'm gonna take a couple more things of your comments can you buy your xpt right now no you cannot

So this is a thing right by lunch it's uh sorry I'm not certain on your name but I kind of glanced at it but um you know I've been talking about them for about the last I don't know eight months and people only want to buy in when like

You know they see new is like Burger King and stuff well now you can't buy in people always want to buy it like you know after the hearing news so I'll tell people this much right now it's uh yeah you just come back right now unless you

Go to for Delta but I'll tell you something the problem of that yes for Delta is decentralized of course of course we all know that is it safe of course it's safe it's probably one of the safest exchanges out there but in

This case I would not recommend anybody buying any xpt tokens from for Delta for only one reason and that one reason is this you do not know what the price of the token is if xpt was listed on sale by nine right now selling at sixty cents

50 cents 10 cents a dollar whatever at least the buyer has a real market value to reference to right now if you go to 4 Delta you're pretty much the market is cornered meaning the person selling xpt is like the only whale to you and the

Market value of that token is only gonna go is only gonna be based off of his evaluation which is good which is the biggest form of manipulation right so what I'm trying to say is you know if xpt was listed on by Nance and you knew

What the arm current market market value was for sure at least you could go off on that price instead of going off of the sellers only so now you're pretty much his bitch you're pretty much his bitch

And you're his mercy right so I won't recommend anybody buying any tokens from for Delta right now okay just gotta wait because I guess one okay see the guy on for Delta selling it for a dollar and then the market launches it

I'd say 20 cents well you just you know you just brought it over value token and conversely if the market okay you bought it for say 20 cents on on for Delta and then you know it goes live and after it goes live I'd say 50 cents well worked

In your favor but still why would you want to take another risk you know that that's just taken another risk why would you want to do that that's not being a smart investor being a smart of Esther is you actually waiting for the talking

To go live knowing what the price is and maybe you might want to monitor the parts the undead probably would be some dumpers at the beginning and you can get it for a cheaper price that's just me but hey I'm not a financial adviser I am

Only a cryptocurrency fanatic whose believes this technology is going to change the world and that's why I invested into any crypto into cryptocurrencies so do do your own research when investing into any such

Crypto that's actually my disclaimer we got there I'm gonna read your message in a sec and then I'll probably end the stream guys it's been a long one I just have to go and check something out well I seen Andy said something about

Long-term yeah guys honestly I don't think I've ever invested into any talking that's more long-term than this seriously because in Latin America they're only going to get the volume is only is only

Going to increase more and more and more by the day by the day so whether you want to get this token for the for the dividends or if you want to get this token because you believe it's going to go up in value you glad

You got to legit reasons on why you should probably want to hold it's token you know aha okay you're sitting 1000x yeah if you 1000x possible x-15 yeah but not

I don't think right now like guys look straight up we always talk about you know top 25 25 crypto top 50 crypto if there's any collector that deserves to be in the top freakin 50 and that's really a a currently reserved

Conservative estimate its crypto buyer okay there's no other talking like that could really see the offer the world something like this token okay straight up I don't care what anybody says you know I don't care what anybody says you

Know I think how much bitcoin you own I don't care how much a theory of you own I don't care how much whatever you own there is really no other token that's doing the things this token is doing in the real world with a really new world

Use cases that deserves to be in the top 50 so I mean deserving to be and actually being or two different things okay so yeah let's don't get way too ahead of ourselves but yeah they definitely deserve to be there they got

The right things in place and they are proving themselves in the fast in the past five years and real investors like these people I mentioned before our seamless oh yeah in regards to 1000x that's a big number that's a massive

Number you know like I don't know bro that that's just fanboy one more shit but that's probably super long term that's not now for sure that's probably like you know years from now years from now now as the overall market grows but

Once again right they got two markets really they got the the off chain market which is the retail chains in stores right real people using their token that's transactions – that's also buys themselves right we're always used to

Just you know trading on an exchanges I buy in a Cell yeah that is buy and sell but you know purchasing merchandise or daily essentials you know out of cash registers also buys themselves right what's up Seth sang Dallas be careful in

The car too emotionally 1000 exits crypto singer I like uncover 1000 it is crypto singer I think great vitalik songs I didn't uh I never heard that actually never heard about that anyways guys I'm getting really tired

Right now I think I've been streaming over an hour and I think I just I just developed a new gray hair in this live stream alright so I think I'm gonna call it quits for this live stream you guys got something else to me now's your

Chance I'll give you about five minutes for that we're gonna talk about anything you want for five minutes by the way did you guys enjoy that last video I did about the hardl investor about the Bitcoin team the Bitcoin Detra futures D

Trader and the the Shiller let me know if you guys saw that video it was uploaded about two days ago I'll just miss your message to their what you said Vitaly quad so right now I

Got do some SC or research are working some thumbnails and get that that I've been experimenting with batch work so one day I'll do SEO the next day I'll just do video editing the next day I'll do recording production editing

Oh yes it was good okay you saw it it was a little different right it was a little bit different that content it's a little bit different it was a lot of work you would like literally I spent all day doing the filming to that

Because I have to like put on different like attire for different characters so yeah it was a lot of unnecessary things involved but still thank you more wealth and that's who the Creator is okay that's what a content creators like to

Me that's actually creating content I'm not just reading off a website's right like when most people do but whatever it's all good they're doing their thing yeah yeah yeah yeah I mean I'm young right now myself I'm just pulling up on

My gates okay Andy says I want to catch up with your latest videos brawl yeah check out the last one was pretty cool actually what do you think of Richard Hart hexing hex I see oh yeah we could talk about that um to the audience I

Haven't been really informed with hex latest developments on what's going on pretty much since my last video I did about a month ago to be honest with you but I respect Richard Hart guys like him you know he's like me but on a bigger

Scale says it for what it is not afraid to speak his mind you know especially when it's the truth it's the cold hard facts that nobody can handle the stone cold truth how could you not respect that Richard Hart as individual as the

Sentiment we're on the same page on a lot of things now in regards to hex coin or hex our crypto I just I'm not updated with it so I can't really give you a fair opinion but if it's entirely decentralized only a fool would argue

With that unless the court is is different to what he stated you know unless a developer reviewed the code and it's the opposite of what he stated then that's a problem like you know a lot of people are talking about the funds the

Etherium funds is missing but are like he really used the funds but for me I don't care about that like you're like you traded me theorem for his tokens for a reason what do you expect his theorem to be stuck in a wall forever and never

Be used no you know when you pay somebody for something in return you give you know your money for a service or for goods or for a product and you have the product now does that person have the

Whole lot of cash in a cash in their safer their bank account forever for me that's retarded a lot of people are sitting that's an exit scam or he's scamming it's starting but for me those people are stupid as Richard Hart is

Still here his YouTube channel still up he's still live streams until it'll just hurt exits I mean you can't find him and he's nowhere to be found and he's not doing this thing every day or every other day or whatever it is they're like

All right then maybe this guy exit scammed you know but up until you know until that happens I can't say anything I'm not gonna say that one okay might be going on there probably probably who knows um I really can't

Comment on it because I have not looked into anything hacks not for any reason that's good or bad it's just I'm just swamped up right now bro I'm really swamped right now with so much stuff oh shoot what's the time not tell me okay I

Got 10 minutes okay what's up Frank Frank says first I ignored now I'm hooked we'll see Oh what's up can't sleep what up man um he says hex I feel best I seal he

Said he'll soon return the if 10x haha sank also says your original art video is very cool Thank You Man thank you thank you that one Frank pointer says it's a it's a tit or addicted I think you're the

Same exactly it's audited from a third party right so no no man no you like you call something a scam if people take your money and they leave entirely that's a scam or you call something a scam if they sell you something that's

Misleading right it's a certain degree right you can't really call that a scam but I don't think he mislead anybody into anything everything about Bitcoin is true you know his entire product is decentralized

You know what scam me about it I don't know oh yeah for me I'm I don't see a problem that I'm sang says they took a flash I think they pump just before break down like the festive markets pretty much pretty much bro what

He is called Richard hex now hahahaha he should be oh by the way guys I want to fill you something so one of the premium domains with Brad cam from untrustable demeans wanted to give me four cooktop a zombies domain was heck start crypto

Right because there's a lot of people really for that the last time I saw I was about 32 people by now there's probably about over 50 people it's one of the most anticipated domain name to go for sale

I was literally going to message him go live with them and give it them for free tell my god I got like a gift for him but I didn't I didn't want to you know I didn't take Brad's offer of the five bitcoins and all that but yeah I just

Wanted to bring that up because it makes sense Hex's on the etherium network might as well have the domain on the ethereal network hex dark crypto I think it's north hex crypto today makes sense right

So that would have been cool I'm gonna give it them for free swear to god swear to god I was going to surprise him because we actually were supposed to go alive but then once again I got swarmed up and I was really mean that said a man

Shed he said he will make time sometime next week I mean I said okay yeah cool but I'm let me get back to you let's do this and then I could never really get to it and then it came to the point where everybody wants to be on Richards

Show and I was just like whatever huh I kinda got turned off with that and I just continued to do my thing so yeah during a live stream I was going to give that to him for free I swear to God why cuz I'm just like that sang says I keep

Hacks but don't buy pump prices yeah stirring up a lot of people are telling me they're trading it and they were doing really well with it they're selling it like you know for a short gain is on reselling it lowing up dude I

Was worried you were going to blow a blood again like that I get like that sometimes okay tell you I was getting lightheaded by the way I'm not gonna lie Frank says Richard filled from for protected yes Frank

Exactly what's up Oh rip listen bro listen to me Richard filed for that I fuckin sorted for you I swear to God I swear to you guys I have the past our history Brad was going to give me HEC start

Crypto he said yes he'll give it to me cuz I inquired for it I have it they're not in the telegram chance oh there you guys know one thing about me I don't lie okay I mean I mean you know I might be I might be up front I might be direct it

May not be the best opinion in terms of you know you liking what I'm saying but it's always going to be the truth straight up you know I'm having a telegram check it Richard father protected yeah but Brad said he would

Give it to me okay because why he doesn't give a fuck about nothing but his hills like Kryptos army he was willing to pay five bitcoins for it and give me a head start – okay and I was going to give that my plan if

I accepted that and I thought about and I didn't want that I don't want to do that because for me yeah five bitcoins is a lot of money to anybody I don't care how much of a millionaire you are or you're not

Every any and anybody could use five bitcoins but for me I can have a lot more fun with that domain name then I would what five bitcoins trust me right but a huge part of me was like you know if I got the hex tile

Crypto which I could right now instead of selling it I was literally going to give it to Richard Hart for free on a live stream surprise him that's what I was going to do I know I can show everybody the past history let's relieve

The co-founder Brad was like yeah I'll give it to you and he was talking to me he was actually talking me into it saying that how you're better off with hex crypto now crypto than you are with Cooper zombie because that's not an

Actual it's a broad name cook those zombies just direct to him right and he actually had a point but um I I don't want none of it I don't want out of it so whatever Oh what else we got here

I'm sang says let's let's hope they don't fool you you deserve it mr. hex was too lazy no no no second stuff that we're talking about something that happened about a month ago when I bought these domain names from unstoppable

Dominions I had box mining I had kept a zombie and then whatever long story short the co-founder contacted me and he wanted crypto zombies domain name for five bitcoins and a premium domain of my choosing and one of those premium domain

Is I chose was hexed our crypto right no because I want they can sell it like I was doing a cup of zombie and the only reason why I'm being a dick with crypto zombies because he isn't he's a goof right yeah you know a lot of his

Personality is cool and everything but his intent like I judge people based off of actions and not personalities his actions are the whole Bitcoin future she's not even a traitor he's a news guy you know it's

Okay if you are an actual traitor and that's what you're doing do you think but you know when you're literally profiting off of the poor by sending your lamb tongue Casino which is futures trading platforms their casino that's a

Problem especially people that anew tell cryptocurrency and Bitcoin you should be educating memories what I'm doing crypto master table should write crypto buyer solving real-world Keys real-world use cases and real world crisis that's what

You should be doing you know but hey I guess you know you gotta get your money somehow profiting off of that poor is not my way if okay probably this I delivered it on Finance I'm Latin America and how it's a cut to pretty

Much buy Bitcoin to these Latin Americans in the description box did I leave a buy non-slick yeah okay now he woke up the lifestyle you you're profiting off of the poor nothing is wrong in helping the poor okay goose

Thing and in the process you benefiting it from it as well nothing is wrong with that okay I am not sending them to a futures exchange the gamble they are available and money on I am sending them to an exchange to invest into Bitcoin

Because they're actually looking for this this your tool that I have was in Spanish how to buy become with a credit card I am showing them what they are looking for on how to safeguard your currency from inflation

So I'm just some good and in the process I'm me I mean okay they use my leg they make an account nothing is wrong with that now what zombie is doing is is recruiting people okay who are brand new to crypto who are watching lambish who

Are watching a lavish new people live this lavish lifestyle and trading with all these screens and you think that's a life and they can make 3 grand the day setting them to exchanges tell them please use my link it's entirely free it

Doesn't cost you anything but it just might cost you entire bankroll a Bitcoin that you just invested in and guess what when you lose that Bitcoin and you get that urge to go gamble again that casino is always there waiting for you to get

Your paycheck to turn that money into Bitcoin so you can always gamble while I make money you know so when you prolong in the markets go short the casino does this the the dealer of the casino does this to me catch me on the leg under the

Table here you go zombie here's your tip you know and when I go short on the markets go along the dealer does this hit go zombie his or tip thanks literally it's the same equivalence and that's why I pick on that guy all right

That's why I pick on that guy and that's my wife in the background she wants me to go inside and I spend some time with her but you guys are also my family too right so you know what I mean that's why

I pick on that guy cuz that's a big-ass problem okay right I'm trusting people who who see these lavish you know these traitors living this lavish lifestyle they don't tell you how much they lose they never disclose that ok they never

Do they would soon learn that's all bullshit they would soon learn it's all bullshit and they would unsubscribe to those people eventually they really would so like what I did 17 it was all

About the ICO channels we all like Ian Bolinas on his token epics Superman's icy roads and all that stuff right and then it became 2018 was the year for future trading crypto channels right youtubers that was the thing still is

The thing there will always be the man for that but those channels will die off soon although they would always be the man for that the people that got into it but realize yeah it's much harder to trade I

Just found myself actually losing more more Bitcoin than actually gaining it I'm over it right and then you're gonna have to provide people with real value realvalue their lives how are you givin them a link to a Bitcoin futures trading

Exchange two newbies really adding value to them I don't understand that and I'm going way too long on this encrypted zombie but that's why I pick on that goof sank sighs what your hex collector three billion and in one year I'll keep

It he also takes ha ha ha that's a good one but the thing is right say it's not that no I'm going to give it to Richard because Richard is always cool no I'll give it to Richard because I think he can actually use it right he can use it

More than me yeah guys I gotta go soon but he could use the more than me so I might as well give it to him I like you know there's a lot of domain names on unstoppable the means that I saw on people that I knew I'm talking about

Cryptocurrency youtubers and I meant to message them that crypto chains I don't think if you guys know him know crypto cheers iMessage up like a bro go get this it's there before someone else does a girl gone crypto right I'm you know I

Did some videos with her on Nash and secured a very good uh you know nice person individual said hey go get it it's there before someone else does right so I mean but I would have give it to Richard because he could you actually

Utilize it and not me all right so my whole goal isn't to go on get other people's stuff or but first of all it's not other people's stuff because if that was the case unstoppable domains would not be selling

It to the public ok it's whoever buys it first that's their stuff so I wouldn't want to buy someone's like CA or letter for letter Brown just because it's worth money and I can make money off of it I will do that for somebody to who

Deserves it but I would also look out for the person who who could use it as well laughs he says you give hex our crypto to Richard for free no no I didn't I didn't I was going to because now that

Okay that was a scenario that was one of the options I had that was one of the offers the co-founder of an stoppable they means was offering me right I already set up 5 bitcoins I'm one premium domain of my choosing and I

Think I two grand or something like that it's all in the video it's all in telegram you guys I don't care I said I don't care what you guys heard about me you know what the fuck I'm about and that's about telling you guys just don't

Call truth man whether you like it or not it's all there helping the poor that's what Lea that's for the Libre does what do mean Libre who's Libre uh-huh ok let me read what you said in its entirety

You'll give heck start crypto to Richard for free that's awesome I know this is getting interesting um no well that's all I could say but he will love that indeed yeah yeah yeah he would uh it would have been a cool surprise right

Cuz as I said we were supposed to go live and um I've just got to busy and right now I don't really care to go live about a hex or Richard right now I just got as I said I'm swamped and I mean everybody already knows about Richard

There's a lot of online literature and online videos about a hex right now so I'm sure we don't need another hex latched him interview although I believe me and rich will do really entertaining and badass live stream a lot of people

Told me that but I should have put that in my in my community tab last night with one of the video topics stupid me I really should have put that just to see what you guys said speaking of that let me see if that's still be on the top

Vote which was digit acts so yeah did you Texas still the top one so it looks like it's going to be the gtex I will make not the next video about the next upcoming ones I've been on scam crazy price videos

He was even on Devil's like Trump who the hell is Davos he that that was what again I said they are the the conference the humble is that sounds familiar pick moron these freaks haha yeah the thing is this right guys like man you

Know I get all happy it all happened I know I still got my morning face but it all happened with the whole youtubers being cut the youtubers being banned right whatever that Fiasco that went down that day and

I really brought out the dark side in me and I believe we all have a dark side man and it's just not a place I like to be right talk to my couplers on you talk when I don't act talking and that like I really don't like to hone in on that and

You know have this great cloud over my head it just doesn't put me in a good still in mind and when you're creating content bro seriously you gotta be the rise to the man mind and you don't want to be you know you don't want to come

Across too negative all the time right straight up so it's not me that's really isn't me and I don't really want to focus on that content because that's how it's gonna be right and it's not something that I want to focus on like

Look you know even if it got me a tremendous amount of use I don't chase news reviews I don't chase anything from use I would ask subscribers what they want to see and if that's what you guys want to see let's do it right so I just

Want to spend too much time on it I said what I had to say I'm that sick and it's the truth you guys know what's up a lot of you guys agree with me as well you know I banal tag should be talking my blocks and technology and software

Development more than by bit refer links okay so you know and you know I already spoke about that in the past I'm gonna get too much into it you know the big problem I have with that is not because he's a developer and he also says in his

In his titles programmer explains nobody needs a programmer to explain us the price of Bitcoin we need a programmer to explain to us how sharding works right how smart contracts work things of that nature people want to give him respect

Because he has subscribers that's just stupid you get people respect me to suffer their actions not their subscriber base because people could change over time and that's that and also you know he was

Calling out Superman for promoting scams and I'm in 20 and 2018 like like our credits and you know he took real real real you know he was really pissed about that so for me that's pretty much contradicting yourself okay guys I'm

Gonna end this I've been going live for so long I am gonna tired I didn't eat breakfast I will respond to the last commenters and that is it's okay we'll unstoppable demand became become mainstream you think when

Means to end of this year yes absolutely I believe unstoppable demands will become mainstream now when you're talking about mainstream there's two types of main streams right mainstream in the crypto space and mainstream in

The real world now mainstream in the crypto space yes I think what and here's why and I just want to tell you this corner I'm just want to tell you you know the answer without any explanation so it's going to go mainstream because

Of because of this reason I tell you guys marketing is one of the biggest factors that drive success in any cryptocurrency company okay they got marketing they got about 40 50 youtubers and about 10 of them are

Pretty pretty big the likes of crypto zombie the likes of whose on this again who's it all box mining and some other bigger tubers are on this as you know what marketing is it's going to be a success in any token okay that's number

One they also got Tim Draper is it Tim Draper dances him he's one of the most renowned venture capitalists in the world coming out of San Francisco we're unstoppable demeans are located he also is going to be doing some videos for

Them this guy's been featured on Forbes magazine he's been featured in countless newspapers the Time magazine everything he is well-known well-respected I also respect them so now they're God's Authority

Speaking on their behalf which is mr. Draper okay that's what they got going for them decentralized web do we need that yes now as much as I talked about them their actual product is great right the centralized web as long as you will

Get it out from their centralized website it's awesome I just don't like how they're treating the actual investors of these domain names over there salesmen those might be for him but if you could bypass all of that it's

A great product and I think I'll go mainstreaming the crypto verse because of the marketing they have the strong marketing campaign that's going to be coming coming up and a perfect example of that is digit tax futures all right

They had all of these you know youtubers like ready said crypto crypto that's all digit actually became known right and unstoppable demand seems to be following a similar secret sauce so to speak yeah okay so so that's okay so yeah

The second part of your question there is I buy a lot of domains I hope I can sell it in future right so you're gonna have to actually market that yourself to rights because you can't just you can't just buy it and respect not to sell it

Right you should market that whether you do that on the actual open open sea or not either way you're gonna have to market it right so um keep posting it a technique you can do it and which open sea actually

Had a title and a description for these products but they don't um so you're very limited to little description box I think it's the price and whatnot I'm obviously YouTube channel helps right to market it however once it go

Which means the other bigger marketers talk about it it'll be easier for people to know about it they go to open sea and then you know they see yours and what have you and you decide that way sank says I'm tech channels have less views

Very few price channels only make money takes up less views very few um price channels to only make money that's true tech channels yeah but you don't know what if you got loyal subscribers they can make money elsewhere other ways as

Well you know selling their own products I'm gonna have you write there's different ways what's up pretty boy in the house what's our cool hope you're all well up in Japan and my cars man my house said the mouse true Groot sorry

Guys so I'm heading out now okay um I let's not see we covered up a lot thank you all for watching this long livestream we cover it up a lot of infinity I can't really tell you exactly when I'll have

It but I got to work on two videos and then I'll get to that okay guys I'm off to the studio to do some SEO till the next one you're on your own

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