Is China Protecting Up a Lethal New Virus?

published on July 3, 2020

a new virus is spreading in China our

Chinese authorities covering it up and

do you need to be worried welcome back

to China uncensored I'm Chris Chappell

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because you should be using a reliable

VPN whenever you go online there's a new

virus spreading in China and around the

world it appears to cause pneumonia and

in some cases death

the new virus is a corona virus it's in

the same family of viruses as the common

cold and SARS the deadly virus Chinese

authorities covered up back in 2003 it's

called a corona virus because it's like

ads for Corona beer they cover up how

terrible it will make you feel the first

confirmed case of the new corona virus

appeared on December 31st in the Chinese

city of Wuhan never heard of Wuhan it's

just another small central Chinese city

of 11 million people many of the cases

were connected to the wan on seafood

market which also sold live poultry and

exotic animal meats exotic animal meats

apparently includes live ostrich live

civet cat alligator tongue and good

old-fashioned dog meat what could go

wrong so how widespread is the new virus

it's complicated

first let's go to our trusted source

Chinese state-run media on Wednesday

they reported that the number of

confirmed cases was 543 in China I

expect those numbers to go up by the

time you're watching this there have

also been several cases abroad including

one in the US but fear not according to

my favorite Chinese state-run media the

Global Times the virus is preventable

and controllable just like democracy in

China Chinese state-run media released

this footage of doctors and protective

gear it's all very sanitary there's even

the doctor claiming patients have been

cured judeth oh yes you up until January

17th there have been 19 patients who

have been cured of this virus and left

the hospital this pneumonia caused by a

new corona virus in general can be cured

so again you have nothing to worry about

which is why authorities in Wuhan

imposed a semi quarantine on people

traveling in and out of the city and at

least 17 people have officially died of

the corona virus so far that would make

it less deadly than SARS for now but you

might want to worry about the official

numbers the 543 cases in China statistic

comes from these same state-run media

and government agencies that covered up

SARS in the early 2000s meanwhile in

London the MRC Centre for global

infectious disease analysis estimates

that there are more than 1,700 cases and

that's just in the city of Wuhan one

expert told the BBC that for Wuhan to

have exported cases to other countries

would imply there would have to be many

more cases than have been reported don't

worry he added that it's too early to be

alarmist I'll let you know when it's

time to be alarmist that will probably

be next week that's because Chinese New

Year begins this Saturday January 25th

it's the peak of China's annual travel

season and the world's largest human

migration where Chinese people will take

an estimated three billion trips that

will include an estimated seven million

overseas trips this is potentially a

huge problem especially now that Chinese

authorities have confirmed that human to

human transmission is happening it's not

just for people who visit exotic animal

markets anymore so the big question here

is have Chinese officials been covering

up the spread of the corona virus yes

the answer is yes On January 16th a

little over two weeks after the first

reported case in Wuhan there were still

only 41 confirmed cases of the virus in

China and they were only in Wuhan

nowhere else in China that was according

to Chinese authorities but there were

already three confirmed cases in

Thailand and Japan and again that's part

of the reason the scientists estimated

the number of cases was much higher than

reported meanwhile as Chinese state-run

media were pushing the official numbers

rumors about the virus started on

Chinese social media and went viral this

we chat text thread claims that all the

information about the infection is being

locked down

this one claims that hospitals won't

even give you the test that would

identify the virus and this one says I

asked a doctor it's true four people

were deceased just in his ward numerous

medical staff were infected now again

these are just rumors

but people spread rumors like this when

they don't trust the authorities or the

media and then rumors like this can

cause panic then on Monday

Chinese state-run media reported that

Chinese leader Xi Jinping said China

will resolutely curb the outbreak of the

virus on the same day the official

number of confirmed cases of the corona

virus suddenly tripled and the virus

also suddenly spread from Wuhan to

several Chinese provinces and the

official number has kept increasing

not to mention only after she's

announcement did Chinese officials also

confirm that there was human to human

transmission funny how that happened

almost as if she Jinping had given

permission to stop the cover-up that

totally never happened in the first


and this exposes a fundamental weakness

of the Communist Party's rule in China

in a system so obsessed with top-down

control & scapegoating lower-level

officials are incentivized to cover up

things that could be politically bad for

them things like the start of a possible

pandemic in your city from a sketchy

market that sells dogs and ostriches how

do they cover it up the Guardian

reported on one case were the relatives

of a woman who died of pneumonia were

told by doctors that she probably had

the corona virus but she hadn't been

screened for the virus before she died

and the hospital pressured the family to

cremate her quickly so she didn't

officially count as one of the almost

300 confirmed cases if you don't

officially count the patients they don't

have the virus right similar cases have

been posted on Chinese social media and

then those posts got censored but now

the cheating ping has said that China

must resolutely curb the outbreak that

could mean that the cover-up will stop

after all Chinese authorities said on

Tuesday that lower ranking officials who

covered up the spread of the virus would

be nailed on the pillar of shame

for eternity ouch on the other hand this

might mean the cover-up will get worse

because now all those officials have to

cover up the fact that they had

previously covered up the spread of the

virus I mean no one wants to be nailed

on the pillar of shame for eternity and

again people in China think that the

government and media are lying to them

which causes more anger and panic what

do you think about the Wuhan coronavirus

cover-up leave your comments below and

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you next time



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