Is Carlos Sainz having ’second thoughts’ about joining Ferrari in 2021?

published on July 22, 2020

Well carlos it is great to be back racing and you must be so encouraged by the performance of this car but i guess the big question is are you punching above your weight or can you keep this up it's very difficult to tell where is actually the picking over in formula one

Right now we're now going to race in hungary a high down for strike then we're going to silverstone a lower downforce track and i think after those three races we will be able to tell but definitely very

Happy with how the the car is feeling at the moment and exceeded your own expectations because you said that the race trim is certainly better than you expected it to be yeah i mean after testing we were

Confident but the car felt very similar to the previous year everyone seemed to have done a same step as ours so the midfield was still very tight then after the first race in a again as

I said a truck that favored us we did perform very well and we did put together some very strong weekends personally not the case i think there's still a lot of to come from me i think the

The season hasn't yet clicked like it did last year but uh uh we have time still that wet quality was just sensational talk us through that just how difficult was it even to see

What was happening i couldn't see much i think driving in the wood is where i have the most fun you rely purely on instinct and improvisation but at the same time time is the most stressful situation

Because you don't see nothing you are risking a very heavy crash in aquaplaning at 300 kph or 200 miles an hour like we did in austria and a mistake in the wet costs you a lot a lot of time and

And bitch in the car in the in the gravel and everything is very risky so uh i enjoyed it but it's very stressful what do you think the key moments have been for mclaren in this trajectory

Towards getting back on the podium and you know as you say second in the constructors i've seen this team evolved in these two years is quite impressive i mean the way the team changed the approach at

The end of 2018 when they have realized obviously i hadn't produced a good car and the way they suddenly turn up to 2019 with a completely new approach evolve as a team in 2019 become better become stronger

More bond together and the way that we went into 2020 with not many high expectations but covering our processes and our work and putting together a decent car like we've done and

Starting the system so strongly is definitely something that makes us all very proud and um and yeah and i just think this team just is gonna go keep going forward you've zig-zagged your way across the

Paddock through the years some of the decisions about where you've gone haven't necessarily been down to you but now you find yourself in one of the most coveted seats

On the grid with ferrari next year what is it about ferrari what that makes it just so compelling for a driver to say no to it's a challenge and a chance that i couldn't go

Couldn't say no to and and i feel extremely motivated for next year but uh with my eyes still on on this year with mclaren and the way i want to keep performing for this team still helping

Them as much as i can to keep going up the ladder in formula one and seeing this team fighting for wins in the future there is just this aura about ferrari as you say like fans and drivers alike had sort of drawn

Into the romance the nostalgia the history is there any danger though that we kind of get lost in that almost and and actually the notion of driving for such a

Fabulous team overshines the common sense that says it's not the most competitive package out there perhaps not necessarily a great career move i know that now there's a lot of question marks

Regarding ferrari's performance but if you go down in history obviously ferrari is the most successful team in formula one and i do agree with you that ferrari is a very it looks to be a tough environment to to succeed

But at the same time if you have the right if you are the right guy for that for that seat and i believe i am why not take the chance obviously there's one team that this mercedes that is dominating the sport

Right now and uh and they have the the strongest chance of being champions year after year but uh i do feel ferrari still the right place to be and that's why i took that decision even with these first races the

Way they did in terms of your focus how do you manage that no in terms of focus is very easy i mean my competitive spirit just every time i mean a racetrack kicks in

And i know i'm racing for mclaren i know i want to do the best job i come for mclaren so i'm not actually looking at what ferrari is doing i'm just looking at my data looking at my laps looking at my own boards

And my full focus is in how can i be quicker with this car around hungary and not i'm not thinking about next year how i'm going to be quicker around this track with a ferrari my competitive spirit just kicks in and

I just want to do the best i can here but the irony can't have been lost on you when you had that moment with sev in the first race yeah that was actually a bit of a moment because actually that

That little contact there where i was about to overtake le clerc actually might have cost me my podium you know where you see where the clerk finished that race in p2 and i was just about to

Overtake him i felt like actually in that moment i must have missed out on a podium and it was with obviously no intention whatsoever of having contact there's a having a bit of contact but uh is what

It is that's the good thing about this sport that this has so many coincidence and so many things going on at the same time that is i think it's a fascinating sport we can't chat without talking about your

Little muppet friend my little my bed friend here the dynamic between you two is great do you anticipate a friendship with charles in the same way i actually do get on very well with

Charles out of the guys that i've never been teammates with he's one of the guys that i i do have a bit of my attitude relationship which i had

Even before this ferrari thing was announced so uh yeah happy very happy about it and um i think we can put together a very very strong partnership there in ferrari we are both young we are both

Extremely motivated charles is actually pretty funny also not maybe as yogi as a good guy so we're gonna have fun and a quick word on lando's season so far i know we're only two races in but it's

Pretty cool that you've got one fastest lap each you're both performing very well yeah no at the moment obviously we are very very happy for the start of the season

Probably lando is happier than i am because he has 26 points and i have 13 but at the same time as i said before you know i think he's doing an extremely good job he already had a very

Strong rookie season and he's getting better and better but at the same time my season hasn't really clicked yet and i cannot wait to to keep keep progressing and keep putting some good races later in the

Year all anyone wants to do is get back racing but has it been hard on the drivers and the team doing this triple header personally no it hasn't been actually that hard

We're still in a great place in austria i love austria the mountains so it was pretty easy to disconnect and reconnect um in between races and everything so i i definitely enjoyed it

I've been four months in lockdown and i just wanted to get out of there and go racing and being in lockdown for five days in hungary being three weeks on the road racing in formula one that is actually

What my body was asking for uh three months ago when i was doing exactly the same thing every day in lockdown at home so i cannot complain really on a practical level how tricky has it

Been is it being fairly easy for the whole team to adapt i personally hate these things but uh i obviously for the safety of everyone on my own safety i get to wear them and we are all pretty disciplined with ill

With it uh everyone is being super safe i think the facilities put in by fia formula one so far the two circuits that we go are incredible and they give us a sense of of safety that is very important and we

Just need to keep it going like that we cannot deny the fact that maybe one day there will be a covet positive in the paddock but with the way that everything is being done right now

I think it's uh we're gonna be well taken care of thank you so much for your time it's good to see you again thank you very much see you guys

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