Is A Net-Zero Home Affordable for most people?

published on July 13, 2020

Hey it's Jeff from home renovation DIY here today to talk about something it's kind of important I was doing a speaking engagement back in Toronto a few weeks back and one of the gentleman in the audience asked me a question it kind of stumped

Me it doesn't happen too often but he asked the question what do you think about the government's plan to go to Net Zero homes poof I don't know where I'm hit but their bombshell like this well I've been doing a lot of research since

Then because my answer was basically I live in Canada it gets cold up here and I couldn't even foresee the idea that somehow we'd be able to find a way to make enough energy to make our home self-sufficient in the wintertime I just

Didn't it blew my mind but since then I've been doing a lot of research but in touch with a lot of companies that are got developing technologies going on and we're gonna be highlighting some of those technologies here on the channel

In the following months so we know stay tuned if you haven't subscribed the channel hit the button the notification bell because we're gonna dig deep in the future about all these technologies and how it pertains to you because the

Question of the day is can we build a NetZero home can we do it affordably right like I'm all for trying to do things have been a better way that is more efficient but it's got to make financial sense and is it something that

When we're done creating that you'd like to live in because there's gonna be sacrifices let's not lie to each other here the biggest challenge that we have if we want to be energy efficient in our construction technology is the fact that

We're generally selfish and we like to spoil ourselves rotten I get it now listen this new generation that's coming along they're challenging the status quo and I think it's awesome I always love to be challenged with the way we think

And we're seeing a real big trend to tiny homes and alternative lifestyles and living in a van and I get it you know we're trying to push the boundaries and break out of the box a little bit it makes sense I don't know if you're gonna

Do a real good job of raising family for kids in a van but I get the idea is to get small have a smaller footprint and that makes sense so let me share with you first of all what I think Net Zero means to me what I think it means to the

Government and even if we are able to achieve it maybe it isn't going to be so attractive and there might be other things we have to look at if we're really concerned about energy and how we're using it so first

Of all love have these talks thanks for joining me and staying with this I really interesting to hear some people's opinions in the comments section I don't want to get political but I do want to hear ideas thoughts that can move us in

The right direction areas of conversation we can have like to have a healthy discourse if that's okay not much for politics nowadays but it seems like since all the politicians are busy being little boys and girls and crying

And whining it's up to the rest of us to have important conversations so let's try to have an intelligent conversation here NetZero to me means that my house is able to produce enough energy to sustain

Itself period okay if we're not having that conversation then it's not worth having we either are able to do it or we aren't now I'm not sure what the government's using as a definition for Net Zero I know up here in Ontario

There's been talk about how Oh Net Zero another 20 years we'll get there honestly whatever their definition is if they can't remove the need for natural gas in people's homes they're never gonna achieve it in a

Discussion and I don't know how their what their plan is for that I just don't think they have one I think they're just shooting off at the month but I'm here to tell you that I think it's possible as close as maybe by next year to build

A house that doesn't have any natural gas and it's completely fuel-efficient on its own off-grid living I think it's doable I think it's doable for a family of four and I think it's doable with a lot of the amenities but not all of them

Yeah let's get into breaking this down real quick first thing you need to understand is the goal for net 0 is not going to save the planet okay it is just one step in the right direction it's a changing of a mindset it's it's a

Direction that causes research and development that hopefully will bring enough research together to get that to a more realistic target but you got to remember 60% of all the energy will use electricity and natural gas oil that's

Industrial right that's just for taking products out of the ground and refining them into something that's usable that's sixty percent of the energy so what we do is residents in our home which is what we're here to talk about we're not

Affecting that and that's the lion's share of all of the energy used the other forty percent is broken down pretty pretty closely to residential commercial so even if we can build a NetZero home are we gonna build Net Zero

Commercial spaces like we have to revamp everything so let's talk about the Net Zero home it's 20% of all the energy that we're using and if we can find a way to remove that from our energy cycle at least then like I said we're moving

In the right direction and we're developing technologies that hopefully could be broadened in scope for commercial industrial use so ha net zero energy let's talk about what what we have available now we have things and

We're gonna get some b-roll for this in just a second we have things in the way of drain systems okay where we can collect the heat from running water that's going down our sewer pipes in the home and circle it back towards our hot

Water tank so that that heat energy can be saved that's great we've got heat recovery ventilation units it's basically a ductwork and exhaust route the entire home that actually fans so in the bathrooms and kitchens and it can

Take all of that air that's got heat in it and then it can exchange it with the fresh air intake so that the heat stays in the air and goes back into the house that's great you know they're helpful they're not the whole solution what we

Really need to do is get to things like this the induction stove that's in this countertop okay have a range top that's installed underneath the stone that cooks faster than natural gas and it works on nothing

Less than 8 amps that's not even half the power of the plug all right it's absolutely mind-blowing it's amazing technology and things like this that make the construction of a tiny kitchen doable that's going to really change the

Planet now if we have stoves on induction power that don't take any energy hopefully down the road we'll get two ovens and heating and furnace systems on induction technology I would love to see that I think it's doable

Hopefully in the next year or two that development will happen and if we can get there and we don't need to bring natural gas in the home anymore then on the flip side we've also got a development of our ability to harness

The Sun up until now solar panels have had small changes little adjustments to the technology we can get a more focused amount of light we can charge we have battery I mean there's it can it can work if you have enough of an array

You can supply some of the power you need but the reality is if the world is going to go to electric cars and your house is going to be Net Zero at the same time line we've got to have enough power in your house to drive your car

And run your home and if you're going to go to a heating system like we need in the north without any natural gas now we're asking for a whole lot from our solar panel right we're gonna we all have to live on a 10

Acre farm with nothing but solar panels and that's not feasible so do we make our footprint smaller do we build smaller homes that's doable increased insulation in the home that helps but I think the biggest thing that we're gonna

Find out is that in the solar panel industry their technology is being developed right now that make them four times more powerful and our battery technology is getting better and hopefully and it will all combine in the

Next couple of years where we can build a home that is very similar to what we have now and be able to supply the energy for it all by herself having said that until we get there if you want to live NetZero and you want to

Have a off-the-grid lifestyle you've got to pretty much live in something that's under 500 square feet and you've you're almost cooking with wood right I mean it is really tricky to get any kind of lifestyle quality if you're under 500

Square feet now it might be fine if you're young and alone and you've just got a spouse or maybe one child and it's very Tarzan and Jane and it's kind of fun I get the excitement but if you've got a large family and you're looking at

Changing a society you've got to find a way to make the large city centers doable right so all of that to say if you want to live in at zero we need more technology if you want to do it now you're gonna be living in a real tiny

Home all the power to you enjoy the experience all right but for the reality is for the rest of society where we're already have our homes we're already invested the only way we can get there is by increasing our technology and the

Only way we can get there is if people start funding that research otherwise it's all gonna be private business and when those technologies develop they're gonna charge an arm and a leg and it won't be affordable bottom line so I

Don't know there's no real answer yet for are we gonna get there because we might be able to get there with technology but it's not gonna be affordable because right now the only people that are doing anything about it

Or private business and I'm telling you right now they are gonna want to get paid when they develop that technology all to say maybe the best plan that we have right now is just be smart try to live small try to live more efficient

Right don't be so darn selfish and maybe even see if we can find a way to start pressing our governments to get involved in the conversation about research and development so it's not all left up to private industry because as long as

That's where the investment is being made that's where the return is going to go and the rest of us if we want to get there are gonna go broke finding a way to buy one whoo anyway that's my two bits on living

NetZero it can be done right now it's not that comfortable and we'll never get there if we rely on to do it for us so having said that if you got any questions you want to get in this conversation hit the comments

Section below I welcome your thoughts looking to engage on this because I think over the next couple years on this channel specifically we're going to see some different technologies that are really

Exciting and are actually even maybe even affordable and we're gonna highlight those so like I said subscribe to the channel we'll see you next video and if you want to see how the induction cooktop that's

Hiding underneath this stone works then click the link right here we got a video showing the installation and the execution we actually cooked some eggs we talked about the technology with the guy that designed it so that'll be an

Awesome video as well we'll see you next time

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