by birtanpublished on July 2, 2020

I honestly thought that Simpson wave was

a joke and then I was like a Simpson

wave not a joke and now I'm like Simpson

wave is not a joke


my introduction to Simpson wave came be

a Frank jab see video titled how to

Simpson wave that I assumed was satire

with the ever-growing virus known as

vapor wave influencing internet artists

around the globe it was only a matter of

time till the sub-genre Simpson wave was

birth out into the Millennial childhood

wonderment that is known as early 90s

primetime television it's an amazing

video and there is a link in the

description so please take some time to

watch it but I just assumed this whole

thing had come out of Frank's broken

horrible brain day and Minnie Fanta no

you were born approximately three

decades ago this is the same guy who

just posted a video called how to swamp

Jews to celebrate Shrek's 15-year

anniversary bone Appetit um what else

the Shrek said so I just filed Simpson

wave away in the recesses of my mind and

went back to thinking about fast-food

metal or whatever and then one day I saw

a tweet for one of my Normie friends to

the effect of I just can't stop watching

Simpson way videos and I was confused

and then before I knew it I just

couldn't stop watching Simpson wave it

that video sunday-school has almost a

million views and yes for the astute

vaporwave fans among you that's just a

black banshee song whose original bark

free upload from 2012 has less than half

as many views and that is essentially

the beginning in the end of the

mechanics of Simpson consisting

basically of wavy trippy Simpsons clips

overtop of someone else's vaporwave

tracks Simpson wave is very much rooted

in the mashup culture that gave us hits

like freelance hellraisers 2001 a stroke

of genius

recently we have seen musical master

culture evolved into a more contemporary

form as and I'm so sorry that I'm

bringing this up again SoundCloud sound

clowns are not full songs they're jokes

or experiments or snippets of an idea

that are more often than not under a

minute long

six I am going second right for some

context that video got me trolled super

hard and quite effectively by an entire

scene of hardcore irony bros but where

simpson way fits in this evolution is

quite fascinating because it takes the

ironic extreme of weird soundcloud super

short mashup joke culture and rather

than one upping it instead dives super

hard into super sincere territory

The Simpsons is the greatest show in the

history of television not only because

it contains the best jokes ever written

but because of the undercurrent of human

emotion and pathos that drives its best

episodes it's why it is very offensive

to some people to compare it to the

talking dog show this same concept with

a wisecracking baby is just a glitchy

meme that you clicked on by accident and

yet somehow the combination of the

deliberate and manufactured nostalgia of

vaporwave with the actual real nostalgia

of seeing Lisa's trip to Ned Flanders as

Beach House on the 4th of July is

genuinely emotionally stirring most of

these videos are by Lucien Hughes who

has definitely made demos shared Simpson

way videos on this site but some time

spent snooping around the internet makes

it appear that the first Simpson Way

video actually showed up on Facebook in

January 2016 and then later that month a

simple a video was uploaded to YouTube

by solids cardboard box the proverbial

first man on the moon

then came a torrent of videos from

hugh's Frank's video and a surprising

number of sincere participants in this

flip of a new subject


it is interesting that vaporwave is the

genre being played with you and while I

am willing to concede that the actual

reason for this is that people making

these videos are meme Lords who love

jean resoun the Internet there's

something to be said about a new

emotional resonance being added to a

genre music that I would argue exists

specifically to mock the commercial and

corporate vibe of mall type music I have

argued as much on this channel though

vaporwave is a play on vaporware a

non-existent product used by a company

to hype up its image or its value and

the aesthetic of album art and music

videos tends to either mimic your old

Geocities website template or the VHS

tapes that you hide in your mom's

basement vaporwave tracks themselves

detune and scramble lounge smooth jazz

and music mocking the emptiness of this

hyper capitalist music by

recontextualizing and reimagining it

that a new visual spin on a genre born

of such a specific aesthetic could then

become so emotionally resonant is

surprising but stranger things have

happened like Alexander Fleming

discovering penicillin just as useful


what do you think is Simpson wave real

or just a joke have I totally clowned

myself and do you agree there is an

emotional resonance to just pairing a

pre-existing vaporwave track and like

Homer driving in a VHS effect let me

know in the comments and while we're

hanging out my very good friend Bobby

who is responsible for the esthetic of

the show there's a lot of the graphics

does the thumbnails every week just

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excellent to each other


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