iPhone XS Max vs Galaxy Note 9 Camera Test Comparison!

by birtanpublished on September 2, 2020

What's up everybody this is Danny and today I'm doing the camera comparison that a lot of you been asking me about and that is the Galaxy Note 9 versus the brand new iPhone 10's max so what should make this camera comparison interesting is the fact that the 10s Max and the new

IPhones now have stabilization in the front-facing camera so let's see if that makes a difference and I'm also curious to buy dynamic range so let me know which video looks best and the new iPhones has stereo pickup finally so

We're gonna see if it can actually beat Samsung at the audio game since Samsung has some of the best audio pickup out there on the smartphone market and then I'm gonna go out there and test out all the conditions low-light good light all

That good stuff and see which camera comes out on top because the specs are very similar but the Samsung should be better at low-light because it has that lower F 1.5 aperture but the iPhone does have a new sensor this year so we'll see

How that comes out and all the HDR algorithms and all that mess so I'm gonna go out there test this let me know which video looks better and sounds better and let's go before we get started I want to talk about how the

Tests were conducted just like all of my camera comparisons these are all taken in Auto mode because I feel like this best represents the average consumer and it also makes it completely fair on the iPhone smart HDR was left on since it's

On by default and auto HDR with scene detection was also left enabled on the galaxy note 9 none of these images are edited in any way they are straight out of the camera we will start with the daytime pictures and just like any other

Flagship phone these cameras both do a fantastic job there's tons of dynamic range great colors and sharpness I don't think you'll be disappointed with either of these but after looking at almost a

Hundred and fifty images side-by-side there are some differences here that I noticed generally when it comes to dynamic range I feel like the smart HDR on the iPhone Tenace max is a little bit better you can see more details in the

Clouds with less clipping and in harsher lighting conditions on both the primary and secondary telephoto lens you can see some overexposure on the galaxy note 9 if you look at the images the note 9 tends to overexpose slightly across all

Of the images and that's not always a bad thing because sometimes it does improve the picture but overall I feel like the iPhone has a more balanced picture when it comes to exposure and dynamic range

Where I feel like the note 9 does do better is the balance between contrast and saturation I feel like the iPhone has an uncharacteristically aggressive HDR this year where the shadow detail is overly done and in some cases this

Actually gives the iPhone a major advantage but in some pictures it can make the image just look washed out I also noticed that the note 9 tends to land a lot warmer when it comes to the white balance where the iPhone tends to

Land cooler so this will be for sure a preference thing and all of this also carries across to the front-facing camera and fun fact if you do selfie focus on a note 9 unless it detects a face it won't blur the background where

The iPhone had no problem with the side profile I feel like during the day the iPhone does have the better front-facing portraits and photos is sharper with better colors and edge detection and

Overall exposure when it comes to the rear portrait mode they both failed in certain shots but when they hit they both look great I feel like edge detection got worse on the iPhone this year because they must

Have changed the way that the portrait mode works it even missed some easy stuff like between this parking meter which the note nailed right off the bat but if you look at the overall image the iPhones is more evenly balanced with

Better exposure and dynamic range I like the skin tone better on the iPhone and also the overall color so let me know which one day you like better but they both have the ability to change the background blur after the shot is taken

But the note also has dual capture where you can take the portrait shot and the wide-angle shot at the same time and then you can just choose later which one you want to use here are some more shots around downtown Orlando I feel like the

Daytime shots are really going to come down to preference I do prefer the blue sky replication of the iPhones better but in a lot of these images I feel like the note nines image is more ready to share right out of the camera with more

Contrast and poppy colors so I'm curious to see which one day you prefer but if I had to pick one I'm going to have to give the slight edge to the iPhone here for better dynamic range and overall processing but don't get me wrong they

Do go back and forth so I don't blame you if you like the notes images better but here is where things start to really change that weird time of day where dusk is setting this is where I feel like smartphone cameras struggle the most and

Here is where you can really see how smart HDR on the iPhone side has an advantage creating the brighter and more detailed image and this is an example of how aggressively bringing up the shadow detail can really balance out the image

And also for exposure of bright neon signs and lights so this is why I'm giving the edge to the iPhone here when it comes to 4k video they can both shoot up to 4k 60 frames per second and both cameras are full of dynamic range in

Sharpness but overall the note does have more contrast and saturated colors where I feel like that this look is for sharing right out of the box where I think the iPhone will be better for post-production and editing and both can

Shoot slow-motion at 240 frames per second at 1080p but the note 9 has at insane 960 frames per second slow motion so that's a cool feature to have even though it's 720p and looks more like 480p both cameras are optically

Stabilized so that's fantastic this is a walking shot handheld in 4k 30 frames per second so the note is using electronic stabilization tied to the gyroscope which I think is doing a much better job here where the iPhone is

Using the OIS but when you flip that to 4k 60 frames per second the note goes back to OIS and the iPhone stabilization gets crazy good somehow so it looks like they kind of swapped roles here so it depends on what frame rate that you

Shoot at let's get to everyone's favorite part and that is the low-light performance and just like the daytime this is a very preference oriented call the same characteristics come over to the nighttime shots the iPhone is

Boosting up shadow detail and I feel like the note 9 is all exposing to give you a more pleasing shot where the iPhone is trying to give you the most balanced image because of the nose faster eff 1.5 aperture compared to the

IPhones f 1.8 and the notes more aggressive noise reduction you do get less noise on the notes nice images I am punching in here 400% so you can see this but when you're looking at the image this is not as drastic so keep

That in mind I don't think anyone is cropping this heavy with a phone image but it is there so I didn't want to leave that if you edit the iPhone pictures you can get rid of that noise but this is pure

Auto to auto so we have to keep it 100 here the video is pretty much showing the exact same trade both look very good but when it comes to dynamic range the iPhone pulls ahead here when it comes to 4k video just look at those windows the

Detail is pretty insane on the iPhone the note 9 is landing very warm again with heavy saturation so I think some people will either really love this or they're really gonna hate this once again the heavier contrasted and warmer

Image of the note 9 is more ready to share out of the camera directly to social media but I think the people that prefer the more balanced and more accurate color and flatter image will prefer the iPhone the front-facing

Camera in low-light both aren't very great and sometimes the Samsung does give you a brighter picture but I do feel like it softens the skin and image too much where the iPhone gives you a more balanced skin tone and color the

IPhones images also soften though so it doesn't get a pass the to really processed low-light differently and it honestly goes back and forth and in some images I really just preferred the way that note kicks out the image straight

Out of the camera but when it comes to color accuracy I'm going to have to give it to the iPhone and this image really sums it up well with the coca-cola building the Reds are processed better here and overall exposure and foreground

Detail is better on the iPhone and the cooler tone is something that I prefer the iPhone is nowhere near perfect in low-light especially mixed shots like this where the shadow detail is brighter and better but the string lights are

Overexposed and this low-light portrait shot I think the note just did a better job and sometimes that saturation and dramatic contrast works in the notes favor like this balloon shot it just looks so great and the noise reduction

Is better on the note but I'm giving the slight edge here to the iPhone 10s max I feel like the low-light is more balanced with better dynamic range and overall exposure so let me know what you think I'm sure there's gonna be tons of

Disagreements but keep it Pleasant and let the images speak for themselves these tests are always dependent on personal preference and it's just my job to give you the images and also give you an opinion on

Which device that I thought did a better job both of these cameras are great and you won't be disappointed in either in the end the consumers win so subscribe for more content like this let me know what comparison that you want to see

Next and I will see you guys in the next one I can't wait to see the comment section in this one

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