iPhone SE in white LIVE Unboxing

by birtanpublished on April 8, 2021

Okay let's see if that works good try it sorry I'm late folks this is why I start a minute early in case crap like this happens okay now it's working oh my god hey welcome we have the iPhone se we're gonna let notifications go out and then the stream can get started briefly sorry if it wasn't working at first um my god YouTube has broken everything haven't they they they completely have redesigned the way live-streaming works it's very confusing for some reason I hit start and it went to like they changed the stream key so in order to livestream you plug in a

Stream key to OBS and this stream key is a different one from the last string I don't know why on Twitch it's just one stream key but whatever refresh your pages if it's not working yes we are live kniffen GK yes we have the dual cam like normal we started out to a bumpy beginning but I think it's working out okay see I got the same wallpaper I actually did this like once the iPhone se came out I was like how can I get this wallpaper check out Apple I designer on Twitter he hooked me up with it hey okay it's working sorry about that

Folks appears the chat is working on twitch you have one stream key okay so you plugged it into OBS and then as long as you don't touch the stream key whenever you click start streaming you stream to that channel YouTube decided to change the stream key so now I have to update the key every set this is why I don't like streaming on YouTube but this is what people voted for in the poll if you're not following me on Twitter your voice is not being heard for future decision making but anyway no frames have dropped so far we'll get started in

A second don't worry we're just waiting on notifications to roll out so people get notified that we're beginning and then you can join get iphone SE case and put it on an 8 and put the new wallpaper and call it a day pretty much sleek effects so yeah I we've been talking about the second-generation SE for a long time I mean ever since the first one came out way back in 2016 everyone was talk about the next generation one or what the follow-up to the next se is gonna be and we made video I made videos about it in the Attic days about se2 and that

What it could be and what it when it isn't coming or if this is gonna become an annual thing a biannual thing now it appears to be every four years so maybe we won't get a third generation iPhone se until 2024 so while the phone itself is quite boring because yes it is you know iPhone 8 updated wallpaper that's pretty much it it's something that happens pretty rarely it's not it's not that often it actually happens so yeah I'll actually be swap I'll be swapping my sim to this one I'm not keeping it long-term but wait this story will develop in time we'll see

Either way though we'll get started here I'm gonna keep the Promax yes sorry the good news is I've been taking a lot of medication so of my psoriasis is cleared up on the hands so touch ID which I haven't used in a long long time should be working much better for me now so I finally get to use touch ID the way it was intended to can you clean the cheeto dust out of your hair no I have to put cheeto dust in my hair that's part of my morning routine 20/20 for iPhone I see with the iPhone 10 body probably yeah great content thank you okay I think we

Can get started we've been live for a few minutes now and there's not much surprises here anyway okay let's rip off some plastic mmm smells good okay here we go okay oh you know what before we look at the phone itself let me just much better now now we've got an updated background with the updated boxes cool okay moving into the phone itself yes Bethel's yes black bezels okay this is what I wanted so this one's face-up what the iPhone 11s facedown oh that is so clean holy crap I don't want to even take the plastic off that looks so good

And it's so light man I'm so accustomed to I am so accustomed to the weight of this phone it's not even funny look there's a giant price difference there but they look pretty similar you know you got three versus one this is silver versus white there is a bit of a finish here because this is obviously glossy but rest in peace to the white bezels oh you are way too excited about this well you're watching so you must be somewhat excited okay let's get some plastic peeling there you have it oh I love that

Contrast that looks amazing I'm talking about the design because that's pretty much all we can talk about I love that contrast of just the bright white finish back and it's already got fingerprints on it it's been ruined I hate it now super thin and light though compared to what I've grown accustomed to on here this is like default phone for me so this is weird having a phone this light may I just add like like this is the most minimal simple like clean back of an iPhone I've ever seen because in previous generation iPhones you know we've had one camera we've had the Apple

Logo but now there's not even I phone texts and I know it varies depending on where you live in your country but there's no writing down here I mean everybody got the product red one which is why I was trying to be a little bit different but like there's no there's no product red oh we've got on the back of this phone logo flash mic camera that's everything there's no other writing like that is dead is a dang minimal looking design like that that just looks cool god of course our aluminum edges which I'm kind of a big fan of to be honest like stainless steel is cool and all but

It collects these little micro scratches over time you're probably not gonna be able to see them on camera like that the glass on the back of this phone is aged really well but the stainless steel I don't know it's okay it looks nice but it collects fingerprints a lot more than aluminum does which has this more matte finish to it yeah I know the UK still has the FCC labels but here in the US at least that is is clean that is so cool and now the front is you know more familiar but I'm just so glad they ditched the white bezels personally I know there's some weirdos out there that

Disagree let's get that crap don't need that lightening obviously oh well and let's boot it up oh yeah the home button doesn't even click I forgot about that my wife still uses an iPhone 6 and she insists that she does not want this thing she doesn't want it because she's content with using her iPhone 6 until it dies just because even if this is cheap she doesn't want to spend anymore she doesn't want to send a single penny on another phone so if she got something for free I don't know maybe but this

Isn't free so let's boot this bad boy up here I don't know what all we can do I don't think this is gonna be an hour-long stream but I was thinking of doing some portrait mode shots and doing a geek bench test that's that's all I could think of doing unless you guys have other questions for me I can do it when you have joint bank accounts it's kind of hard to surprise people with your dad got his SASC today – I've seen so many people say that either that either Scott you've been you've been telling me that in all these different platforms or my assumption is correct in

The iPhone se is the the phone for everyone's dad because this just makes so much sense as a as a parental phone okay it's booting up here I'm gonna do the quick setup here so give me a second to just line up everything I'll walk you through it just kidding you know how this works I guess you need to accidentally break her phone oops sorry you know what's funny the iPhone 6 which is the same size and kind of the same design as this phone this is just the iPhone 6 perfected neither of them have 3d touch which is kind of

Interesting this design of an iPhone has aged from before 3d touch was a thing – after 3d touch was given up on which is kind of funny so this phone or my wife's phone neither of them have 3d touch that's how long this design has lasted please don't play with the background don't tempt me I will do it if you keep asking ok set up touch ID okay let's try I've got a normal uh thumb now heaven I'm trying to remember the last time I used touch ID I think in 2018 when the product red eight-plus came out I switched to that for a few months after using the iPhone

10 for a while and I use touch ID on that for a little but other than that I haven't used touch ID in the past few years oh this is different did you guys know it looks like this now transfer your data transfer from iPhone download from iCloud I've never seen that before I don't know how new that is I'm gonna do neither because I don't want to restore from backup I like I like when the phones just a clean start clean refresh my husband only has one hand the original se was the perfect size for him used with one hand you had

To upgrade to the 10s two months ago and he's ticked off because he would have waited for the SE 2020 I'm sorry Jenna hopefully he likes the 5.4 inch iPhone 12 that is coming later this year because that's supposed to be a smaller footprint than this even smaller I mean the display will be you know more bezel this like the iPhone 10 but still it'll be a smaller footprint than this phone which is cool those bezels do be thick named thick boy bezels that's it's all too familiar I actually never had a 4.7 inch iPhone growing up I went from iPhone 5 to iPhone 6 plus and after that

I went to 7 plus and then after that 10 and so yeah iPhone 5 was the smallest I ever had what happened to your psoriasis I've been taking some medication you can watch me take it on the tox channel if you're creepy but yeah you can I'm just asking about location services and stuff finished set up on new iPhone can you play Minecraft on the F yes you can I think can the a13 chip handle minecraft will set up Siri later I don't want to do that now oh that's right I forgot about this whole process you can select the hardness of the home button clicking oh man I've been done that in

So long huh I forgot about the different sensitivity levels honestly I think three feels the best huh okay continue displays oh I didn't know they had a display zooom as an option on the four point I thought this was a plus model thing I didn't know that okay whatever welcome to iPhone okay we're booted up see if it works here really fine with those bezel okay enter oh sorry I should have tested um touch ID whoa already unlocked so when you rest I got a relearn touch ID there you go so

We got a race to wake and then rest your fingerprint there now it's unlocked and now you can go straight to homescreen and I think there's a setting that lets it go straight no slow fees no deal that's true we didn't get Oh wrong one sorry once I get ignore that I hit the down arrow I should hit the up arrow okay I gotta test the portrait mode stuff oh that's interesting you have quick take on here so you know how the iPhone 11 and the 11pro and the 11pro Macs all had kind of the redesigned camera app did they let you change the they do okay cool

So in the 11pro I think this is kind of dumb but you can't do this on older phones like the iPhone 10 in the 10r but you can on the SE you can change the resolution and frame rate from within the camera app so 4k at 60 1080 at 60 4k 4k 24 4k 30 so you can change that without even going to settings which is weird that they make that like a pro camera feature and you also have quick take so if you hold down the camera option you go straight into recording a video the iPhone 8 and the 10 are don't do that all software by the way like they could totally add that to the older

IPhones and they don't I don't know why but it's just something they do I guess it's bizarre to work with a screen this small again it's been so long oh I guess I have swiped now that's kind of nice we've got to relearn this this is yeah this is what I remember not liking about screens this small okay I'm downloading Geekbench 5 so there's no slow fees the bezels don't actually look too bad at all I mean for a $400 phone you can't complain I think that's that's apples genius with their iPhones is that they're like okay we're either gonna make you know $700 $1000 phones that are

Really solid or we're gonna make $400 once in which case you really can't complain about the specs on them because this phone is gonna be getting updates probably five years from now and most androids even if they're $1,500 can't even say that the galaxy fold can't claim it's gonna get software updates in five years and that's $2,000 this is 400 bucks and it's almost a guarantee can you try the app switching gesture is there just your friends oh is that like you're talking about back in the 3d touch days where you could yea press and hold to act of it ya know you got a

Double click like the good old days home button is back in the building okay let's try Geekbench should I compare it to the pro max I mean they got the same CPU do I even have geek on here's the question let me double check I can't remember I it's not something I usually just keep on my phones because I don't do it that regularly okay I don't have it I can download it pretty quick though oh if you guys wanted a confirmation that the SE has three gigs of ram it does right there it says 2.88 Geekbench v doesn't have access to 100% of the ram but it's

Over 2 which does guarantee this does have three gigs of ram so if you wanted further confirmation of that it is true it's a ram boost do you think Apple will be cheaper than Android phones and because there's some Android phones that are like I don't know $3 oneplus can't comprehend that there's a phone more compact me oh my I know I don't have G board that's not G Borden does someone use G board is that why you're saying it Kristin Peet's pixel for a yeah the pixel for a will be a really compelling budget phone to its disadvantage will be software support

And the CPU will not be as fast as the SE but it will have a really good display for the price as well as a solid camera so some people would definitely I think prefer that over the SC I could understand that okay yeah we'll do a side-by-side I'm downloading Geekbench 5 now while it's doing that I could I mean I can't show you the pictures that well but I can try to take some portrait mode shots so obviously we have portrait mode on the front and back only works on people though whoa I'm so not used to this on well it's really smooth to like

The preview is really high frame rate it looks like it's a 60fps preview maybe 30 oh man the speakers kind of loud Wow I mean I know it's hard to see for you guys but it looks good like first impressions are good you know what's annoying is when I'm pinching to zoom on a photo and I'm like wait why isn't it filling up the rest of like I'm so not use I'm so not used to having this big chin and forehead and going backwards in so many ways huh and you can even render the stage light stuff like that it works pretty well that's impressive I've never I've never done

Portrait mode on a camera that doesn't have the true depth system it doesn't have the dot projector or anything Wow the rendering works pretty well yeah yeah when your hand shows up it's not that good but yeah it's okay not bad not bad at all that's a that's solid camera performance ok Geekbench this is all people care about but don't body shame phones please okay you're right that was mean of me what are we doing first CPU oh I should let me close all the apps on my phone just so it's a fair fight my phone has a decent charge on it so battery shouldn't

Be an issue not that it matters but battery life is probably one of the biggest concerns I have with the SE in a long term I'm curious how I'm man I have a lot of AB soap because I have the king of battery with the 11pro max so I'm a little bit curious how going back to an SUV Oh No okay we are turning on Do Not Disturb for the duration of the stream alright here we go geek bench side by side we'll start the CPU and we will hit run okay what did the clock speed say oh I should have looked at that oh well well let it do

Its thing we're gonna let it do its thing somebody non-tech people think that haptic touch is real actually clicking I mean what what's your definition of click because it is I mean there is a haptic engine going off which is kind of clicking in some ways do you think the se will sell better than the 11 um that's a good question I don't know I feel like in September you're really close to the holidays which is when a lot of people are buying stuff so it probably sold really really well and people are trading in their phones and

Such and now is not a very Shopaholic time given the climate in the pandemic and everything so I don't know if it'll sell better than the 11 but I still think it'll I think it'll be a long-term success like it will it will sell really really well over the course of years but maybe not so much in the short term you know you can still get one relatively quickly I saw I saw articles and stuff saying the iPhone se shipped times have slipped to me and I'm like well delivery day is the 24th so falling into May isn't like that's two weeks it's been pushed back two weeks is it really that

Highly demanded no 5g no deal oh my god I love when people buying 5g phones are like well there's not much 5g Network now but you're buying it for the longevity sigh you're not gonna get software updates in like two years and now you want to talk about longevity come on this phone's gonna be getting software updates much longer than your phone is gonna be G will an out port out will it out perform original SE sales yeah see that's a decent question I feel like the smartphone market was probably bigger back when the original se came

Out so maybe not because there's less people upgrading now than they used to because like techie people that are watching live streams like this you guys will watch you guys will buy new phones because they have new features that you're really excited to see whereas everybody else they only upgrade their phone when their current phone gets to the point of unusable and that's harder and harder to get now because phones are getting better and lasting longer and stuff like that so when that happens it's very very difficult to get to the point where I need to upgrade my

Phone because the old ones are working fine we're getting some results Promax is finished early 1328 single-core to 999 on multi-core remember this is Geekbench 5 not Geekbench 4 which has very different numbers if you're on Geekbench 4 it'll be much much higher one processor 6 cores in range for 4 gigs of ram indeed does it have a gtx 1080i graphics card yes indeed it does ok over here a little bit lower 1301 single-core 2520 multi-core score so I was reading about this already people are saying that the a13 is not the full speed evident videos on the pro Macs and

There's a reason for that actually for one it's because the battery is much much smaller on the iPhone se so the power output it's capable of is much lower not to this to the sense that it won't be able to get software updates as long as the 11pro max it'll still in my opinion is a safe assumption to guess that every single device every single version of iOS that the 11pro max gets this one will also get and it's also a much much lower resolution display you know you have not just a tad over 720p on here and you have over 1080 on here so you don't need clock speeds on the

A13 to be roaring like they are all the time because you have a much you know smaller battery so you don't want to drain it that quickly the base frequency on the iPhone se for those wondering is 2 point 6 6 gigahertz so I do believe it is a little bit well that's the same frequency on my pro Mac's so there you go there's probably just a few behind-the-scenes things that they turn off because the SE is so much lower powered let's see compare screens well I mean there's not really a comparison there come on 4.7 versus six and a half yeah

Look look at the original SC still getting software updates to this day let's see can it run Crysis absolutely it can why couldn't it run Crysis everything's very smooth though like the animations and stuff are all very fluid which I like man it's small though this is this the keyboard is probably my my biggest thing I have a hard time with I just have big hands that's the biggest problem three gigs of ram on here three gigs of ram a 13 is a little bit slower in Geekbench tests but in day-to-day stuff it'll be exactly the same kind of performance you

Get on a pro max let's see if you buy 5g phone the hardware is going to be outdated by the time 5g becomes fully implement exactly I mean the people who are buying 5g phones now are totally the people that are gonna buy a new phone in two years that also has five day so it's don't don't splurge don't splurge for 5g now hey Ellen Brownlee thank you for becoming a youtube member appreciate that let's see are you happy that Apple got rid of the white bezels on the iPhone absolutely I think this looks miles better this looks so much better than the white bezel the front just

Because like the issue I have with white bezel devices is like they still have this thin little black line that goes around the display so there's like display black line white bezel and then the aluminum and you also can't turn the the camera on the front you can't turn that white so that sticks out like a black dot and I feel like the home button disappears into the display like that into the bezel a lot better on the black models I kind of relearn the home button I can barely remember how it works so I rest it there I rest my thumb there Ricardo Ricardo thanks for

Becoming a youtube member let's see what is the score on a 12 I don't I don't have an a 12 phone with me so I don't know you guys can look it up how do you feel with the color choices they provided I think they picked the best ones like the iPhone eight actually only came in three colors if you can remember that it was well there was red but that was a limited time it wasn't available a few weeks ago but you had space grey silver in gold and then in April they launched the red version but then I think it was like six months later they stopped doing

The red eye phone aids and that the red one looked awesome and I felt like the gold one looked good but it had white bezels and that threw it off threw it off for me so if they would have done a gold one with black bezels I would have loved to love to have seen that but yeah look like the most common colors were probably white black and red so I'm glad that they kept those around because those were probably the ones most people were asking for so yeah looks really smooth do we have any further questions look let's see which performs better the iPhone se or Tesla full self-driving

Which color is best obviously the best color is a very very objective thing but to me like just that combo of now having white glass on the back and black on the front like we didn't have that before we never had that with the iPhone eight seven six s or six and I think that looks really really cool I like it no there will not be a giveaway iPhone 12 will not have type C any counter points I wirelessly charge all the time anyway so I don't really care what port it has on it I'm not going to use it and I mean it comes with a USBC cable to lightning in the box anyway so if your argument is

I want to be able to charge it with my USB see accessories it's like well it's still coming with USB C so that's not even necessarily a great point I mean I don't I don't like that they're keeping lightning I wish it was us PC but at the end of the day I wouldn't use it because I wirelessly charge everything which this supports wireless charging by the way just to be clear yeah it's just off camera but yeah can I bring that there you go I don't know why messages is in now playing I'm not doing anything with think let me trade that way there you go wireless charging with the pixel stand

Thank you google for sending me that Shane X Pro thank you for the super check SE and Promax are same as the smaller equals worst thermal okay I'm trying to understand what you mean how they're the same there's a lot of differences here but I bet the reason the CPU is slower has some might have something to do with the thermals or more importantly the battery life they want to preserve your battery life a little bit more with the a13 is a renewed 10s or se a better deal mmm I guess it depends on what you want if you like the features on the tenant it's

It's all up to you desk to her I did a video about that it hasn't changed would you trade a bigger battery for no wireless charging no no no I hate wires I hate fiddling with wires I got wireless chargers all over the place it's so much easier to just drop my phone on it and let it charge I would also I would rather not have fast charging so that I could have a bigger battery because I don't care how fast the phone charges if it lasts all day then I don't kick I don't need to plug in and charge really quickly change the

Wallpaper oh that's a good point because that's the one on the box which I put in the background there we do need to change the wallpaper let me see what we get what do we got in here stills Hey oh nice there's several actually check that out and they're all dark mode and light mode you know the contrast thumbs get sore on the small display and not really know I mean it's probably better for one-handed use I mean look how easy it is for me to reach every part of this thing way easier but yeah let's match it with the pro max here there we go it's a bit of a learning

Curve to go back to the home button but man that is tiny that is convenient matte or glossy I really prefer the glossy back this age is so much better than the glossy back which collects fingerprints a lot easier and this does not get those little micro scratches over time compared to these based on the recent leaks that air powers back he's in a 11 ship we should definitely have an air power speed test air power is not necessarily back it's being worked on but don't don't count on it absolutely coming out how are the speakers I imagine they're the same as the iPhone 8

We didn't hear that they were changing do you want me to play something every time I do that I'm like here YouTube take away all the revenue I pull up I don't want to download YouTube right now I'm mad at them Talos of music do you think it'll go down in price from the 12 comes out probably not it could I guess but now I think that's too soon it's too soon for a price reduction the iPhone se might get cheaper over time it'll probably be like a year from now not necessarily like in six months Oh the latest tailless of music videos only

Track oh there's no stretch to fill the whole display yeah I guess pretty loud definitely not as loud as my pro match but decent I'm very happy there stereo okay it was so annoying to me when I tested the Galaxy Z flip I spent like you spent fifteen hundred bucks on a phone and it doesn't have stereo speakers it just annoys you yeah can we see the brightness okay let me do it side by side here I'll pause that and oh that's so I'm so lost now oh yeah yeah that's both pretty bright to be honest I mean this one's definitely brighter no

Surprise there but honestly the book pretty good I don't I don't consider this pixelated at all this does not look like a low-quality display it's mostly the bezels that bother me more than anything color accuracy is good I can't complain they both look really nice both displays look excellent but I'm no display junkie you know yeah I can't complain for 400 bucks I will be returning this one I I don't have plans on keeping it but I will put my sim in here and start you know using it as my daily you can play Minecraft on it I will not do that right

Now but you can Preston's world thank you for becoming a youtube member appreciate that try to portrait mode object with the focus again as Apple's advertised I don't think you can I believe it only works for faces but I'll try if that's what you want me no thank you for the super chat worth the upgrade to the SE for my current 7 plus I'd say sure if you're comfortable at the home button and you don't want to get into the face ID stuff I mean you get a lot of upgrades here it is smaller so if that bothers you maybe you know maybe don't do it but if you don't mind going

With a smaller phone yeah so as you can see portrait mode does not work unless it's a face which is how it was advertised but here's a face and now it's working you can even do high key mono check that out why would you return movies guys for the last time Louise doesn't want this thing do you want confirmation from that in terms of in terms of cost-benefit which one is better iPhone 10 or iPhone se yeah I don't know I mean there's a bunch of hardware advantages the iPhone 10 has but it is getting older it's a 11 versus

A 13 so if you care about design and the way things look probably the iPhone 10 is better but if you just want speed and you just want you know longevity you want software support then yeah iPhone se is better see Louise has explained why she doesn't want it this is why you should watch the twitch streams no Apple doesn't charge for restocking fees or anything which is good hey 11 is quite fast but it's definitely not gonna get software updates as long as the a13 will I can promise you that let's see she has a 6s the magic key more for my iPad pro is one of my favorite products ever I

Love the red se but I'm already rocking an 11 prodeman that green yeah I mean they're they're both solid but yeah I can't I can't get rid of my pro max over this I'm also loving the keyboard case I'm still using it having a lot of fun with it Chris Norton super chatted hello is the SE better than the success absolutely in pretty much every single way except if you care about 3d touch it does not have that you will make your wife use the phone Wow okay J you tell me you tell me how to do it make a comparison with the iPhone 6 and yes yeah I thought that

Would be interesting because the design similarities here it'd be kind of cool to compare the compare the two camera why should I stick with a plus or get the se 20/20 the only advantage to s that eight plus would have is better battery life and a better display if you don't really care that much about those two things then this is better in pretty much every way oh yeah and the 6s has a headphone jack but don't who cares whatever so I'm pretty sure we got everything covered I mean everything I can cover at least in today's stream I have covered

But if you feel like you're not getting enough content out of me because daily videos I know it's so rare to ever see me post a video but I'm gonna plug plug plug now because while I don't do sponsorships on my channels I can promote myself so please check out taillow Civ podcasts we want to get that channel to a thousand subs we got 785 people here please subscribe to Talos a podcast I'm gonna be recording a new one with Nick and Randy tomorrow about our new keyboard cases and I got the SE also check out Talos IV v if you care about Tesla's and electric vehicles I'm

Already working on the next video for Eevee right now so thank you guys for watching appreciate the super chats and the new YouTube members you guys are awesome make sure those of you who became YouTube members make sure you link it with your discord account and you can access the premium channels that's one of the perks you get so thank you all for watching hope you have an excellent rest of your day take care bad

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