iPhone SE (2020): Top 5 CONCERNS

by birtanpublished on August 24, 2020

Hey it's Josh of Carla what's going on everybody all right you can see I'm wearing the ear one mic which means that this is going to be a segment for my podcast I can see with Joshua for Gaara I tend to record as much video of me recording the podcast as possible that

Way I can sort of cut that out and make video segments here for my youtube channel but there are a couple of other things I need to mention to you before I move forward there's also another podcast that I'm

Featuring on this video and on this segment which is TK bass Saturday mornings with tech I was on that show with him and some clips from that are going to be sort of adding to my thoughts in this iPhone se 2 video one

Last thing I want to mention is that you can see in the background here I tend to have certain Easter eggs you've seen Final Fantasy 7 on my background for quite a few videos by now but this is actually a frame from my gaming videos

Which you can find over at my gaming channel JV plays games the link is appearing above and is in the description for everything I'm talking about right now so I played Final Fantasy 7 remake from

Many many hours I'm trying to prioritize getting through it quicker and I recorded every single minute of it so you can watch and follow along with me and just have it on in the background maybe if you go over to JV plays games

And I have my full playthrough hour by hour each and every day well as much as I can of Final Fantasy 7 remake but this video is about the iPhone se 2 and maybe it's the iPhone se 2020 I'm just glad they didn't call it the iPhone 9 I still

Think that would have been quite weird now to be clear I did pick one up during the pre-order I tried to stay up all night so that I was ready for because I knew I was going to sleep through that 5 a.m. on the west coast pre-order time

But I actually fell asleep woke up a 501 in a panic was able to still get the red version in 64 gigabytes which is the price that is the headline for the iPhone se which is that three hundred and $99 price point but a lot of people

Are saying that Apple has kind of changed the game by having a phone having an iPhone rather that is sub 500 sub $400 it's a budget-friendly device obviously there's some compromises this is not going to be you know one to one

Comparison to a flagship let's say the 11 or the 11 Pro or the 11 Pro max but for the price point if the camera setup that they have there that promised 4k wireless charging ip67 you know water industria rare you know the resistance

There for 399 they did something releasing that phone to change the market on its head the reason why is because there are plenty of other markets that have sub $500 phones that still provide really

Good everyday experiences and in some cases actually excel more than you would think for a phone of that price we don't really get that dynamic here in the US we tend to be the land of the flagship smartphone which is why a company like

Apple is able to just sort of swoop in and create a new segment within their own market so it makes sense to me that people are looking at this like whoa you know a $400 iPhone that's pretty crazy but we did get one example of what this

Could look like last year from the pixel 3a the difference here is that the pixel 3 a prioritized different things while Apple is prioritizing mainly its performance aspect with the a13 chip that 8 13 chip also provides a couple of

Extra features that are taken advantage of by the camera overall the iPhone se 20/20 is made to be a phone that is reliable on the daily great experience for an affordable price point on the other hand the pixel 3a is a very

Affordable great camera with the power of Google's algorithmic processing now the trade-off there is you get a really awesome camera on both the back and the front but the other specifications like the processor get skimped a little bit

In order to make that price palpable so did Apple change the game by providing what people expect out of an iOS device for a lower price in a lot of ways maybe yes but on the other hand other companies are going to have to figure

Out what they are prioritizing in order to make that price point easier to match and that's why I'm excited to see what other companies are going to end up doing and what things they're going to prioritize so the pixel for a probably

Going to have a really great camera still because that's what Google prioritizes and of course Samsung is trying to do something like that they do have light versions of their current flagship smartphones but they also have

The a line and again the a lines not really publicized as much here in the US because we are the land of the flagship and I think that an overall cultural shift has to happen and if Apple is going to be helping create that culture

If they're gonna be at the forefront of it then fine let's see what everyone else has got but as you can hear from my perspective on this matter I am a tech enthusiast a lot of people out there are either spec hungry or their tech

Enthusiasts or they follow the trends or they go on our slash Android or they go on reddit in general and they follow all of this stuff but then again the iPhone se is not necessarily geared towards those users instead it is geared towards

General users who need an affordable but very reliable experience everyone can benefit from that but of course somebody like me who is a tech enthusiast will have some concerns if they're going to move to this phone as their everyday

Device and that starts off with the design in order to accommodate some of the new features or to accommodate some of the trade-offs that the iPhone se is making they are going back to a body style that is from the iPhone 8 and

Before that and while this means that you're not going to get a full screen display you're going to get some extra bits and pieces above and below and you're actually going to lose some of the features that are available on the

Flagship iPhone 11s well it also means that this phone is going to be a nostalgic throwback it's building on a nostalgic factor that people wanted a smaller option right we we went on this we and we're still going obviously more

Bigger screens smaller bezels that's the main trend there but there's always gonna be that person that wants a smaller phone that you know fits in their hand I think they went away from that within I've ever since the iPhone

10 the 10 was the first one they started to go without you know I you know having that touch everything no fingerprint sensor or anything and then when we move into the 11 there was no more 7 and 7 Pro that form factor dropped but as far

As the design is concerned I'm actually looking forward to using this phone because back in my days of Android Authority when it came to the iPhone 6 7 8 I never really did use those phones as actual daily drivers we usually got

Those phones in order to do comparisons with current Android devices and of course we bought those phones to drop them but of course the reason why the design is that way is partially because of the display of course this is a

Perspective that comes from the fact that I have experience with a lot of other displays we have things like high resolution and now high refresh rates and in a couple of cases all at the same time now don't get me wrong Apple does a

Really good job of tuning their displays and they're usually really easy on the eyes and they're not bad they never really are bad but to accommodate a smaller screen which ultimately is easier to handle which I appreciate it

Also means that you have less resolution which means that this screen is going to be closer to HD that it is to full-hd so that's something that I think people are going to have to consider coming into the iPhone se if

Specially if you're coming from a higher resolution display and then of course there's those bezels again not a full screen display experience on here but one of the reasons for those bezels is because a returning feature is coming

To the iPhone SE and that is touch ID well if you have been living with let's say an iPhone 11 or an iPhone 10 or that has a good face ID well guess what again that one here face ID is ultimately convenient it is a good thing to have

Because you're looking at your phone anyway you're looking at that screen so once you pick up the phone and it wakes on its own you're able to get right into your interface but now we got that home button again with that touch ID not a

Bad thing but the loss of face ID is a little bit of a head-scratcher he said just pointed out a an amazing feature of the iPhone se that I that it has been on my mind for the last couple of days mostly because we can't use face

ID it's in about a month and I think a lot of people that normally use face ID have recognized that if you go outside of the house you can't use it and you have to have touch ID and I think I think it's a great way I'm hoping this

May end up being a hint for for Apple maybe I don't know if it's even in there's probably no way for it to make it into the next version of the iPhone d12 with the leaks that we're seeing being in the development cycles kind of

Go and as we're talking about face ID we also have the cameras that front facing camera is a 7 megapixel shooter a little bit low for my taste but then the rear camera is a 12 megapixel shooter it's a singular one even though Apple was like

Hey we're gonna give you as many cameras as we possibly can on the rear that's why the iPhone Elevens look that way now while there are solutions like clip-on lenses and whatnot to get those other focal lengths it is just one of those

Things that I have to mention because that one camera is gonna try to pull a double triple quadruple time in terms of functionality that's because the 813 processor does allow that rear camera to record in 4k 60 and like I said before

While the pixel 3 I prioritize the cameras it's obviously a corner that Apple had to cut a little bit when it comes to creating this sub $400 iPhone so we're going to see if the quality is still there that we expect from Apple

Devices and I imagine that for the most part it will be we're obviously gonna be working with the lesser Hardware than you might be used to with the iPhone 11s and the final thing that I'll mention here is

How we had a trend over the last couple of years that night mode is a big deal when it comes to these smart phones after all a lot of people take pictures at night apparently even though we're not able to go out and you're not going

To the club anymore night mode is still a priority for a lot of smart phones it's not a priority for the iPhone se I don't know if it's because of some sort of limitation in the hardware of the camera or if that features just not

Turned on in the Bionic 813 but night mode not being there even though the night mode on the iPhone 11s is just decent at best we see better night modes and plenty of other Android devices the fact that it's just gone altogether is

Still a little bit of a bummer so yeah those are just my five main concerns when it comes to this phone and this is coming from a general standpoint of an everyday device while also understanding that I am a tech enthusiast that has

Used a lot of flagship devices that have many different features that all of a sudden are just gonna go away because that's how you get to a sub $400 price point like the 10r I get it that the 10r was a thing but it's still I don't know

Like Madden it wasn't really everyone's favorite phone like people still thought back to the SP the original s team would like all this wistfulness like I said the fact that we have a version two tells us it's aligned so the goal

Hopefully is that they just they continue with that all right well with all of that said we're looking forward to the iPhone se look forward to maybe an unboxing obviously my general testing period is

Going to all be here on the channel so subscribe to my channel if you haven't already hit that Bell over on the side don't forget about all the other stuff I mentioned at the beginning of this video subscribe to not only my gaming channel

To the podcast but also another quick shout out to TK he was he had me on his show Saturday mornings with Tech and we talked a little bit about the iPhone se and I wanted to continue to share those thoughts using this video here so thank

You again thank you so much for watching and I would just remind you until my next video to enjoy your tea everybody

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