iPhone 8 Plus vs Galaxy Note 8 Full Comparison with Camera Battle!

by birtanpublished on September 19, 2020

This video is brought to you by story blocks a simple way to access royalty free high quality photos vectors icons and more get a free 7-day trial with the link in the description what's up everybody this is Dani and today I'm gonna be comparing two incredible phones

The iPhone 8 plus and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 you will also see an iPhone 10 versus note 8 comparison as well I know a lot of you will be looking at the iPhone 8 plus for purchase because it is cheaper and still has touch ID so if

You're in the market for a new phone and these two phones are on your list then you've come to the right place we'll take a look at everything from build quality to display to camera and battery life to see which one is the best for

You first let's get to the design and build quality even though both of these phones are made of the same materials metal frame with glass on the front and back no matter if you're an Apple fan or a Samsung fan I think we can clearly say

That the note 8 is the winner in a design department they both feel premium in the hand but I think the note 8 feels better overall and even though it's a little tall for my hands due to its 18 and 1/2 by 9 aspect ratio this iPhone

Design is pretty dated now I think the iPhone 10 will be a closer call for sure but the note 8 has these smaller bezels the higher resolution quad HD plus Super AMOLED display and while the iPhone 8 plus still packs the 1080p LCD display

They both look great both support HDR and the iPhone 8 plus has true tone which matches the white balance of your display based on your surrounding lighting conditions but I do prefer the contrast colors and the maximum 1200

Nits brightness of the note eights display here they are side-by-side so let me know which one that you think looks better the note 8 only has a single speaker on the bottom and the iPhone 8 plus has a dual speaker setup

So let me know which one that you think sounds better in the comments below unleashing your creativity is essential when you're creator and having access to over 400,000 stock images and vectors and icons in one place can be

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That I'm gonna be building a website really soon so these tools are perfect for a project like that so hit that link down below and get a 7 day free trial two story blocks and get to work they both pretty much have everything that

You would want in a flagship phone they are both water-resistant but the note 8 does have a higher ip68 rating while the iPhone 8 plus has an ip67 rating and the glass on the back enables wireless charging but at this time the

Note 8 charges a lot faster due to fast wireless charging capabilities if you want a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack though the note 8 is the only way to go we do get a dongle with the iPhone but I guess it depends on you if you rely on

Bluetooth headphones you might not care but for some the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack is life the note 8 also has a micro SD card slot for cheap storage expansion while the iPhone you have to pay an extra $150 to move up to

256 gigabytes over the standard 64 gigabytes they both feature a fingerprint scanner both quick and accurate but I much prefer the placement of the iPhones touch ID sensor I personally think it's easier to reach

And even though you get used to it eventually the note aids placement by the camera isn't the most convenient especially with how tall this device is they both pack a ton of power the note 8 has a snapdragon 835 processor with 6

Gigabytes of RAM while the iPhone 8 plus has Apple's own a 11 Bionic chip with 3 gigabytes of RAM if you care about benchmarks than the iPhone scores much higher in this department but when it comes to real-world performance both of

These phones don't disappoint they are both fast and they're both fluid they both play games without any problems great frame rates so both of these phones are top performers the new

IPhones are pushing augmented reality this year and you can really see how powerful this 11 Bionic chip is when you use it when it comes to software it can be a iOS versus Android debate so I'm not

Gonna get into that they both have their advantages and disadvantages iOS is more on the simple side but they did add a few things to iOS 11 like a more customizable control center and minor tweaks to the UI but in the end if

Customization is your thing that Android is for you Samsung does a great job of leveraging the power of Android to give you some useful software features like app pairing this takes advantage of the

Large display so you can make custom shortcuts of two of the apps that you use more frequently together so you can open them together in a split screen view so I can watch a youtube video and be on Twitter at the same time and

Launch them together with just one tap where there is nothing like this on iOS plus the note 8 does feature the s-pen there's no other phones that even compete with this if you want finite control over text and if you like to

Take quick memos on your phone without even having to unlock the phone and sign contracts and business documents right on your phone there's nothing like the note 8 one of the most important things when you're buying a phone is battery

Life and the note 8 has a larger battery at 3300 milliamp hours and the iPhone 8 plus has a two thousand six hundred ninety one milliamp hour battery but in my usage I'm actually getting better battery life with the iPhone eight plus

With the iPhone I can last all day with anywhere between 6 to 8 hours of usage time where on the note 8 I'm getting about four to four and a half hours of screen on time which I was actually getting better battery life on the older

At galaxy s 8 plus this is probably due to the large AMOLED display with higher resolution and you can adjust that in the settings to get a little bit better battery life but if I have a big beautiful quad HD plus display I'm gonna

Use it they are both capable of fast charging so you can top up fast when you need to but you will have to buy a separate charging brick and a USB C 2 lightning cable to enable this because with the

New iPhones you do not get that with the box but with the note 8 you do so let's get to what people want to know the most which dual camera is better they both have dual 12 megapixel cameras and are very similar in terms of

There are some differences though which we'll get into in just a little bit this was a question I knew I was going to get so I made a separate video going into full detail comparing every aspect of these two cameras from daytime shots

Low-light shots video stabilization and more so hit the card or check the link below for a more in-depth breakdown but let's go ahead and take a look at a few new images first of all both of these cameras are incredible some of the best

Cameras in mobile right now both of them have great dynamic range create sharp images and you will not be disappointed with either of them you will notice that most of the time the note 8 has a more contrasted in higher saturated photo but

The iPhone 8 plus is closer than ever this year because Apple has bumped up their saturation and contrast in processing this year so let me know which one you think looks better in some shots you will notice that the iPhone is

Showing higher dynamic range they both have software that blurs out the background Samsung's is called life focus and the iPhones is called portrait mode they both do a good job of separating the background and both fail

Sometimes but I do prefer the iPhones portrait mode most of the time the note 8 has a more flexible feature where it lets you take the wide-angle shot and the zoom shot at the same time so you can use either one if you want and you

Can control the amount of background blur with a slider which is nice the iPhone does not have that but it does have new portrait lighting modes where it simulates different lighting scenarios and also has a cool stage

Light mode in color or mono to give you some cool shots that you might not be able to get without some external editing some shots look awesome when it works but it's in beta so I'm sure it's gonna get better over time low-light is

Very close to they both do a great job with good noise reduction they both have optical image stabilization in the main camera so that helps with low-light a lot but the note 8 does have the advantage of having the secondary camera

Also including optical image stabilization so 2x zoom shots come out a little bit cleaner and if you use the 2x zoom with video you're going to notice how much better the note eights video turns out

It's a lot more stable unfortunately if you want dual stabilized cameras and an iPhone you're gonna have to buy the iPhone 10 both phones shoot 4k video and have nice images some slight differences but both sharp it's incredible how good

Mobile phone cameras are getting for video the new iPhones are the first phones to shoot in 4k 60 frames per second so if you want to check that out and see what it looks like I have a dedicated video on that too the thing

That I do like about the note 8 is that it does have a manual mode for fine-tuning that perfect picture where the iPhone you don't have that unless you download a third-party app I must admit I do like the front-facing camera

Shots a little bit better on the iPhone 8 plus I think the skin tones are better exposed and I think the images look a little bit sharper what do you think that's a lot to take in so after watching this video what do you think

And which one do you prefer if you care about my opinion and if I had to pick between the two I think I would pick the note 8 even though it's a little bit more expensive now the iPhone 10 that could be a little bit different in this

Case with the note 8 I think you get a better more modern design a better quad HD plus display then you get that awesome S Pen as well then you have options of face unlocking and iris scanning and while it's got a ton of

Features I wouldn't blame you if you actually pick the iPhone either I really like iMessage it ties our whole family together and the ecosystem is pretty great it does tie in a lot of your other iOS or Apple products so this is a hard

Call and you just can't go wrong with either but that's just my opinion though sound off in the comments below they both check off the boxes that most people want in a smart phone today so the moral the story is if you buy any of

These you're gonna love so thank you for watching guys make sure you smack that like button if you enjoyed this and subscribe for more cool tech videos like this one and stay tuned for a lot more comparisons coming up we have a ton of

Phones out there pixel to pixel to excel i phone 10 so stay tuned and I will see you guys in the next one

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