iPhone 8 Clone Unboxing! (Black and RED Editions!)

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

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what's up everybody this is Danny and
today I have something interesting for
you and in these boxes could be the
closest representation of what the
iPhone it's going to look like before
its release if you look quick at the
boxes you could be fooled that these are
the brand new iPhones that did a crazy
good job with the Box the phone and
everything is on point but these are
clones not everything is perfect oh
you'll see on the back of the box is
where it starts getting a little
sluggish though you can see that the
fonts not correct this is all off center
says it's 2016 well you can't win them
all let's let's cut into this box real
quick alright and let's lift it out why
because you can't even get this on the
right way but it does say designed by
Apple in California you get this lovely
bubble wrap
just like how Apple would present it
right get this out of here oh wow look
at that this is Wow look at that look at
how close that this is to the leaked
renders that and it's very glossy too
but very weighty as well leave this over
here this is the black model and then
you also get the wall charger and you
also get some fake knockoff earpods here
man it's so it's so incredible how close
that they actually get these clone
models and you get a lightning cord the
first thing you'll notice is the glossy
finish even on the red model here I kind
of dig it actually so we'll see if this
makes it to this year's final production
model but the biggest change that leaked
everywhere is the vertical dual camera
setup and this is surprisingly well
represented here even with the flash
module the camera bump is pretty damn
big though so if this makes it to the
final build I'm sure we're going to hear
tons of complaints about it I have to
admit after seeing these in person I
don't think it's as ugly as it makes it
out to be on the renders it's always
like that though the renders look ugly
but when you actually get it in the hand
it's not too bad
but I do have to say it looks better on
the iPhone 7 plus let's do some quick
comparisons here here's the iPhone 7
next to it and it's pretty much
identical in size and when you flip it
over though you'll see that the home
button is now gone because it's rumored
that the home button is going to be
embedded in the display and what's funny
is that this clone actually has a
capacitive home button to mimic that
functionality and there's even a touch
ID section where you can register your
fingerprint but I'm sure that doesn't
even work and I don't want to try it if
it is embedded in the display that would
be awesome though I know some companies
have already shown this tech off so hope
Apple will pull through also you will
notice that the screen is supposed to
represent the taller aspect ratio like
we have seen on the galaxy s 8 or LG G 6
but this thuggish clone has black bars
on the top and bottom this looks
absolutely terrible but this is an early
I'm sure later clones will show the
displays that are closer to the leaks
now with the sensor cutouts at the top
but what is impressive is how close they
got this Android skin to look like iOS I
wish they would have skinned iOS 11
instead of iOS 10 but we can't win them
all but from the control center to the
notifications this looks pretty good I
love how close the apps look like to the
stock iOS ones just going through them
all it's kind of amusing but some of
them are hilarious like podcasts opens
YouTube we really don't know what
resolution we're going to get with the
new iPhone but I would love to see a
quad HD OLED panel like the rumors are
pointing towards similar to this galaxy
s 8 this form factor is just so nice
now don't go out and buy this phone to
use buy it for novelty purposes only
it's got crappy internals it's pretty
laggy the camera does work but it's only
a single sensor the 2x really doesn't do
much and I'm not sure how comfortable I
am with putting my accounts on this
phone I am impressed on how good the
hardware feels though it's plastic but
it feels really solid if the dimensions
are correct on this it gets me excited
about the new iPhone coming up of course
we will see a faster processor with
better performance better camera and
possibly new features in iOS 11 that are
specific to the
i phone model and maybe better water
resistance it's all a toss-up for now
but this has me hyped up I hope you guys
enjoyed this fun little video let me
know what you guys think about the
iPhone 8 in general are you hyped not
hype you don't care and let me know what
you think about this iPhone a clone
maybe I should give one of these away I
don't need them both
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for watching guys I hope you enjoyed it
and I'll see you guys in the next one

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