iPhone 6 Plus Extreme Bend Test

by birtanpublished on September 29, 2020

what is up guys techrax here so in this
video I have the brand new iPhone 6 plus
and I'm gonna be doing the extreme bend
test now just to let this out of the way
I'm not hopping on any bandwagon here I
actually believe it or not I did the
iPhone 5s Ben test video back in March
of 2000 and are think O's mate knows
March 2014 so I was one of the first
people out there to you know start this
whole Ben trend you know just I don't
just want to let that out of the way I
don't want people saying I'm copying or
something this is uh this is kind of an
extreme version of course but let's just
do this anyway so again this is a legit
iPhone six-plus this is not a clone this
is not a fake just to show you guys
first thing I'm gonna do is I'm gonna
put this into the vise that's what this
is called and I'm gonna do kind of a
pressure test I'm just gonna keep
tightening this and see what happens is
he you know gets more firm and more firm
to the phone like if it the full crack
popper you know who knows what's gonna
happen so let's just go ahead and do
this so it's still as you can see it's
still pretty wobbly and now it's really
firm as you can see it's doing some
funky things right here I'm gonna keep
going though now it's getting a little
bit tougher okay so now it's it's really
really stuck in there okay I don't know
if I could go any more let me just try
and strain myself up out here oh okay
whoa I just want to show you guys what's
going on here so looks like we just
cracked the screen everything still
works um let's just go ahead just a
second here
Oh oh man I think I saw fire oh that
smells bad okay okay guys so here's the
final results of the iPhone 6 plus so
you can see it does indeed Bend and I
managed to prove that so you've got the
nice curvature right here unlike the 5s
where it was really really just sharp
here it's you can actually see the nice
curving the way that the phone actually
curves which is very interesting a
little bit bent over here of batteries
all tore up see if I can just give it a
few little finishing moves okay looks
like we can't really get anything better
than that so again nice bent iphone
six-plus ready to use thanks for
watching guys and as always peace out

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