iPhone 6 Microwave Charge Wave Feature Works – 31% to 38%

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

hey guys techrax here so people keep
talking about this iOS 8 way feature so
I really want to put it to the test
cause I'm just really getting sick and
tired of just looking at these articles
you know this is this a hoax is this
real is this a hoax is this real so I
have an iPhone 6 right here I mean it is
cracked but everything works perfectly
fine it's a 31% battery life I'll put it
in there for two three seconds very very
very briefly see what happens will it
move up will it go to 32 percent or 33
again it's at 31% right now hopefully
you guys can see that clearly let's just
go straight into this maybe I can
finally end this theory once and for all
so again fully functional I'm going to
go ahead and just just shut it off
microwave directly in center close
alright 1 2 3 I heard a few a few little
I don't know some some noises it's not
hot I don't see I don't smell anything
it's a little bit hot okay so it's
booting up so we're going to be able to
see right now if it moved up because
maybe it's a full charge now 100% who
knows how its booting up it didn't shut
off on me
okay so 31% was the last um the last
charging the last percentage so let's
just go ahead and see what happens here
while we wait okay so it's just booting
up okay I see something I see something
Oh enter passcode 9% I don't know if you
guys can see that let me put the
brightness up okay it's not letting me
unlock the phone it's at 9% it's not a
lot allowing me to unlock the phone can
you guys see that it's very dim and says
searching it's like
it's not even connected to Wi-Fi why
isn't it um yeah okay so I can't unlock
it it's it's not allowing me to unlock
the phone but it pretty much just
drained the battery I wish I had the
fingerprint sensor maybe that would have
worked but I didn't I didn't enable it
again I'm entering it but it's not
allowing me to do anything so I'm going
to go ahead and wait for just a little
bit and see if I could get this back up
and or not so let's see okay guys so I
just want to check
um I've tried everything I've tried
charging it it's still at ah okay so Wow
you've got to be kidding me 38% I just
took this phone you guys saw it a 9%
right after the microwave I walked
around with it in my pocket got some
lights ready to place the phone here and
film on this part of my room and it just
sets it just rebooted again a third time
and now it's saying 38% you guys can see
that clearly
it went from 31% to 38% two seconds in
the microwave so ios8 wave does work it
is not a hoax and I and I can confirm
that firsthand right here I can confirm
that um I don't know how long it would
take for it to get up to a hundred
percent in fact it's still searching but
I'm gonna go ahead and try this a third
second time in the microwave I want to
see if it can actually jump up again
because this is this is ridiculous 31%
to nine percent to 38% let's see let's
try this one more time okay guys so
still searching still can't find Wi-Fi
or any connection it's at 73% this time
I did charge it up a little bit let's
try this one more time again it actually
works perfectly fine which is actually
kind of surprising let's do this round
two one two three I was about three and
a half or so seconds but oh whoa did you
guys see that red screen rebooting it's
really hot all right
that was weird I've never seen a red
screen I've seen blue screens I've seen
all sorts of glitches and stuff but
never a red screen
I was very brief okay the fact that this
keeps rebooting and giving giving signs
of life is just amazing to me it's been
in the microwave a couple times now it's
just it's ridiculous
seventy-five seventy-five you guys saw
it was at 73% so you cannot tell me this
is not this is fake it's it's clearly at
75% so yes again once again I can
confirm you know I'm not going to
recommend for you to try this but ios8
wave on the iPhone 6 it really does
charge your iPhone

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