iPhone 6 Hammer & Knife Scratch Test

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

what is up guys tech cracks here so in
this video we're going to be doing a
series of durability tests on the brand
new iPhone 6 and this isn't a 6 plus
just the regular but it is brand new I'm
just going to take it right out of the
box I just took off the ceiling and show
you guys the back this is the Space Gray
16 gigabyte version works perfectly fine
so first thing is worst thing that we're
going to do is I've some keys here and
we're just going to go ahead and really
gently go across the front side of the
screen the back and the sides and see
what happens just in case your phone's
in your pocket with your keys you know
you know the basics so let me just go
like this
yeah I'm not feeling anything but we're
going to do this anyways and I can't see
anything so onto the back I'll zoom this
in a little bit ok Wow so the back if
you actually look really closely this is
unlike the iPhone um unlike the iPhone
5s I'm seeing a lot of faint marks I
don't know if they're just temporary or
they will either forever but it's very
noticeable you guys can see everywhere
here it looks like it is it is coming
off so no big deal let's see on the
okay so keys iPhone passed the test
works perfectly fine no issues no cracks
nothing just a little bit just some dirt
on the back okay next up we have this
guy so I'm going to start off just going
like this like I'm just chopping some
pieces of not oh no tomatoes okay let's
take a look you can see this is
definitely permanent now let's try the
front screen again I can't feel like
anything is happening so front screen is
good and overall phone still works of
course you have some issues on the back
some scuffing it just looks like I use
the phone now but that does not stop the
phone from being from not working so
we're going to go straight into the
final test and that's this guy now this
hammer you guys actually have seen the
other one this is a little bit different
as like this little lining on the back
so we're going to use that as well but
what I'm going to do first is I'm just
going to gently drop the hammer
just drop it to see what happens on the
front then on the back and then I'll
give it a few pounds on the front so
let's go just straight into this make
sure you guys can see pretty well
okay so first just a regular drop about
just an inch or two above okay I didn't
do anything
a little higher
okay so just the drop just a drop I
didn't even put any force into it you
can see it's actually kind of a cool
design I've never seen a crack like that
it's just it's it's so aligned perfectly
well it's just like the lines are just
perfect honestly looks like a spider web
but anyways um yeah that's shattered
let's try the back okay so a dent right
over there nothing too big here again
just except that major crack now let's
just do a few with with a little bit of
force just take just a few and again
nothing too extraordinary just kind of
what you would expect entire screen is
shattered oh yeah almost forgot to show
you guys how the back of this hammer
works let's try that
so isn't that just lovely just look at
the display of colors the the leak it's
almost like just it's like mspaint or
something you know like when you use
that bucket tool and it just fills
everything up it just looks so beautiful
oh look at that
still works OH iPhone 6 did survive the
hammer test because it looks like I'm
pressing the home button Italy since I
can see it things happen unless you can
I open the oh I can open the camera app
well that is awesome
and there you go so I just can't scroll
or wait can I it looks like it still
works partially that's pretty sure you
guys thanks for watching don't forget
this just just no no there we go
okay I think it's done now those four
guys thanks for watching and stay
tuned for more videos peace out

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