iPhone 6 Boiling Hot Water Test – Will it Survive?

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

what is up guys techrax here so in this
video I'm going to do the regular hot
boiling water test for the iPhone 6 now
if you guys recall I did this with the
iPhone 5s and it survived for about 17
seconds until the screen started to
black out
I believe the battery died iPhone 5c it
took about 29 to 31 seconds and then the
samsung galaxy s5 was about 3 minutes
and then I actually survived but then it
still bleached out moments after you
know I took it out of the water so I'm
going to see how well the iPhone 6
survives this is going to be really
interesting to see and you guys can see
that or you guys can tell that this is a
brand new and I'm going to go ahead and
just just do this take this film off so
it goes straight into here alright let's
go ahead and open the stop and I'm gonna
do my best not to click any safe way out
or anything I'll just try and click
start and then drop it immediately so a
my hopefully it doesn't splash or
anything and it could be off by a second
or two or maybe even three but I'll do
the best I can so alright start okay
alright okay so something weird happened
oh are you kidding me did it did it
click something oh man
what are you serious that was like what
was that eight nine seconds yeah
temperature warning and then instantly
black screen this is incredible I did
not imagine this to come on let me just
flip this over that's just like instant
death right there I mean no Lisa it was
I mean iPhone 5s was actually battling
it was a good 17 seconds this is prot
this was definitely under 10 seconds
this will let it cook here for a little
bit more but you could see you know this
this warning went off and then black
screen show you guys
this is just normal boiling hot water
alright so let me just go ahead I was
incredible I don't even know why I think
right I think I accidentally did
something and it moved away from that
page but let's go ahead and take this
out just seems like it's already dead
alright see what happens if I I was hot
yeah well I'm going to go ahead and try
and cool this off and see if I can turn
it back on alright guys so somehow
miraculously actually just rinsed this
iPhone under cold water and it turned
back on completely perfectly normal
everything works actually just wiped it
off with a towel that's it everything is
working perfectly fine I think it was
just the temperature warning that kicked
in so and made the phone shut off but it
actually then really damaged any of the
internals so you could still see it's a
little bit wet but and the camera is a
little bit foggy I think from being
submerged but it still works like
everything actually works so I'm going
to go ahead and continue this um oh wow
so still running okay so let's let's try
this one more time hopefully I don't
screw up this time but again round two
start alright yes looks like we're doing
good let's take a look seven Oh again
again it's at that nine nine second mark
I don't know if it's if it's just
because of that warning or if it's
actually the battery this time okay guys
so unfortunately this second time after
rinsing it with cool water I was not
able to get it to reboot I tried
everything I tried pressing all the
buttons I wiped it with the paper towel
but it's just no signal nothing so nine
times two which you know it seems like
it was nine seconds and nine seconds
I'd say about 18 seconds so I you know
pretty much in par with the iPhone 5s
which is I guess it's pretty good
iPhone 5c though definitely was a huge
improvement and then galaxy s5 that was
I'm amazing at three minutes but of
course you got the water resistance so
but that is pretty much it guys for this
water hot boiling water test um let's
finish it I'm gonna go ahead and try and
like see if I can just oh okay
throw it in there um yeah guys that's
pretty much it I'm gonna go ahead and
let this soak in here forever
as always guys peace out

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