iPhone 12 Pro Vs iPhone 11 Pro! (Comparison) (Review)

by birtanpublished on October 30, 2020

Well everyone we just got these new iphones the iphone 12s the 12 pros i got them in-house we're going to go ahead and compare it to its predecessor the iphone 11 pro this is obviously the iphone 12 pro my left now this video is going to be 50 000 minutes along obviously unscripted i have the spec sheet in front of me so i'll just talk exactly what i think like and i am going to be switching to the iphone 12 pro so i'll have like full reviews and everything on it very soon just like last year how i switched tv 11 pro

My experience on the 11 pro has been perfect and like i said before and i'll completely say it again if you have an iphone 11 pro i would highly recommend keeping it i would not recommend necessarily going to an iphone 12 pro unless you have all the money in the world or anything like that now i'll go and find the cheapest ones of both of these and link them down in the description so you can pick them up from there if you want to buy them you can help support the channel at the same time now side by side when you look

At the bodies of both these you can automatically see that the iphone 11 pro as i said before is a little bit smaller than the iphone 12 pro now are you gonna notice it day by day i'm probably gonna say no like i think these two kind of feel around the same size even though you have a bigger panel on the iphone 12 pro in my opinion they kind of feel the same and what's really interesting is even though the panel is bigger they were able to shave off

A little bit of the side because you have a flat side on the iphone 12 pro but you have that curved side which kind of extended the bezel a little bit on the iphone 11 pro like i stated before not a deal breaker not a crazy thing but it is something to consider at the end of the day now on the iphone 11 pro you had a 5.8 inch super retina xcr oled display i was about to say a dynamic amoled display i've been using comparing so many galaxy s20s and this panel in my opinion has been pretty

Good since the beginning so the first day i bought it it was pretty much just a continuation of the 10s which was a continuation of the 10 and i love those panels and this one is still really good samsung i'm pretty sure made this panel too it's 11 25 by 24 36 with 458 pixels per inch and for sure like i said before very good panel you know it's a little bit smaller than the 6.1 inch panel on the iphone 12 pro but it was still very good colors were

Accurate everything was fine i never had any issues with it at all now with the iphone 12 pro on the other hand like i stated has that 6.1 inch super retina xdr oled display it's 1170 by 2532 so a little bit higher resolution making the pixels per inch a little bit higher as well but still i mean in my opinion if i'm looking at them side by side i genuinely don't think one is way better than the other one i think somebody mentioned that like the

Panel is you know now etched in with the back display or something like that i remember what they were talking about i think the panel looks great i don't really think if i'm using the 11 pro or i'm using the 12 pro like i'm going to notice that big of a difference i really don't think so but that's totally up to you to each their own that's totally up to you i'm not going to say anything but definitely i'll probably say that the 12 pro probably looks better and i'll just say you know for the basis of this video

That the 12 pro has a better looking display i don't have any way to corroborate i don't have any way to even say that the 11 pro has a worse better display or whatever like it's just what it is it's a newer phone i'll just give it that on the bottom lightning ports on both and on the sides this is pretty interesting you kind of have the now these two are the both the gold models so i bought gold models of both i don't like any other model to be honest now this year the gold model kind of looks silver but i'll get into that in a

Second and you can see the thickness they kind of said that the 11 pro was you know a little bit thicker than the 12 pro i don't know if that's true or not maybe it is and i'm looking at the dimensions right now and it doesn't really tell me anything too crazy i can't even find the numbers but i'm probably going to assume that they're around the same thickness now with the 11 pro it felt a little bit thinner because of the curved side even though it's probably a little bit

Thicker than the 12 pro because it's flat here kind of gives the impression that it is a little bit thicker but maybe it's not you're just kind of feeling with your thumb you know which one is thicker and which one's not but i do like the stainless steel finish on both of course with the 12 pro it's a little bit more reflective on the 11 pro and not so much but it is what it is and on the back you can obviously see one of the bigger differences triple camera setups on both but you do have the lidar

Sensor on the 12 pro now look at the difference in colors this is the gold model this is the gold model you cannot tell me that this is a gold model of the phone bro this is silver i don't know what apple was thinking this is the gold model this looks like gold this one looks like silver and i really don't like that i wish that wasn't the case but again like i stated before it is what it is there's really nothing we can really do about it so in reality when it comes down to the outside

I don't know if one necessarily wins over the other one some people may prefer the a11 pro some people may for the 12 pro i'll definitely say when it comes down to it i do like the 12 pro i think it feels pretty good i do kind of feel like the frosted back on the 11 pro may feel a little bit better i feel like the 12 pro kind of went down a little bit too i don't know why they did that like when i go put them down and i scratch them i don't know maybe the 11

Pro i kind of like that a little bit more it feels more frosted on this device which is weird because it's the older one but in reality they both have ip68 water resistance you can go up to six meters of water for 30 minutes here we can do four meters of water for 30 minutes here so you may prefer one over the other one they're both going to be able to basically last the same amount do anything you want to on both so in terms of the outside that really pretty much covers it up for the most

Part now software wise you have ios on both ios 13 it started with on the iphone 11 pro ios 14 here they both are on ios 14 right now and i don't know if one is way you know going to last way longer than the other one maybe the 12 pro will last a year longer but i'll probably say if you have an iphone 11 pro it's not like it's going to be outdated tomorrow both these phones are going to be lasting for an insanely long amount of time

And if you get this one today if you get this one today it doesn't really matter they're going to be lasting you know they're going to get software updates and like i said before you will probably end up breaking these phones or updating your phone before it even gets done with software that's how good apple software is so that really pretty much covers it up there too this one's probably going to be quicker than the last one i did now internally and do let's go ahead and do a speed comparison between them why not

The iphone 11 pro has that apple a13 bionic chip with four gigabytes of ram on each model with the iphone 12 pro hybrid apple a14 bionic chip hex core cpu and six gigabytes of ram on each model so let's go and see which one is the fastest one between both of these okay now that we're back let me go ahead and clear all the apps in the background so all the apps are cleared out let's go and get into the app store three two one and i mean i'll probably definitely say

The 12 pro was faster that they both were on different a couple different panels but i would say probably 2012 pro is faster scrolling out you can see they both look a little stuttery over the camera i don't know if that's just the camera itself i mean they both look kind of good over the camera itself but kind of scrolling out you can see they both look pretty smooth they're hopping out we can go and we might as well go and load up these third-party apps that i have downloaded on both

First let me drag these onto the other display really quickly there we go let me load up facebook okay let's not let's do paper i o two three two one now these two are different versions but i think it's totally okay they're both on ios 14 though which is great and you'll probably i don't know why the 11 pro opened up that one faster that was very surprising i was not expecting that and i will go ahead and turn up the brightness on the iphone 12 pro right now

And as you can see gameplay-wise they both look kind of the same but let me go ahead and turn the brightness here because it does look a little bit less bright we can do tempo run two three two one and a little bit of a pop-up here i could have sworn i opened up all the apps here and as you can see i will go ahead and redo this one but you might have been able to see they both were going to be pretty close anyway which is very interesting so let me go and hop out of here again let's do temple run two once more

Three two one and they both look kind of the same i do want to note on my last comparison i did between the iphone 12 and the 11 i saw that there was a ginormous difference almost everything i want to say every single app that i open on the iphone 12 was way faster than the iphone 11 actually i don't want to say way faster that's kind of an over exaggeration but it was noticeably faster which was really surprising but then again how many people are going to be opening up side by side to one another i don't

Really don't know bofa three two one definitely faster on the iphone 12 pro a little bit slower on the iphone 11 pro quizlet three two one i think the iphone 11 pro is slightly faster there you can do netflix three two one and a little bit of a pop up here but i still think they were about the same there i don't think it was a ginormous difference snake versus blocks three two one and 12 pro is definitely faster they're getting some gameplay i don't

Think the there's going to be a big difference the 12 pro etc a little bit but it could be because you know it's a new game it's probably just opening it up you know it's totally okay thank you three two one and it might sound like i'm a little bit biased towards the 12 pro but i'm just trying to make it a play you know level playing field the 12 pro was definitely a hundred thousand percent faster there totally joking over exaggeration i'm totally joking uh gameplay they're going to be about the same it's a very basic

Game at the end of the day we can do stack three two one probably gonna have a pop-up already know and the ad was faster to load up on the iphone 12 pro so keep that in mind getting into some gameplay let's see if one stutters over the other one and i don't think it's going to happen i think they're going both going to be about the same as you can see they're both kind of performing the same so that's really really good hopping out the animations seem about the same too i don't think there's going to be let's go and do fruit ninja three

Two one okay so it was pretty fast on the iphone 12 pro i did just open it up on this device so take this specific comparison with the grain of salt as i saw as you as you may have saw i open it up so i can go ahead and add you know put in my age and everything so that one was kind of you know a little bit different on both i probably wouldn't even add that so that really pretty much um covers up a majority of the apps that i wanted to test

I can go ahead and load up a couple more apps in the background just to kind of add some more things in the ram management side but i think as a consensus bro if i can be completely honest quite possibly the iphone 12 pro is faster because it's expected to be faster you know it's supposed to be faster phone i'm giving it that i don't think the iphone 11 pro though is way slower you know i think the iphone 11 pro definitely held its own there were some times

That the iphone 11 pro was was a little bit faster than the iphone 12 pro and that was something that was very surprising honestly was not expecting to see something like that now when you have a phone like the iphone 12 pro it costs a lot of money you know it's not like a cheap phone right now it's over a thousand dollars and when you have a device like an iphone 11 pro that's still able to hold its own it's still able to do everything you wanted to do with it and it's not a cheaper price tag it may make you want to keep your iphone 11 pro or

Even just want to keep a iphone 11 pro in general rather than go switch over to an iphone 12 pro now there's some other reasons to maybe keep your 11 pro but i think in terms of speed comparison i think the 12 pro is faster more times but the 11 pro was still a really good performing machine and it was definitely faster sometimes in the 12 pro as well so in terms of performance that pretty much covers it up now let's go and hit on the cameras

Now on the back like i stated you have triple camera setups on both but you do have that lidar sensor on the iphone 12 pro on the 11 pro all 12 megapixel sensors you have a wide angle lens telephoto lens and an ultra white sensor the iphone 11 the iphone 12 pro exact same thing 12 megapixel wide 12 megapixel ultrawide 12 megapixel telephoto but you have that lidar sensor too which i don't even think a lot of people really care about but you have the capability on that device

Now looking at both softwares here you can probably tell they look kind of the same but a little bit different you can see on this one it kind of clears out a little bit more when this one it used to do that but now it doesn't do that i don't know if it's something i did or something you did or whatever but you can see they're pretty much the same they both can do 4k 860. in my opinion there's nothing really like the iphone 12 pro can do that the 11 pro can't do besides that lidar sensor

They're almost identically the same and even in terms of quality they look almost identical you can do pretty much the exact same things on both cameras i really don't think there's a ginormous difference between them if i'm being completely honest now with the iphone 11 pro i've said this before and i'll say it again this camera has been a tremendous every time i needed to do anything with it it's been i don't think it's been the best camera of last year or this year but it's been a super consistent camera anytime i did anything to it i did

Videos i did a lot of videos on this thing this year actually surprisingly and oh there we go we got this new see-through thing i pretty much saw that it was a consistent camera with a phone like a galaxy s10 from last year or even a galaxy s20 or whatever like these phones have better cameras for sure but sometimes they can be hit or miss and i don't want to spend 50 minutes taking a video or photo and i really for focus on the front camera and this thing and this thing pretty much share the same front cameras

4k at 60 12 megapixel sensors like very good sensors on the front the back camera these are great you're going to take great videos and photos and everything and i think that 12 pro may be a little bit better and i'll obviously have to do a full comparison at some point this is not a full comparison it's kind of like a quick one hitting on everything and i'll probably tell you maybe the 12 pro photos will look better but again how many people are comparing this phone to this phone every single

Day and looking at these photos to these photos in the same lighting same conditions probably not all the time i've said this before and i'll say it again like definitely the 12 pro may have the better camera but is it worth upgrading to it just because of the better camera probably not like this phone is a tremendous camera the 11 pro is probably like 99 of what the 12 pro is and vice versa so when it comes down to the cameras i'll probably say the 12 pro is better but like

Does it really matter i don't know it's totally up to you guys if you need the best camera get the 12 pro from an iphone but i would probably still say the s20 has a better camera but we'll figure that out when i compare those two phones now ending it off with the battery life this is probably one of the dumbest areas you know that i hate apple every time they do it every single year i talk about it because it's so dumb what they do the iphone 11 pro has a 3046 million

Power battery and i'll be honest i had a tremendous battery life on it i had a great experience with it very little to complain about the iphone 12 pro though apple decided you know this battery life is too good on this phone you know it doesn't need to be that good so they made a 2815 million power battery in this device they gave us less things in the box which is okay they kind of you know changed some things here and there they added max safe which i guess takes

Up a little bit of room but i would rather have taken a bigger size battery or the same size battery it's just something mentally that you know getting a smaller size battery and a phone i never liked it they did it with the 6s plus they did it with the 8 plus they did it with the 10s they did it between the 6 to the 6s the 7 to the 8 and they're gonna do it again and again and again i hate it it makes no sense why they do it again it's maybe is is more of a mental thing but they increased the resolution of the

Display they made it more powerful they made a 5g phone from this like they made a bigger display on here too like this phone needs a bigger battery maybe max safe is important but something like a bigger battery would have been really cool and the fact that this one is it has a smaller battery than 11 pro is something i'm not really happy about i'll go ahead and test it further and everything but i'm probably going to find that the 11 pro has better battery life if not you know

It's probably not going to be far off from what the 12 pro is i'm expecting better battery life year after year from the 10s max to the 11 pro max that was a pretty big battery jump leap and i was super happy about it and then they went down again this year makes absolutely no sense and i raved in about that battery i raved about this battery life and the iphone 11's battery life and you know compared to those phones to these ones you're paying more money for and you're getting less for it makes no sense so in terms of battery that pretty

Much covers it up now to sum up the video and to answer the question should you pick up the 11 pro should you pick out the 12 pro should you keep your 11 pro yada yada you guys already know like i said before in the beginning of this video if you have an iphone 11 pro i would 100 recommend keeping it it's a great phone has a lot going for it and you know if you have all the money in the world like i stated before getting the iphone 12 pro is not a bad choice this is a really good phone it's like the best phone out right now

In terms of iphone but i still think the iphone 11 pro has a lot going for it has a great build quality and in some ways maybe a better build quality if you like the curved design if you like the better frosted feeling back you may prefer the 11 pro in some ways it has a great build quality great screen better battery life potentially from the iphone 11 pro software life cycle is going to be better on the 11 12 pro but it's still going to be really really good on the 11 pro performance is great it sometimes even

Beat my 12 pro the camera is amazing on the 11 pro still you know and you can get it for cheaper than what the iphone 12 pro is right now but the 12 pro still has a lot of features too i'm not going to say it's not you know it's a worse of a phone here it's not this is the best iphone you can buy right now in terms of these two successors it's cost a thousand dollars you don't put it but it's coming in a really good form factor has

Mag safe the flat sides are awesome has wireless charging just like this device has you have that lidar sensor you're getting that better ip certification and you're getting a lot of things you're getting more ram from this device too you know and this is a this is the best iphone this and the 12 pro max these are the best iphones you can buy but it doesn't necessarily mean that the 11 pro is automatically a bad device now with the 11 pro if the 12 pro was a 10 out of 10 a perfect iphone which it's

Not i will argue that the 11 pro is at least a 9.5 out of 10. it can really do everything that the 12 pro can do it just has better battery life and it doesn't have that lighter sensor and it may be a little bit slower and it's in a smaller form factor but with the 12 pro i think it's probably the best iphone like i said but i'm gonna find it very hard if i need to go to my 11 pro to my 12 pro and i think the another big thing base model storage models of both these

You know you're getting twice the amount of base model storage on the iphone 12 pro than on the iphone 11 pro so that's another pretty big thing to note but again if you have the 256 or 512 gigabyte variant of this one it's not really going to matter so that really pretty much covers it up for the most part if you guys have any other questions or you want to pick these things up links are down in the description below you can get them from there like i said help support the channel at the same time

If you guys have any other questions or anything let me know in the comment section as well hit the like button on me so much but definitely hit that subscribe button every single subscriber that we get really discount so me so much if you guys could hit that also check out the other links down in the description as well my twitter my instagram my other channels more importantly everything else i love every single one of you guys hopefully i'll catch you guys in the next video peace out till then


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